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  1. B

    TNS and TT combined

    Hi all, came to a job the other day, was TNS earthing system also with a rod (TT) has anyone seen this before, test readings Ze and Zs all within TNS limits, maybe the TT was just a back up? If you lose your neutral you’ve lost your earth TNS so can’t really see why there was a rod. If anyone...
  2. C

    Electrician Changing from Related Meters to Combined

    I'm reaching out to try and figure out a best way forward to update the metering in my flat. From the looks of things, we've got two totally separate supply & metering systems - one with what I think is an old timer and that meter is on an economy 10 tariff for storage heaters (on the RHS) and...
  3. J

    Combined East and South facing panels impact using a bypass diode

    I am new to the forum so Hi to everyone out there! I am also a new DIY Solar PV user and I am looking for some technical advice on an unusual string configuration. So some prelude before the question: I have been looking at Solar on and off bust its always been too expensive and the FIT's keep...
  4. mydigitalhome

    Anyone used Solarus combined PV & Solar Thermal panel

    Hello, I dont work for Solarus and not trying to advertise them. Home - Solarus - However I have a Client who spotted their website and I cant find many reviews about this tech. Does it work or is it a bad compromise what do you guys think? Do any of you have experience of...
  5. K

    2391 test & inspect combined course.

    Hello all, i am taking my 2391 combined test & inspect course in april. Would appreciate any revision material and mock tests if anyone has any? Thanks!
  6. DC-backfrom the past

    single fused spur and single socket combined unit do they exist?

    like unicorns, I have seen pictures of these, but cant seem to find a distributor. can anyone assist ? at present there is a double socket in place with limited space around it so looking for a combined unit. I know I can change the back box and put two single units in its place, but saw a few...
  7. Lou

    Craddock Electrical Services Ltd

    Craddock Electrical Services Ltd is a family-run team of electrical contractors based in the heart of Bedford. We are registered with the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC), for added reassurance. As members of the Electrical Contractors Association...
  8. J

    Help...2394 & 2395 UNDER Subscribed.

    Just got told by Bracknell & Wokingham college that the combined 2394 & 2395 that I enrolled on is under subscribed so more than like likely not going ahead. Am proper gutted. Apparently I'm the only one! They need at least 6 more! I know its a long shot but if anyone else( 6 of you) fancy it...
  9. Worcester

    Combined PV / Thermal Panels

    We've got a job to do where the client wants both PV and Thermal so we're looking either for a combined panel or matching ones I know that Viridian do a matching pair, anyone had experience of either matching units or combined units and if so what is the performance and performance / cost ratio...
  10. S

    Domestic PV panels combined with thermal

    PV panels do lose a lot of efficiency as they heat up (they get extremely hot due their dark surface in direct sunshine). I believe there are some combined PV/thermal panels being developed so that the heat can be conducted away with the double benefit of better pv performance and hot water. I...
  11. happyhippydad

    Low IR readings on lighting circuit - 0.654 Mohms

    I have spent quite a bit of time today trying to understand why I am only getting 0.654Mohms on the upstairs lighting between Live and neutral (at 250V)!!! L-N 0.654 Mohms N-E 25.11 Mohms L-E 24.7 Mohms I get almost the same when measured at 500V (cant remember exactly but about 0.6Mohms) I...
  12. Y

    Emergency Light Switch

    Hi all, Just a quick one, Connecting up a 2gang Key Switch for combined emergency lights as shown in my (Very Basic) picture. But should we be 'linking' the Neutral accross from the 'EM' load side, to feed the 'SW' as well as the live or is there no need. Sorry if my drawing is a bit simple...
  13. B

    Insulation resistance testing - combined L & N test

    Good Morning all, When you are doing the combined L&N to earth test on a circuit that contains vulnerable items, do you record the result in all 3 columns ? And do you have to mark the results that you have done the combined test? Thanks
  14. Rockingit

    Anyone make a combined Carbon Monoxide & Heat alarm?

    Evening all, wondered if anyone's come across a combined unit to do both functions - I thought Ei did but now think I'm mistaken. It's not a show stopper, but it would make for a much less cluttered ceiling! Cheers, R.
  15. banny07

    smoke alarms help

    hi. I had a phone call from a customer who want me to install combined fire and smoke detectors in his 6 bedroom (three floors)house.Is he after ordenary smoke and heat alarm or something else ? what sort of cable or system need to install? thanks
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