1. UKMeterman

    Wanted Dimplex CLX 24 front panel

    Hi, I am looking for a front panel for a dimplex CLX 24, to replace one that has been "painted" by a child. Thanks
  2. Electrical2go

    Save on Dimplex, Rointe & Manrose Heaters

    Up until this Sunday (28/01/24) you can save on selected heaters from three of our best selling brands. And includes the popular Dimplex Quantum range which can benefit from the exclusive British Gas tariff where you only pay 9.9p per kWh between 12:30-7:30am each day. To read more about this...
  3. P

    Dimplex CXL24N - 3.4kW Storage Heater replacment

    Hi all, I have an Economy 7 storage heater Dimplex CXL24N - 3.4kW Storage Heater + Convector ( there not available anymore) that dos'nt work and needs replacing. What can I replace it with and does it have to be another storage heater or is there other alternatives ? Thanks
  4. Electrical2go

    Rointe, Dimplex & Convector Heaters - Starting at £19.95

    E2GO is slashing prices on its most popular electric heaters for October only! With prices starting at just £19.95, you can now afford to heat your home more efficiently and economically than ever before. Whether you're looking for a small heater to warm up your office or larger models to heat...
  5. P

    Dimplex Pilot Line technical specification

    I am looking at a project to fit remote controls to Dimplex heaters. The heaters are fine but they and all of their controls are now obsolete an unsupported by Dimplex. So i am thinking of fitting small Wi-Fi operated relays inside the casing to achieve Setback by switching the pilot line on. I...
  6. T

    Dimplex CXL 18 Storage Heater - Resistor Question

    Hi, I'm just a DIY're but I'm OK with basic electrics. Grateful if anyone could help me with the location of where the double resistor is wired to. I had to replace the control panel on the convector side of the heater and decided to also replace the elements as one had stopped working over...
  7. Jurassicsparky

    Dimplex Duoheat problems

    Hi all. I have a customer, manager of a retirement home and he's having problems with the original heaters. The existing heating in the multi apartment building consists of Dimplex Duoheat storage heaters. They are starting to fail on a regular basis and the spare parts have been discontinued...
  8. L


  9. C

    element on dimplex asp20 heater cutting out

    hello all! i have a dimplex aspen asp20 heater that isn't working properly! the light, flame effect, and fan all works fine, but when the element (or both elements) is turned on, it cuts out after about ten to twenty seconds, and can't be switched on again until it is powered off for ten...
  10. F

    Dimplex XL18N tripping RCD

    Hello, DIY requesting help with diagnosing problem My mother's storage heater has developed a fault after turning it back on for winter. It trips the Consumer unit rcd when power switched on. Initially I thought most likely an issue with an element. I removed all 3 elements and tested...
  11. C

    Dimplex Quantum Storage Heater - School Lock

    Hi all, I have a Dimplex Quantum Storage Heater displaying the message "school lock". None of the buttons are working as a result. Any ideas how to rectify this? Thanks!
  12. S

    Dimplex Quantum storage heater 150 - keeps melting 20amp double pole switch

    Had a quantum (qm150) installed for 8 years - no problem. Couple of weeks ago the switch (usually always on except when on holiday) stuck and no power to heater. Had a look at switch and saw it was melted where the N wire goes in. Bought an exact replacement (B+Q) and replaced myself with the...
  13. A

    problem with Dimplex Duo300n heaters

    Hello, I’m not an electrician and I have a question in relation to Dimplex Duo300n. Some background information: a couple of months ago I have moved into the property where those heaters are in place (there is 5 of them). The people who used to live in this apartment before, used RXPW4 control...
  14. jonperry64

    Dimplex Plx150e installation

    I want to install a Dimplex 150e panel heater. The instruction manual states categorically that "Products that are supplied without a plug are for installation into the fixed wiring of the property, via a suitable double pole switched fused spur". As it is only 1.5kw I don't understand why I...
  15. K

    Dimplex Heater Themostat Cutout update

    Hi All, hope you can help I’m a competent DIYer and have Dimplex Storage Heaters (XL24N) the advice I need is that I ordered a new Thermostat Cutout assembly a while ago and fitted it fine to one Heater, the other one got a problem not restricting the input ie. full heat all the time, I ordered...
  16. 4

    Does anyone know how to diagnose a faulty Dimplex Opti-Myst?

    I have a Dimplex Opti-Myst and it's become faulty. I changed the ceramic rings to be on the safe side after I needed to change the 24v fan on the side of the water tank but still very little is going on. Very faint whisps of steam rise, in fact I'd say less steam since replacing the fan, but was...
  17. C

    Dimplex storage heater, no heat!

    Hi was wondering if anyone could help, I normally use my Dimplex storage heater just to get instant heat feature. But it stopped working a while ago. It's model is DUO500i. The lights come on fine but no heat what's so ever Any any advice please? attached some pictures, thanks
  18. M

    Dimplex Quantrum Storage Heater location

    Replacing an old storage heater with a Dimplex Quantum Storage Heater, but the Dimplex is physically larger, placing it directly beside the power socket /switch that feeds it, the socket would be very close to the heaters SIDE panel but not covered or hidden. Is that acceptable or is there a...
  19. P

    Help with replacing this discontinued Dimplex Programmer?

    Hey everyone, My flat has all electric panel heating and uses a Dimplex PW4 programmer that has died. It's also discontinued, i can see why as you need to be a rocket scientist to set it anyway. As this is just a switched live switch am i right in assuming it could simply be replaced...
  20. T

    Dimplex OptiMyst advice needed

    Can anyone offer advice regarding my Dimplex OptiMyst problem....I use this electric fire for the visual "real fire" appearance and not for heating. Recently the mist and lights have started to cut-out after between 5 and 10 minutes. If I leave it turned on it re-starts by itself after 10 or 15...


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