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  1. B

    Honda CRV 2019 Door Sills Compatibility Issue - UK part

    I currently own a Honda CRV 2019 – Touring model (2.4 Liter CVT 4 cylinder engine) –built in Ohio, USA. I’m interested to install illuminated door sill trims for my vehicle. I have checked and confirmed with my local Honda dealership who unfortunately only has OEM illuminated door sills but...
  2. C

    I have fitted electric folding door mirrors and electric windows to my Land Rover Defender. I would like to use a Master Switch from a Mercedes

    Does the Master Switch for Windows and Mirrors on a Mercedes have a separate control unit or could I use it in a Land Rover Defender?
  3. N

    Door shutter rcd!

    Hello I have an oportunity to take one big commercial job! there would be 4 -3 phase door shutter!i think 16 amps socket! should i put rcd on each shutter or one enought for 4 shutter? should i protect the ciruitS by rcd? the cable will run on very high level on the cable tray ! if yes ,where...
  4. D

    Wired door bell additional chime

    Is there a way of adding an additional wireless chime to an existing wired doorbell installation? Is there a product on the market that includes maybe a module to add to the existing chime that triggers a wireless chime further in the house? Have a customer in a largish property that is...
  5. M

    Wiring for Garage Door Safety Sensor

    Hello. New to the forum and hoping there is help for my issue. The receiving sensor on my garage door recently crapped out. I watched a few youtube videos and it all looked easy. In the videos there was always 1 wire in each side of the garage door. It was a matter of (1) connecting the white...
  6. B

    Upgrade to Enterview 3 door entry

    Hi, Got a customer who currently has an Enterview 3 system, 1 mag lock, 1 external unit and 4 handsets over 4 floors. They want to upgrade to something more modern, this isn't my main area of expertise so looking for some ideas. Most new systems seem to be network enabled, so poss could ditch...
  7. P

    Over door fan heaters

    Hi, Could anyone advise please, we only have electric in house, I am thinking of using a Over door Air Curtain, 3kW, in a bathroom to dry towels, The spur box would be in hall outside bathroom and it would be 1.5m outside zone 2. Has anyone tried it and would I be breaking any regulations, I...
  8. J

    Can someone help me fix an issue with my doorbell?

    Ok so I tried to replace my door bell, but when I took it out the wires were twisted and snapped off too short to rewire. I’m a trainee electrician with little to no experience so I’m stuck. Can I get some more wire and try to extend it by wrapping it around the old wire and covering it with...
  9. mel hadfield

    Can't open door on a Schneider Quadbox

    Hi Wonder if anyone else has had this problem, I am trying to open the door on a new Schneider Electric Quadbreak 250A Switch Disconnector SQB2503L Isolator 3P+N but the security handle only comes half way then jams against something solid. I have taken the guts out of the case to examine it and...
  10. B

    UK Consumer board location next to a garage door

    Hi all I’m a self builder here looking for some technical details.... I’m fitting a consumer board next to my garage door and need to know if there is a minimum distance that the board needs to be fitted to the wall in relation to door opening???
  11. N


    Hello can anyone advise me on this please... My mum wants her back pathway lit up and was gonna get a battery operated Mr Beams light. I wondered could I just put a security light on the main wall attached to the house and run the cable straight to the consumer box as I would only have to drill...
  12. B

    'Flatmate' door entry system

    hi guys. i recently bought a flat that is ex council, 6 flats in the block and has a very old looking door entry system called 'flatmate' thats all that is on the internal box inside, it has a open, talk, and a on/off button for privacy, It is a 6 wire system. green, blue, orange, orange...
  13. robd

    Brass door bell push any recommendations?

    Hi all, Need a brass bell push for a job, can anyone recommend one that they've used and has held up for a length of time. I'm still haunted by the old round byron ones that used to get fitted on site when I used to do all the snagging when I was on the books. Was forever going back tweaking...
  14. NDG Elecs

    ADT Door Contracts - poor advice given

    Hi All, been a while since been on. Life very hectic.. Hope all are well.. Anyway.. Very regular customer tied into an exorbitant ADT contract. Last time she called them out was to A) remove magnetic door contact from door and B) return and refit contact on new door.. Cost +£1000.00 yes over a...
  15. hayley3

    Garage door stops working but

    If I unplug it, turn circuit breaker off and then on again and THEN plug the garage door back into the outlet, it works fine for a while. How can I troubleshoot that to figure out the problem? Thanks!
  16. Chizzle

    Out door cable for lights

    Hey guys Would like recommendations on what type of cable you guys would run for outdoor lights which are covered by a porch ceiling. ( if that makes sense ) The cable would be clipped direct. Would you guys recommend pond wire which is water proof or SWA or even normal flex wire ?? Thanks
  17. John Matrix

    Moving to Alarms, CCTV, Door access

    Hello lads. Just want to ask how much learning is involved with moving into Alarms, CCTV an Door Access. I’ve done a lot of Fire for Protec Fire Detection, both addressable and Conventional, Vespa- Cirrus Pro, a little bit on PA systems etc. I basically have limited installation experience on...
  18. John Matrix

    Moving into Alarms, Door Access and CCTV

    Hello lads. Just want to ask how much learning is involved with moving into Alarms, CCTV an Door Access. I’ve done a lot of Fire for Protec Fire Detection, both addressable and Conventional, Vespa- Cirrus Pro, a little bit on PA systems etc. I basically have limited installation experience on...
  19. B

    Garage door wiring kit

    Hi, after some advice on garage door wiring, know someone who’s having an electric garage door fitted, I presume it’s just fitting a switched spur and then garage lads will do the rest?
  20. S

    Switch in brick wall door opening

    Hello All So the wife wants to put a switch in a patio door opening. Wall is a cavity wall. I couldn't see in section 7.3.2 of my onsite guide that it was expressly forbidden but equally I wouldn't know where the cable should be run to be compliant because the safe zone seems to assume the...
  21. Y

    Roller door not working

    Hi guys, I have a 3 phase roller door not working. These are my readings? L1-L2 418v L2-L3 419v L1-L3 415v L1-N 134v L2-N 255v L3-N 247v After checking L1 and Neutral I thought it was a neutral problem but why is it ok for L2 and L3?!?! Thanks
  22. J

    Replacement access door on SECTOR consumer unit

    Hi all, a couple of weeks ago I managed to smash to smithereens the transparent plastic access door/cover on my sector consumer unit, that's at the top of my stairs. I need to get a new door/cover to replace it. I know all C/U's now are metal, but I was wondering if anyone has an old one, or...
  23. C

    Gluing alarm cables to UPVC Window frames & Door architraves

    Hello All, I am hoping to find a recommendation from members for a small tube of adhesive that is suitable for gluing Burglar Alarm detector cables to UPVC Window frames and Door architraves. I don`t want to buy a Hot Glue gun and glue sticks as I only have 4 cables to run down quite detailed...
  24. S

    Advice on a door entry product to integrate with PAC system

    I am struggling to find a product on the market for this specific problem I have and thought its worth having a shot at asking here. I have a lot of experience working with PAC systems (networked and stand alone) as my company has many properties using door entry systems. I however need to...
  25. D

    Domestic Pyronix door sensor help

    Hi guys, hoping for a bit of help. I just installed a Pyronix Enforcer 10 alarm system. I've installed a contact sensor on the front door. I thought I had configured it correctly: the panel has learned it and then I've set it to '7' i.e., "last exit". Problem is that it works fine on exit, but...
  26. happyhippydad

    What power rating would this garage door be?

    I have a roller garage door that my friend has fitted which i've noticed is connected to a socket to give it power, but then has a flood light attached to the control panel which is also connected to the lighting circuit. In other words you need to isolate sockets and lights to make sure the...
  27. R

    Security Roller Shutter Door Isolator

    Hi All I'm trying to find an isolator that will take a class 4 security padlock for a factories roller shutter door, this is to comply with their latest insurance assessment. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? The usual 16/32A rotary isolators do not have a big enough hole for...
  28. J

    Only 1 Fridge door tripping electrics help please

    Hi all Hotpoint American style fridge freezer model FFA40X keeps tripping the electrics not the lights when the left hand door is opened. It doesn’t do it if the ugh hand side door is opened. It trips if both doors are opened at the same time too. The fridge has been tested and all good. What...
  29. N

    lights come on when door opens solution?

    One of my clients has decided he wants this kind of set up, one for a cupboard and one for the garage. Ive tried steering him towards PIR but he not to keen on them. Does anybody know of a sleek solution to this problem? Ive searched on the internets but all of the switches ive found for this...
  30. J

    My main fuse box is right behind my front door

    Hi, I've just moved to a ground floor flat and my mains fuse box/circuit breaker box, which ever it's called, is right behind my front door at the top. I moved into the property as it is supposed to be adapted for disabled access as I have a medical condition but the wiring was done before I got...
  31. P

    Supplier for Bell Systems door entry system

    I am trying to find a supplier to supply a slightly customised Bell door entry system i.e. not exactly one of their standard kits. I used to deal directly with Bell whose sales dept is excellent but now they say they won't supply direct. I need a supplier who is at least capable of understanding...
  32. D

    Door entry system advice

    Doing a job at the moment and the client has asked as an extra whether I can fit a second phone handset in another room from the existing. The current setup is a speaker/mike outside, door release, and handset inside to talk/open door release. Handset has 5 wires connected. Is it ok to just loop...
  33. buzzlightyear

    some body bang on the door some body ring the bell

    having been to a hotel with a fault on a lights and open and close system on a circuit .I had fixed the fault in which was the lighting .and Elvis left the building. about 1 hour after me left the building . the customer rings up the entry will not work .well it work for going out back to...
  34. buzzlightyear

    Any body behind the door

    i had call today and a very good customer rings can you come quick .now you thinking with dirty minds .i told them i will try and hurry and get to you quick. Now this customer has a hotel So i knocks on the door .so the customer opens the main door and a load of timber propt up against the door...
  35. PaulBerkshire

    Domestic Car alarm new door pins fitting

    Hi, I have a van that has a factory alarm but i want to instal another with sensors in rear and louder siren. Firstly if i instal new door pins for new alarm is it ok to have two alarms? Secondly the alarm has the out put for the pins but does that go to them with no other cabling (pins look one...
  36. P

    Small Metal enclosure for door entry power supply

    Hi all, I am hoping someone has already had this problem and can suggest a solution. Last minute decision by client to have an electronic release on a door means we have to mount the power supply (bell systems 340c) on the wall in a public space so it needs to go in a metal enclosure. PSU...
  37. S

    Alarm not activating door locks 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    I am installing a Compustar CS6900 in my 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee and am having trouble hooking up the keyless entry part of the system. I tested the alarm and it sends out a negative 12v pulse in both wires coming from the alarm brain. My driver side and passenger side door switches both work on...
  38. S

    Door entry handset advice

    wanting to replace my old, ugly door entry handset. I stay in a block of flats, handset works but its extremely old and at an odd colour of brown. It’s a Comelit VOX 2000. 5 cores feeding it. I take it to change it over it must be a compatable change over? If so, any recommend a decent...
  39. O

    Interior lights / door jamb switches

    Good morning all, this is my first post on what looks to be a great source of knowledge. I am not an electrician but I do enjoy trying to sort these little issues but I am not sure where to start with this. I have a 2007 Isuzu pick up. The interior lights do not come on when the doors are...
  40. Soulsurfer

    Garage door alert solutions ?

    Hi I have a client who is always asking for random things electrically... This time it's a possibility to fit maybe something like a roller lever switch or magnetic reed switch etc.. to alert her when her garage door is opened, while she's in the house. With an LED flashing or buzzer etc.. I...
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