1. Calebp43

    Fire rating of fuseboard

    I recently came across a video on YouTube and the guy fit a fuseboard. Very tidy job but I was confused as he used couplers to have the board not flush with the wall and there was massive holes in the back where the cable comes through. 1) doesn't it need to be ip rated so nobody can get there...
  2. O

    C-TEC fire alarm compatibility

    Hi, I need to extend a fire alarm, the panel is a CTEC CFP 2 zone one and currently it has a couple of apollo alarm sense sounder bases/heads on it. I fitted 2 extra normal (non-sounder) alarm sense bases and alarm sense heads but the panel is showing a fault on that zone, the fault clears if I...
  3. H

    Fire alarm certificate generator?

    Hi, we are currently using Electraform to generate fira alarm certs but this is proving expensive. Does anyone know of any other similiar applications to generate certs?
  4. The apprentice

    Fire rated down lights ?

    Hi there fire rated down lights in a dropped false ceiling with no insulation and 2.5 watt LED lamps in cladding in kitchen with room space above not part of bs7671 but coding opinions if we do for safety ?
  5. E

    Auto transfer switch caught on fire - should we be concerned about our house electrical system?

    Here’s what happened, we’re looking for a professional opinion: The auto transfer switch for our Generac stand by generator “exploded” (we heard a bang and the house shook a bit) and subsequently caught on fire earlier this week. It was mounted to an exterior wall. The generator was installed 8...
  6. sythai

    Grade A... fire detection/ domestic property !?

    Hi Guys Recently finished a new build house, 2 levels/ 5 bed. Wired AICO grade D LD2 system throughout. LABC has come to sign off saying needs to be grade A system. Havent got full details, just to chatted to builder (owner of property) on phone. Did only think this was required on a domestic...
  7. N

    Fire & Acoustic Socket Box Inserts vs Putty?

    Hi all, Looking at putting in either putty or those premade fibre socket box inserts for fire rating + air leakage reasons. Just wondering if anyone has any experience and if the putty you have to mould in yourself is better than the premade fibre boxes or not.
  8. S

    Linking 2 wire & conventional fire panels

    Hi, Has anyone linked a 2 wire fire panel with a conventional, fire twin pro to haes tpca01-4? Use to linking fire panels but have not previously used haes, need both panels to enter fire condition, have a spare zone in the haes if this can be used.
  9. G

    Bussman NON-35 fuse fire?

    Tenant reported that his fuse box caught fire. I found this stove circuit pullout. This unit was built in the 60s wired in aluminum but I found no corrosion and no indication of foil or other foreign material in the box.. The fuses are Bussman NON-35 Amp. Probably the original fuse from the...
  10. J

    Fire compartments in a house

    Hi guys I just want some clarity on fire sealing, I know it’s meant to be done where we may need to penattrate a fire barrier to run a cable. My confusion exsists where we have an upstairs ring circuit with a fused spur down stairs. I know firerated downlighters must be used where a habitable...
  11. Aaronj46

    Electrician Fire Alarm Weekend/ Night Work? (Nottingham or surrounding)

    Gold card spark who has now switched to an office role and I'm looking to progress my career by gaining knowledge of related systems etc and Fire Alarms are a big part of the work that we have coming in. Looking to get a feel for the work and not be a pen pusher who doesn't appreciate what I'm...
  12. UKMeterman

    UK Electrical fire British Library 10th June 2022

    There was an electrical fire in the British Library at St Pancras on the 10th June 2022. It has cause the shutdown of one floor and various other problems. Does anyone have any other news?
  13. D

    Fire rated spots (am I thinking too much into it?)

    Hi there I’ve got some spots to install in some shelves being put up. This sounds very straight forward I know but I was only thinking, do they need to be fire rated in the sense the room above is habitable (but obviously this isn’t a ceiling space)?? I know in the ceiling they’d have to be but...
  14. K


    Hi, anybody know of a link for ESP Magpro16 addressable software without having to do the course, just need it for descriptors tia.
  15. E

    WiFi Fire Alarms to Residential Buildings only ??

    A recent conversation with Aico technical enquiring to maybe fit wifi devices in a commercial environment, workshops, business units. Surprisingly, you will need permission from Building control or a Fire Chief before installing them as they are for Domestic or residential use only. Does this...
  16. GBDamo

    UK Type B RCDs for fire protection?

    Hi all, not been around in a while but I'm working through a quote at the moment and found this at the end of the equipment (AC kit) suppliers quote. From the icons provided were definately talking B type and not B curve. For the job in question this one paragraph statement could add...
  17. C

    Fire cable (pf200) used for mains.

    Hi all, this is just a question to put my mind at rest and to see if I'm right. I'm not a qualified spark and I'm not the person(s) involved with the work.... OK here we go! My workplace (large Plc) are having the staff toilets done up a bit. A hand dryer was removed from the wall and chase...
  18. T

    Addressable fire systems

    Hi all, I'm looking for some help & advice understanding addressable fire systems. I'm helping a small team out pulling in enhanced FP for a fire install. I've done a little bit of addressable fire stuff before, but not much. I'm just looking for info with regards to Interfaces, power supplies...
  19. O

    UK Advice around electric fire power supply

    Hey guys! I'm hoping to get some advice. We are in the process of building an entertainment unit which will have an electric fire floating on the front. However, this fire comes with a plug. I guess my question is, what's the best way to plug this in so the wire can't be seen? I wanted to add...
  20. M

    Fire alarms must be hard wired?

    Hello, I applied for a retrospective completion certificate for kitchen relocation. The work was done about 7 years ago. The building standard surveyor says that I need to install interlinked smoke and heat alarms to comply with the new fire regulations. I got in touch with different...
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