1. D

    Can’t click ‘complete certifcate’ button on NIC online certification and cant figure out why?????

    Can’t click ‘complete certifcate’ button on NIC online certification and cant figure out why????? its let me complete 3 others but wont let me do the last 1
  2. GBDamo

    Found a Figure 8

    Both legs of one ring in a socket with both legs of another adding another 8 outlets in two rooms. I'm adding a few new sockets and will be migrating the circuit to a new RCBO populated CU so was giving it a little more attention than usual, wouldn't normally do a fig8, when i found the two...
  3. Gavin John Hyde

    Trying to figure cause of tripping

    Done a CU change today, brief testing before hand I knew there was a problem on one circuit, believed to be the element in the immersion tank so put the very low IR readings down to this. Fitted new CU with plumber arranged to look at the immersion, changed it and thought that would be that...
  4. KeenPensioner

    Can't figure ring final r1 + r2 divided by 4

    Hi...keen amateur here......don't crucify me for asking!! I understand Ohm's law and I understand the mechanics of measuring end to end on ring final and then joining incoming live to outgoing neutral etc, and I know that this configuration gives a figure of 8 (in fact can be straightened to...
  5. bigspark17

    2x supplies down swa

    does having two circuits travelling down one swa directly condradict a reg.? Circuits in question are 2 63A submain down 1x 4c 16mm swa
  6. J

    Electric to garage?

    Trying to get an ball park idea on costs to get 2 double sockets and a light in the garage. Blackpool Area. New consumer unit fitted in 2014 that has spare ways. At a guess route for cable would be from consumer unit up to loft (4m) across loft to rear (10m) then to armoured? Down outside of...
  7. Adie moore

    do manufacturers apply diversity on their product info lables

    woh, long title, sorry. I ask because I have never clamped a cooker circuit before. I did yesterday, hob was labeled 6ka and when all 4 rings were on full, from cold, it pulled 31a for a good 5 minutes till the thermostats started kicking in. all well within the constraints of cable, but not...
  8. VoltzElectrical

    Naked Ladies? the results for L-L and N-N should be within 0.05 ohms

    Naked ladies are lovely. especially if they are fit. However, on an electrical note... When testing ring final circuits end to end tests confirming the ring. I have recently been informed that the results for L-L and N-N should be within 0.05 ohms. I know that they should be the same, but where...
  9. S

    Ring Final Tests

    testing a ring final today end to end test L 0.24 N 0.24 CPC 0.37 figure of 8 L1 -CPC 2 L2 - CPC 1 0.25 L1 - N 2 L2 - N 1 no reading IR >999 cant figure out why open circuit on figure of 8 any answers?
  10. J

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Max demand on eic for niceic ass

    Morning i have calculated my max demand as 69.6a (sum of mcb's x 0.4) and on my eic i have n/v the main head fuse- but on the sticker it says 60/80a (i know it could actually be 60 or 80 or 100 inside) this is the job i am using for my niceic initial assessment will this be asked about by...
  11. N

    Commercial Am2 advice!

    Hi, before taking my am2 I read some very helpful threads from this site. So anyone reading this also preparing I hope this helps I got through my install and testing fine. However I failed the fault finding C2. passed C1. Whatever that means. I did all my tests at the board and struggled on...
  12. P

    Volt drop question

    Hi everyone, I am intending on working in the uk shortly, i am from ireland and dont have the uk regs presently. I am trying to prepare for the exmas i will face and the cable calculations/volt drop calculations are something i cannot remember doing here in ireland in my college time so my...
  13. ray-bentos

    Continuity on lighting circuit - weird results?

    Hi Running a quick test on a lighting circuit today, was doing R1 + R2 on downstair lights. Everything seemed OK, but upon trying to prove polarity by using switches obviously upon switching off the circuit goes open but when tried switching on again and testing again I got a wildly...
  14. jackhammerJIM

    volt drop calcs and 230 v

    why do we have to do the calcs to 230v when the supply never is 230v measured voltage at source is 248 volts at the site i am on at the moment , can somebody shed some logic on the idea before i start engineering an 18 volt drop into my cable sizes ( a joke of course but why not ? ) :ihih:
  15. driverman

    TT testing question

    Hi, Doing 2395 revision and doing a small temp builders supply therefore TT . Installed 2 x 13a sockets protected by 16amp breaker and 30ma RCD. Installed 1 x earth rod immediately by the meter / con-unit position. No other circuits. No additional main equipotential bonding as nothing there...
  16. T

    Socket figure of 8 !!!!

    Alright folks doing condition report and I have a ring circuit which on the figure of 8 test I am getting 0.17 at the db and at half the sockets on the ring, when I get to the furthest out room on the ring my reading jumps to 0.39 at about 8 sockets any ideas why this would be ??
  17. T


    Can anyone give me an idea of costing for domestic installations per point i.e price per socket outlet, lighting point, mains/cc and earthing etc? New to being selfemployed so any help appreciated folks:hurray:
  18. S

    4mm radial circuit

    I've just been flicking through the regs to do some cable calcs for a job and noticed that a 4mm 2 core cable installed using method B (under floors etc) has a capacity of 30A. However it is ok to connect to a 32A MCB for a radial socket circuit. Don't know if its just me missing something...
  19. D


    Hi guys, would like your opinion on a hourly rate I can work my jobs to. I have been a sparky game in various areas for next part of twenty years, but have decided to narrow my range to domestic, I have recently joined Elecsa and passed my assessment with no problems, but am looking what pricing...
  20. TaffyDuck

    Voltage drop taken to extremes

    Just been asked to go and check out a new agricultural barn wired up by a builder. The barn is 350m from the house ( where they have fed it from a socket in the living room) and they have fed it with 1.5mm two core SWA." because its only a socket and a couple of lights".
  21. G

    Recognised methods of two way switch wiring /colour coding

    Following on from the thread on Two way and intermediate switching (and related conversations) I was wondering where the "recognition" of just one of the methods comes from how far it had spread. I've assumed preference stems from osg 7.4.4 as followed by Figure 7.3. No reference is...
  22. P

    Wind uplift

    Ok chaps how do u approach the wind uplift calcs? ive not produced any yet!!!! but no i need to start!!is there any software that can sort it!! i no senior members have the brain to sort it via BRE but just want honest opionons on what u lot do!i cant be the only one trusting in 25yrs of knowing...
  23. J

    how to work out r1+rn (and R1and R2)from end to end readings

    How can I work out the P-N figure of eight readings and the R1and R2 readings from the end to end readings of the ring cct. This is because our certs are typed up as we go along on site, and I only do the end to end tests on the ring. Can anyone help pls.
  24. S

    Insulation Resistance Test with Fluke 1652

    I'm using a Fluke 1652c as my MFT. When I do the Insulation resistance tests at 500v - sometimes the result is displayed immediatley i.e >500 Megohms , other times the resistance seems to climb slowly, peaking around a figure. As this figure is generally massively in excess of the required 2...
  25. A

    TT system - maximum earth fault loop impedence?

    I've recently completed a part p defined scope course but all of our testing was on TNS or TNCS systems, in our house we have a TT system and in the OSG I can't find much information on the maximum earth fault loop impedence, just says that it is likely to be higher than their TN tables? I might...
  26. R

    voltage drop.

    6.9 v for lighting 11.5 for a socket. So my question is to calculate the size of a supply cable to a building that had lighting power heating for example. What figure would i use for voltage drop. Is there a wxtra safe rule of thumb method ppl use?
  27. S

    Working Out Amp Draw

    Hi When working out Amp draw (Watt/Voltage) for a domestic dwelling do I keep my voltage figure at 230 when in real terms the actual voltage as source is 246v So for a 7kw cooker I do 7000/230 = 30.43amps but at 245v its 28.57amps. Do I always use 230 as the figure for a domestic dwelling?
  28. La Poste

    Illegal gas fitters 'cost customers up to £100m a year'

    The cost of fixing botched work done by illegal gas fitters is costing customers up to £100m a year, according to the Gas Safe Register. It said 250,000 illegal jobs were carried out annually and one in five of those inspected are found to be immediately dangerous. BBC News -...
  29. Jay Sparks

    Monthly accounts help

    Hi Guys, Ive just started subbying for an electrical company doing testing and some day rate work. Ive sorted out how to do my invoice and day work sheet but I cant figure out how to SET out my monthly accounts on a piece of A4. Basically I will have roughly 4 incoming invoices and then what...
  30. J

    Earth fault Loop Impedance Question

    Hi All, Q: If an earth fault loop impedance instrument records a valve of 0.55Ω at 20°c, what is the corrected valve ( Using the rule of thumb method ) to allow for conductor maximum operating temperature? Any replies will be appreciated.
  31. M

    Part P Assessment

    Hello Boys. I had my assessment with Elecsa and i'm pleased to say I passed! Just thought I'd let you know the questions "he" asked me, so they may help anyone else taking the test. 1 How do you tell it's a TNC-S system? 2 What's the max Ze permitted for a TNC-S system? 3 What's the max Ze...
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