1. L

    Dimmer switch blown. Do I buy a new one?

    Went to turn on my dimmer switch today and heard it blow and saw a little spark. Now it won't work. Light just underneath it and all others work fine. Do I need a new dimmer switch? Here are a couple of images which might help. The switch is for my bathroom which has 3 bulbs (Photo attached)...
  2. J

    Blown Capacitor

    Hi I’m new to this forum hope I’m ok asking for some advice in Dublin Ireland I have a blown capacitor in a bench grinder/ polisher I was using it and heard a pop and some oil leaking out Took the capacitor out and I am having trouble finding one the same my question is do I need one the...
  3. J

    Hi there, Fisher and Paykel dishwasher Dw60FC6X1, has a blown resistor on the control module. Can’t recognise the bands!

    Blown resistor, how do I work out what it was to replace it?
  4. J

    Fuse blown and neutral wire sheathing melted.

    Hi guys, hope you can try to shed some light on what might be the problem. Basically nothing is new, all been the same for 3 years since we moved in but over the past few days when the dishwasher was on (or anything plugged into a socket in the kitchen) I noticed a burning plastic smell...
  5. C

    Blown Socket- Possible neutral earth issue

    Hi Members, This is my first post, I live in South Africa with similar domestic DB set-up as UK & Australia. Yesterday, we had a kettle blow the receiver socket in the kitchen and this tripped the earth leakage switch, I am trying to see if I can fix this, I have sa fair degree of knowledge...
  6. P

    Gate control and intercom - fuse blown but why?

    I have just purchased a new video intercom system which consists of an outdoor unit with key pad, camera and RFID access and then a 7 inch internal monitor. The monitor is connected with a 12v transformer plugged into the wall and then an RJ45 Ethernet cable running back into my home network...
  7. J

    Any Ideas Whats Happened To This Switch?

    Hi All, This morning we had a power failure of our shower. When I took the switch off the wall to check for any issues I noticed a section on the load side had "blown" for want of a better word. I'm assuming its something to do with overheating but not sure - any advice? Thanks, Josh
  8. O

    LED lights have stopped working in filament fitting but have not blown

    Hi there, I've had LED bulbs in a filament fitting for the last year where they've worked fine. Suddenly they've stopped working but the bulbs themselves have not blown and filament light bulbs work in the filament fitting. I would rather use LEDs so can anyone suggest what the issue might be...
  9. S

    Estate Agents says Fit For Purpose

    I have no idea if I am in the right place but am in desperate need of advice. I would describe myself as a competent DIYer (installed a Scantronic alarm system last week) but when it comes to electrics I let the experts handle it. We have just started renting a house which is just full of...
  10. J

    Mains cable blown out on two products

    Hello, Could anyone please identify what has caused this kind of blow-out on a 3-core flex? One is from an electric blanket and one from a heated pillow type thing. I think both cables are the same though, probably the same factory. The 500mA fast-blow fuses inside the controllers and the 3A...
  11. Paul Haynes

    Advice Needed - Lights blown after fitting

    First off I'll say I'm not an electrician at all, I'm just a guy who bought a house and tried to fit new lights in the hallway. So I found that out of the two light sockets, one had the usual three wires (blue, brown and yellow/green) whilst the other had two of each of those wires, so 6 in...
  12. A

    Chasing sockets brick blown

    Hi guys, I’ve chased out a hole for double socket and noticed that some of the brick is about to crumble out. Only chasing for 25mm back box. Directly on the opposite side of the wall is a single socket which I intend to change to a double. (Single has 35mm back box) therefore the two sockets...
  13. J

    X3 isolator switches blown for zip inline water heater

    Hi, Got sent to a job today at student halls of residence. They have had 3 45 amp isolator switches blow in the last month for the zip inline water heater. As shown in pictures, the water heater is being fed by a B40MCB and then in to a 45 amp isolation point above the door, then to the heater...
  14. telectrix

    hedge trimmer no work. extension lead fuse blown

    wonder why fuse blows as soon as i plug it in (says customer). 3 taped joints in cable. is this why we call it Destroy It Yourself? it'sonly 2 wires, what could possibly go wrong?
  15. W

    Blown through the air? (Mail Online Article)

    Not sure if anyone's seen this article, apologies if someone's already posted about it.
  16. P

    Voltage present when fuse has blown with no continuity.

    Can anyone help with the below, there's probably a simple explanation but it's driving me mad. Why I would be still measuring 24v DC at a 24v motor terminals after the fuse had completly blown? And there being no continuity across the fuse at all? This was also the case on the terminals of a...
  17. A

    Two Lights One Switch Trips Or Blows Every Time

    Hi All! I'm currently trying to add some lights into my garage. I brought a pair of LED fluorescent style lights but am having trouble with them. I've managed to get them to light up but every single time I switch the light switch it either blows a fuse or trips the breaker on the board. I...
  18. Morris19911

    Blown kitchen appliance switch

    Hey guys got a switch that blew it's a ring circuit just for kitchen appliances, I've got fridge/freezer, cooker hood, washing machine and tumble dryer on the circuit, in the kitchen I've got a 2 gang switch which then has 2 separate sockets spiring off for the appliances. Now bearing in mind...
  19. E

    All the top floor lights have all gone out but the bottom floor lights and plug sockets are fine

    Hi everyone, Yesterday my sister switched on the bedroom light and all the lights o the top floor went out! there are six lights in total and none of them work at the moment. The lights on the bottom floor work and all the plug sockets on both floor's work fine too. I know next to nothing about...
  20. H

    Low voltage halogen stops working but bulb not blown

    Hi, I've got 8x 50w 12v halogen lights each with individual transformers in the bathroom. Two of the lights occasionally stop working. If you pull out the bulb and re-seat it, they start working again. The bulbs are fine. Only they stop working again in a few days and you have to do the same...
  21. S

    LEDs blowing - how to stop?

    Hi all I have some 5mm LEDs in my car headlights which automatically come on when the vehicles ignition is turned, for some reason some of the LEDs have blown and now sure why, they are all 12V rated with resisitors fitted as standard. What I put the ignition to the first click they come one...
  22. S

    Fault query!

    My shed has a supply off it's own. Inside is an old 2 way consumer unit, which feeds two circuits one lighting & one sockets circuit. Anyway to cut a long story short, checked the freezer today and it doesn't seem to be working at all. There is power going to inside the connection area but from...
  23. A

    Domestic Blown Bulb Now Fitting doesn't work?

    Hi All, I have been asked to take a look this evening at a light fitting which blew its bulb now doesn't work with any new bulbs. Going to check the obvious first ie: switch, terminations, voltage at fitting etc.. anyone had any experience with this and got any advice on what else to look out...
  24. E

    blown main fuse

    just started a rewire and the main fuse has blown. whose job is it to replace this? do i get the customer to phone their supplier? or get one from the wholesalers?
  25. D

    Odd fault on ring main....your thoughts please!

    Called out to repair some cabling today. Cable Tv guy has drilled through the ring main cables, completely severed one and nicked the insulation on the other. Old metal clad CU with 4 rewirable fuses, all found intact but the 60A main fuse had blown. Hacked out the scene of crime and decided to...
  26. Toonlad

    My fused test leads.

    Yesterday i was doing our companies niceic assessment, so prior to the visit im thinking new test leads. So im all primed ready to go, hits the first site, whips all my gear i am ready to test. 1st test ZE... (usual practices----safe isolation , voltage indicator blah blah blah) About to...
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