1. E

    WiFi Fire Alarms to Residential Buildings only ??

    A recent conversation with Aico technical enquiring to maybe fit wifi devices in a commercial environment, workshops, business units. Surprisingly, you will need permission from Building control or a Fire Chief before installing them as they are for Domestic or residential use only. Does this...
  2. GBDamo

    UK Type B RCDs for fire protection?

    Hi all, not been around in a while but I'm working through a quote at the moment and found this at the end of the equipment (AC kit) suppliers quote. From the icons provided were definately talking B type and not B curve. For the job in question this one paragraph statement could add...
  3. C

    Fire cable (pf200) used for mains.

    Hi all, this is just a question to put my mind at rest and to see if I'm right. I'm not a qualified spark and I'm not the person(s) involved with the work.... OK here we go! My workplace (large Plc) are having the staff toilets done up a bit. A hand dryer was removed from the wall and chase...
  4. T

    Addressable fire systems

    Hi all, I'm looking for some help & advice understanding addressable fire systems. I'm helping a small team out pulling in enhanced FP for a fire install. I've done a little bit of addressable fire stuff before, but not much. I'm just looking for info with regards to Interfaces, power supplies...
  5. O

    UK Advice around electric fire power supply

    Hey guys! I'm hoping to get some advice. We are in the process of building an entertainment unit which will have an electric fire floating on the front. However, this fire comes with a plug. I guess my question is, what's the best way to plug this in so the wire can't be seen? I wanted to add...
  6. M

    Fire alarms must be hard wired?

    Hello, I applied for a retrospective completion certificate for kitchen relocation. The work was done about 7 years ago. The building standard surveyor says that I need to install interlinked smoke and heat alarms to comply with the new fire regulations. I got in touch with different...
  7. K

    Fire system recommendations

    Hello all, Firstly, I am not installing this myself and have several pros coming in to quote in the new year. A couple of years ago, most of the first fix was done with with FP200 cables to each room and corridor. I am now looking for recommendations for addressable fire systems/panels for a 7...
  8. R

    Fire alarm certification

    Good evening all, I have added an extra smoke alarm to an extension that I have just finished. I have been asked to provide a fire alarm certficate. I am a assuming it is the modification certificate. However when I look at the NIC certs it states that this is for grade A Systems. Mine is a...
  9. R

    Fire alarm certfication

    Evening all, If you are adding extra smoke alarms to a property, due to an extension do you need to provide additional certification apart from the test certficate.
  10. R

    Anyone selling a Solo Fire Test Kit.

    I don’t suppose anyone is selling a Solo Fire Test Kit? I’m looking to buy one for work. If anyone has one for sale that would be great.
  11. Algarve Sparky

    Cu fire suppression systems

    Anyone had experience of this company and their cu fire suppression tubes ? https://www.------------/watch/?v=1778333502225904
  12. Algarve Sparky

    Envirograf cu fire tube

    Anyone had experience with Envirograf and their board fire tube? https://www.------------/watch/?v=1778333502225904
  13. W

    Fire sealing control cabinet

    Hello, I am looking for advice in the best way to seal a vent on a control cabinet. The MCC is 1000x600x300 wall mount with a standard vent at the side. The customer has asked about this after a fire risk assesment. I have honestly never put any thing like that in before as most MCCs were in...
  14. S

    PAT testing Fire Alarm control Panel?

    As (I believe) PAT testing includes fixed equipment connected to the electrical installation by an FCU (eg hand driers, built in ovens etc.) I have been trying to figure out if a Fire Alarm control Panel should be PAT tested and if so by who. Has this subject been addressed before? Does anyone...
  15. kenny maccuish

    SWA feeding fire panel

    Hi guys I have just done an Eicr and 1of my findings was that the fire alarm panel was fed by SWA and I am wondering if that needs replaced with fp200 or similar? Thanks in advance Kenny


    Hi all, about to do a condition report on a grade 2 listed 4 bedroom property, the owner is moving and wants to rent it out. The consumer unit is a PLASTIC split board RCD sited in a cupboard under the only set of stairs .The board and installation is neatly installed (even the bonding cables...
  17. R

    Apprentices Looking for work in Fire and Security around Liverpool

    I’m currently looking to move on from my company. If anyone has any roles available in the Fire and Security Industry in and around Liverpool. I have the following: • City and Guilds Level 2 2365 • City and Guilds Level 3 2365 • City and Guilds Fire and Security Technician Level 3 • Own Hand...
  18. T

    NICEIC Certification Scheme DFIR19 Fire Test Certs

    Looking for a quick bit of advice on these certs but I think it has the same section on all NIC fire test certs... Part 3 asks for test results - are these the test results for each individual zone/sounder circuit or the results for the 230v supply circuit? I've been putting both sets of...
  19. A

    UK Broken Fire Alarm due to leak

    Hi everyone, I apologise if I post this in the wrong place but I could really use some professional advice on this. I live in a rented house and the fire alarm started beeping continuously, like when it needs the battery replaced. Which me and another tenant replaced and then it started...
  20. M

    Fire rated access panel - can I avoid? if

    Hi wonder if anyone can help Can I avoid using very expensive fire rated access panel (and just use non fire rated access panel) if the electrical connections behind the wall access panel are in a fireproof connector (metal box) with fireproof gaskets?