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  1. D

    Panel voltage differences on same MPP tracker.

    Hi all, This may is a little odd and may take some getting your head around but here goes... I measured around half the load current on two DC strings , even though the AC and DC mains were isolated. There was a voltage difference between two strings . ( around 75vdc between String 6 and the...
  2. P

    MCCB panel selection

    We are looking for a distribution board to provide 3 * 160A three-phase feeds, but they are basically redundant supply path options so max total is 160A as well. I had been looking at using a Hager MCCB panel (as we generally have been using their MCB DBs) but many of them are limited to 125A...
  3. M

    Which PV panel for caravan?

    What should I take into account when choosing a PV panel for a caravan?
  4. littlespark

    Fire alarm panel. Don’t recognise fault code

    The big stately home I’ve been working in has an EMS 5096 alarm system with over 100 detectors and 3 (that I know of) panels. All detectors are battery powered and radio back to its closest panel. All panels are also radio linked together. They get the odd fault code which is usually a flat...
  5. M

    Replacing run to detached garage sub panel.

    I have a detached garage with a 60 AMP subpanel which has lost power. I traced the failure to the wire running under the walkway via conduit (about 15 ft) and can see it fried on the detached garage side. I suspect age, critters and or water got to it and shorted it out. If I replace the wire...
  6. shurbra82

    Home automation/sub-switchboard panel

    Hi all, Great to of found this forum. Much respect for keeping everyone safe! My background is in commercial data and Audio Visual. Been working alongside sparkies for my whole career. Have run projects and installed cabling on many a building site. Although I don't have my license I am...
  7. S

    Led panel dimmer and switch wiring.

    I have a led panel that i want to dim. It is dimmable but without a dimmable driver. I have a dimmer module and a dimmer switch as shown in the foto. Can anyone sketch me a diagram on how to wire the bits together. Thanks.
  8. K

    Conduit size for 200 foot run to sub panel

    I am adding a 60 AMP subpanel for a detached garage/workshop with a 200 foot underground conduit run from the main panel to the sub panel. Planning to use schedule 40 PVC. I have consulted with a local electrical inspector and determined that I should use 2 2 2 4 Aluminum THHN/THWN. However he...
  9. P

    Grounding rod location(s) relative to panel

    Short version: does code specify a minimum distance from the panel to the first grounding rod, and if so, what is that distance? Long version: Our house (built in the late 1950's) has an electrical system which is grounded to the water system. There is a grounding cable that runs straight...
  10. T

    OK to add a 50 AMP breaker in this panel?

    OK to add a 50 Amp breaker in this panel for a 220V EV Charger? Maybe swap some single 20 Amp breakers for dual 20 amp breakers? Can I add a 50 AMP Breaker to this panel for a 220V EV charger? Maybe double up some of the 20 AMP ones to make space? I have 200 AMP Main Breaker. (see attached pic)...
  11. 8

    Panel heater cycles on off

    I have a 2 year old 2000w electric panel heater. Devola Designer 2kW Smart Glass Panel Heater with Timer White - DVPW2000WH - It seems to cycle itself off and on. About 50 secs decreasing...
  12. J

    Ignition bypass toggle/button panel

    Hello! I'm needing some help. I'm wiring in a start panel, using a spst toggle, and a (momentary?) push button. The idea is to flip the switch to energize the accessories, and the fuel pump, (I believe that's all I'd need with the switch,) and then hit the push button to start the engine...
  13. J

    Upgrading Panel for EV Charging

    I have an interesting scenario that could use some feedback. I have 200A service in my home with a sub panel running to a detached garage (actually an old barn). The breaker running to that sub panel in my home is a 60A breaker but the main breaker in that sub panel is a 100A breaker. I was...
  14. G

    How to connect 50 amp inlet box to a Siemens 200 amp outdoor combination panel

    Trying to connect a 50 amp inlet box to my Siemens outdoor combination panel 200 amp cutoffs. Can’t figure out where to insert the 50 amp breaker since the 200 amp breakers appear to cover the whole panel. The panel has two 200 amp breakers, but want to connect it to just one of the panel...
  15. G

    How to connect 50 amp inlet box to Siemens outdoor combination panel

    Trying to connect a 50 amp inlet box to my Siemens outdoor combination panel 200 amp cutoffs. Can’t figure out where to insert the 50 amp breaker since the 200 amp breakers appear to cover the whole panel. The panel has two 200 amp breakers, but want to connect it to just one of the panel...
  16. S

    Splice wire in the breaker panel or install a junction panel/box and splice there?

    Hello, First of all, thank you in advance for any helpful insights posted in response to my question. I have just moved into a new home. With my new home being in Florida, the thought of a hurricane wiping out power to my home for days or weeks is unsettling. So I've opted to purchase a...
  17. T

    help with short? on panel??

    Can anyone tell me what is going on here? This is a Phono Solar panel, 8 1/2 years old, 10 year warranty. I called installer and he gave me the "well we'll have to come out and see it and test it" after saying in an email it was broken................??
  18. 3

    Trying to figure out amps in sub panel

    I have a sub panel about 75ft from my house attached to my shed that feeds a pool pump, some outlets and a pool heater which is no longer used (50amp). I have built another shed 30 ft from the sub panel which I want to bring power to. I need 1 - 30amp outlet and at least 2 - 15amp breakers to...
  19. bigspark17

    3 phase surge on reenergising panel board

    Hi all.. Bit of a nightmare afternoon,, testing a caravan park TP&N panel board IR testing while board isolated before returning power (merlin gerin panel board) over the next 30 mins customers on park are reporting loud bangs inside some of there vans, boilers and electric fireplaces (with...
  20. M

    Ground wire(s) in multiple conduits between sub panel and j-box

    At long last my wife is getting her new kitchen and the contractor will be running 10 or so new circuits from a new sub panel. The sub panel, unfortunately, is on an outside wall around 35 feet from the kitchen. The wiring will have to go down the wall, into the crawlspace under the house, and...
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