1. Vortigern

    Disappointing support from Acorn Fire and Security

    Just a heads up on the above firm. I bought a CFEAPULLkit from them, a disabled toilet alarm. The item did not function correctly. I contacted the makers and they said it sounds faulty so get it replaced. Contacted Acorn F&S who said I would have to return it at my own cost. There was no return...
  2. T

    Fire Alarm Remote Indicators

    hi all, Just a quick one... Are remote indicators necessary for void detection if the detectors in the void are on their own zone? Thanks.
  3. J

    Can someone please clarify EICR rating of these downlights in terms of fire rating

    Hi All Am continuously getting failed EICR'S sent over to quote on remedials for non fire rated downlights. These are lights in question. I see they have exposed conductors so would personally probably code 2 but what would code be for fire rating they are low voltage if that even makes a...
  4. D

    Where can i purchase Light strip for dimplex fire

    I have a dimplex fire and the strip light keeps shutting down after about 10 minutes, how do i replace them and where can i purchase them
  5. N

    Fire Alarm- Earth Fault on Loop (XP95)

    Hello, Would welcome any advice- We have an earth fault to a fire alarm loop, everything connected is XP95 and there are isolators in many bases and call points.. Is there a hints/tips way to find this, without having to gain access everywhere. Would splitting the loop, powering the half that...
  6. Grangewood

    Inspecting and Certifying Fire Alarm System

    Good Morning .. I’m after some advice please. I have a contract with a company for Various Electrical Systems. The Company has an Old Style Automated Fire Alarm System installed around 2000 which I have examined, the System itself is in good order but fails by Current Standards. I did advise and...
  7. J

    Fire alarm problems

    Hi everyone, We are working in a large property with a 4 zone fire alarm system installed. The fire panel gave up and the customer has purchased a Ctec 4 zone twin flex one which I told them to buy as Ive fitted them before but only with AlarmSense sounders/smokes. The old system was a...
  8. Marti

    Fire Retardant Grommets

    An interesting grommets question...hold the front page. Wondered if anyone knew a supplier of the white fire retardant grommets normally used to seal a CCU at the point of cable entry? Wylex and BG make pre-packed kits, somewhat over priced for what they are but they sort-of do the job...
  9. J

    Clarifying adequate fire rating of lights

    Evening Just want to clarify what is adequate for providing fire rating for lighting. My understanding is that if in an apartment block but has concrete seperation between floors there is no need for fire rated fixtures. Guy currently has some low voltage halogen GU5.3 fittings with no fire...
  10. spud1

    What are the requirements for interfacing a new gas supply with a commercial buildings fire alarm system ?

    Hi Im working in a staffed residential home (for severe learning difficulties/disabilities residents) they have a new onsite tanked gas supply being installed to supply two domestic sized gas boilers in seperate locations, which will replace the existing big oil fired boiler. I need to clarify...
  11. P

    bathroom extractor fan internal grille - fire rated?

    Good Evening, I'm going to fit a 4 inch inline extractor fan in the loft above the bathroom. I'm guessing the internal grille has to be fire rated just like a down lighter has to be? i only ask because the website i bought it off doesn't sell any fire rated internal grilles even though it...
  12. R

    USA Panel blowing bulbs and Backfeeding

    The panel has started blowing bulbs and shot fire back up in panel on the load side
  13. H

    Non fire rated downlights and EICR coding&

    Good evening, I am just wondering whether or not non fire rated downlights should be a coded issue (c3 as many electricians have told me) or whether this is false. From memory I believe napit code breakers made it a c3 if there was a room above. P.s I'm still learning and this just seems to...
  14. Midwest

    Mixing Manufacturers fire alarm devices

    At my place of work, some of the properties have D2 smoke & heat detectors. They link into a warden call system via relay base. We need to replace one of these bases, as it’s faulty. This particular alarm manufacturer has discontinued their relays. I found out that some of these bases were...
  15. L

    Domestic heat/smoke alarm mains powered from different lighting circuits?

    Hi folks, Friend is currently renovating his house, including a loft conversion. He had originally hoped to go with Grade F1 (tamper proof batteries) radio interlinked alarms. However architect has stipulated all alarms must be Grade D (mains powered with battery back-up), but can be still be...
  16. B

    Cables secured such that they will not be liable to premature collapse in the event of a fire

    If this is not meet on the stairs of a converted Victorian house of 5 floors is it only a 3 or can it be a 2?
  17. Lister1987

    Wanting to get my head around fire detection and alarm systems...

    Can anyone recommend any good links, books, materials (Aside from bs 5839-1) for getting an understanding and looking into how these systems are devised, wired, maintained and such like? I know there was the IET Electricians Guide to Fire Detection and Alarm Systems - 2nd Edition, however I...
  18. L

    Power adapter for LEDs caught fire?!

    So I’ve bought a cheap set of LEDs on Amazon and the power adapter broke after three uses. After fiddling with the adapter (bending the wires) it would begin to work again for a couple of seconds before cutting off again. Eventually, at the right position the LEDs turned back on and it seemed...
  19. Robertbaker63

    which fire alarm certificate for additional detectors in village hall extension

    got to add in some breakglasses, ceiling detector and sounder to an existing fire 12v fire alarm system in a local village hall as theve put a new room on the side which cerrtificate would i have to fill out? im a full napit member
  20. P

    Plastic trunking over a door way

    The use of fire-resistant clips to avoid premature collapse of cables is obviously a good thing, but what about when the cables are in plastic (PVC-U) trunking that offers metal clips for this reason. The reason for asking is I am looking at some options just now (Marshall-Tufflex Mono Plus 20)...