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  1. S

    Bit of advice for someone looking for a career change.

    Hi all just joined because at 37 I'm after a career change. Been thinking about sparks for a while, and more recently feeling the need for a more stable career. I want to do it the right way, and get the right certs. I've been looking at the tradeskills4u course, which savings and a generous...
  2. B

    Can someone advise what’s going on here please

    Hello, I am tiling our kitchen and needed to replace some plasterboard near 2 double sockets. The builders were a little enthusiastic with the plaster adhesive, resulting in a large bulge and wonky sockets 🤣. Anyway, lots of hacking later and I found the setup on the photo. I was expecting one...
  3. J

    Can someone please tell me how I can bypass this ?

    Is it possible to bypass this ? I know it is a bit rough looking. I think it was a latching 3 dpdt switch that was there. ( push in - on) I want to no how I can bypass this or make it always on. Any ideas on how I can make it work would help. Also please note * I do not need power to come...
  4. C

    LED Lighting

    Hi,Im just a fresher as design engineer. While browsing, I read that 330ohms resistor has to be placed parallel across an LED light, can someone tell me if it is necessary and why?
  5. B

    UK Seeking some advice from qualified electricians or someone in the know

    My partners ex husband installed a trunking strip in the office of the house. There are x4 double sockets x1 single socket and multiple data connections. This is all ran off 1 outlet from and existing double socket. The plug is rated at 10A. Just curious what legal requirements are for this. She...
  6. P

    Help, I’m sure someone can answer this very quickly

    Sorry, I’m new to this. Can someone just explain how I should wire these cables in the ceiling light unit as per images, there seems to be a lot of cables,
  7. J

    Can someone help me fix an issue with my doorbell?

    Ok so I tried to replace my door bell, but when I took it out the wires were twisted and snapped off too short to rewire. I’m a trainee electrician with little to no experience so I’m stuck. Can I get some more wire and try to extend it by wrapping it around the old wire and covering it with...
  8. J

    UK Can someone help me wire a new light fitting into an old house with old wiring systems.

    I’m a junior electrician, fresh out of college. I did some minor electrical work for a friend buI tried to put up a new chandelier I came across: Two Line wires (RED), going into one connector block Two Neutrals (BLACK), separated into different connector blocks - Two CPC wires, going into...
  9. R

    Is someone trying to rip a customer off? Advice on a Fire Risk Assessment

    Hi So a customer of mine has just had his fire extinguishers tested and for some reason the guy doing the fire extinguisher check removed this 600x600 flat LED panel and looked above it and said that what he sees is not safe and it's a fire risk. He proceeded to quote £600 to have 7 of these...
  10. K

    Industrial I need someone to enlighten me about Earthing and Bonding. We've just completed the construction of four Fabricated Steel Bay Structures with a tota

    I need someone to enlighten me about Earthing and Bonding. We've just completed the construction of four Fabricated Steel Bay Structures with a total of 354 Stansions 102 Beams, all connected to the Porlins, the place is to be used to seat 120,000 persons. I am not in doubt of the importance...
  11. S

    can someone please advise on this type of light?

    Hey electricians forum, my grandparents are knocking on 90 and the main light in their living room has packed up... by packed up i mean that when they switch on the light it does nothing but fire up (try to light but keeps flashing and never catches... you know what i mean right every...
  12. Hellengeek

    What should someone do if they see their electrical socket sparking when inserting a power plug?

    What should someone do if they see their electrical socket sparking when inserting a power plug?
  13. D

    Can someone help me with the electrical installation path

    So I went to college and got my City & Guilds 2365 level 3 electrical installation diploma, but what do I do next, I know I am meant to look for an apprenticeship but I remember my teacher saying something like you need to apply for an NVQ or some ECS thing, can someone explain the steps AFTER...
  14. pirate

    Can someone advise me what type of gland this is?

    Here is a pic of a sign at my local reservoir, front thereof: Probably won't be flashing anytime soon... And here is a pic of the back of that sign, and I would like to know what you call the gland where the big cable exits from the metal post supporting the sign Thanks in advance!
  15. littlespark

    Someone was a lucky so and so

    Working on a kitchen where I have to reroute the cooker cable (now extend the cooker cable) Customer has been in the house at least 10 years, kitchen was done a good while before that. First picture shows how NOT to run a cable down a wall. I'm surprised it has capping on it, to be honest...
  16. Pete999

    Glo in the dark screwdriver someone was asking about them

    CK TOOLS T49283PD VDE SLIM SCREWDRIVER SET 5 PIECE GLO IN THE DARK | eBay - CK dextro VDE slim glo, a while ago someone was enquiring about this item saw this in Mays PE
  17. N

    Garage consumer unit, I think I should call someone out!

    Hi I was going to change the lights in my garage to LED's but the consumer unit looked a bit old, so switch the garage circuit off on the main board, removed the cover and found this. At this point I thought "I'm outta here" and put the cover back on. I presume this is all sorts of bad...
  18. T

    Hi, Qualified on old electrical installation regs

    I qualified in 2009 on the old Electrical installation Regs but was unable to find an apprenticeship so diversified and became a lightning conduction engineer for a few years. I am now working on site assisting electricians and want to get my gold card but am unsure if my certs will be...
  19. D

    Electrician Someone needed to sort issue with economy 7 in East London

    We’ve been having a long running issue with our economy 7 not kicking in at night, which means we have no heating from our storage heaters or hot water (luckily the boost still works). Our electricity supplier said that getting a smart meter would fix the issue- which we had installed last...
  20. D

    Someone replaced a light switch with a timer..

    Bit of a first for me. Looking around a house to tidy up as a buy to let and couldn't find the light switch in one of the bedrooms. Some searching later revealed the previous owners had replaced the switch with an analogue timer o_O It was the front bedroom so best guess is they had it to give...
  21. T

    Testing someone else’s work

    Evening all! First post but been a lurker for a while, finding the information on the site very useful when i’ve searched for bits of info and other peoples opinions, as a quick introduction i’m an early 30’s self employed handyman training to become fully qualified electrician. I have gone...
  22. Daniel Oake

    Guide for DNO supply, installers - worth a look to someone.

    Stumbled upon a guide that the installers and maintenance teams adhere to, contains codes for reporting etc, might be interesting. Scroll down to Page 8 onward.
  23. D

    Inverter Packed up, Advise on a replacement and someone in South Wales to install please?

    Morning all, I've not needed to be here for a long while. My power one pvi 3.0-outd, has malfunctioned today. I'm getting Error E031, I can hear the relays clicking away. I found an Australian youtube video on it, and they seem to think although it can be repaired, it seems its not worth it...
  24. Midwest

    61 days in prison for killing someone

    Came across this thread in another forum; 61 days in prison for killing someone - Please consider signing the petition.
  25. Chizzle

    Electricians Mate Hi to all, Looking for some work as a electrician mate and someone to take me under their wing

    Hi my name is Chaz based in Hounslow London. I have just recently completed my studying as a domestic installer. I know its not as good as the whole collage learning. Im 32 years of age currently working full time in a totally diffrent industry but looking for a fresh start and new career. My...
  26. charlie76

    Common story can someone sign off my extension for me

    I have just been messaged on facebook by someone who has had an extension and for one reason or another the spark (probably the builder) has gone AWOL and they cant get the EIC or part p notification. I am advising them that the best they would get now is an EICR unless they can get the original...
  27. Adam_92

    [Trainee] Needs help from someone experienced.

    I have a question on an assignment that I could do with some help Desribe, for each of the following symptoms, the most likely electrical fault. A) A fault has occurred on a lighting circuit when the lights are operated the RCBO protecting the circuit operates. B) The outside lights when the...
  28. Adam_92

    [Trainee] Needs help from someone experienced.

    I am stuck on a question for my NVQ just wondering if someone could help, Question is; Explain what documentation should be completed following fault recitation work? I know that "Where minor electrical installation work does not include the provision of a new circuit, a Minor Electrical...
  29. Dave OCD

    If someone asks you to install one of these avoid if you can.

    A hand made glass chandelier from Italy , cost unknown but not cheap. The customer brought this back from Bermuda in 3 cardboard boxes and we had to assemble then fit to the vaulted ceiling in a converted attic bedroom. I also had to find E12 Candle Lamps which nobody stocks. The picture doesn't...
  30. W

    part p can someone explain

    So im hearing all different versions from people. some people are saying that you need to pass a part p exam and become a part p electrician. Ive also heard that thers no such thing that its only a paragraph in the building regs and that anyone can pay a building control for a higher fee or if...
  31. G

    Hi all

    Hello, I have registered here because I am looking for advice on a situation I have regarding a large box on the side of my house, hopefully someone can help!
  32. Andy-1960

    Electricians with 11kV Experience

    Hi Looking for electricians with experience of installing 11kV Switchgear and transformers. We are based in West Midlands.
  33. B

    Signing off a job

    Can someone let me know if someone 1st fixes a rewire on a property,then the builder calls someone else into 2nd fix,can this job be signed off through part p,or can the 2nd person only issue a eicr certificate
  34. E

    Electrician Hemel Hempstead

    Hi, I'm looking for a electrician to help out when my work load is too much, it will be self employed basis. Main line of work is domestic rewires in vacant properties so looking for someone that has expericance in first fixing and second fixing on there own. Also some commercial work and...
  35. G

    Little help with Nest Gen3 please

    I have one of these and want to install on a newly installed Viessmann 050-W which has a Vitotrol 100 xontriller/wireless fitted. I'd love to pay someone to come out and do it all for me, but have had to retire so funds are short! I'm reasonably confident and the heatlink etc, is in place, but...
  36. C

    Getting additional labour / subbies for large jobs...

    Hi all, I have a some larger jobs coming up where 2 or 3 pairs of hand would be useful. For those of you who take on large intermittent contracts, how do you go about the extra labour provision? Local temp agencies have nothing on their books, and the national ones I have asked aren't cost...
  37. @

    Only 1 light working upstairs

    Hi please can someone tell me why I only have one light working upstairs. All lights downstairs are working! I have checked if the fuse boarded is tripped but it is not. Please can someone provide some insight. Cheers
  38. M

    How does a no neutral electronic switch gets the power to operate and to light the switch's led?

    Hello, everyone, I want to understand how the NO NEUTRAL electronic timer switches and the NO NEUTRAL PIR motion sensor switches works. I would apreciate if someone can make this clear to me. Thank you.
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