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  1. A

    Anyone has the Level 2 & 3 Textbook for Diploma in Electrical Installations (Buildings and Structures) ?

    Hi everyone, I need to see the modules contained in the books of level 2 and 3. I would be very grateful if someone could send some photos with the units that each one contains (at tbe beggining of the books). I guess there won´t be more than 3 or 4 pages for each book. The books are the next...
  2. T

    Ring FC in domestic inst

    Hi all This is a post regarding wiring of sockets in domestic installation common practice I have seen would be downstairs RFC Upstairs RFC Kitchen/Utility RFC Would any of use extend on that further ? Is it a good idea to have kitchen/utility on ring and then down ring ? Would use install...
  3. N

    UK How useful is a level 2 in electrical installations going to be in my situation?

    So I've been wanting to enter the electrical trade for quite some time, I'll try and keep my query as brief and as straightforward as possible : I'm 32 years old with no formal electrical qualifications, or industry experience. I'm essentially from an academic background, I've previously been...
  4. Lou

    (Pictures Thread): Poor Electricianmanship? Pictures of poor electrical installations you find on your travels

    Poor Electricianmanship? Pictures of poor installations you find on your travels. @Megawatt suggested this for codebreakers. I thought I'd throw it up in the main electrical forum for all to use. So this is a public thread, so please, no personal details of where the install is, and no naming...
  5. bonjovi

    Afdds new installations

    Hi my question is , I know afdds are new to the 18 th and they are recommended but do I need to price for them as this would see me at a far higher price than someone who does not include them or . Do I not have to include these and inform client I have not , Or just not price for them and...
  6. Ian1981

    SPD’s requirements in electrical non domestic installations

    Well just as I thought I had this spd requirements down I attended the Niceic tech talk, with a speaker from the jpel/64 panel who is mainly responsible for the requirements of SPD’s and go figure a manufacturer of the product. So I learned that installing a type 1 device at the origin and type...
  7. J

    BS 7671:2018 - Requirements for Electrical Installations, IET Wiring Regulations (New 18th Edition)

    As per the title. Took the wrapper off that's it. BS 7671:2018 - Requirements for Electrical Installations, IET Wiring Regulations (New 18th Edition) £50
  8. marconi


    Recently there was a topic onwhether or not to bond and earth a mobile aquarium. I did some more research on what happens to people when they are in electrified water. There is quite a bit on what happens on US web sites. The problem is not only electrocution but 'electric shock drowning'...
  9. G

    Diploma in Electrical Installations (2365)

    Hi, I'm thinking about starting a two year course at my local college, the course is Diploma in Electrical Installations 2365 (levels two and three) My question is what else would I need to be a qualified electrician? I see so many courses available and I don't want to spend two years doing...
  10. J

    Water feature installations

    Hi, I’ve been asked by a family member to fit a water feature into their back garden. The feature consists of a pump & LED.However I’m a marine electrician and I’m not very clued up on the regs etc of the domestic world. My plan was to spur off an outside socket using 2.5mm SWA cable to a...
  11. M

    Becoming OLEV registered?

    Guys, i like to have a broad knowledge base and range of work, as i get bored doing the same things day in day out. From working on F1 hospitality units, to kitting out warehouses, to a little bit of domestic (however i generally hate domestic Re-wires, so rarely do these). I have been...
  12. P

    How do you deal with dangerous installations

    Just wondering what course of action you take if you go to a job, say to wire an additional circuit, and you find a dangerous situation. Over the years I came across several cases where, for example the cu cover was missing, usually the old Wylex units. Some people left a danger notice, on the...
  13. Ian1981

    Isolation for 3 phase domestic installations

    4 pole isolation for domestic 3 phase installation. Is it a requirement? Regulation 537.1.4 requires a linked switch or circuit breaker to isolate both live conductors of a single phase supply for ordinary persons of a household or similar installation.
  14. happysteve

    Quality Electrical Installations to BS7670

    Saw this at the local chippy... o_O When I need some steel nuts and bolts for resistance projection welding, he'll be my go-to guy. Although, when I tried his website, I got this... Shame... :rolleyes:
  15. Michaelwgroves

    Complex Installations demand calc

    I've treated myself to the IET Electrical Installation Design guide. I've been looking at section 3.5 Complex Installations. There is a calculation for calculating demand based on number of dwellings in a group. Please see picture of relevant page. Seems simple, sub domain is 66.44A, demand...
  16. D

    Pme installations in 18th edition with additional rod.

    It's proposed in the 18th edition that any new pme installation is to have a rod added by the electrician that has has a resistance of 30ohms or less. What are people's thoughts on this? My main concern is the amount of services that are going to get hit with everyone driving rods in.....also my...
  17. bozy09

    17 yr old Looking for best college to do lvl 2 electrical installations

    Hello, I'm 17 years old and I recently left sixth form to persue my dream career as an electrician but I have one single problem- I have no idea which college I should go to. I have looked at 3 colleges; college of north west london, City of Westminster College, Barnet Southgate college...
  18. S

    Farm installations, division of circuits.

    Good evening everyone. I live in a rural area and as such get asked to do work on farms so I'm looking to find out how others go about certain types of farm installations. I find the division of circuits quite difficult without spending a fortune on switch gear and RCDs, especially on 3 phase...
  19. H

    Scotland Testing Installations

    Hi guys been working in the biz for 12 years now. I am capable of testing and inspection, i know what i'm doing diagnosing and fixing faults however i have never dealt with the paper work side of things. I fill my sheets in and hand them into the office. My question is I am now picking up quite...
  20. DavidSpark

    Looking for weekend work expereience - Catterick/Richmond/Darlington/Northallerton

    Hello everyone! I am looking for weekend work experience within the Catterick, Richmond, Darlington and Northallerton area. I am currently working as a Military Electrician near that area and wish to gain further experience on all types of electrical installations, which should allow me to...
  21. S

    Londonelectricals Ltd

    Londonelectricals.co.uk Ltd We are a North London Based Electrical Contractors. We offer full electrical maintenance packages for both domestic and commercial sectors. For domestic installations and repairs we specialise in Rako and Lutron Lighting, and bespoke electrical installations. Our...
  22. B

    Electrician Electricians Required - Scotland

    Electricians Required call Brian Taylor on 01698324664 or email [email protected] Long term contract opportunity with Global Infrastructure Service provider with £100 million plus turnover! Working as part of the internal mains division, running new connections to multi domestic sites across...
  23. Lou

    G J Nimmo Electrical Contractors Ltd

    Over 25 years of experience in all aspects of electrical fitting, inspection and PAT testing Commercial Installations, Hospital Installations, Domestic Installations, Periodic Inspection & testing, Fire Alarm Systems, Building Maintenance Based in Alloa, G. J. Nimmo Electrical Contractors have...
  24. Lou

    MD Electrical Services

    We carry out all works from domestic installations/rewires to full commercial/industrial installations. We also carry out electrical maintenance/emergency light testing/PAT testing and electrical inspections for several large oil related companies and we would be pleased to provide a quotation...
  25. markc123

    Corner Electrical Contractors (CEC)

    Domestic, Commercial + Light Industrial 24/7 Emergency Call Out Free No Obligation Quotations Caravan Park Specialists Consumer Unit / Distribution Board Upgrades (including LABC notifications) Emergency Lighting General Maintenance + Odd Jobs Hot Tub Installations Inspection + Testing & Fault...
  26. Lou

    The City & Guilds Textbook: Level 3 Diploma in Electrical Installations (Buildings and Structures)

    This new textbook, written in conjunction with City & guilds has been designed to be a complete companion for learners taking this course giving them all the information they need at this level in a step by step accesible way. BUY THIS BOOK FROM eBay USING THE FOLLOWING LINK AND THE FORUM WILL...
  27. Lou

    Testing Electrical Installations A practical guide for electricians

    This is an extremely detailed account of how to carry out practical testing to BS7671, This book is suitable for students studying C&G 2330, 2381, 2391, 2400, NVQ level II, III and domestic installer level 2 courses. Key topics are; Continuity of circuit protective conductors. Continuity of main...
  28. D

    2394-2395 online course anyone done it

    Hey all I was just wondering if anyone has done there 2394-95 online and if so whats there opinion only im doing my 2392 this week as I need a serious brush up on my testing skills (basically relearn) but im also keen to get the full testing qualifications but after this week im out of holiday...
  29. P

    Ive booked the g59 course

    Hi all this is my first ever post so bare with. I'm currently qualified to carry out the 'Installation and Maintenance of Small Scale Photovoltaic Systems'. I understand this covers me up to 16A per phase. So far I only have a few domestic installations under my belt and I have been approached...
  30. R

    Richer Sounds Manchester recruiting for Full Time Installer for immediate start!

    Richer Sounds Manchester Deansgate is now recruiting for an enthusiastic Installations Professional to join our team with an immediate start! As the UK’s largest Hi-Fi, Home Cinema and TV specialists, we offer a comprehensive installations service that ensures we can deliver on all jobs, from...
  31. S

    Looking for solar install team contractors

    If you're looking for some extra installation work, we are looking for some contractors. We are currently looking for a solar PV installation team to complete residential (4KW max.) solar installations in the west midlands area. The installers must be MCS registered and have installed solar...
  32. S

    Commercial Frequebcy of Testing new builds in school

    Hi Fellas. Not been on here for a while as been hectic and a lot of working away. HNY to u all. anyway, just need to quickly clear this up . We are periodic testing a very large school lacally , something like 50 fuseboards etc, Small and large.I know the frequency for existing installations is...
  33. A

    CompEX / Rig Work

    Hello all, I am new to all of this, signed up today due to lack of work in the areas im trying to break into. As an apprentice I served my time at a company called industrial electrical services. In this time I carried out mainly heavy industrial installations. After leaving college, I paid...
  34. G

    Feed-In Tariff RPI increase for installations before 31 december 2013

    There's an important quirk in the Feed In Tariff scheme rules that I'm not sure everyone is aware of, but is potentially pretty important... link Basically all installations that registered on or before December 31st 2013 receiving an inflation linked increase in the Feed-In Tariff rate they...
  35. S

    Commercial Rules for commercial properties

    Hi Guys, I have been asked to rewire a shop but most of my work is domestic so Im not clued up on the commercial regs. Does my fuseboard have to have rcds protecting all circuits like it does in domestic, I dont believe it does does it.....? This is for a pizza shop so it has kitchens toilets...
  36. C

    2365-02 equal to Part P or better??

    Hi all, I'm currently near completion of my 1st year 2365-02. I don't think I'm looking to a change my current occupation ( Paving & Landscape Contractor ) to 'full-time' sparky. So rather than doing another 2 years at college ( 2 evenings a week ) to complete the full 2365-03, I'm seeking...
  37. Q

    Working abroad

    Hi all. My company is going to be doing work across Europe, I'm currentley the QS but don't have much experience about the standars abroad, Can some one tell me what I will need to do to meet eu standards and do they except niceic certificates, any help will do, just not to sure where to start...
  38. P

    Domestic DB

    Hi Guys, Take a look at the picture below. (you may have to turn your head as i couldn't work out how to rotate it it). As you can see, the DB has seen better days so i am going to replace it with a nice new one with plenty of ways. I don't get to involved with domestic work as i really only...
  39. S

    NICEIC Approved Contractor

    Hi all Just a quick question about the NICEIC approved contractor: If I register would I be able to use several electricians to install installations and then have a QS to test and sign off all the work done by them? If I am mistaken what scheme/organisation would I need to do this. The...
  40. Z

    Last date for 2391 and 2391-303 Technical Knowledge of the Design, Erection and Verif

    I contacted ElectricalTraining.co.uk and asked when the last dates for the 2391-301 Technical Knowledge of the Inspection, Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations they give me this info via email. Hope this helps people who are considering doing these courses. Due to centre...
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