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  1. S

    Fiesta - non start and lack of power

    Hi all, just wondered if anyone can help please. I'm currently trying to resolve an issue with a family members fiesta. It's 2004 and 1.4 petrol. When you turn the ignition on, at position 1 just the oil pressure light and door open light come on, nothing else. When you turn to position 2...
  2. Gavin John Hyde

    Is the forum experiencing technical issues?

    Logged on over lunchtime and kept getting this page. if i refreshed after a couple of times it loaded as normal - not sure if its a archived version or not though?
  3. Dengar

    Contactor issues on ceiling heater circuits

    Hi I looked at a contactor schneider ict 4 pole 400v 25a. The fault was a loud knocking noise coming from the electricial riser cupboard. I suspected one of the contactors was pulling in and out rapidly (this known as chattering?) I am hoping you can point me in a direction as I'm not...
  4. O

    Rewire Issues - Advice Needed

    I recently had the house (3 bed semi) rewired and have come across some things that are causing me concern. I’ve made the Electricuan aware but have not yet had a proper response so I just want to get some alternative “expert” opinion. Basically three issues. 1. The upstairs and downstairs...
  5. M

    Busbar & Tap off box - power loss & Over-voltage issues

    On one of my sites, I have a 6 rising busbars ( E & I powerbar) rated at 250 A connecting a tap off box with a Schneider 100A isolator feeding a 3-phase board with 16mm SWA. I have around 24 tap off boxes onsite across 6 busbars and the installation is approximately 6 years old. Over the past...
  6. L

    Another HIVE thermostat wiring issues

    Hello All, New Hive thermostat has been installed. When you run the hot tap the boiler kicks in to produce hot water. However when called to heat the rads it will not kick in to produce any heat. I expect it has been wired up incorrectly. From the fused spur I have....... L N E From the...
  7. S

    What Qualifications do I need to issues the 3 main electrical certificates

    Hello everyone this is my first post on this site and is one I have been wondering for a while (sorry if this have been posted before) Do I need the inspection and testing qualification to carry out and then fill in and complete the 3 main tests / Certs : Minor works, electrical installation...
  8. B

    IR/Night mode issues

    Looking for some help. I've just installed an 8 channel HIKVISION DVR with x 8 Govision cameras. Cable used is CAT5 and rj45 baluns to connect each end. All cameras are working and crystal clear in the daytime. When it comes to switching over to IR only 5 cameras are working. The others are...
  9. T

    Potential earth loop impedance issues for second floor flat

    Hello! After years of renting I'm currently in the process of purchasing our first property. We've had an offer accepted on a 1 bedroom flat in Surrey. However there are questions over the electrics, and knowing little about electrical wiring I'm a bit stumped on how bad the electrics are and...
  10. B

    Outside lights power supply issues

    I've just moved into a new house which has some outside lights fitted in the back garden, none of which are working. There's a wall mounted junction box which I opened to see if the supply was ok. When I measured it it's getting 6V a.c. between live and earth, and nothing between live and...
  11. C

    Hob Issues - RCD keeps tripping.

    We’ve just moved in to our new flat and the hob keeps tripping the RCD. I’ve checked the cabling behind the oven and can see the following. Oven is connected to a plug socket, this runs to a blanking plate that has the hob wired into it and then it runs on to a counter top red switch and...
  12. G

    Hi - spec lights issues

    Hi just wondering if any one else is having issues with hispec light fittings . The lights are microwave combined with emergency lights . We are having loads of issues with them not working properly , passives not working and lights staying on . Anyone else having problems ?
  13. R

    Phase convertor issues

    Hi, Has anyone ever experienced the following issue on a single to theee phase convertor. The issue only seems to be on initial startup in the morning, initial soft start is ok then change over, it sounds like its single phasing then the supply breaker trips. After 5 attempts it works ok and...
  14. stuarth

    Forum issues (with some extra characters)

    Hi Staff I am experiencing a bizarre doubling of the original navigation bar fully working in the header ad hook. So I get 3 fully working navigation bars :eek: Also the cloud flare is driving me nuts, takes way more that 5 seconds to change the page if it dose change the page, I have to keep...
  15. Karl Atkins

    3 phase domestic installation issues

    Hi, I have been out to a property 3 times in the past week to a country pile with a 3 phase supply that keeps blowing it's 100amp distributor fuse. The property has a pool house, a large garage with power, stables with power and a wooden annex type space also with power. I have taken off every...
  16. C

    HIVE - UT1 programmer and ES1 Thermostat wiring issues

    I have a British Gas installed Worcester 28i boiler with a UT1 programmer and ES1 Thermostat and trying to replace the UT1 and ES1 with Hive. ES1 The wiring for the ES1 is 4 wires Brown, Blue, Black and Green/Yellow. the black and yellow/green wires have red sleeves near the end. (All 4 wires...
  17. Gavin John Hyde

    NICEIC Online technical issues..

    Anybody else getting emails constantly updating them with the now not so new news that the NICEIC online certification site is still not working after they upgraded it? My email is now directing them to spam without any input from myself. guess Microsoft take the same view about them! I am...
  18. Gavin John Hyde

    issues with customer and cost of parking when on jobs!!!

    Walked out of a job today, customer lives in residents only permit zone in middle of town, I make it clear in the terms and conditions they sign that they will where required provide a permit for duration of works or they cost will be added to invoice. Bath has lots of zones where some are...
  19. G

    Parking sensor continually sounding. Ahhh.

    Hi All, Im new to this forum with an issue to solve if anyone can help. I have a Mitsubishi L200 with front and rear parking sensors and the front sensors have started an intermittent beeping sound while driving with nothing in range for normal activation. At times its almost continual. Each...
  20. littlespark

    Hotpoint washing machine with a couple of issues

    Fairly new washing machine with 2 problems. 1. When starting up a new wash, the motor turns the drum slightly. Repeats a few times, then runs as normal. Some form of starter on the motor failing? 2. The washing comes out after the program still wet. There's no puddles on the floor under the...
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