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  1. C

    I have fitted electric folding door mirrors and electric windows to my Land Rover Defender. I would like to use a Master Switch from a Mercedes

    Does the Master Switch for Windows and Mirrors on a Mercedes have a separate control unit or could I use it in a Land Rover Defender?
  2. H

    Armeg Solid Board Cutter vs Super Rod Cavity Master

    Hi everyone, I need to purchase a solid board cutter and stuck deciding between the two. I prefer using a solid board cutter with the caps rather than using battens on the cut-out. I remember reading somewhere that the Super Road version would cut very deep whereas the Armeg wouldn't go past a...
  3. andrew8902

    Extending the broadband from the Openreach 5C master socket

    Hello. I have a BT openreach master socket (new type with built in filter) and I want to extend the broadband about 3m away and hide the cable in the wall. How can I connect the cable from the FILTERED part of the master socket as I do not want to use a filter at the new point? I want to use a...
  4. T

    Master Electrician - Ontario, Canada (Multiple Locations)

    Osborne is currently working with Canada’s leading HVAC provider in hiring talented, skilful Electricians for their first-class service teams. This company prides itself on the strength of its longstanding customer relationships and the quality of its staff members, systems and equipment...
  5. D

    A true master at work..

  6. simon77

    How to send data signal from master socket to extension socket?

    Hi, Apologies if a lot of this is pretty obvious, but my knowledge is fairly limited. We just had a Master Socket 5c MK 4 fitted (downstairs) and unknown to us at the time it has filtered out the data signal to the extension socket (upstairs), where the router was previously connected to and...
  7. T

    Pyronix Euro 46 master code

    Dear All, I wanted to reach out to the community and ask for some assistance. I have a Pyronix Euro 46 and I can't remember the master/user codes although I have the engineer code. Is there a way I can reset the master/user codes with the engineer code? Thank you for your feedback. T
  8. Gavin John Hyde

    Moved a BT master socket

    Had a call this morning, customer come back from visiting family and during the recent up and down weather it appears rain has got in and damaged the BT master socket. they had no phone/broadband I moved it from one corner to underneath the built in shelving in lounge. outside the wall where the...
  9. M

    "Master electrician"......

    Found this on old poo tube....master electrician...non insulated screwdriver and hasnt even isolated the board...
  10. B

    Repair attempt on a Mastervolt XS 3200W

    A mate of mine had his Mastervolt XS3200W inverter fail--it just stopped. It was replaced ( with a different unit) but the supplier said they had no use for the old one so they said he could keep it. He asked me to have a look at it. I found the fault a insect had crawled into it and...
  11. A

    Broadband to garden office: a tale of moving master BT sockets, WiFi woes and long ethernet cables

    Hi Everyone, First post for me, I've not been able to find out a solution to my problems so hoping someone can help me here. I've added a few photos and drawings to help with my explanation below: The phone line coming into the house in a rather bizarre location - an upstairs bedroom (see...
  12. L

    Knipex amazon .de

    Just to let you know I was getting new knipex gear and was on amazon reading comments and one post said order from amazon germany so I went on and got these bad boys for £21 was 30+ on uk site was a few other items cheaper to haven't tyred with rest of eu yet funny this as well item...
  13. Adie moore

    BTW line work around

    lady I've just been out to quote for wants, among other things, a new slave socket. outside the house is a junction box joining the supply cable to the master on the other side of the wall. going through the wall is a 3 pair cable. can I use the spare cores to come back out to the junction box...
  14. Hellmooth

    Sky and telephone points

    Doing a rewire and need to sort a couple of sky points and reroute the BT master point, haven't done it before, few questions I would appreciate some help with. 1) need to run sky cable to 2 points, is rg6 the cable I need? 2) is standard 4 pair telephone cable ok for the bt master point? 3)...
  15. B


    Can you fit a dual socket (master + adsl ) after the bt master
  16. N

    rj11+ BT Extension from BT master socket

    Hi, I need to move my router, and I'm stuck. :book: At present it is connected diresctly to the rj11 socket in Bt master socket (Type 5: SSFP Infinity) Bought a combined rj11 + bt socket from TLC and I'm using Cat5e It’s only got 4 pins labelled 2,3,4,5 - I have connected 2&5 and the ring...
  17. N

    Domestic Wiring Telephone Points

    Hi all, Looking to wire several telephone points. One master telephone and two for sky boxes. Would it be best to take a cable from the master telephone socket to a junction box then split it 2 ways? Looking to use cat5e instead of telephone cable. Cheers
  18. J

    BT master socket

    Just a quick question, is it ok to change the Bt master socket to a decorative phone socket? Or do I need to keep the horrible white one?
  19. M

    MK 1610 time lag switch

    Hello I'm wondering if someone can help me please. ive had a call from a customer to say their master time lag switch is faulty, it's an MK1610 master switch with slaves. I have had this problem before but managed to get hold of a replacement switch. They have since discontinued the type of...
  20. M

    Domestic Telephone extension/ BT responsibility Question

    Hi, is this the right place to put the question? Mike.
  21. leep82

    telephone line question

    A joiner friend of mine called me round to a job he's been doing to try and get him out the brown stuff. Basically he's put a laminate floor down and damaged a telephone cable that comes from the master socket and goes to two points upstairs. Aswell as this cable that comes from the master...
  22. J

    Honeywell galaxy 2-12 master

    Hello people I have a adt non monitored system I am after the master code and engineer code Mine is playing about and the ex adt guy I have lost his number so can't get hold of him and yes I know that no one is going to post on an open forum so if someone could help message me thanks and it's...
  23. P

    Honeywell Galaxy G2

    On a G2 can anyone tell me why the alarm goes off when you type the code in on entry buy let's you unset the system as normal with a fob please?
  24. N

    Domestic Noise on phone extension.

    I have an issue with noise on a phone extension. I have tested the line at the test socket at the master and the noise is not present so it must be internal wiring. I have repunched the cable at each end but the noise remains - bar installing fresh cable (which I cant see how it would make a...
  25. C

    Phone/ Internet problem

    Hello, Please could someone help me please. I have recently installed a couple of external cat5 cables to a garden office. One cable to run internet data from a modem/ router in the house. The other for a phone. I connected up the internet connection using a couple of rj-45 sockets. All works...
  26. D

    phone probs

    A friend of mine's phone broke (started to only ring once before cutting out) he put the upstairs one in same problem he then bought a new one same thing. He phoned bt they said because he called them no problem with the line call an electrician. Nothing has changed electrically in his house...
  27. S

    Telephone points

    Had virgin media install an new phone line today, they placed one master socket behind my tv and now my existing Bt phone and slave sockets don't work throughout the rest of the house. To get my other existing phone points to work do I just have to run a cable from my virgin master socket to the...
  28. B

    Telephone points etc

    How many of you guys take on work wiring phone points an the like? Recently I have been asked to do this sort of work. I mean wiring a new phone point extension is simply enough but what about when it comes to fault finding, upgrading junction boxes to master sockets etc? Should sparks really be...
  29. M

    BT sockets

    BT points can any one guide me on the best results do your have you main router connected to your master point of the home ie the one BT tell you to split into two for testing or can it go any were , should you connect 2, 3 , 4 & 5 or can you get away with 2 ,5 what dose the others do, with the...
  30. R

    Why does my telephone seem to need four wires?

    Hi, According to all my reading telephones only use two or three wires, so why when i try to use any cable with two wires will my phones not work (there is no dial tone). I'm trying to get an extension lead to go from the master socket to another room. All of the available leads only have two...
  31. R

    Gardtec 300 series alarm lost code and need to reset HELP please !

    Gardtec 300 alarm in my house and I have lost the codes and I need to reset it any suggestions please
  32. I

    Domestic job offer

    hi i am currently working as a qualified electrician in scotland been out my time about two years. my question is an opportunity has arisen in my company as a traniee plumber they said i could do it they would pay me labourers rates at about 7 pound an hour quite a big pay cut.My question is...
  33. S

    telephone wiring

    Hello all, As part of a large rewire I have to wire in 6 telephone slaves. I have neve installed this many points before. Am I ok just wiring from the master socket out to the first slave then onto next in parallel, then next etc etc. Or would it be better to wire 3 from master, and the other 3...
  34. Sparkie30

    3 phone points

    hi there, sorry if posting in the wrong section rewiring this house, been asked to put 3 phone points in the house. now do i run a cat5 cable to each from point of entry point or do i link them. I know few of you will laugh lol thanks
  35. D Skelton

    Any telephone wiring experts here?

    I have to replace a BT master socket and I'm replacing it with a modular master socket as I'm fitting dado trunking right across where the original master socket is sighted. I know technically I shouldn't be doing this because BT might get a bit aggy but needs must. I'm fully aware of the fact...
  36. 0

    Telephone extension point

    Hi there. I have bt infinity plugged into my master socket in the hallway. It is a nte5 with the additional adsl attachment fitted. All the equipment is on the floor and in the way. Can I run a cat5 from the master to an extension point in a bedroom. I want to leave my telephone plugged into the...
  37. R

    Domestic Telephone slave extension help needed

    Hi all. I'm currently trying to add a socket in an upstairs room from the master socket. At the master socket there is a 4 core cable where Orange goes to A and White goes to B and green and orange are cut back. At the slave there are 6 junctions with a 4 core cable with orange, white, blue and...
  38. Rockingit

    BT Master sockets

    I've just looked at a place where as part of other work, it makes sense to move the phone sockets around. My question is: The master socket is being fed directly from the street pole, no other JB in the circuit. Can I interrupt that cable, divert it elsewhere by extending it, then from off of...
  39. S

    Varilight remote dimmer

    Hi, I recently fitted 2 varilight dimmers with optional remote controls. I've been back 4 times to look at one of the switches. Ive replaced it twice. It worked when I fitted it but the next day I received a phone call saying its stopped working. I went back out to change it but I tried...
  40. S

    Help please re home network wiring.

    Hello I'm new to the site and if possible can anyone please help, although I realize that it's not an electrical question. I have installed Cat 5 e cable to socket outlets in living and bedrooms. I have taken all the cables to one point where I plan to plug into a router which will be connected...
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