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  1. Stevetheaviato

    Did anyone struggle to complete there nvq level 3 because the company they work for doesnt provide the right kind of work ? Or is this corse simple en

    Did anyone struggle to complete there nvq level 3 because the company they work for doesnt provide the right kind of work ? Or is this corse simple and is there anything that was difficult in your experience?
  2. B

    Two light switches have fallen off (plastic broke), do I need to call an electrician or is it a simple fix? (I'm DIY)

    Two light switch buttons have fallen off of the switches. If I place the switch back in place, I can switch the light on and off, and I can see where the plastic on the button has broken. Is this something I can simply replace by buying a replacement button, and clicking it in place, or should I...
  3. N

    Manage to create simple lock from car parts

    Hi looking for advice about electrical connections with car locks, below are photos of lock and device locking may someone tell me what I doing wrong because it not work . Basic car lock brown and grey cable when I switch it positive and negative cables from battery it close when I swap them...
  4. E

    Simple Solar Powered Pump w/ Rechargeable Battery

    Hi Everyone, My aim is to build a simple solar powered pump with a rechargeable battery to water plants. The idea is to use a 6V 1W Solar Panel connected to a TP4056 (protected) to charge a 18650 Lithium Ion Battery. On the output is an MT3608 2A Boost Converter to step up the voltage to a...
  5. R

    Domestic Simple screw up, need advice on wiring

    Hi folks! new to the posting forum but was a lurker. I am hoping mind is simple and just not simple to me. i have a solarium. Outside we’re 2 motion detector lights that didn’t work. One on the side, one on the front. Inside the solarium are floor outlets. They used to work. but, when I decided...
  6. C

    Not So Simple Timer Install Question(s)

    So I am needing some assistance, and hope someone here can help me out. I will do my best to explain what I have and what I am wanting to do. I have a water pump (to my well) which comes on when pressures in my holding tank reach a certain level, that is pretty simple. In addition to this, I...
  7. C

    Power to tail light problem

    One of my tail lights remains on permanently. When l switch it on it turns off. The other tail light works as it should. Can someone please help?
  8. M

    Whats the furthest you've travelled for a simple job?

    I have to travel from Bristol to near Edinburgh in Scotland on Monday, all just to look at a motorised satellite dish on a hospitality trailer that is not working...... I would so love it, if I find out its just a loose cable... Im not so sure on the economics, however as a good employee, I...
  9. Litoral

    Domestic Video and simple comparison between the shortest and longest day of the year

    To explain easily the difference in power generation from winter to summer. Might be useful, I hope it helps
  10. A

    Domestic Simple domestic CCTV system

    Hello, New member here, I have been on plumbers forum for a while and viewed this forum plenty of times. Just looking for a bit of advice on a CCTV system. We have had a few thefts in the area recently and I am looking at fitting one. Probably looking at about 4 cameras as we live in a semi...
  11. M

    Would any one be willing to fill out a simple survey

    hi all I was wondering if members would be willing to help a piece of research on the subject of the state of electrical systems . Training, and inspection and testing I would be great full if you would send me an email address I can send the link to , it is on the survey site SurveyMonkey ...
  12. W

    Electrician "Simple" Dimmer installation

    Hi there. I am attempting to install a dimmer switch to replace the current one-way flip switch. The switch turns on/off simple ceiling rose. On the dimmer switch have matched the RED Common wire and the black wire to L1 as the flip switch had it. The metal box is grounded. However, after...
  13. N

    Please help smart people! Battery and cooking simple question...

    Hi there Thanks for taking the time to read. I am hoping that this will be a very easy question for knowledgeable guys and girls like yourselves. My question is short and sweet; Could I run an electrical hot plate off of a large battery source? I have included links at the bottom giving...
  14. D

    simple kitchen Light fitting

    I’ve changed an upstairs light before with success, now I’m changing the 2 kitchen lights, currently the living room light or kitchen light won’t come on now, everything else ok. I changed how was before. 1st pic is the old fixture. 2 black wires to blue/neutral, should be ok Green yellow to...
  15. mhar

    So simple, so frustrating

    Does anybody know of a make of crocodile clip to fit on standard test leads (in my case Metrel) which do not leap off the terminal as soon as you a) look away or b) press the test button on the meter.
  16. Baddegg

    I’m sure it’s something simple but I can’t work it out....

    Hello all help please! Simple job change light... Got live lighting feed into Bathroom (not sure where it’s fed from yet,not looped from previous light so in hidden JB somewhere) 230v l-E 0v N-E 24v L-N but cannot get light to work? Tried spare pendant and bulb from van still not working...
  17. Vayerr

    Domestic Need Help with Light Switch Change

    Hello, I need some help changing a straight forward light switch in a UK new build house. I have no experience or knowledge of electrics what so ever. I know there's live, neutral and earth/ground and that's it. With that said, please explain anything in most basic baby English so I can...
  18. M

    Domestic New consumer unit -I think I've done a very simple 'stupid' - help please.

    I've just swapped out an old consumer unit for a new one - like for like in terms of circuits. One lighting circuit will not set. I've disconnected the earth on that circuit and it still won't set so I would appear to have a live-nuteral short. However I did nothing to that circuit at all...
  19. alexander jackson

    Make it simple for Dummies.

    Gentlemen and Ladies (if present). Is there anywhere that can explain in simple English some of the tick boxes in the test schedule for a new installation. For the most part they make sense but some are (to me ) a bit difficult to follow. Perhaps someone has compiled a 'For Dummies' style...
  20. G

    simple FCU question- turning off

    A simple question with hopefully a simple answer! We have a switched 13A fcu which controls an external RCD protected double socket. I can leave this on constantly and without anything plugged, it turns half off so the switch is level. I can turn it back on and it works fine What could be...
  21. F

    Simple question about installing motion sensor

    Hello, I have a simple problem, but I can't seem to find how to solve it. I hope someone here can help me out. I have a lamp that is connected to 2 light switches. I wanted to replace 1 light switch with a motion sensor. In the previous switch 2 black cables arrived and 1 grey cable left...
  22. S

    Simple relay for secondary pump circuit

    I am looking for guidance on adding a second pump for the underfloor section of my central heating. I am using a blending valve for the UFH supply by teeing off the main boiler feed into the 3 way valve and then to the pump and UF circuit valves (2). I am ok with the wiring I simply need a relay...
  23. Pete999

    Simple job, no sweatxxxxxxxxx

    Did a job today for a chap simple job swap 3 lights for LED 4 foot batons, wire 5 13amp sockets 4 inside 1 external all in a garage, clipped direct, nice you would think. Well it isn't so nice now, took me about 6 hours, by the time I was finished I was nearly in tears, not from problems, but...
  24. Dave OCD

    Pictures of simple jobs done properly.

    I was thinking as per thread title why don't we post up some pictures of how we do the simple common things, would be interesting to get different views and also show the people new to the trade how things ought to be. I'll start off with a simple 3 plate ceiling rose pendant that my son did...
  25. G

    Simple FCU and Socket Question

    Hello Just looking for some advice re an FCU. I have an internal FCU which controls a single external socket. Need to add an additional external socket about 6m away from the existing. Best way to do it. Thanks Gary
  26. P

    Can you earth to ground rod with bigger earth cable than the tails ?

    Quick one. Tails are 10mm. Earthing cable from rod to earthing block inside the CU is 16mm. Where i am, we have the tails in, everything RCB protected and then the earthing cables from the circuits/appliances etc into the earthing block. On my CU, the earthing block is a bank of 'quick...
  27. B

    Replacing External Photocell

    I live in a small flat complex that has a number of external lights that are controlled by "SS4" type plug in photocells. One of the cells has failed permanently on, as they normally do. Is it ok for me to change the cell, without incurring the wrath of any regulations or building inspectors...
  28. B

    Focus 1.8 tdci spluttering

    My Trusty focus started to misfire and splutter as I was overtaking (uphill on a motorway) ended up dropping back and engine run as normal. problem got gradually worse suspected a burst pipe or seized turbo motor, a quick check said nothing amiss. Ended up driving like a sunday school teacher to...
  29. L

    Distribution board checks

    Hi I have a question regarding switch boards and distribution boards. We have an existing switchboard and we want to use four spare ways in this to feed three new tp & n distribution boards. One for lighting one for small power one for security services. My question is what calculations have to...
  30. J

    Commercial As installed drawings

    Hi guys, I've been asked to supply an 'as installed' drawing of an installation I recently carried out to include the position of the sockets/lights and mark up the EM lighting Ect... I'm no expert on CAD drawing but was wondering if there was a simple...ish program I could use to do the...
  31. V

    two circuits in one mcb.

    Hello Just opened up a consumer unit, to find two circuits (lights and extractors) coming out of one 10 amp mcb. This isn't right is it? What should I do come the time to test and record results? Where would I write them down? I've always thought its 1 fuse/breaker per circuit? head...
  32. R

    Domestic Advice on Shower Repair

    Hi All, I was hoping you'd be able to advise whether or not this is as simple a repair as it looks to me? I have some electronics experience, but in a thoroughly amateur capacity and nothing on any home appliances beyond re-wiring a plug. Our shower has made a popping noise, followed by a odd...
  33. M

    Removing and Refitting a BS EN 60598 Circuit Plug

    Hi Folks! First post! And hopefully it helps people in the future. I have designed a desk lamp that I intend to make a sell a batch of. I have already decided that, to avoid the pitfalls of a non-registered electrician like myself wiring up a light circuit (although it would be simple enough...
  34. happyhippydad

    Is this work notifiable?

    Morning.... I usually have a very clear idea over what is notifiable and what is not, but I'm not sure with this one! If a consumer unit is fed from the main consumer unit, is the change of just the 2nd CU notifiable? I realise the 'new' part P states 'change of consumer unit' as notifiable...
  35. T

    led tape light ip rated- clipped not sticky back

    Anyone know where I can get this from?
  36. I

    rcd trip

    why would 2 rcds trip at the same time on a dual board
  37. J

    Contactor to switch an oven

    Hi Guys, Apologies if this is a basic question for most of you, but i haven't had much if any experience with contactors. Basically we have been asked to quote to fit a timer to an industrial oven (63A) so it will switch on at 4am and warm up before the bakery opens so they can get on with...
  38. D

    *Help please* Adding a light to an existing 2 way circuit

    Hi - very new to this forum but having had a look at some of the previous posts - this is probably the best site for me to get some help. I have a lighting circuit i my garage (1 light activated from 2 switches) and i need to add an additional light to this circuit. I think it is as simple as...
  39. E

    How much would you charge for first fix socket points. No materials

    Basically theres a basement and hall. 25m by 10m. and first floor is quarter size of hall. some rooms on each floor. Big area, high ceilings. All im quoting for is putting in wires and twin/single boxes and sheething/clipping them to the fuseboard. Its all new block walls so no chasing. Just...
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