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  1. J

    Advice with car charger

    Hi, I’m after some advice for an existing car charger that’s on one of our newly inherited sites. We have a Rolec 2x 7.2kw pedestal charger, just the basic model, no o-pen detection or anything like that. Whoever installed it only ran a 32A supply to it so if both sockets are in use it trips...
  2. M

    Type A rcd in series or change at the board

    I am to install a car charger that states a type A RVD is to be installed. Can this be put in the garage from the non rcd side of the board or is it better to change the RCD on the board and use that side. I assume it makes no difference
  3. S

    Car Charger 6mm SWA cable Query - Loft Insulation

    Hi We recently had an 7kW EV charger installed. Due to the consumer unit being situation within the kitchen of our bungalow, the cable needed to be routed across the loft in order to end up next to the drive, The contract was with a well known brand, who has sub-contracted out the...
  4. K

    UK Electric Car charger Location

    Hi Thanks for providing the forum... Wonder if anyone here knows the regs on the installation of a 7Kw car charger, in so far as where it can be placed. My indoor consumer unit, has a 7K shower in it, upgrated by housing assosiation they fitted rcd on lights... Im thinking its too far away...
  5. M

    Home Car Charger 7Kw

    I am looking to order an electric car and noticed on the suppliers of charging pods websites they generally ask if its a complex or simple install. It would be 7KW charger ideally I would like installed. I'm just trying to work out if I would need lots of additional work doing or not so hoping...
  6. W

    Planning for Car charger and upgrade to garage circuit

    Hi, I am having a new patio laid next year, and would like to lay some cable underneath it in preparation for a car charger so that the installer doesn't need to run the cable around the house when it is done (The fuse board is on the opposite side of the house to the garage). I also have an...
  7. R

    Fitting a single phase Matt:e for car charger

    Evening all, Just After some knowledge about the Matt:e. I have been to a job where a 13 amp Rolec car charger point has been fitted On an external garage wall which is attached to the house. I can see no evidence of an earth rod and I am assuming it is still connectEd to a pme earthing...
  8. I

    Can I add a second fuse board for an electric car charger?

    Dear all, We want to install an electric car charger, but our existing fuse board is at the back of the house and running a cable through the house will make a big mess. The electricity enters the house from the front, where we want to put the charger and that's where the meter is too. Can we...
  9. M

    Zappi car charger open PEN protection

    Hello, As far as I can work out the Zappi car charger protects against PEN faults buy having a current sensing coil around the protective earth conductor and if a current is detected on the conductor it will disconnect the L, N and PE conductors. just wondering how this meets the regs as in...
  10. M

    UK Earthing a V2G Electric Car Charger with a earth rod

    Hi I am new to the forum and looking for some advice. I was supposed to have a vehicle to grid car charger installed last week. But they couldnt get a suitable earth from the earth rod. The earth rod reasing was 384 ohms. They're saying I need a marconite pit. the reading has to be below 100...
  11. M

    Tripping and car charger

    Hi guys Been called to a doctors house know the type that have plenty of money but want to hold off on shelling out. Intermittent rcd tripping. Quite a dated installation, large house 17 circuits and all protected by a 30ma rcd. Went to ramp test and it tripped straight...
  12. O

    "nice" car charger install - not

    This caught my eye earlier: The race to the bottom continues...
  13. P

    Help needed! Car charger / TV amplifier

    Hi! Just bought a new house and wired my car charger up. It’s been wired up to the same circuit breaker as the ‘loft/tv socket’. Now my TV isn’t picking up any TV signal! The tv amplifier is on in the loft with everything connected. Has anyone got any ideas? Am I being an idiot as per?? Any...
  14. M

    Socket outlet with car charger & lawn mover

    Hi Mate, Any one of you can explaine, why when I installed new socket(BG Integrated RCD protected), it works with car charger and not working with lawn mover. Some other issue is that when car charger not working when connected with extension but it works good with lawn mover. Thanks Mano
  15. Andy5678

    PAT test car charger

    as title, I have a lot of car chargers to test. They are plugged into a socket via standard 13a plug, then goes into the charging unit, from there a lead to the car with the socket to be put into the car. They are for nissans and Mitsubishi cars. I have tried testing on seaward 250 but fails...
  16. I

    External socket for 13amp car charger lead

    Hi need some advice re installation of a external 13amp socket to enable connection of a 13amp mercedes car charger. Socket would be spurred via SFCU from local ring main. External socket attached to external wall of main house. Earthing system TNCS. Would this arrangement be compliant ...
  17. W

    Controllable Electric Car Charger?

    I have a Nissan Leaf and Solar Panels. So I'd like to be able to automatically charge the car when the solar panels are causing a net export of power to the grid. I already divert excess power to our immersion heater, using a home made, micro-controller based system that 'watches' the LED on the...
  18. the pict

    Home car charger

    A chap I know is considering a hybrid, what the story on home charging points, anyone done one and or a decent make etc Pict
  19. C

    Fuse box location for electrical car charger installation point?

    Hello everyone, i have just started up a door to door business arranging appointments to install electric car chargers at domestic properties. I am primarily targeting new build houses as the fuse boxes need to be located on the exterior of the house or on the inside of the exterior wall so that...