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  1. DannyJS

    Job interview for prison spark. Advice please?

    Morning, I have an interview for a local prison, position is maintenance spark (mate/supporting the electrician). Anyone on here worked on electrics in a prison before? I am after any last minute advice on what types of electrics are involved? Any nuggets of knowledge that would help me...
  2. SairaJoy

    I'm currently an EE college student. Need to ask 6 interview style questions regarding workplace writing requirements for EE's

    Current EE college student with questions for advanced technical writing assignment. (I am supposed to interview an Electrical Engineer about workplace writing expectations/requirements)... 1 - On a daily basis, how much time/energy do you spend on writing/producing documents? 2 - How often do...
  3. J

    Interview preparation

    Hello, I've got an interview for a new job soon as a spark. I've only ever had one interview....for my apprenticeship. Does anyone have experience of things they may ask? Obviously experience, why did I apply for this company (include info about the company). I'm also assuming they...
  4. Sym

    Interview advice please.

    Hello there people. I have an interview on Friday for a job at a local hospital. The hospital is now moving premises and the job entails PPM work and Reactive Maintenance. Thanks to the help from others here on this forum I understand about PPM and Reactive Maintenance, I feel I do have the...
  5. bozy09

    Morgan Sindall apprenticeship interview advice

    Good evening all, I have an interview with morgan sindall tomorrow for an electricians apprentice position. It is a workshop based interview so I was wondering what sort of questions I should expect and what sort of things I should prepare? Any advice is welcome. Thank You
  6. Daniel Oake

    Help with tomorrows interview, please

    Due to the help from all of the electricians on this forum from my last post I have managed to land an interview, tomorrow. (Thank you!) I've gone through various interview techniques recently but it has been some years since my real last one (8 years) I'm applying for an entry level...
  7. R

    Interview help/information needed on an overhead linesman post

    Hi I've recently got an interview to become a linesman in northern ireland, would anyone be able to provide me with any interview tips/skills or even any extra knowledge of the trade would be helpful. Thanks.
  8. N

    Interview amey electrician

    Hi Guys Got interview at amey coming up for a highways electrician. Just wondering if anyone had any pointers? Its a competency based interview. Not had interview in several years so a little nervous about it. Cheers
  9. Spunkywads26

    Micro teach session for job interview

    Hey Guys, I have recently decided that I would like to take up an ambition of mine and start my path into teaching. I have booked onto an assessors course and applied to a few posts for college lecturers. I have just had a response saying that my application has been successful and now I have...
  10. P

    Interview questions and tips

    Hi all I have final stage interview for maintenace engineer job next week, the problem is all I have done so far is testing and installing, never had much to do with manufacturing electrical equipment however company decided they'll put me on development program for couple months due to my...
  11. D

    Apprenticeship interview tomorrow...

    Hi guys, So I have and apprenticeship invterview tomorrow with a large social housing company. I did a assessment test with them a few weeks back with a bunch of other candidates and got a call saying I scored the top out of everyone and they wanted to bring me in for an interview that will...
  12. L

    Apprenticeship Interview

    Hello i have recently been given an interview for arthur mckay in edinburgh but i dont have any experiance with this kind of interview. i would like to know what kind of things i should find out about the company and what kind of things they might ask in the interview. Thanks Lee
  13. D

    job interview

    Evenin' all, I've got an interview on Tuesday for a position carrying out inspection and testing within water treatment plants. I have very little interview experience due to being with the same company from serving my time until last year, 20 years in all. I've also never worked in an...
  14. C

    British gas telephone interview

    Hi, wondering if anyone can give me someinformation, I have a telephone interview for british gas I just wondering ifanyone has done this and the kind of questions ask.
  15. B

    Job interview !

    Hi can anyone advice me on what to wear at a interview ! Ive worked with the same company for 15 years and am quite new to the interview process these days. Is a suit to formal ? Was thinking trousers shoes and a nice shirt. Also they told me they will be asking technical question. What kind of...
  16. D

    Best answer in a job interview ever!

    Just left the office in bits, stomach ache from laughing that much! We're taking on another lad due to extra workload (great times) and i've just sat in on an interview. My manager asks the question 'what's the recommended distance between detection in a corridor less than 1m wide' He shrugged...
  17. S

    pre-registered 2365 L2 course!!!

    well its been a while since I was last here, hows every one doing? since having a nightmare start to my electrical career I have pre-registered with my local college for the 2365 L2 course, am just waiting for the call from the college to go for the interview which they said will be after...
  18. H

    Job Interview

    Managed to get passed the first stage of the job interview for a council spark. Got the main interview on Wednesday, not sure I'm doing the right thing as it will be a less money than i making now as im doing ok on the sole trader front, but will be job security with a regular wage. Just...
  19. 2

    Job Interview

    Hi guys, I've got a dilemma!! I have a job interview next week for a new job as electrical technician with a company who works for the mod! Anyway my dilemma is what to wear to the interview?? I know I sound like a women but wanna get it right. Do I go for the full suit or casual, suggestions...
  20. R

    job interview

    Hi guys I'm going for a job tomorrow with a solar company and was wondering if anyone in that line of work could: A. Tell me what a normal day would include B. any tips for the interview C. Is it a booming trade at the moment. I have no experience in this field I've been in domestic new...
  21. A

    Job interview

    I have a interview with clarkson Evans tomorrow and wondered if anyone had any info on how hard it is to earn decent money there. My current company is really struggling for work and my earnings are now to low for me to continue working for them. Any help would be much appreciated thanks.
  22. S

    Job interview advice

    Hi i'm just after some advice for an interview i have coming up. I have been for many interviews since i have been in and out of work as electrician since i completed my apprenticeship and most recently because of the recession. The role is as an installation electrician for a local council of...
  23. N

    job interview..

    hey guys, Looks like my luck might be changing. *fingers crossed* I have a job interview tomorrow and would like to hear from those who have previously been to a few job interviews to get a feel of whats expected. Would they be the average run of the mill type questions like what are your...
  24. V

    Job interview advice

    Hi guys, Would just like a bit of advice from anyone who may be able to help! I have a job interview this week with a company. I am currently self employed and working as an electrician's mate. My main concern is, I will be going straight back to work after the interview (Interview is in the...
  25. M

    Advice on job interview

    Hi everyone I've got an assessment day with laing o'rouke to start on there apprenticeship program..any one give any advice on what to expect? So far i know ive got to give a presentation on why ive chosen this trade,an interview and psychometric tests. I've reasearched the company alot and...
  26. N

    job interview q's

    hey guys, i have a job interview tomorrow to work alongside this chap.. He sounds pretty old school and too the point. What questions do u think i should prepare for? Would it be just like any ordinary job interview?... ive been studying just incase he throws me a curve ball. Anyways, heres...
  27. O

    What is in the assessment for 2330 college course?

    I've got an interview and assessment on Friday with my local college for 2330 level 2. I'm bricking it cause I really need to get on this course. Currently a very miserable HGV driver working away missing my kid etc and although I'm over 3 years away at least from finishing level 3 'if' I get on...
  28. Paul.M

    No more job hunting

    Telephone interview last week, interview this morning and I was offered the job within the first 2 minutes! BRILLIANT! Working for a family run electricians/maintenance company of a good size and what seems like a good company to be in with. Happy days and I may have a cheeky drink tonight to...
  29. C

    Industrial job interview?!

    Going for a job interview on wednesday for an electrical surveying job for a company that installs voltage reduction equipment (industrial enviroments). The interview is with 2 of the company's head tech guys for an hour! I've done basic electrical surveys for basic electrical installs (domestic...
  30. J

    Advice for job interview..... maintenance

    Hi All!! i got made redundant last week and i have a job interview tomorrow, basically i was doing large industrial work and the interview I'm going for is for a maintenance electrician. can anyone give me some advice what i should gen up on for the interview?? oh and would you wear a...
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