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  1. N

    Emergency spots, connection advice

    Hi all, A client has kindly changed their mind on the emergency light they are using. They want to me to install these https://www.channelsafety.co.uk/emergency-lighting/all-led-downlight-products/glade-1w-led-downlight/ I’ve used these quite a lot and I’m most casss they are a good job, I...
  2. EMMEC


    Guys . iv got an upset situation. My sister in law lives at deep north and she ordered an EICR for her small flat. there was to far me, and she was very hurry so ,she ordered an company " APPROVED BY ......" to do this task.. just to be sure if everything is ok, I asked her for an email with...
  3. F

    Swapping single spots for triple spots (no earth)

    I recently moved house and the previous owner decided to replace the original 2 ceiling lights in the living room with single spots. These produce a terrible amount of light! I'm planning to replace each spot with a triple cluster, so I brought 2 of these: Saxby EL-20095 Travis Triple IP44...
  4. D

    Domestic Down lighters on photocell and PIR

    A friend has asked its possible to put 3 spots in a bulkhead outside his house so they're dim between dusk and dawn then turn on full when movement is detected through a PIR. I've searched for a dimmable photocell but haven't had any joy. The spots will obviously be IP65 and will be LED, again...
  5. S

    Spot light install above a pot belly stove

    Has any one installed spots lights above a pot belly stove ,my fear is the heat will affect the led spots and even to a certain degree the cables may get affected above the ceiling Im installing a small mf ceiling to allow for spots I have attached a pic of setup minus mf celing which I will...
  6. S

    Help with pricing!!!

    Hi all, im finding it hard pricing jobs lately, im so worried with people not wanting to spend much money and cowboys undercutting. finding it hard to balance between making a fair wage and pleasing customers. im currently debating over this one, please let me know if you think im over pricing...
  7. richy3333

    Looking for advice/ideas for a visually impaired customer

    Hi. I have a new customer where the wife is visually impaired. Apparently she is registered blind but has severe restricted tunnel vision. I have the EICR to do next week after which I will be meeting with the couple to discuss the findings and meet the wife. The house has not ben habited for...
  8. pushrod

    PIR advice

    Hi, when doing a pir on a house what do you do when coming across these situations preventing you getting an R1+R2 or Zs? 1) you can't access 5 or so ceiling spots because they have been helpfully siliconed in place and taking out will cause damage. and 2) You come across mains spots that...
  9. Farmelectrics

    pir code

    just carried out a pir on 3 bedroom semi hager split phase board rewired 2000 the instalation is of a good standard and all readings comply with bs7671 few problems found were 3 bedrooms upstairs all with brushed crome spots looked in loft neat job done with cabling all into lighting jbs but no...
  10. P

    Customers from hell.

    I wired an extension for some very posh customers recently.I put the first fix in which included loads of spots throughout the house.I left all the cables for the spots above the plaster board ceiling and made a drawing telling me where to drill my holes. After i finnised i took less than half...
  11. M

    Dimmer Flicker

    Advice Please.. Installed a 1 gang double dimmer powering, on one side, a triple 3x50w halogen ceiling fitting. On the other side it powers 2 separate 50w halogen switched wall mounted spots connected part way down the line at a simple junction box housed in the roof-space. The two separate...
  12. pushrod

    tenant's right to see minor works certificate

    Background Had a phone conversation with my son who is away at college and just moved into recently converted rented accomodation - The other day he turns the light switch on and there is a brilliant blue flash across the room coming from one or more recessed ceiling spots, also a flash and...
  13. L

    Domestic 2 way lighting circuit with 2 banks of spots

    :confused: Hi, Just wondering if anyone can confirm what i already fear....I've been fault finding for a friend as i am part qualified. He has a 2 way lighting circuit in the kitchen controlling 2 banks of spots and some under counter lights. The under counter lights are ok but the spots have...
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