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  1. Jacky

    Advice please on why recently installed cooker is sometimes tripping the tripswitch

    Hello all. recently bought a secondhand dual fuel cooker. Range Master Leisure.. Serial No. 5407003589. When it was first put in it worked fine. Then the following day, when the fan oven was switched on it would trip out. Got in touch with guy we bought cooker from and he said he never had...
  2. M

    Recently joined, always keen to learn or to help out

    Hi this is Mark in Manchester, self-employed spark for 15 years, ELECSA registered since they were nobbut a lad. Always keen to learn from wiser folk than I, or to share what I can. Cheers.
  3. R

    Recently qualified and looking for experience - North Wales / Cheshire

    Hi I've recently got my Part P, 17th Edition and Level 2 Inspection & Testing and now looking for employment where I can continue to learn and more importantly build up my experience. Happy with mate work, what's important to me is finding a decent sparkie/employer to learn from. I'm...
  4. U

    Domestic Semi skilled electrician recently moved to South Wales looking for work. Own tools and transport.

    Hello all Recently moved to South Wales and looking for work as electricians mate / Jointers mate. Capable of carrying out most domestic electrical works ranging from remedial works to rewires/ consumer unit installations. My experience can be discussed over the phone. Domestic installations...
  5. fergus12

    Mature qualified electrician looking for work to gain experience in or around Leicester

    Hi all, My name is Chris and I am 37, I have recently come to the end of my electrical training. I've recently completed my C&G 2382 (17th Edition), 2365/2&3, 2394 qualifications and just waiting for the result of 2395 exam, and now I am looking for work to get my NVQ3 and gain as much...
  6. P

    Jacuzzi ... to 702 or not to 702 ...

    Recently been to a site with a 3month old hot tub install that had been done by another sparks, with the IP66 rotary isolator just 650mm from the edge of the Jacuzzi. It is possible to be partially immersed in the Jacuzzi and lean out to operate the isolator. Would you consider this acceptable...
  7. D

    Am2 help please

    Morning chaps . finally got round to booking my am2. I know it changes a fair bit so was wondering if anyone here has done it recently or has an informed idea on what's in it now. I've been in the trade some time now so I'm sure I'll be OK. I have my 2391 ect . I just hate exams and well any...
  8. H

    Customers not paying in full!!!

    I've had some trouble receiving full payment from a customer. I'm guessing many of you may have had issues like this before, if so, what's the best way to approach the situation? Feel like going round there and removing cables! Any help would be appreciated.
  9. M

    Lighting Fault.

    Hello, I have been asked to look at a light fitting for a neighbour, who has said that whenever he puts a new lamp in the fitting it blows straight away. The fitting is a ceiling rose/pendant and bayonett lamp. A quick check shows 50-60 volts from the fitting live to earth when switched off. I...
  10. P

    Signing work off

    I've recently had a phone call off a potential client, asking for there recently refurbished house to be electrically signed off as they have sold the house. I think what's happened is they have had a electrician in to rewire it and modify the circuits but they wasn't part P. I am wondering if...
  11. M

    Trust a Trader vs Rated People

    Has anyone out there subscribed to both and can offer any views and advise on Trust a Trader. I am registered with Rated People and all the short comings assosioated with them - there are loads of threads on this subject. I have recently made enquiries recently with Trust a Trader and first...
  12. K

    Use blue cable for live wire in radial circuit?

    Hi All I am not interested in carrying out any electrical work myself but have had some experience on a basic level and have discovered something that raised my eyebrows recently. I recently had somebody come and install lighting and power sockets in my garage, all cables are run through PVC...
  13. D

    chinese panels

    seven us modules makers , lead by solarworld germany which is the number one manufacturer in north america have had support this week from president obama re chinese price dumping of state owned & bank supported module manufacturers recently evergreen & solyndra went bust with the lose on 1000s...
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