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  1. Doomed

    Caught out by mt own lazyness.....

    Did an EICR of a rented property, 2 up 2 down, old, one lighting circuit, cooker, ring and 2 radials (2 sockets in kitchenon one, hall socket on other). All readings not to bad, not perfect I/R on kitchen radial, but damp walls so I wasn't surprised, end of line readings all good, realised that...
  2. T

    Wire from the blender caught fire, fuses tripped

    Hi there, a wire caught from a blender caught on to the hob in the kitchen, there was a loud bang and the sockets were tripped, is the blender needing replaced now or would it be possible to simply replace the wire?
  3. M

    Caught out with new storage heaters...

    During a flat renovation i removed and skipped a very old and battered storage heater and ordered one of the new super expensive (customer nearly had a heart attack) storage heaters, assuming it would go right in place. Only discovered earlier they need a dual ****ing feed!! Its not really...
  4. R

    Domestic Safety advice- caught a wire drilling?

    Hi all, I drilled a hole to fit a new cooker hood and had no shock etc when drilling. When I was cleaning the hole out to put the rawl plug in I got a small tingle (no smoke, spark, bang etc). Is it possible I've nicked a wire or just come close to one? I used a metal/ voltage finder and...
  5. C

    Client is being very naughty and im caught in the middle

    I carried out an EICR for a charity music school, the building is a small brick building with a few ring circuits and lighting circuits. I am going to be upgrading a few consumer units. I asked them where their meter was and they said they currently do not have one and do not intend to have...
  6. R

    Socket caught on fire - urgent help/advice needed from tenant

    Hi all I have come on here in hope for some advice if possible. Yesterday my wife was at home with my three children when she smelt a strong burning coming from the kitchen, when investigating she noticed the tumble dryer plug (which is plugged in the wall socket) had caught fire, as it...
  7. Gavin John Hyde

    Drunk Electrician Caught Sawing down Speed Camera

    Saw this and found it quite funny... Anybody know the plonker.... His name is Stuart Langley from Reading I have done daft things when drunk but never tried to cut a Gatso down... Drunk Electrician Caught Sawing down Speed Camera | WiseTradesmen -...
  8. Dan

    Been caught speeding? Want to check?

    Been caught speeding? Want to check? advice reviews and feedback 2017 Check if you have been caught speeding - http://speedingcheck.co.uk/ Enter your reg and see if you're expecting a letter! Are you a DIYer? find a free diy advice websitehere. Plumber in the making? find a plumbing advice...
  9. B

    Uk speed camera check

    Drove through a speed camera recently unsure if you were caught? well there's real time info here Check if you have been caught speeding - http://speedingcheck.co.uk/ Use it for pending and spent convictions too. Enter your mates number and see if he has been speeding too. enjoy
  10. happyhippydad

    earthing the SWA cable armour in a rotary switch?

    Morning... sort of for me. Have just got my rotary switch for the Hot tub and notice there is no room for a banjo inside as the front cover fixing holes are in the way. Just wondered what you guys do with this type of rotary switch? Perhaps a piranha earthing nut? Have just contacted the local...
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