1. S

    Australia Motorhome setup

    Converting a Toyota coaster bus to a motorhome DIY Bus runs on 24v. Has 2x12v batteries on a 24v configuration for starting the engine, radio, etc. I bough two 12v 130ah lithium ion batteries that claim to have a built in battery management system and would like to charge them as the bus...
  2. M

    Coffee Machines

    Hi all, Is it permissable to supply an electrical appliance (coffee machine) that has two boilers and two main switches form 2 supply leads?? Not interconnected electrically, in any way total seperate control and supply? The machine kW rating exceeds what is available from one lead. This will...
  3. Paignton pete

    TT in agriculture/ building site/ caravan.

    Hi guys, New job looking at. I haven’t been to site yet, but this is the scenario. DNO just put a new single phase supply into a field PME. Line and neutral tails terminated into a double pole isolator/ no earthing cable installed yet/ no cu connected yet. I have been asked to fit board and...
  4. B

    Distance between Gas and Electric box caravan site

    Can anyone tell me where to find distance between Gas box and Electric box on caravan site I know it’s 600mm, now on new install someone’s connected the boxes now between the edge of gas to edge of electric box is around 630mm but this isn’t taking in to account a socket which will be plugged in...
  5. H

    Please don’t shoot me. Static caravan and a metal shed.

    Ok. Static caravan....... The site supply arrangement is apparently TNS and the static caravan uses this for its earth. (I will check with the DNO that it is aTNS arrangement.) There are three MCBs in the static caravan CU, one of which directly supplies to a solitary double socket inside a...
  6. J

    12v In A Caravan - Qualified Person?

    Hi, Can any of you advise me, I've been told that to do work on the 12v circuits in a caravan a person must be qualified, if youre not, youre breaking the law. I am an electrican by trade (not currently working as a sparky), but I'm not well up on the regs. I find it very hard to believe that...
  7. KevinH

    Caravan outside socket

    This may be a daft question, but I have been asked to install an outside socket on a static caravan. As is the norm on a holiday park, the supply is via a 16A 30mA RCBO installed with a meter in a weatherproof enclosure and feeds the van via 2.5mm flex on a 16A 3 pin plug. Usually the norm would...
  8. B

    Caravan electric box from ground

    Is there a reg for how high a caravan box should be from the ground?
  9. B

    Caravan site readings on TT system

    Hi, have a distribution unit which feeds some caravan boxes TT system, it has upfront 300mA RCD and double pole 60898, now I’ve been sent to re gland as the disconnect times wasn’t met, but I’m getting readings of 0.30 ohms when max is either TT 167 ohms or if you go by MCB then 0.59? But the...
  10. N

    Caravan site, cable size

    I am pricing a job to wire 21 new pitches for a caravan park. There will be a meter box beside each caravan with a 16a trip. I will split it into the 3 phases, so 7 caravans per phase. Im just trying to figure out how to calculate the cable size. Is it better to run a ring main to pick up 7...
  11. M

    Touring Caravan dno connection

    Hi there im after some advice, I’m thinking of creating a 5 pitch touring caravan site 32 amps per pitch can use a standard 100 amp supply single phase from my dno. I need to tell my contact at western Power Distribution how big a supply I need. Can anyone help.
  12. V

    ring circuit for a submain?

    trying to find answers in the reg book, but is there anything to say you can't install say a larger ring circuit for a sub main? to reduce volt drop / cable size etc. Normally you would obviously install a large enough cable, but would this be acceptable , whats our thoughts?
  13. B

    Caravan park Earthing

    Is TNS permitted on caravan site? I always thought you could use as TNS as supply cable then TT each pitch, spark I’m working with says you can use TNS all way through if ZS is acceptable Thanks
  14. bulent

    Retired electrician boat, caravan, solar system

    Retired Experienced & Qualified Electrician Boat and caravan electrical systems Wiring, installation, maintenance, modernization, radio communication,led lighting Cooling and machinery electricity Solar and wind electricity Battery groups, charging system and equipments WhatsApp ...
  15. a-z electrics

    230V caravan installation

    What documentation is required after wiring up a single phase installation in a caravan? All mains testing has been done as if it were a domestic installation and tests out nicely.. I can do a domestic installation cert although the parts specifying the supply I feel are a bit superfluous as...
  16. P

    Connection to static caravan

    Was having a look around local caravan dealers today, and as I know lots of you want to know the correct way to run a supply to a static caravan, I thought you might be interested in the attached photo which shows how a professional would do it! Also you also don't need the installation on a...
  17. scott1

    Static Caravan 100ma OK ?

    Just been to look at a single static caravan on a farm, they are looking for a EICR to be done. Incoming supply is TNCS. 80amp DP protected 10mm 2core SWA running 100 meters or more to a outdoor box under caravan containing a 100ma rcd and 16amp mcb, where it has been TTd fine. From this runs...
  18. P

    Electrics and Touring Caravan

    We bought a decent condition touring caravan last year that had been recently serviced by a dealer and with a report basically saying among other things the electric were testing ok and safe. We used the caravan quite a bit last year and the quality of the various pitches would best be...
  19. F

    TNCS PME on caravan site with static caravan EICR

    hi all i was just in the middle of doing an eicr on a caravan park and wanted some opinions on what codes are relevant to the site. ive got tncs pme 100a 3 phase. each phase feeds a db like in the picture by a 100a main switch and 63 amp mcb and 10mm pyro (earthed with bonding clamp) which in...
  20. C

    Caravan Site hook up with northern power grid

    Greetings, Ive been asked to look into a supply for a caravan site. I would like to know if i could get the local (northern power grid) to install this for free. If not what would the most be around for a 3 phase supply. The local supply (house) is around 150 Mts away. He would like to have...
  21. Chris S

    Electrician West cambs - outdoor supply for hut 40A+ on 63A socket

    Hi, My inlaws have a new garden hut arriving in three weeks to the bottom of their garden which is around 103m from the house. It has various electrical appliances including a 8.4kw electric shower (!). The company making them do an EIC measured on their supply before transporting it to us. The...
  22. Dave301

    Max demand for Caravan site

    Hi there, Looking for some advice with a new caravan park. There will be 25 plots for static with a potential 15 being added in the future. SP Energy have quoted to supply 150KVA 3phase. Now I work that out to be 216A but will that be per phase. And also does anyone know where I might find...
  23. H

    Caravan Electrics (20 chars - have we still not fixed this?!)

    I'm wanting to add a couple of sockets in my caravan as there's only 2 at the minute. Not something I've ever worked on before, I'm going to have a flick through the regs just now but anything to be aware of? One of the sockets is going under the bed (this area is accessible from the outside by...
  24. P

    Caravan and Camping Site - Diversity

    Hi Guys I'm doing an EICR and making expansion proposals for a Caravan Site. This is for holiday not static caravans. Simple question - how many 16 amp outlets can I have off a 63 Amp supply? Currently 8 pitches are fed from a DB containing individual 16 Amp RCBOs, fed from a 63 amp supply...
  25. D

    Supply to static permanent residence caravan

    Hi, looking for some advice for supply to static permanent caravan at bottom of garden. My House supply is TT. From what I can gather from previous thread s, is this acceptable. House end, SWA terminated into plastic and l+n tails into non RCD side of cu, from suitably rated MCB. Armour...
  26. Midwest

    PME supply to detached garage

    My question is not quite in the title. I've been asked to quote for the above. No extraneous conductive parts in garage, which I intend to supply from spare way in house domestic CU, swa to garage CU utilizing the earthing facility of TN-C-S. However, one of the reasons they want the supply...
  27. A

    Caravan or Mobile Home? Which one is it.......

    Hiya all What we have is a holiday home site type effort where there are 13 caravan type looking units of accommodation. They do not have towing facilities nor are wired for running lights while towing. They are sat on wind down legs for adjustment. Mobile Home - A transportable leisure...
  28. B


    Hello friends, i have been doing EICR for caravan sometimes now. On 16A or 32A hookup box with 30maRCD protection mostly found 1ohms or more Zs at hookup and more inside the van. When you put the results in schedule of test sheet which will not comply with maximum Zs value table from regs book...
  29. 1Justin

    Carvan supply, small building site

    Small private building site. I'll be setting up the temporary supply soon. TT then small RCD garage unit inside the meter box on a post (DNO agrees that OK), and couple of IP66 sockets under. All good. But customer also has a titchy site caravan alongside. - Sect 708 calls for INDIVIDUAL...
  30. A

    Farm outbuilding supply

    Hi Il try and keep this a simple as possible.. Been to look at a job today which started off as 'install a supply from the house to a static caravan in the garden' simple enough, when i arrived the house was a farmhouse which had recently been rewired in places and a new 17th split load board...
  31. B

    Caravan eicr's

    Hi all, I appreciate this has probably been discussed and length previously but would like some advice on pricing of eicr's on static caravans, I'm only talking about the caravan installation itself (including hook up lead) the whole site it also to be inspected but this is a seperate job...
  32. B

    Caravan park installation

    Working in a caravan park as a full time electrician found that most of the hook up point in every single pitch got high Zs reading because of using two core SWA (average 1.7 ohms TNS earthing system). In some cases up to 31ohms because corroded SWA glands and broken SWA. if there's been used 3...
  33. richy3333

    Section 708/721 - socket doublers

    Hi All. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I thought I read somewhere about avoiding the use of 'socket doublers' on caravan sites. I've checked through 708 and 721 in BGB and can't find what I am looking for. What is niggling in the back of my mind is having read a phrase that said...
  34. uksparks

    Caravan charging point / 16A Socket

    Hi, Customer wants me to fit him a 16A socket so that he can plug his caravan in, PME supply. I wouldn't call his drive way a caravan site, so not exactly sure if I should be doing this as it could be potentially dangerous as I was just planning on hooking up the earth as well, but then...
  35. L

    Domestic Supply Problems or very unlucky customer???

    Had a customer today, kettle not boiling correctly, 4th replacement kettle in 3 weeks. all not boiling past Luke warm Supply characteristics TT Supply 66ohms. No Bonding as caravan and all utilities in plastic (caravan) bonded RCD protecting caravan and caravan supply (30mA) when kettle...
  36. U

    Static caravan domestic hook up.

    Hi All, I'm new around here and already wanting to pick your brains! been having a discussion with another spark about a customer that wants to connect a static caravan adjacent to their house for their daughter to live in while she is at home. They already have an external power supply by means...
  37. T

    Large scale solar for static caravans

    Hello all, having spent a few days researching solar panels, contacting companies and doing maths I'm looking for a second opinion on my issue; I have been tasked with an appropriate solar means of powering a static caravan 30ft x 9ft roughly in size. To fully power the home it would take...
  38. T

    customers always right

    been to a job tonight where cooker circuit blowing fuse. customer is adamant he hasnt caused fault despite fitting new skirting boards and now theres a dead short in circuit. he was coming out with all sorts of excuses such as: socket on cooker switch stopped working first, but cooker was ok...
  39. C

    Testing question.

    Hi All, I am new to testing having gained my 2391 in November. I have a question that I need help with, I am working on a caravan site on one of the static caravans which is supplied by a TN-S system and have installed a radial 16 amp heating cicuit with six heaters fed from a 2.5 mm2 t+e with...
  40. O

    Domestic Fans, fuses and isolators

    So I've been to see a broken fan requirement...... in a park home. No isolator, no access to cabling, no loft... So how the hell can you install to manufacturers requirements??? Discuss.... Thanks
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