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  1. S

    LED bulbs on even when switched off at wall

    Hi all, I recently bought and moved into a house and set about changing all the halogen bulbs with 4W non-dimmable LED bulbs. Upon doing so I discovered that when I switch the bathroom lights off at the wall, instead of going off they just become about half as bright as they are with the wall...
  2. I

    Who am I and why in EF

    Hello everyone ,Attention pls:handpointright: It's a great honor to be here:handwaving: Here is Ivian from :lightbulb:lamp factory P.R.C. If you have any question of lighting installation that I'll reply ASAP try my best. Not only is me yep we have support engineer be professional. That...
  3. K

    Issue with having all LED spotlights in bathroom, 2 must remain Halogen

    Hi, I have 6 spotlights in my bathroom, when I moved into the house 4 years ago I replaced all 6 with LEDs but they wouldn't work, turns out I could only get the lights to stay on if 2 Halogen bulbs remained (1 on each end of the bathroom). Recently one of the 2 Halogen bulbs has died and now...
  4. A

    LED bulbs flickering with time lag switch

    I live in a condominium with a staircase lit by 9 LED bulbs of 10-11 w each. The bulbs are controlled by a time lag switch produced by Hager Electro, with 3-wire connection. Several months ago the lights started flickering, or even fading for several seconds and then going up again, in the timer...
  5. R

    Replacing halogen GU5.3 with LEDs - tried twice and failed - help please.

    Hi, I have a hob extractor with 2x halogen MR16 / GU5.3 light bulbs. The transformer inside it is this one: https://www.fiyo.co.uk/media/catalog/product/cache/19/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/9/1/91057250.jpg (230/240v~ 0.26A~ 11.5v~ 60W max - 2 x GU5.3 20W lights) I have tried to...
  6. EricMark

    Is there a protocol like 5 - 20 mW for LED bulbs?

    The LED bulb needs to pass a small amount of current without lighting, be it because of inductance or capacitance of the fed cables, or to drive the electronics for electronic switches, I had assumed if the bulb states dimmable then it will allow more to pass without flashing than one which is...
  7. H

    USA What is this?!

    This Bulb is attatched to a pendant style light over a center island. What style is it and whats the best route to replacing it?
  8. Darren Evans

    Buzzing dimmer and LED lamps

    Morning chaps! Advice needed please. Is there a tried and tested combination of manufacturer(s) for reducing the annoying buzz from dimmer connected (dimmable!) LED lamps? In the particular example I am having right now, I have 5 lamps on one dimmer switch, 3x ES and 2x SES. One or more of...
  9. EricMark

    LED bulbs and price.

    Fitted new 8 bulb fitting using SES (E14) bulbs, wanted as bright as I could get, Homebargains had two candle bulbs at 470 lumen both same make, 6W at £2.29 and 5W at £1.29 why? Seems wrong way around.
  10. captaincaveman

    Do MR16 Led bulbs require a LED driver or a transformer?

    Hi guys, Quick question regarding 5x MR16 (Gu5.3) Led bulbs in downlighters. The customer used to use halogen but has moved over to LED. They had stopped working due to a faulty 12v transformer I've just replaced the transformer with a constant voltage driver (1-25w) but with any more than 3...
  11. M

    Domestic Dimmer switches and LED Bulbs

    Hey folks, I just wanted to check something. I have 3 x 4W LED light bulbs on a 400W dimmer switch. I’ve read all this stuff about making sure the dimmer Wattage is right for the LED bulbs but it doesn’t say anything about the dimmer Watts being to high? Would this affect the Bulbs? They...
  12. N

    Domestic E14 candle led bulbs base getting hot.

    Hi guys...bought so E14 5w 470lm candle type bulbs today to replace some that were loosing the brightness. I was quite surprised to find the plastic base gets quite hot cant keep your fingers on them...the glass part is not overlay hot. And for some reason after fitting they need a further 1/2...
  13. B

    LED bulbs not blowing in one fitting but not in others

    Hi - I'd appreciate some advice please. I've just replaced all our G9 Halogen bulbs in the fittings in our living room to LED versions - 16 in total. The fittings are called Tugel (Dar Tugel 6 Arm Semi-Flush Ceiling Light - Satin Chrome - Lighting Direct -...
  14. M

    New pendant light fittings with Led bulbs blowing MCB and RCD after 30 mins/hour

    Ok, so I have replaced the two ceiling roses in the lounge with two pendant light fittings with 4W Led Calex bulbs One fitting has two sets of twin and earth connected, the other has just one set of twin and earth (I assume this is a slave from the other fitting) I had the lights on for about...
  15. L

    12v ES LED Bulbs and Garden Lights

    I've been searching for a 12V LED lighting setup for my garden and have just come across this forum - and I hope that someone can provide some advice. Specifically, I'm looking for lights to light up a patio area. It's an area of about 6m square and I'm thinking of using 4 wall lights (two each...
  16. D

    wiring led household bulbs - parallel of series

    Hi, looking for some advice. I'm doing a DIY project for a vanity mirror, with bulbs along the top of it. Each bulb is 7w. I've got some 5 port wago connectors, and have wired it with the live, neutral and earth from the plug connecting into individual Wagos. Then each bulb holder has a wire...
  17. S

    2-way circuit issue

    p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica; color: #454545} p.p2 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica; color: #454545; min-height: 14.0px} Hi there, I’ve just moved into a new flat with a two-way circuit in the hallway. For some reason using two large LED...
  18. T

    Faulty LED GU 10's

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could shed any light onto this problem. Whilst doing subby work on a bathroom install, the owner of the house asked me to have a quick look at her kitchen lights. There was a 4 lamp spotlight bar type fittings. Apparently shes changed the LED GU10's about 3...
  19. JamWatts

    Watts whats - maximum wattage ratings for incandescent - what about LED's

    Hello all, This question has always puzzled me - hopefully you will be able to help? I'm looking at replacing my main lounge light, as it's current light low voltage transformer has failed - so I want to replace it with a mains voltage light, to prevent any more transformer issues in the...
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