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  1. S

    offgrid electrical connection using generators and battery to run a house

    I have a chance that I might be able to purchase a rural site for my home(self-build). The problem is my limited budget and timeline( full house completion) does not allow for an over 2k euro connection for a basic electrical connection to run a household for parents and kids aged 2,6,8 I...
  2. marconi

    Reliability of LPG Honda Suitcase Inverter Generators

    I have been working on an off grid application using PV panels and an inverter-charger-battery to power small mobile installations. The client understood that because of the available space, the area devoted to PV panels and volume available for battery would mean that in Autumn - Winter, the...
  3. rustynails

    Current generation under control

    You've all seen people on YouTube overloading twin and earth cables, JW etc... How are they generating current and how are they able to control that generation?
  4. D

    Industrial Permanent Diesel Generators Installed Inside a Building

    Do somone know requirements for Permanent Diesel Generators Installed Inside a Building ?
  5. C

    I need to discuss Off-Grid Generators and Earthing so just joined and saying Hello

    Hello. I am not a sparky but have some electrical knowledge. I am a mechanical engineer but dabble in electrical/electronic projects. I need to work out some proper earthing for my 230V, off grid set-up using 2 different types of generator configuration and with potential to connect to other...
  6. marconi


    I am working on a study for my brother-in-law who runs a national outdoor catering business. At the moment he uses 3.4kVA petrol generators with Honda engines modified to run on LPG. The maximum steady state load is about 900W but they are sized at 3.4kVA to start in sequence and then run...
  7. L

    gloster generator

    Hi Just wondering if any one knows if gloster generators are still trading? Not much info on the net. Or knows where I can get spares? Thanks Gary
  8. JD6400

    Safety certs for a generator ?

    I have just been approached by a client who is a fencing contractor and is about to start on a contract for the national grid , they have asked for the usual pat certs but they have also asked for certs on his portable Genny's . I can not really think of a cert that would cover this ! What do...
  9. F

    Hyundai HY9000LEK generators

    Hello ladies Does anyone know if these hyundai generators are vov generators ?? Got someone who has bought one to power their lights at home in the event of a power cut, and wants it connecting up. I am sure you are not allowed to connect vov generators to domestic dwellings, but I may be wrong.
  10. B

    Generators and such

    Hi, I am working on a small island where the is no electric whatsoever only from what generators supply. Is there anyone on here who is good with recommending makes of generators or companies that you think are reliable? The island has to use diesel power to get the electric needed and I am...
  11. Mark.W

    Inverters with 700kVa BGG generators

    Morning guys Quick question, I've got 2 SMA 15000 TL's fed from a schneider P-Bloc Plus panel, on the same busbar we have 2 700kVa generators which run for about 120 hrs a year and only come on when the grid needs it. My question is when those generators come on will they damage the inverters...
  12. S

    motors book or information

    I am after a book that will purely be on motors and generators, basically for revision that will describe the different types and what they could be used for, single, 3 phase etc, does anyone know of anything available? thanks in advance.
  13. T

    Portable generators

    I contacted a guy selling a generator on ebay to tell him it was not as specified. He was claiming it was a 6.5kva when it wasn't. He suggested I inform other people by putting the info on a forum site, so here goes. There are a lot of Chinese made generators being marked up as 6.5kva when...
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