1. C

    3 gang light switch issues, is it wired incorrectly?

    Hello all. For years now I've used Phillips Hue smart bulbs in my 3, ceiling mounted lounge lights and have therefore never needed to switch them individually. I've recently redecorated and moved to a light fixture that cannot take Phillips Hue smart bulbs, so I have decided to go from a 3...
  2. amwitte1

    Main Panel and Sub Panel Wiring Issues

    Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well. Several years ago I purchased an older 1971 home (aluminum wiring that has since been fixed with al/cu purple connections). There is also a sizeable detached workshop (copper wiring) in the back. This workshop's wiring is in such disrepair that I...
  3. D

    Dali lighting issues

    Good morning all. I have an issue with some dali lighting. Basic system as far as i can tell. Dimmer, controller and 8 button switch. No other inputs that i can find. All on/off/dimming done at switch. Lights have now stopped working at switch. It's powered as buttons light green when pressed...
  4. F

    Connection issues Hikvision and HiLook app

    Looking for some assistance. I installed a cctv system a few months ago. Worked ok to start with but now it’s basically impossible to access live view via the HiLook app. Playback of recordings / activation events always freezes too. Setup is as follows: NVR connected to the internet via...
  5. S

    Issues with high electricity bills/unbalanced loads

    Hi sparks, I would appreciate your help regarding a 3 storey high showroom connected to 3 phase. Each floor is connected to a phase but the upper floor is on for about 3 hours daily. The two other floors are heavily used with lighting,air cons and other appliances. How would you account for...
  6. J

    Anyone else having issues accessing the site?

    Today I appear to be having great difficulty accessing this site, and only this site! 95% of the time or so I am getting this: Is it just me or anyone else? Every other site is ok.
  7. M

    Errant Metering Issues with Solar

    I had a 9kWh array installed in late Dec 2021. By mid-Jan I noticed my energy consumption meter is only reduced by some typical 15% despite solar yields equal to 50% - 90% of my typical use. I have micro inverters with Solar Edge & a Luxpower Tek ACS monitoring system. My home has an ELSTER...
  8. J

    Issues fitting hive from danfoss controller

    Hi All, Hope all had a good new year. I’m having a real issue fitting my hive system in my house I’m hoping someone can figure this out for me as I’m stumped( I should of become a sparky instead of a plumber!) I have currently got a danfoss controller and valiant combi with a wired stat I...
  9. LHensh

    Internet in Garage - Powerline Issues

    I have bought a TP Link Home Plug kit to try and get internet in my garage. The kit works fine in the house but unfortunately I get no connection in the garage. The garage is on its own circuit, however from what I have read online this shouldn't cause any issues. Could it be the fuse box in...
  10. Michael J

    NAPIT Certification Scheme Consumer unit replacement issues

    When carrying out EIC on a new consumer unit installation and found a existing ring circuit with a Neutral to Earth fault causing the rcd to trip. The old fuse box didn’t have rcd protection as it wasn’t required. The problem is after removing all connected and appliances loads the fault is...
  11. timhoward

    Forum issues 123456789012345

    Hi. Couple of glitches. 1 - if you try and report a thread it now doesn't let you 2 - it doesn't seem to be possible to open attachments now, clicking anywhere does nothing Thanks Tim
  12. billandtedexcellent

    Grounding issues? (causing light shock) in Japan apartment

    Hiya, I live in a pretty old apartment in Japan. There's only one wall in the whole apartment that has a screw to allow to connect a power cable to an earth. I run quite a few electrical devices and I want to earth as many as possible, so i bought a little black power hub (with 5 sockets) which...
  13. Longpants

    (DIY) 2011 Grand Cherokee Laredo 3.6L electrical issues

    Driving on interstate at 70'ish and dash lights went haywire (check engine, oil change needed, tire pressure warning, etc) all started coming on. Pulled off at the next exit and got to a parking lot. Windshield wipers were running without being turned on. Once engine was off (dont remember if...
  14. J

    More issues with a 230v appliance here in the US

    Back again with another question about a 230v apple grinder that I am using here in the US. I was able to wire on the correct plug and use the machine at a friends house who has a 240v outlet. Unfortunately, I do not have a 240v outlet at my house and have no open circuits to have one installed...
  15. A

    Perilex wall plug and multi switch configuration issues

    I am having a serious issue with my mechanical ventilation system. I have replaced the old one and bought a new one from the same brand and with the connection (dammm Perilex!). I thought that the device will work right away but not... thats where the problem started. I have tried almost all...
  16. T

    Triple switch issues

    I replaced an old triple switch for a light/fan/heater combo in my bathroom with a Leviton triple rocker switch. There is one common connector on one side and 3 switched connections on the opposite side. The top switch works fine but the bottom two switches only seem to get power when the top...
  17. S

    Equestrian lighting possible issues under fault condition.

    Hi all. I’ve been asked to light a menagerie. I will have to take a sub main from a nearby chicken shed to a point near the entrance where I will distribute from. It will be tt’d at this point and I am able to get the rod a good 8 m from where any horsey traffic may pass. My problem is the...
  18. M

    MR16 bulb wiring issues

    I recently purchased a dartboard cabinet that has an above lighting area with an MR16 bulb, but no wiring. I purchased a new 7w led MR16 bulb, an Aluminum faced Miniature Bi-Pin socket (where the bulb connects to), and a lamp cord with rotary switch. When everything came, I connected the wires...
  19. Scottish1

    Faulty Circulator Pump? Wiring Issues

    Hi In a new property and the boiler is not firing. Investigating the junction box, there is a disconnected wire -labelled Unknown Red in image This cable runs from the boiler to the junction box. My interpretation is that this is likely to be circulating pump neutral? Any advice would be...
  20. HappyHippyDad

    Any issues with this EVCP set up?

    Bit new to the EVCP game! I may be installing an EVCP soon. It is approx 60m from the house. Too far for wireless, therefore If I want it to be smart I need to run separate cat5e swa. Happy to do this, but I would like to be able to give the option (smart or dumb) to the customer. Basically...