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  1. M

    Ford Transit petrol/lpg No starter motor no fuel pump no spark ?

    I have a 2003 ford transit petrol that has just had a replacement engine fitted The van was started and ran for a few miles without any problems I stopped the van and went to get a coffee when i returned to the van it did not want to start, thinking it was just fuel and a flat battery i went...
  2. Gavin John Hyde

    Gov announce no new petrol or diesel post 2040

    Apparently the government are going to announce this week that from 2040 no new diesel or petrol vehicles will be allowed to be sold in the UK. sounds good in theory but can't see it working too well. Now am i the only one who thinks if everybody plugs there car into the grid to charge then the...
  3. S

    2.0L Petrol Honda CRV 2001

    Just wondering if anyone has one & their thoughts on them, good or bad. Thinking of changing my Mitzi 4x4 for one.
  4. C

    Fused spur dilemma

    Hello, need to run a supply to a tyre air line at a petrol station. No info on it but think its probably around a kilowatt, definitely not over 3kw. Should probably be on its own dedicated circuit, but going to cost more. There is a socket inside that I could spur off and save alot of extra...
  5. i=p/u

    Earthing panel on petrol station or not to earth it

    We installing this panel below on Monday in a petrol station. The swa is coming in the bottom so we need to cut out square and add paxlin plate to gland into as the petrol station is not connected to earth from submain, and on its own TT system..
  6. V

    Utilising Renewable Energy: Turning Fresh Air Into Petrol:

    "Air Fuel Synthesis from Stockton-on-Tees has produced five litres of petrol since August when it switched on a small refinery that manufactures gasoline from carbon dioxide and water vapour." "We can convert renewable electricity into a more versatile, useable and storable form of energy...
  7. M

    £100 of slightly contaminated petrol for sale

    Anoy one interested in £100 worth of slightly contaminated petrol please phone the garage who drained my tank for me when I filled it with petrol You guessed its a Diesel van In a hurry lifted wrong pump stood watching the totty coming n going from the garage didnt notice the green filler...
  8. sythai

    Petrol station work.... requirements

    Just wondering what you need to be able to carry out work (electrical) in all petrol station areas/zones....? Specialist insurance maybe ? Be good at MI or is it FP these days ? Compex ? Reason I ask is a local branch of 3 petrol stations are fed up with their current sparky and they're...
  9. Jay Sparks

    Monthly accounts help

    Hi Guys, Ive just started subbying for an electrical company doing testing and some day rate work. Ive sorted out how to do my invoice and day work sheet but I cant figure out how to SET out my monthly accounts on a piece of A4. Basically I will have roughly 4 incoming invoices and then what...
  10. I

    Work in petrol stations.

    Hi guys I am meeting a client next week about some work in a petrol station and near the forecourt. I was wondering if anyone has a handy link to the appropriate regs. DSEAR, or any other appropriate regs. Thanks. Ian
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