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  1. ferg

    Automatic wire strippers

    I'm going to get some automatic wire strippers to try and save me a little time and more importantly my wrists thumbs and paws in general. Does anyone have any recommendations? along with limitations of sets they have. I don't mind buying a couple of sets but really don't want to buy stuff to...
  2. R

    Automatic disconnection of supply

    Can the above method alone be classed as basic protection according to 131.2.1 it can. Based on that regulation you can leave live terminals exposed if supplied by a 30mA RCD
  3. M

    CK Automatic or Irwin Vise Grip Wire Strippers?

    Hi, Does anyone have any experience of any of these tools? Some people say that the Irwin ones are better quality. Thanks
  4. S

    Automatic Swing Gate... Need help / advice on installing (pics included)

    Could someone guide me installing this auto swing gate motor, the motor will get bump on the wall on the current status of my attachment.... Should I try to weld and elevate the gate mounting to align on the wall height?
  5. T

    which automatic wire stripper is the best?

    Hi All, I had to replace my old automatic wire stripper as I broke it. The replacement unbranded device is the same but it is rubbish. I'm looking at the C.K 495001 Automatic Wire Stripper as a replacement of the replacement. C.K Automatic Wire Stripper -...
  6. P

    controller or led code for the new integrated IC--sk6822 led

    Hi everyone, I have got a new integrated digital rgb led strip,it seems a very good led,for it has the capability of automatic across the bad point, there is no need to repair the light, the signal can continue to transmission. but I do not how to make it work with the arduino,some people...
  7. P

    Problem with PIR light

    Hi guys, I'm new here and would welcome some advice. I'm an amateur, replacing an external light. The light is PIR activated only, and is not switched. It used to be plugged into a 13 amp socket, but I have removed the socket and replaced it with a switched fused spur, with a 5amp fuse. There...
  8. LauraADIA

    Legal requirements for Automatic Door engineers

    Hi all, I've just joined the forum as I think it's important to inform those who are electricians that are thinking about expanding into automatic door servicing and installation about certain regulations. If you are familiar with automatic doors, you will understand that they follow the...
  9. S

    Hand Dryer

    Hi there Been asked to look at replacing hand dryer is campsite toilets. Looking online for suitable ones, and found one that says suitable for ZONE U Where is Zone U Thanks
  10. N

    Commercial Avon prime line hand dryers

    Anyone know who sells these, I need a replacement and a quick search on the Internet has not helped. Any ideas?
  11. O

    Help with PIR

    Hi Needing help with a PIR. 1. Old wylex type 2 CBs what BS is this an what Ka rating does it have. 2. MEM Memway 3 phase DB with rewireable fuses i take it they are a BS3036 3.The Memway is fed via an 60A TPN switch fuse Oterail make would this have a BS No 4. Method of protection on PIR...
  12. S

    Sunlight activated switch

    Does anyone have any ideas where I can get a simple automatic switch that is sensitive to when the sun is shining? I have a d.i.y swimming pool with black pipe solar collector, It is hard for me to estimate what the days weather is gonna be like before I go off and work. A simple automatic...
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