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  1. M

    Capacitor Issues

    I have a Hayward pool pump where the start cap is 161-193 uf. How can you have a range of capacitance. Hayward is an american company. so maybe it can run on 110v or 240v. (just a guess). The other issue is ceiling fan caps, now these are start/run caps and I know from past experience that you...
  2. M

    Capacitor Issues

    I have a Hayward pool pump where the start cap is 161-193 uf. How can you have a range of capacitance. Hayward is an american company. so maybe it can run on 110v or 240v. (just a guess). The other issue is ceiling fan caps, now these are start/run caps and I know from past experience that you...
  3. E

    UK Earth leakage issues.

    Hi all. Im looking for some help regards a massive earth leakage issue in a new i installation Its a little more complicated than this but its hard to explain. New board 16 way tails splits due to old board still i operation for new few weeks. Large 4 bed house. Pme system. Earth verified...
  4. 5

    Advertising issues

    Hi all, I live around Portsmouth in the south. I have been with Checkatrade for 8yrs. I work about 35 weeks of the year since I take kids holidays off. I do domestic gas, heating and electrical work. This year my Checkatrade subscription went from £995.00 to £1500. and with that the amount of...
  5. L

    Having issues with this wiring set up that is in an older house.

    I have a 2 gang box in my dining room one of them is part of a three way switch to the main light. I also have three recessed lights in that room that I was trying to run to the other switch. With all of that going on I realized the switch also had more wires all tied in together. I removed a...
  6. M

    Ceiling Light Issues

    I stupidly failed to take a picture of the original wiring and only realised afterwards that I had four earth cables and 4 black cables going to the older light fitting. The red wires were all in a connector block and tucked away in plasterboard. How do I determine what each black wire is to go...
  7. N

    Standy generator control panel issues

    Control panel attached to the standby diesel generator gets frequently damage despite of earthing of the body and separate grounding of the generator.What might be the causes to damage the control panel of the generator frequently during lightning sound and light rain condition? only backup...
  8. C

    Electrical Discrimination Issues

    I have an electrical installation in a garage. The supply from the house to the garage is protected by a 80 Amp 100mA RCD. When I use certain tools in the garage, mainly an orbital sander and a finger grinder the main RCD in the house trips and plunges the place into darkness, seemingly by...
  9. J

    Any issues with the new ENA process?

    I know the ENA introduced a new process for informing DNOs, previously it was OK to advise the DNO after if you were within the maximum demand up to 100A, but now this only applies up to 60A, and you must apply to the DNO ahead of installation if it's between 60 and 100A even if with the new...
  10. Gavin John Hyde

    Rolec and Tesla issues

    I install a lot of EV Chargers from several different manufacturers. Got a problem that is baffling me though. Fitted a Rolec unit yesterday, standard 32 Amp Type 2 Tethered non smart one as its not OLEV eligible. Customer has a Tesla S. Overnight it didn't charge. When we plug the tethered lead...
  11. Gavin John Hyde


    As most electricians know, if you are fitting ev chargers then 90% of the time you need to do it via the OLEV scheme for domestic customers and claim the £500 grant from OLEV or you just aren't competitive on pricing. OLEV now have such a backlog that from when you submit the paperwork to them...
  12. T

    USA led replacement issues.

    I am in maintenance at a factory. I have been replacing the mercury vapor lights with 2' by 2' led lights. I replaced one today, on the circuit, there was already an led the mercury vapor and a fluorescent. the led was working. the vapor was not. the fluorescent was flickering. when I plugged it...
  13. L

    Velux remote (battery controlled) issues

    Hi all. The short question... Can electric velux windows send a signal to a AA battery-controlled control pad that causes the control pad to quickly deplete the batteries? The details... I have three electric velux windows in my kitchen and two in my bathroom. All recently installed by the...
  14. NDG Elecs

    Premier elite 24 little issues

    Hi folks and wishing you all a lovely festive break.. Fitted a premier elite 24 panel recently. Few teething issues. The user manuals are atrocious and I have found other answers from YouTube and forums - namely LeeSparklyKent for saying to input the eng code twice in a row to access the...
  15. J

    Light fitting.

    Hey guys. I've fitted 3 LED chandeliers with no issues. Doing the 4th and having a big issue. Everytime I switch it off, the breaker trips. This one has 2 mains connections coming into the light as opposed to just one with the others. Any ideas?
  16. S

    Havin random breaker fault issues with my home where random circuits trip breaker with no pattern .

    So bought my house in june . When i moved in I hooked ac window unit in my bedroom it tripped the afci breaker for that circuit so I temporarily ran extension cord from spare room to my bedroom to solve the issue . After a week i decided to try hook ac up normally again . Never tripped breaker...
  17. Y

    Garage sub panel issues

    Hello, I’m having trouble determining the issue that I’m having in my garage. I have several shop lights, 110v air compressor, and a ammco 110v brake lathe. When everything is running At the same time, the double poll 60 amp breaker in my basement which is 65 feet away from my garage keeps...
  18. dlt27

    Agricultural Loading Issues

    Hi thanks in advance for any advice.. A long story, but have been asked to install new electrics to a new milking parlour on a local farm. The issue I have is that I am convinced the existing supply is not big enough, the existing supply is single phase and is installed about 30m from...
  19. E

    GFCI and 3 Switch Outlet Rewire Issues

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to upgrade my bathroom GFCI and 3 switch plate in a metal box with a new GFCI and switch plate, but I'm running into a couple issues with the wiring. The first thing that immediately jumps out at me is the fact that the neutral load white wire is grounded directly to...
  20. H

    Bathroom extractor fan isolation switch issues

    Hi I need some advice should I try to fix this isolation switch for the extractor fan or buy a new one. The switch part of the product has come off. It seems it was previously attached into the plate using some resin of some sort. Over time it became loose and has come off. I can manually insert...
  21. R

    Dimmable Light Issues

    Hi All. New member. I have a perplexing issue which I am hoping someone might be able to help with. I have two suspension lights which are installed. Both are relatively high-end LED. I have linked both of them below. Arrangements Square Small lamp | Suspension | Flos -...
  22. J

    Light issue

    I changed a light switch in my master bath that had 3 black wires into the switch. I kept them oriented in the same way on the new switch, but now the light in my hallway bathroom doesn’t work. Why is this ??? I haven’t changed any other wires and I have checked the breaker. House was built in 1977
  23. R

    LED don’t work

    Trying to replace 12v halogen downlighter with led but the replacements don’t work.
  24. D

    Hyundai dhy12500se Generator Issues with 1000w MH Lights

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could pass on some much needed help. The local rugby club have just built a floodlit area to use for training on. It consists of 3 12m columns with 1 Philips 1000w metal halide floodlight on each column with running gear etc with in the columns. The power comes...
  25. M

    Megger 1711 issues

    Evening - I went to turn on the megger today and was instantly met with a battery flashing symbol and it turned off. So I replaced the batteries with 1.5V Alkaline batteries that were new and the same thing happened! Before I loose it for a week to get repaired has anyone else experienced this?
  26. Gavin John Hyde

    Issues with expanding foam in heat

    Not a great fan but have had to use it recently to fill gaps before trimming. It seems as if the heat is stopping it setting properly. 2 different brands both sort of collapsed and ran out the gap leaving sticky residue. Rather than holding its shape the foam turns gloopy and runs. Anybody else...
  27. M

    Fluke 1664FC issues - Null - Low Batt - Err 5

    Hi There, Just invested in a Fluke 1664FC multifunction tester in the hope of gaining accurate - repeatable results but unfortunately it's not proving very accurate at all... Basic issue: New Energizer alkaline batteries in meter Meter in continuity mode Neutral & Earth non-fused probes...
  28. H

    12V DC Relay Issues (Diesel Engine)

    Hello all. I am having an issue with a 12V DC Relay I am trying to install to run a kill switch on a John Deere Diesel engine that runs a high pressure water pump. I have the relay wired in such that it will send power to the ignition when an electrical signal comes from a water sensor in the...
  29. R

    Issues with old-school sixties system

    Hoping someone can advise on this - driving my classic today, 2 years after rebuild including complete rewire and has done 4,000 miles with no trouble. The car has a typical sixties oil-filled coil, distributor, points replaced with aftermarket module, new AGM battery, new leads everywhere etc...
  30. S

    Fiesta - non start and lack of power

    Hi all, just wondered if anyone can help please. I'm currently trying to resolve an issue with a family members fiesta. It's 2004 and 1.4 petrol. When you turn the ignition on, at position 1 just the oil pressure light and door open light come on, nothing else. When you turn to position 2...
  31. Gavin John Hyde

    Is the forum experiencing technical issues?

    Logged on over lunchtime and kept getting this page. if i refreshed after a couple of times it loaded as normal - not sure if its a archived version or not though?
  32. Dengar

    Contactor issues on ceiling heater circuits

    Hi I looked at a contactor schneider ict 4 pole 400v 25a. The fault was a loud knocking noise coming from the electricial riser cupboard. I suspected one of the contactors was pulling in and out rapidly (this known as chattering?) I am hoping you can point me in a direction as I'm not...
  33. O

    Rewire Issues - Advice Needed

    I recently had the house (3 bed semi) rewired and have come across some things that are causing me concern. I’ve made the Electricuan aware but have not yet had a proper response so I just want to get some alternative “expert” opinion. Basically three issues. 1. The upstairs and downstairs...
  34. M

    Busbar & Tap off box - power loss & Over-voltage issues

    On one of my sites, I have a 6 rising busbars ( E & I powerbar) rated at 250 A connecting a tap off box with a Schneider 100A isolator feeding a 3-phase board with 16mm SWA. I have around 24 tap off boxes onsite across 6 busbars and the installation is approximately 6 years old. Over the past...
  35. L

    Another HIVE thermostat wiring issues

    Hello All, New Hive thermostat has been installed. When you run the hot tap the boiler kicks in to produce hot water. However when called to heat the rads it will not kick in to produce any heat. I expect it has been wired up incorrectly. From the fused spur I have....... L N E From the...
  36. S

    What Qualifications do I need to issues the 3 main electrical certificates

    Hello everyone this is my first post on this site and is one I have been wondering for a while (sorry if this have been posted before) Do I need the inspection and testing qualification to carry out and then fill in and complete the 3 main tests / Certs : Minor works, electrical installation...
  37. B

    IR/Night mode issues

    Looking for some help. I've just installed an 8 channel HIKVISION DVR with x 8 Govision cameras. Cable used is CAT5 and rj45 baluns to connect each end. All cameras are working and crystal clear in the daytime. When it comes to switching over to IR only 5 cameras are working. The others are...
  38. T

    Potential earth loop impedance issues for second floor flat

    Hello! After years of renting I'm currently in the process of purchasing our first property. We've had an offer accepted on a 1 bedroom flat in Surrey. However there are questions over the electrics, and knowing little about electrical wiring I'm a bit stumped on how bad the electrics are and...
  39. B

    Outside lights power supply issues

    I've just moved into a new house which has some outside lights fitted in the back garden, none of which are working. There's a wall mounted junction box which I opened to see if the supply was ok. When I measured it it's getting 6V a.c. between live and earth, and nothing between live and...
  40. C

    Hob Issues - RCD keeps tripping.

    We’ve just moved in to our new flat and the hob keeps tripping the RCD. I’ve checked the cabling behind the oven and can see the following. Oven is connected to a plug socket, this runs to a blanking plate that has the hob wired into it and then it runs on to a counter top red switch and...
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