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  1. A

    TV/FM/Sat Points

    Hi, Just after some advice on wiring TV/FM/Sat Points. I've been asked to price a New Build and need to know what is involved in wiring them please? What cable to use? And anything else I need to account for. About 9 Points in total. TIA.
  2. happyhippydad

    Implications of Amendment 1 for EV charging points?

    I am a bit unsure of what Amendment 1 is saying regarding EV charging points and PME. I understand the existing 3 methods in section 722.411.4.1 regarding the use of PME and EV charging points but I am not sure what the additional methods are? Is it now easier to use EV charging points with a...
  3. happyhippydad

    Implication of Amendment 1 for EV charging points?

    I am a bit unsure of what Amendment 1 is saying regarding EV charging points and PME. I understand the existing 3 methods in section 722.411.4.1 regarding the use of PME and EV charging points but I am not sure what the additional methods are? Is it now easier to use EV charging points with a...
  4. L

    Using breakers as junction/splice points

    Hi all, currently re-wiring a hotrod using part existing loom and part new looms, was wondering is I could use auto re-set circuit breakers at junction/splice points rather than post terminals or hard wire splices, that way serves as a terminal point for several actives as well as distributing...
  5. Midwest

    EV charging points 2020

    I'm just interested in the technicalities of charging points, specifically with PME supplies, I know there's been a few threads on here, but I just wonder where we are with things currently. Someone posted this vid; View...
  6. happyhippydad

    Are there any electric vehicle Charge points that can be used with PME?

    I am looking to fit a EVCP in the customers garage. The earthing system is PME although it would not be too hard to change the garage to TT. I have 3 questions. 1. Can the PME be used as long as the EVCP is located in the garage so that the car cannot be charged outside? 2. I believe there...
  7. Dan

    Want to get your reaction ratio up? - Try to get the new 'Winner' reaction (+ 3 Reaction Points!!)

    Want to get your reaction ratio up? - Try to get the new 'Winner' reaction (+ 3 Reaction Points!!) Okay, so I've just setup the 'Winner' reaction. Which for the moment, can only be used by the Esteemed Members. That's to stop abuse. So an Esteemed member can click it on any post. Other users...
  8. Simon-0116

    Pricing per points

    How does this work? Not exact costs just a number. Hear people on £50 a point. So Oblivious say db £350 fixed cost 10 way. 10 x sockets on ring £50 each Lighting. 1 x way switch and a pendant £50 Or classed as £100.. 2 way switch and a pendant £50 Or £150. Cooker must be classed as more ...
  9. happyhippydad

    Reaction score and points?

    I was hoping someone could explain what these mean? In the beginning we could see how many thanks and likes there were. Then it changed to many different things, likes, dumbs, informative etc etc, again we could see how many everyone had. Now we have a reaction score and points. I'm sure this...
  10. L

    Domestic Sealing a consumer unit entry points??

    Hello Guys I'm going to put my Tin hat on and close the curtains so the Regs police can't arrest me for asking this question again, I can only find old threads pre 18th edition so please advise me if I'm missing something I've just been watching a guy on Youtube doing a board change who's...
  11. L

    Extra power points

    Hi there new here I have been fitting a new kitchen and I want to extend the power supply in kitchen we only have one double socket on one wall and one on another. So I am wanting to ad a single socket below work top for washer with an fcu above work top to isolate. And the same for gas oven so...
  12. S

    2919-01 vehicle charging points course

    Hi have been looking into the city and guilds 2919-01 electric charging point course to become olev registered and approved by ROLEC. I have phoned up to enquire about the course etc, but i’m wanting to know has anyone else done the course and do you get much work through it? I’m qualified, 18th...
  13. B

    CAT6 points in house

    Looking at putting some CAT6 points around the house for various TVs, Xbox’s, Laptops, all I have at the minute is a Sky Hub (router) what would be best way to do this? Never done Data before am I looking for Patch panels, TP-link? Just looking for best way thanks
  14. F

    Maximum number of lighting points

    Hello, Could any Irish members on here either tell me the maximum number of lighting points permissable on a circuit? I seem to remember a Fàs teacher mine saying that it was 10. The reason being that it's to do with a property being put into darkness in the event of a fault. I also think that...
  15. B

    Data points basics help

    Hi, anybody have any links or info about data points in a house or any pics of jobs they’ve done, never touched CAT cable in my life and want to learn about the basics of it, eg about modems, routers, patch panels Thanks
  16. A

    * How many points? *

    Following on from a discussion/argument/brouhaha at work today: Would you describe a CCU (Cooker Control Unit) which incorporates a socket as 2 points since it does 2 different things, or 1 point since it's 1 accessory and 1 set of terminals? Also would you count a cooker flex outlet as a point...
  17. camerabloke

    100 internet points if you guess who this is

    I’ll give you a clue later
  18. J

    Electric vehicle charging points.

    Advice on installing electric vehicle charging points.
  19. B


    Hey all, I'm a qualified electrician and have been for 20 years now (Although not on tools right now). I'm in the process of putting together a course that guides/helps/coaches and provides systems for people to conquer their pain points. I've experienced the long days, then getting home and...
  20. Karl Atkins

    NO Emergency stop points

    Hi All, I've been asked by a client to fit 10 NO Emergency stops points in a training facility. My question is has anyone fitted these before (I'm guessing the answer is yes) why would a switch like this be used for emergency stop? he request is also to fit 10 NO fused spurs too. Am I being...
  21. James Kinrosd

    Earthing solutions for EV charge points on lampposts.

    Hi guys, Does anybody have experience of installing EV charge points on lampposts- I am unsure how often the lampposts' earth can be used especially if TN-C-S and how the 18th edition might indeed rule this out. If the earth cannot be used is it a realistic solution to install just one copper...
  22. Dozer 73

    What do points make / PRIZES

    Ratings and points , or points especially on this forum , how do you score them and why are we collecting them
  23. M

    Backbox earth points

    Hi, What do you think of the earth screws that come on some metal Backboxes like this? Compared to this type. I prefer the type the second one because they feel easier and safer to work with.
  24. J

    Looking for electrician for EV charge points

    Established company looking for electrician for EV charge point installations. Must be willing to travel. Based between London and Oxford ideally.
  25. Mark.W

    1st fix for multiple TV points from one satellite dish

    Hi guys, I'm currently wiring up a 2 bed new build and have been asked to supply a TV point in each bedroom and 1 in the lounge. I haven't really done them before so I have a question. Do I need to install a splitter with a radial to each point or can I daisy chain the 3 points? Problem is...
  26. D

    most points on a circuit?

    Whats the most points you've found on one circuit? Currently doing an EICR at a restaurant/ function venue and found a lighting circuit with 46 points! Apart from a few E/Ls it's all 600x600 drop in's and ES downlights, low energy lamps now but originally would have been tungsten. 1.5's in...
  27. T

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Points served on an niceic certificate

    On the schedule of test results on niceic cerificate where it says points served.Does a double socket mean 1 point or 2?
  28. Frimley111R

    EV Charging Points - how much can you claim from the government?

    Hi All, We are looking into this and as 'petrolheads' (ironically) a chance to work with cars appeals but at a fundamental level we are trying to work out the economics. From our research we can claim back up to £500 from a government subsidy but the 'up to' part confuses us. How does this...
  29. J

    EV charging points advise needed

    Evening evening! Been giving drawings for some flats which also need 3x ev charging points outside no spec given atall as yet! Just wanting to get clued up before hand so for something like this- Rolec EV Charging IEC WallPod 16A HomeCharge EVWP2010 | RS Electrical Supplies -...
  30. MKspark

    Isolation Certificate

    Morning All this might seem like a strange question but we are re-wiring a lot of kitchens where the kitchens will be ripped out the day before we start works, but they would like us to isolate the Kitchen Ring and cooker circuit before its ripped out as some points are surface mounted on the...
  31. B

    Testing concern

    In a refurb building in the corridors the current install is clicks (gregs) and switched fused spurs above a grided ceiling. Now the client wants a solid ceiling with no access points adjacent to clicks / spurs. Do if there were any future electrical issues it would mean access hatches. My...
  32. A

    Domestic Installing Coax, Sky Cables and TV Booster

    Hi, I was hoping somebody could point me in the right direction to learning a bit more about installing Coax and Sky cables and the arrangement from the sky dish, antenna, booster and TV points. I have installed this plenty of times but have always been told what cable goes where and then a TV...
  33. W

    Kende Switch

    I have a Powercraft 25-130 welder the selector switch was stuck, it is a 6 position 0-6 Kende Switch with 4 banks,I took it separate and put it back together but what I need to know now is,when the switch is on position 1 what continuity readings should I get between the the different points on...
  34. G

    Sockets with integrated USB connections

    Hi I am new to the forum and finishing of my training with a 3 month placement starting next week, as i am hesitant to go straight out and work alone, i figure to do a good job takes more than a bit of theory and a freshly printed City and Guilds! I am not sure if this is the correct forum to...
  35. Hellmooth

    Sky and telephone points

    Doing a rewire and need to sort a couple of sky points and reroute the BT master point, haven't done it before, few questions I would appreciate some help with. 1) need to run sky cable to 2 points, is rg6 the cable I need? 2) is standard 4 pair telephone cable ok for the bt master point? 3)...
  36. J

    van insurance

    evening chaps any advise on van insurance for a 23year old that had 2 claims on company van policy and got 3 points on license for mobile phone now trying to get insurance for my own van. I know some people dont declare the claims from companys vans- becuase they think they don't count on...
  37. G

    Data point as phone point

    Can I use a standard data module as a phone point ? Cheers
  38. N

    Domestic Wiring Telephone Points

    Hi all, Looking to wire several telephone points. One master telephone and two for sky boxes. Would it be best to take a cable from the master telephone socket to a junction box then split it 2 ways? Looking to use cat5e instead of telephone cable. Cheers
  39. S

    Domestic Some opinions/advice on pricing this 5 bedroom rewire would be helpful...

    Hi, I have been offered the 'opportunity' to rewire an unnocupied, empty of furniture and carpets 5 bedroom semi-detatched house. It has been extended and now has the following rooms: Bedroom 1,2,3,4 and 5. A Bathroom, Wet Room and En-Suite. A Hall and Landing. A Reception room and Lounge. 2...
  40. V

    Hi I'm new here! Have a question on Radial & Ring circuits

    I am a DIY and working on an extension on my home. I found out that one area of my house is on a 4mm radial for sockets on a 32amp mcb which I know is fine. Now the question is Can I safely continue wiring 4mm radial? Total length from distribution to last socket will be around 60metres with 12...
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