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  1. M

    Trainee Simplex control panel

    Hello. Could someone help me with installation because I’m a electric noob. I got this beauty: And I need to connect this pump: Volts 115 Amps 10.7 HP 1/2 Hz 60 Do I need any disconnect? Or can I just connect this panel alarm and pump to tandem breaker HOMT2020 120/240V 20amp? Thanks for...
  2. N

    Trainee About Insulation Piece in solar panel

    Hello everybody, I'm an intern and I'm searching about Insulation Piece in solar panel. This word is new for me and I didn't find anything about it. Can you give me some link about it? You help is very important for me! Hope you are happy and healthy! Thanks everyone.
  3. D

    100AMP Main Panel Wiring - Advice wanted!

    Hello! Photo of panel to be attached and linked (below). I have taken on the task to wire a new 100AMP main electrical panel. I live in Canada. Have the permits from ESA (electrical regulatory). Want to make sure it's top shape. Change out is from an old 100AMP Fuse box. I have the two...
  4. J

    old solar panel

    hello! I have been given and old solar panel and I want to use it to charge up my leisure battery while I'm away in the van. I have no idea about what connections or cable I need for it. Any advice would be great.
  5. M

    Service Cable to sub panel theory question.

    Going to be running a sub panel underground 100+- ft to new steel building will be running a 2-2-2-2 Aluminum SER Cable. (Planning n 100amp svc even thought I doubt I will EVER need it.) If the #2 SER Cable is 2 (+) 1 (-) 1(g) Why am I running a ground all the way back to the panel...
  6. Sparky10

    LED lights in bath panel in domestic house

    Hi Gods, Bath panel lights wired in series and no longer work, how can i test each led light individually? (have been told buy a 12v battery and touch lights to battery).... sounds odd but ok.. :s I have tried coming out of the driver and connecting each light on their own as if was 1 light...
  7. S

    Electrical test on 3 phase control panel

    Hi i need some advise on writing out a electrical cert for a control panel,i have only tested distribution boards has anyone done certs for control panels?. My query is the panel has overloads for motors,ive done my R1 R2 tests etc how do i record these on the schedule as there not circuit 1-12...
  8. B

    Solar panel and pond pump

    I have a solar panel which I want to use to power a pond pump. This is what I have so far: 100W, 12V solar panel 12v 9Ah lead acid battery 50W, 12V pump And a solar charge controller (12V, 10A). The pump runs perfectly off the battery. When I connect it all together on the controller, the...
  9. Tilly

    ADE optima compact panel.

    Hi guys, thanks for the add. Alarm is quite a few years old, no problems until recently. The PIR in my shed started playing up, couldn't find the problem so it was was omitted. After a couple of bikes and a boys 360 was stored I became worried, so started to check the wiring out. The pir...
  10. edexlab

    Bonding Control panel

    Currently building a system for a PITA customer Did stage 1 last year ( I only did onsite install) They snagged and changed totally nonsensical things at a whim and my company let them Resulted in job being completed 4 mths late This year stage 2 only had 4 electrical snags versus 176 last...
  11. happyhippydad

    Which underfloor heating control panel?

    My customer wants to change her control panel for her underfloor heating. She finds it too complicated and wants something more simple. I have only ever fitted the ones that the customer has supplied along with the underfloor heating. Here is the one she has at the moment: Can anyone...
  12. D

    PV Panel - Output Deterioration

    Hi all, Looking at a project whereby client wishes to use some second hand (approx. 8 years old) panels, inverter etc. he has acquired from a demolished property. Before getting subbies in to quote on re-installing them I am wondering your opinion on the output of the panels as someone has...
  13. R

    Sub panel: Underrated MCB?

    Hello all A quick question about an existing layout if I may. The layout consists of a main CU connected to a sub panel via a single 63 amp MCB. A Dorman Smith K1PC63 to be exact. Total potential load on the sub panel is 25Kw. Routinely all of that load is present on the sub panel...
  14. N


    hello I will start an Industrial Control Panel assembley company soon !Not just for industrials ,we can make any control panel! Somebody knows ,how to find clients (customers) or competetions?i would be happy to get any advice! where can i find any advertise ? thanks!!
  15. C

    Switch gear / Panel board Rating

    The Incoming breaker model is Terasaki - S250-PE, 250 Ampere Frame rated for which Ics is 70kA, Category A breaker The outgoing breakers model is Terasaki - H125 NJ, 125 Ampere Frame rated for which Ics is 85kA,Category A breakers The bus bar rating is 65kA for 1s. How should this panel board...
  16. Y

    Flickering led panel light on 3 phase

    Lights flicker when there is a 3 phase load plugged in. Same lights do not flicker on different phase. Lights are led panel lights.
  17. Martins

    Wiring solar kiln

    Hi, I am willing to do a solar wood kiln. Part of that includes fans that I want to connect to solar panels. As it is solar kiln then most of the time fans need to work when there is sun in the sky. Still, I would like to run one fan from a battery. It is hard to find fans that can keep high...
  18. J

    Solar panel switch question

    Good evening. I have a new customer request next week for a solar panel switch. Solar panels are not my area of experience. Just a quick question on the wiring for the switch I have in the photo. Any pointers please for the wires, and which pole. Thank you The customer plan is for a solar...
  19. spud1

    Disconnection time of a 32Amp Cooker circuit with a panel socket?

    Hi, What would be the Maximum disconnection time for a 40Amp domestic Cooker circuit in a TNCS system be, where it has a 13A socket outlet on the panel/isolator faceplate? Obviously a final circuit >32A would be 5 secs but I was just interested as to whether the presence of a 13A socket outlet...
  20. A

    G4 compact panel keypad fault

    Hello, sisters alarm had gone off and when I arrived to the led keypad the buttons were lit up but not the indicator lights. Swapped keypad for crystal lcd screen and there is a display but no reaction to attempting to reset the system. Took panel lid off and ALARM IS NOW GOING OFF. Any ideas?