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  1. S

    Question regarding eddies currents 3 phase

    I have to supply a 3 phase + neutral circuit but I have to run it through a contactor. The contactor is 3 phase no neutral and will be bushed onto the left side of the board with 2 bushes (one for feed, one for load). The other side of the board is bushed onto some trunking where the load will...
  2. marconi


    https://www.empireonline.com/movies/reviews/the-current-war/ fyi :) M ps: Don't tell Duncan Norman
  3. James

    Commercial Lets Talk about Large Earth Currents

    I have a customer who called me in to look at a small electrical fire. They are a welding and fabrication company and have several welders operating on site. The circuit pointed out to me that had been on fire was a 3 phase 16A supply for a floor mounted crane. the crane is able to rotate on a...
  4. marconi


    I have spent some time reading into PV panels and inverters while trying to help with a current post on nuisance RCD tripping at a PV installation on a farm. I happened upon this technical paper which explains capacitive leakage currents from PV arrays and the trouble they could cause...
  5. Dobes_88

    Inrush currents and solutions......

    Good evening! Wanting to pick the brains of people more experienced in this field, approaching 2nd fix stage of an ongoing rewire where the client wants a shed load of lights throughout. What particularly worries me is the hallway and kitchen grid switches where there’s around 10-12 lights...
  6. D

    LED inrush

    I'm going to look at a job this week at a warehouse which requires replacing all the existing 6 foot twin fluorescent fittings with LED versions. They've requested the fittings are kept as they're relatively new so will look to bypass ballast etc. Not sure on the number but it'll be a few dozen...
  7. E

    PV field irrigation system using a 3 phase pump...

    Hi to all you solar chappies, Need a little advice on a 11KW stand alone PV irrigation pump installation. Not done much at all with PV installations and trying to get some of the information i need off the internet is proving difficult especially as it all takes loads of time going through...
  8. B

    Calculate 3 phase amperage

    How do you calculate your amps for a 3 phase motor starter
  9. R

    B type rcd's do you fit them ?

    I haven't come across many type b rcd's are they widely used yet ? Getting a new megger 1720 or 1730 the more expensive one (1730) States it tests them but the other does not Is it worth the extra cash ? I know the 1730 has Bluetooth and the earth electrode kit but I won't use them so it would...
  10. D

    Fault currents providing instantaneous disconnection/ thermal withstand of cables.

    HI. I have recently installed some circuits at work and i am having problems proving that the fuses will disconnect before the cables used get to their max permitted temperature. The two circuits are as follows: 1. 6mm L,N,E singles connected to a 32 amp HRC fuse...
  11. P

    Domestic type A RCD

    hi all, is there anything i should know about type A RCD's(RCD not MCB). i.e. testing, never come across them before. i'm told domestic charging points for electric cars are using them. any ideas what else they are used in.
  12. A

    Parallel feeder cable Question

    Hello All. Not been on here for a while, hoping you guys can help me with this one. We installed 185mm single copper core aluminium armoureds (2*185mm per line conductor each run 170m) to an MCC feeder. The intend was to use the aluminium armourings as the main CPC. My question is, how can i...
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