1. E

    Fuse missing from main disconnect panel

    Hi there, I run a recording studio out of an early 50's built warehouse. I've been having electrical noise and ground loops in my audio equipment since I've been here (almost a decade) and I've finally decided I can't deal with it anymore. I'm going to install a new main panel as well as new...
  2. amwitte1

    Main Panel and Sub Panel Wiring Issues

    Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well. Several years ago I purchased an older 1971 home (aluminum wiring that has since been fixed with al/cu purple connections). There is also a sizeable detached workshop (copper wiring) in the back. This workshop's wiring is in such disrepair that I...
  3. W

    Manual transfer panel for generator to operate sewage pump.

    I have a whole house 110v sewage pump. Manufacturer says it needs 5 times the operating current for start up. That's 7000 watts. I plan on getting a 8500 watt inverter generator and manual transfer panel...
  4. Manny1

    Optima XM alarm panel

    I have an old Optima XM alarm system in my house in which has worked fine for over 20 years. Recently when I was trying to set the alarm to go out, the buttons on the keypad were bleeping as I was trying to set the alarm, but the alarm wasn't setting. A little later I would try again and...
  5. K

    Whom to blame and what to do ?

    Hello, I need help as the situation seems pretty difficult here. We decided to finish our basement, installed studs next to concrete foundation walls. Then we hired a licensed electrician to wire basement. He suggested to add a sub panel to the existing panel that was placed between two studs...
  6. M

    Sub panel question from a DIYer

    New/old house. There's some indication that the electrician was drunk, or the owner just had his/her own way of doing things and knew the inspector. Every time we try to turn off a circuit, my hub goes through every breaker in the main box. None turn off that circuit. Next stop, the sub- panel...
  7. HEXx99

    "240V" panel reads 208 line to line?

    This must be such a noob question but I cant seem to find any answer out there: Background: Installing a 10hp Air Compressor 230V 30A 3Ø. The panel I want to use says 240V and there are giant Printers that that are also 3Ø that get their power from this panel. Im not an expert on transformers...
  8. U

    Solar Panel Theft Solutions

    Trying to help out one of my customers who keeps on getting the PV panels stolen from one of his business premises which has a low roof making the panels easily accessible. As I maintain the intruder alarm he is asking me for some security ideas So the questions, are there any systems out there...
  9. R

    Panel wiring and cable size question

    Hi All I’m in need of a bit of advice. I’ve recently started a new job and have been given the task of relocating some machinery. There are 3 separate machines on the line with 1 feed from a bus bar with a 35mm cable protected by 125a fuses. What I’m planning is to take the feed to the first...
  10. V

    Adding new Honeywell IS312 PIR to Galaxy 20 Panel

    Hi All - Does anyone know if I can add a PIR to an existing zone that has one PIR on it. If so with the pir wired as in the picture where do I attach the wires on the panel ideally I want to use zone 3 or 4. I'm not sure if the original wiring is using same colours as I have for PIR. Many thanks
  11. J

    60 amp 240 v breaker in 100 amp sub panel

    Hello, My sub panel is 100 amp (from a main of 200 amp) and it currently has a 20 amp 240 v breaker for A/C and then only lights and outlets. This is not a house, just a remote building with toilets, shower and outside kitchen. I want to add an instant on tankless water heater that requires a...
  12. R

    Ground & Neutral Placement in a Panel

    I am pretty sure I know the answer to these questions, but because this isn’t my own panel, I wanted to double-check. I am installing a single 20amp circuit into this panel in Florida and it seems that the ground/neutral bars are full. I believe that you can only put a single neutral under any...
  13. S

    Calculate panel loads

    I am currently working on a 400 square ft. ADU for a client. He originally designed it for to use propane for hot water and cooking. He ran 1 1/2" conduit from main panel planning on 100 amp panel. He now wants to eliminate propane and go all electric. Loads are: mini split-19A, water...
  14. R

    Can I run a 50 amp subpanel directly from main metered panel

    1990s home. 100 amp main feed. Nevada. 15 years mechanical experience on cars + motorcycles. Previous electric exp: I ran the other 50 amp 4-wire setup directly from the interior subpanel. Now I was told by an electrician when I was shopping around to get the above job done, and a 30 amp plug...
  15. J

    Uneven voltage on legs at main panel - troubleshooting?

    I have two main panels each 150amp breaker. House was built in 83 and lived here for 6 years no issues. About 6 months ago we had a power surge and our main ac fail (hard short) and tripped the breaker. Had the unit replaced but it seems since then we have had issues with lights diming and...
  16. azimlxp

    Solar panel rating measuring

    Few days ago, I bought a solar panel. It's rating was 6v and 450 mA. But when I measured with my multimeter, It shows around 5.25v to 5.85v and 18mA to 22mA in full sunlight. My Question is - Is measuring current around 18mA to 22mA for per hour or per second?
  17. P

    Sub panel grounding in a pool shed

    I have a Ge 125 amp 12/24 load center being installed in my pool shed roughly 80 ft away from the main electrical panel on the house. The plan is to backfeed the panel with a 100 amp breaker to function as a service disconnect. I will be running a 20 amp circuit from this sub panel to a garage...
  18. D

    Sub panel breaker amperage upgrade

    I need to install a charger for an electric car, which needs 60 amp breaker. My main panel has a 200amp breaker and services 2 sub panels, both via 60 amp breakers. My issue is that there is no space in the main panel for a 60A 240V breaker. I do have space in one sub panel (basement) which is...
  19. J

    Temporary service panel

    I have the transformer feeding my temporary service. 6-4 SO cord, 50 amp panel. Can someone please provide me with the code reference that stats you can't use SO cord to feed your temp panel? Thank you
  20. sajeel

    solar panel connect directly to consumer

    Have a client with solar panel setup with batteries fitted, they have asked if possible to store the electrical energy and then use for lighting, i was thinking of using a contactor or changeover switch as cannot feed both power sources into 1 lighting circuit all your replies and suggestions...