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  1. N

    Advice on 'Cheaper' brand / for CU upgrades, PRS EICRs

    Hello, Would like some opinions. We have quite a few CU upgrades to complete. These are PRS properties, and looking down the list, a lot will be TT. Since Amd 3 we have used Hager CUs. Decent quality, also like the little meter tails clamp for TT. However, the cost is prohibitive, especially...
  2. Pretty Mouth

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC competent person scheme for domestic EICRs

    Not sure this has been posted on the forum yet, thought it may be of interest. It appears NICEIC are launching a CPS for electricians carrying out EICRs in the domestic sector: http://www.niceic.com/join-us/private-rented-sector-scheme Looks like it's an add-on, as you already have to be...
  3. Gavin John Hyde

    Private rental EICRs are coming soon

    Just seen this.... https://professional-electrician.com/news/sparking-safety-in-the-private-rented-sector/ So come June/July we will have drive by dave doing them for £99. It's like that around here now with hmo and house buying EICRs. It sounds good on paper but unless there is a system to...
  4. NDG Elecs

    UK English rental EICRs query...

    Hi all... I have heard that mandatory EICRs in England (and Wales (?)) may be coming into force this summer. A letting agent I do a fair bit of work for posed a question just now that I didn't know the answer for.. They asked if a satisfactory EIC has been issued (say for a board change), then...
  5. j1mbodrea

    Doing 2391-52 atm, does anyone need any help completing EICs and EICRs

    Hi there, I'm doing the 2391-52 atm Live in west London area, is anyone looking for an electrician? Level 2-3 diploma along with 18th Editon Regs. Looking for permanent work Thanks Jimbo
  6. JK-Electrical

    BEAMA Calls For EICRs To Be Done In UK Residential Buildings Every 5 Years

    An interesting report. I'm in favour. My own opinion is that ten years between inspection and testing of domestic installations is too long, and that this period should be reduced to five years. I particularly like the proposal that an EICR be compulsory whenever there is a change of occupancy...
  7. C

    EICRs only testing a percentage

    I can understand accessories you may only sample a percentage but allot of companies only test %20 of the final circuits. Thats like taking your car for an MOT and only looking at half the car... should this practice be outlawed as testing firms are getting away is issuing a worthless report and...
  8. C

    EICRs to soon become compulsory

    Reading allot of landlord accreditation and news items EICRs are a hot topic and may soon become compulsory. Looking around on the internet i can see companies charging £80.00 for an EICR, i dont see how this works as it take 4 hours to test a 1 bedroom flat with all the paper work involved...
  9. Pete999


    A point of interest really, not having done that many EICRs and the few that I have done did not come with any problems. After reading about "how should I code this that or the other" got me thinking. Where I worked we were given written permission to disconnect any dodgy installs we found at...
  10. P

    New career. I hope

    Hi all, been working a long time as an industrial electrician, for last ten years as a crane inspector. Just passed my 2394 2395 2392 etc at great personal expense tbh but well worth it (still have to pass my practical but I'm quietly cobfident) am hoping to go part time as am still...
  11. S

    How many EICRs in a day?

    Hi all I have recently been offered a job carrying out large quantities of EICRs. The manager has stated that he wants 4 EICRs done in a day. The properties are small 3 bed houses all on the same housing estate. Is this possible based on a normal working day? He is offering a day rate of pay...
  12. M

    QS nic assessment

    Dont know if I am using the right team of QS but basicly I am the chief inspection test electrician at the company I work for. I help and train two other electricians in the testing side of our work and I alone sort out the EICRs. Anyway running slightly off topic. Niciec assessment is coming...
  13. J

    Eicr prices

    just looked on a price comparison site (whatprice.co.uk) by accident and found prices for eicr testing from around the country - couldn,t believe a sole trader in sunderland offering to test up-to 3 bed house for £65 all in ( reckons 2.5 hours to fully test and do paperwork ) and telling people...
  14. P

    Testing for landlords

    When u are nic eic registered at domestic level can u do tests for landlords ?????
  15. B

    insurance question

    hi all just a quick question ive been looking at quotes and i would like to know if i actully need indemnity insurance its a given that i require public liability insurance thoughts please .
  16. C

    Part p schemes

    Hello everyone, Sorry if this has been asked for more but I could not find the answer anywhere. Basically, I am planning on getting Part P registered and also want to be able to do EICR's. I have done an advanced apprenticeship however I do not have my 2391, which I read on Elecsa's website...
  17. R

    NICEIC Certification Scheme niceic and 16th

    Just about decided to join niceic DI so I can start doing more domestic while my commercial and industrial side is a little slow. I am time served, C&G level 3 and 2391 however not yet done 17th edition, still on 16th (although my 2391 was sat under 17th) is this something niceic would accept...
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