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  1. F

    UK Dimplex storage heater question.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of the reset switch on the Dimplex XL 12N series A? Thanks.
  2. D

    Dimplex Quantum RF heaters

    Has anyone installed on of the newish RF wireless Quantum storage heaters - are they able to connect to the same Dimplex controller or are they stand alone via wifi?
  3. UKMeterman

    Wanted: Dimplex CLX 24Kw front panels

    Hi, Does anyone have a spare front panel for a Dimplex CXL 24Kw series C storage heater? I have one that has been pen attacked by a child.
  4. D

    Dimplex Quantum storage heaters

    Hi all, Does anyone have experience with working on this model ? Had a job today to inspect one that wasn’t heating up. Ive worked on hundreds of storage heaters over last few years and never had problem fault finding and repairing, but this one got the better of me today ! Never worked on this...
  5. R

    Dimplex DuoHeat 300i

    Hi there folks, I wonder if any of you have been involved in fixing any of these items ?. I would like to know more about the linkage between the PCB's as Dimplex say you need to change both PCB's ( Power & Controller ) if one is at fault ?. These items are costly and it's nice to try and...
  6. A

    Room Sensing Stat

    Could you please explain this to me? How does it work? How can you identify if its faulty or working? ... I am talking about the sensor which has long wire and a tube in the end. Its shown in the following link: Dimplex 86661 TSB Room Sensing Stat (Storage Heaters) -...
  7. A

    dimplex storage heater

    Hi Can anyone get schematic diagram of the latest quantum storage heater? It looks complicated for me. :) Thanks
  8. A

    Storage heater identification

    Can anyone help to identify this Dimplex storage heater that am removing? Have looked everywhere but can't find a model number.
  9. T

    Panel heater recommendations?

    Alreet. I always use Dimplex heaters but a customer has asked if i can have a search around for a cheaper option. I need 1 x 3kw and 2 x 2kw panel heaters with 24h timers built in. Can anyone recommend any cheaper brands they have used? Max
  10. A

    Domestic Can towel radiator be upgraded just by switching element?

    A client has a Dimplex TRS120 oil-filled 120W electrical towel rail. The element has packed up and before it's replaced I wanted to check whether the 120W element could simply be replaced with a higher wattage one, e.g. 175W (TR8404), as listed in the Dimplex spares brochure, a couple of lines...
  11. sythai

    Heating a small church need some ideas please....

    Evening Chaps... One of my customer is a small 1800's church, which is pretty cold. Been asked if I can offer a solution to their heating. Details: - no other services coming in, just electric - 100amp incoming supply (max demand very minimal at present : 9 x lights, 4 x 13amp socket, 1 x...
  12. P

    Panel heaters

    just wondered what your choice was when installing them? got a couple to put in for someone. Been looking at the Dimplex Girona, any good? INSTALLED HEATING - PANEL HEATERS
  13. M

    heating controls

    iv got contactors,timers and stats to fit to panel heater circuits today and tomorrow BUT unknown to guy who surveyed( had a look and counterd heaters) there is a system inplace already its dimplex panelheaters with controler modules which are removable and a wall mounted timer stat which...
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