1. H

    DIY replacing main service panel

    DIY If I replace my main service panel, is it required that I replace all the wiring in my house , Ohio small 750sq foot home
  2. O

    USA I need my panel upgraded but not my wiring.

    I need my panel upgraded but not my wiring.
  3. G

    How accurate are solar panel output readings?

    Hello Is it possible for solar panel monitoring to over state the actual power generated by the system? My friend’s 6.4kW system has generated 1280 kWh in the 82 days since its commissioning on 1/12/2022. Extrapolation of this output predicts an annual production of around 5,700 kWh which...
  4. M

    Help! Asbestos Fuse Panel Found

    I have old home that still has a fuse panel in the basement. However, last week I was trying to find the fuses for the lights and outlets upstairs but couldn't find anything . So I started poking around in the attic and found this...
  5. L


  6. G

    200 amp panel amperage flow

    I am trying to understand the amperage flow in my 200 amp main panel. In theory, (example only), let's say you had a 200 main panel installed with (7) single pole 20 amp breakers on each hot leg. So (14) single pole breakers total ... For the sake of this example let's further assume you had...
  7. Designmen90

    Wiring RCBOs inside panel

    Hello everyone, I would be happy to hear your opinion about wiring RCBO inside switchboboards, panels. Here I attached some example. We have 9 (F1-F9) RCBOs, each 20A. If we connect first one (F1) with 16mm2 wire to first phase busbar, second (F2) with 16mm2 to second phase busbar and third (F3)...
  8. martispyc

    The brightness of the U 64 LED Matrix Panel from AZ-Delivery

    Can you provide more information about the brightness/intensity of the U 64 LED Matrix Panel from AZ-Delivery? Specifically, what is the maximum brightness of the panel in nits, and how does this compare to other LED matrix panels on the market? Are there any factors that can affect the...
  9. R

    Panel Heater broken, can be replaced?

    Hi, Obvously im not an electrician, but i can just replace this broken "fuse box" at this heater with insulated crimps instead or something similar, without blowing up the house? Not sure what the connection is in the broken one (see attached). Has this odd metal bit on the back of it. Any...
  10. K

    how secure service panel riser behind stucco?

    I'm upgrading my old 100A panel to 200A solar ready, semi flush, overhead. Panel is Square D SC2040M200PF (see brochure and technical drawing). I have a 280 page PDF from the utility describing service entry requirements, and I found a pretty good drawing. But a couple things aren't clear...
  11. E

    wire two 30 amp inlets into same bypass panel?

    Can I wire two 30 amp inlets into the same bypass circuit panel? I want to have an inside and outside inlet.
  12. Charlieh20

    UK Can I use CAME dir 10 photocells with generic pair and 909 control panel?

    I’m installing a driveway gate and need two sets of photocells in series to stop gates when car is in the way of either pair. The set that came with the kit are straight forward, both units have a + and -. The receiver has the contact that’s closed when there is nothing in the way. Another...
  13. D

    Panel and underlying damage.

    Went to investigate zero output on solar system and discovered a damaged panel. But what surprised me was the damage (Obvious heat damage) to the underlying sub-frame and roof membrane. The DC cabling was surprising un-marked. Client is adamant that there had been no impact damage!
  14. Mdterpsfan

    Main panel and sub panel grounding.

    Brian, DIY but 30-year commercial/industrial master HVAC tech. I have installed an emergency whole-house breaker switch next to my service meter. This will now be the main panel and I have subsequently tied my two grounds from grounding rods into the new panel. The the original main panel...
  15. 9

    Starting point for relevant qualifications/learning materials to support control panel design for industrial automation

    Hi all, Some background on this question: I am UK-based, and I work with robotics and automation, so have experience with PLC programming, robot programming and installation, certification of robot cells, etc. Something that I have so far not had much exposure to is the design and build of...
  16. N

    Sub Panel Question - Panel Size/Breaker Size

    I am looking to add an 80 amp sub panel for my detached wood shop. The smallest sub panel I can find has a 100 amp main breaker in the panel. Would it be ok to use this panel, and just connect to an 80 amp breaker in the main panel? Thank you!
  17. R

    Power Panel Changes Voltage with Branch Circuits

    I have a Single Phase Power box for a townhouse. When I read voltage across the Hot legs (A) and (B) to ground I get 123 volts with the main breaker turned off. With all the circuit breakers turned off and powering up the main breaker to the panel I still have 123 volts across both (A) and (B)...
  18. Yanman

    Electrical test on D.O.L fed straight from main panel isolator

    Hello everyone i recently got a job on replacing a BMS panel in a plant room. the NEW panel i installed except the control side of the install also feeds the mains for a few gas boilers, immersion heaters and cylinders, pumps. etc. I am going to do the testing on that and i...
  19. GrahamBG1609

    How to control Smart TV using control panel & buttons instead of remote control.

    We have a family friend who has a son with Autism who keeps breaking the TVs with the rmeote control. His mum has asked us if we can help, having broekn 3 TVs! I have found a protective TV cover, but I need to add a control to it, so he can switch it on/off, channel up/down and volume up/down...
  20. E

    Fuse missing from main disconnect panel

    Hi there, I run a recording studio out of an early 50's built warehouse. I've been having electrical noise and ground loops in my audio equipment since I've been here (almost a decade) and I've finally decided I can't deal with it anymore. I'm going to install a new main panel as well as new...
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