1. timhoward

    First Zappi Install

    I've finally found a customer rich enough to want a Zappi, and by heck it's so much nicer to install than the budget brands! But I wonder if anyone has installed one with recent firmware? All of the documentation and training videos talk about Device Limit and Grid Limit which make sense. The...
  2. Electrical2go

    Bank Holiday Offers on Fans, EV Chargers + More

    Hi all, This bank holiday weekend we are offering a selection of some of our best-selling EV chargers and more for a reduced price! Click the below squares to find out more as these deals end Monday midnight!
  3. T

    two SPD's in CU , one for zappi MCB and one for the rest of circuits.

    hi guys please help 1. i want to install zappi into existing CU with a type2 SPD should i also protect 32A MCB for zappi with an SPD? 2. i have CU(hager VML410AH) with type A RCCB incomer only is it ok to fit SPD onto it? thanks
  4. J

    Customer questioning his zappi EV charger.

    Hi Everyone, before I start ill admit I have very little knowledge of EV chargers etc, I have had a question from a customer who has had a 7kw zappi installed and his wife has just bought an audi a3 tfsi e. This apparently will only charge at a max rate of 2.9kw as its a hybrid, hes concerned...
  5. HappyHippyDad

    What does 'Check CT grid' mean on zappi EVCP install?

    Afternoon all. I've just installed my first Zappi. The customer just wants to plug in the vehicle and is not fussed about WiFi connection. I have checked with Myenergi and the Zappi can run without the need to be connected to the net. However, when I plug the car in it comes up with 'Check CT...
  6. T

    How do you "pair" a Zappi and a Solar/Battery system?

    Hi, I have a Zappi charge point, and a myenergi Hub. I also have a battery/solar system. How do i "pair" these together? Or dont i need to do anything?
  7. M

    Zappi car charger open PEN protection

    Hello, As far as I can work out the Zappi car charger protects against PEN faults buy having a current sensing coil around the protective earth conductor and if a current is detected on the conductor it will disconnect the L, N and PE conductors. just wondering how this meets the regs as in...
  8. Steve93

    RCD for car chargers and zappi install

    where does every one source there Rcd’s from for car chargers? I know you need the types A etc but where actually has these on the shelf? Or at least next day? Also has anyone got finished install pics of the zappi charger? Thanks in advance


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