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  1. B

    Cavity wall access from Loft to 2nd floor for low voltage cable.

    Hi guys, I know this is technially not a mains electrical question as it's regarding network cable (CAT7) rated for inwall installation. But my question follows the same theory. I'm looking at dropping a few network cables from the gable end of my wall in the loft down into a room on the 2nd...
  2. DaveW4

    UK Wiring in soundproofing.

    Hi, I hope you are all well. I want to ask if there are any considerations to wiring if installed in a cavity wall with soundproofing? Also, do sockets, etc. need to be incased with putty or sealed with sealant?
  3. E

    Meter Tails in Cavity - Horizontal Run

    We've just recently bought a property which is around 25 years old and will be completing some alterations. The consumer unit is in the Utility high up on the wall. Isn't in the ideal place and we'd like to move it, due to a new kitchen layout. On further investigation the meter tails run up...
  4. H

    Armeg Solid Board Cutter vs Super Rod Cavity Master

    Hi everyone, I need to purchase a solid board cutter and stuck deciding between the two. I prefer using a solid board cutter with the caps rather than using battens on the cut-out. I remember reading somewhere that the Super Road version would cut very deep whereas the Armeg wouldn't go past a...
  5. KeenPensioner

    Dropping cables from loft

    Hi, I'm retired, but have worked as an electricians mate off and on - I know my limitations. I've been asked by a friend to fit a "picture light". The wall is plasterboard cavity with insulation, the wall has a 3 inch coving. I have access to the loft above and there is a single pendant in the...
  6. 0

    Domestic New exposed brick wall

    Hi, We are in the middle of building our kitchen extension, we have decided to have an exposed internal brick wall constructed as we have some excellent brick spare. The external block wall is up and before we put up the internal brick wall we were going to install the cables for...
  7. C

    Tails in cavity wall

    So I have a consumer unit to change, the consumer unit was in the garage but it has been converted to living accommodation years ago. The utility cupboard is on the outside wall, the consumer unit is obviously on the inside wall but near the ceiling. The issue is when they changed the garage...
  8. Barnaby Stedman

    Running cable in cavity

    A quick question - would 25mm oval conduit be sufficient mechanical protection to run cable in an internal cavity wall?
  9. diyterry

    Cables and cavity walls

    If I want to run a cable up a cavity wall is it best to run it through the cavity or chase the wall out and run it through a conduit.
  10. mattg4321

    Meter tails in cavity

    Ok own up who's done this? I try my hardest to never do this but have, on very rare occasion installed meter tails in a cavity as the lesser of evils. Would be interesting to hear real world thoughts on this and potential work arounds so you don't have to. I know someone on here posted a while...
  11. F

    Installing electronics in wall cavity - Regulations?

    Hey guys, This is at very early planning stages, but I am looking into the feasibility of installing a smart bathroom mirror TV. What I am looking at is installing a monitor/TV behind a two way mirror. It would be further than 60cm away from the bathroom tap so I believe it counts as being...
  12. R

    C/U rear entry into Cavity wall.

    Hi Folks, These new C/U's dont seem to have thought this out too well. Old cables in cavity wall in to C/U. Need to make fireproof. Whats your best bet ?.
  13. K

    Cables run in cavity between block and brick of an internal wall

    Hello, I'm currently in the process of building a side extension. I will be putting in 2 new rings and 2 new lighting circuits. To get them from the CU to the extension I wanted to run them in the cavity of the old external wall (now internal because there is an extension on the other side)...
  14. Colin188

    Cables in cavity of walls

    Is it permitted to run twin and earth in a domestic cavity wall?
  15. S

    Anyone fill the gavity where the tails enter

    Hi all, I had my assessment the other day and shown him a job with a replacement board. The tails ran up in the cavity wall from the meter box below on the outside of the house and in from the back of the cu, he said that I should seal the hole in the wall where the tails come through into the...
  16. Leesparkykent


    Ive been thinking of putting a little extension on my house under permitted development....was scouring the net and come across this Augmentory - Imo it's a brilliant idea. Any one come across something similar?
  17. 7029 dave

    16mm T&E

    I had a job last week to provide 6 meter connections . New builds and noticed in the meter box, Electricians had run in 16mm t&e from CU to external box with 80amp switch fuse. Thoughts please.
  18. Pat H

    Using a cavity wall gap for cables

    Looking at a job that needs cables running up to a loft space. Had originally planned a cable route from CCU through wall into garage (part of side extension) along top of garage inside wall then up through the bedroom above into the loft space. All surface mount clipped direct. A good few...
  19. M

    Domestic How this wires has been pulled?

    Hello everyone! Does anybody know how this 3 cables from loft has been pulled down to first and ground floor,if the coming through 3 holes in the wall.?Is there any specific method of pulling wires?Please help. Thank you very much.
  20. T

    When is supplementary bonding not required ? Tails not on rcd...

    Hi all, im installing a new consumer unit in a bungalow , customer wanted it moving from bathroom to hallway. The system is a tns system and the meter tails are around 7 meters long, now because of this i have installed a 80 amp switch fuse inside the meter box and the tails run from this up the...
  21. Midwest

    Surface Meter tails, in plastic conduit?

    I'm quoting for a CU change, where I'll be replacing the meter tails (because of length). I will have to run the tails on the surface (less than 3m) on the outside wall. For a neater appearance and because the wall is pebble dashed, I was considering putting the tails (2 x 25mm) in 32mm conduit...
  22. D

    CCU Tails do I need to RCD

    Ok I have a CCU change, the meter is in a outside cupboard and the tails pass straight though the wall.....but not horizontal or vertically run in the building fabric, do I need to RCD these tails my gut says yes. Btw they are not in any trunking/conduit just sitting on brick Thanks
  23. happyhippydad

    Fixing to a plasterboard wall?

    I have been asked to fit the following A Glimpse Mirror and shaver socket. Overall dimensions: 50cm H x 39cm D and weight is 6.2 kg's. I think it should be ok on a plasterboard wall but just wanted some opinions (with regards the weight)? I wont be able to locate it on any joists because...
  24. S

    NICEIC Certification Scheme cable runs niceic requirments

    Wiring 4 storey house hopefully using this job for niceic assessment Looking for some advice on cable runs etc in loft area and down cavities. Firstly the loft will have 300mm insulation put in ,basically looking for best way to lay cables according to regs as the insulation will be in last...
  25. S

    107 or 117 core drill size

    Hi, what size core drill, do you generally use for cutting 100mm core holes 107mm or 117mm. Cheers
  26. D

    Light switch backbox

    Does anyone know of a cavity wall light switch backbox, that houses possibly or hopefully at least 6 loop in terminals.
  27. B

    mains tails through cavity

    what is the norm now as in the past tails were taken through caverty but i seem to rememder this has change am i right
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