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  1. P

    Transmission wiring diagram for kia sorento 2005 VGT 170 HP. 2,5 diesel engine

    Hi Everyone Could you please help me on following question: After deep chemical cleaning inside car cabin and engine compartment of my car, it became faulty. I took it to service and mechanic did computer test. P0721,P0551 and P0773 errors appeared on screen. Shift solenoid electrical. Car...
  2. J

    Help requested with 11 kV diesel generator set

    Help requested with 11kV, 3MW generator. Our generator has just returned from a major overhaul, and we are in the process of recommissioning the set. The setup is that the generator supplies power onto a common busbar in parallel with the DNO supply. We supply site load and export any excess...
  3. D

    Industrial Permanent Diesel Generators Installed Inside a Building

    Do somone know requirements for Permanent Diesel Generators Installed Inside a Building ?
  4. Midwest

    Vans, diesel engines & DIESEL PARTICULATE FILTER (DPF)

    This subject has been mentioned before (wirepuller talked of it), but it won't hurt to mention it again (Fawlty Tower Style!) for those thinking of a new van (or car). I've been looking for a new used vehicle; was thinking of getting some sort of Chelsea tractor, one of which was a Discovery...
  5. H

    Advise needed. Diesel generator loading issues

    Hi everyone, I would really appreciate some advise. I'm a domestic electrician but my neighbors asked me for some help on a issue he has and here I am. So my neighbor has a tree surgeon company, they have a yard where the cut and dry logs as well. So they've just got a new drying system...
  6. Gavin John Hyde

    Gov announce no new petrol or diesel post 2040

    Apparently the government are going to announce this week that from 2040 no new diesel or petrol vehicles will be allowed to be sold in the UK. sounds good in theory but can't see it working too well. Now am i the only one who thinks if everybody plugs there car into the grid to charge then the...
  7. C

    Diesel vans and the coming tax

    Hello guys Moving forward giving the daily charge of £10 in most large cities to drive a diesel vehicle what are you doing in the wake of this?
  8. O

    Diesel Scrapage scheme???

    So the Government is considering some form of diesel scrapage scheme.. I can't help thinking that its not just the older vehicles causing the problems so why don't they actively try and change peoples habits by: 1. Making children go to the closest school (we all know how much quieter the...
  9. Andy-1960

    Electrical install by Diesel Pump

    Can anyone tell me what the requirements are for installing a 230v spur outlet near to diesel pumps. As diesel does not burn easily is this still classed as a hazardous area?
  10. W

    Veg oil system control design help.

    hi all I'm working on a veg oil conversion for our (1997) 110 defender and have some ideas of how I'd like to control it but my auto electric knowledge is poor and I was wondering if anyone could help? I've contacted a few auto electricians and no one wants the job. I have bought a stack pro...
  11. B

    Focus 1.8 tdci spluttering

    My Trusty focus started to misfire and splutter as I was overtaking (uphill on a motorway) ended up dropping back and engine run as normal. problem got gradually worse suspected a burst pipe or seized turbo motor, a quick check said nothing amiss. Ended up driving like a sunday school teacher to...
  12. G

    Car Battery Alternative

    Hello All, I'd appreciate some advice and your patience at my lack of knowledge of things electrical. The situation I have is I need to run a diesel pump that is designed to run off a standard car battery but I'm not using it to pump diesel or do it anywhere near a car. I would like to have...
  13. M

    Automatic transfer switch surge protector blown!

    Hi all I installed an 80kVa diesel generator set with automatic transfer switch awhile ago. All supplied by customer. Generator is second hand at 50 hours work and it turns out the ATS is too. All has been working fine for the last 6 months or so but recently the generator has been struggling...
  14. E

    PV field irrigation system using a 3 phase pump...

    Hi to all you solar chappies, Need a little advice on a 11KW stand alone PV irrigation pump installation. Not done much at all with PV installations and trying to get some of the information i need off the internet is proving difficult especially as it all takes loads of time going through...
  15. G

    Diesel pump installation

    We have just done a survey of an industrial yard ,that requires an EICR.Can anyone clarify if an industrial diesel pump classifies as a hazardous area installation,or a petrolium installation.Any advice is much appreciated ,thanks.
  16. C

    Domestic Installing back up generator for power cuts?

    I have had an elderley customer asking about having a generator in case of power cuts after recent bad weather. He doesn't want an automatic changeover just a manual switched one and he isn't looking at trying to run 10.5 kw showers off it either. Just wondering if anybody has any tips and...
  17. spark 68

    Insurance companies

    A Mechanic once told me "it drives just as well without it" I'll get my coat:behead:
  18. M

    £100 of slightly contaminated petrol for sale

    Anoy one interested in £100 worth of slightly contaminated petrol please phone the garage who drained my tank for me when I filled it with petrol You guessed its a Diesel van In a hurry lifted wrong pump stood watching the totty coming n going from the garage didnt notice the green filler...
  19. H

    Generator three phase connections / cables

    Hi, I have a 50kVA three phase generator. The installation is fascinating and I am interested in knowing what the electricians are taking into consideration when selecting the correct cable type. I dabble in low voltage electronics and circuitry and have a basic knowledge of the 17th Regs...
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