1. H

    Dead Wire Trace and no GFIs to a Bathroom

    Hello all. Looking for some help. Had a pump to a jacuzzi tub not working. Got into the area where the pump is and plugged it into a different outlet and the pump works. Went to the timer switch on the wall for the pump and put a multimeter on the wires (only two coming into the box other...
  2. T

    raychem heat trace

    Hi All, Does anyone have experience with Raychem self regulating heating cable? I have recently installed Raychem 12w/m at 70 Degrees Celsius on a hot water pipe supplying 3 sinks. The water needs to be at a constant temp of 55 degrees c. The problem I have is that when i arrived on the job...
  3. naylorpd

    Domestic Find electrician to trace earth leakage

    OK, so this is a follow-on to my thread about unsatisfactory EICR. There is a big inconsistency in that the EICR reports all the L-E IR as >100 Megs, but the inspector also comments about earth leakage in two ring mans and one lighting circuit. This seems to be stopping me from replacing the...
  4. R

    Trace wire through my house

    Hi, I am removing my room thermostats as i'm going "smart heating" and need to trace the wire from the room stat downstairs back to the heating control in a cupboard upstairs so it can be removed from the circuit. I'm thinking all i need is a simple tone generator / wire tracer like the ones...
  5. Mr.Smith

    HEAT TRACE - What should be used as means of disconnect?

    Currently overseas and inside a small pumphouse heat trace is required. Wondering if I need double pole RCD protection for it? Thanks in advance.
  6. C

    How to trace a break in a cable? In a wall!

    Hi all, Hoping for some advice, I ran a cable to some light fittings some time ago during refurb of my place. I've now gone (2 yrs later) to connect that light fitting... and nothing. Dead. I wired my place all myself, then had a spark come and sign it off. All connected circuits passed...
  7. BigSim

    MWC or EICR

    Hi all. I normally get a lot of remedial work from the other guys who carry out the EICRS. Some of the faults might include untraceable circuits, which after a bit of investigation can normally be found. Now, when I find these circuits then I inspect, test, and complete a separate EICR...
  8. G

    trace heating

    Hi guys, Anyone know how to calculate requirements for trace heating on pipe work? Have a load too do and can install no problem but no clue where to start on the calcs! Cheers
  9. P

    Removing obsolete circuits from outside house.

    Hi. my niece has had an inspection on her house and hoping to let it out. inspection done by letting agencys man at the very last minute and lists a number of things required as do not meet current regulations. i agree with some of these. bonding etc. not so others. earthing wires too small but...
  10. D

    What is this thermostat, please?

    All I know about this thermostat is that it is inline, and has a couple of indicator lights on it, the purpose of which I do not understand. This photo shows heat traced pipe, I think. If it is known hereabouts on the forum, is there an opinion on its reliability and durability at all? Anyone...
  11. S

    crabtree ceicon c63-11 before dis board?

    Hi all, I was working this morning putting some lighting circuits on dimmers and was asked to find a buzzing noise. It ended up being a contactor ( crabtree ceicon c63-11 49400/x-) The buzzing started after a power cut last night. It appears to not be controlled by any of the circuits in the...
  12. S

    trace heating

    hello, i have got a job to install heat trace round pipes in caravans but have never used it before. looking for tips to install. cheers. what cable? any thermostat?
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