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Hi there,
I've had LED bulbs in a filament fitting for the last year where they've worked fine. Suddenly they've stopped working but the bulbs themselves have not blown and filament light bulbs work in the filament fitting. I would rather use LEDs so can anyone suggest what the issue might be?


are they 230v led lamps or 12v downlighters?
if you could post a pic of one of them it would help.

also, is any sort of dimmer involved or are they switched direct?
So you've been using LED lamps (BC or ES [B22,E27]) in a fitting (How many in the fitting?) for the last year and nothing has changed during that time?
The LED lamps have not 'blown' because you have tried them in another fitting and they have worked?
Conventional filament lamps also work ok in the said fitting?
Have you tried any replacement LED lamps in the fitting?

I had a similar experience on a job whereby 2lamps (LED) of six lights suddenly stopped working after approx. 3 months. They were ES lamps and found that they had 'loosened' enough to loose connection so if yours are ES try screwing them down that bit more as may have loosened in their holder.
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I've been using LED E27 (240v 12W) lamps for the last year and they just suddenly stopped working in the wall mounted fittings for no obvious reason. Image attached of the lamp type. The 2 wall mounted fittings are controlled by a single switch and there is space for 4 lamps per fitting. I've had 2 lamps in per fitting for the last year.

I've tested these lamps in another fitting and they've worked perfectly, the fitting being a standing lamp with space for a single bulb. I've bought new LED lamps (E27, 220-240v, 9.6W) and they do work in the wall mounted fittings but at a much reduced output (compared to how they work in the standing lamp fitting I've tried them in). This result is based on one LED lamp in each fitting.

I've tried putting one of the original LED lamps (12W) in place of the new LED lamps (9.6W) in the wall mounted fitting which makes the 12W LED flicker manically and stops light output from the 9.6W new bulb.

Thanks for your help with this

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Forgot to say, conventional filament lamps also work in the fittings (based on one filament bulb in each fitting). I've tried screwing them in tighter but that hasn't worked unfortunately
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Can I ask if there’s a dimmer switch in the circuit somewhere?
They can make LED lamps flicker manically, as you put it.
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there's no dimmer switch, cheers


It can be the centre contact of the lampholder is not making proper contact with the lamp, as @DefyG has already mentioned. These lamps and lampholder, sometimes have different dimensions. Can you provide a pic of the lampholder. Could be a simple case, of pulling up the centre contact, with the supply to the lamp disconnected of course.
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