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  1. Electrokids

    The Principle Work of Electrodynamometer ( Revision advice needed if some information are wrong)

    Electrodynamometer Electrodynamometer is a device that we can use for measuring volts, current, and power. But mostly this used for measuring power in the circuit. For the construction of electrodynamometer wattmeter we gonna need some important part for this stuff to work. Moving coil...
  2. happyhippydad

    Stroma assessment information

    I've just had my yearly Stroma assessment. The assessor 'nice chap, firm but fair type', let me know that over the next 2 years the CPS side of Stroma will be completely taken over by Napit, although Stroma have 3000 people on there CPS schemes so it may take longer. The point he was making is...
  3. U

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Working without Certificate ? (Need Information)

    Hi dear friends, Firstly sorry my english skill if it's bad:) I've a special condition and need some more information. I've a company in my country (registered sub-contractor of GE, ABB, etc.) and provide automation engineering for high and medium voltage systems. But for some reasons I moved...
  4. P

    Security Lights Information Needed

    I'm the Security Manager on a mine site in Sierra Leone. We have to fit LED floodlights to the perimeter to light up the site, so that you will be able to at least see any intruders moving around at night, and if possible, identify them as well. The mine is an underground mine/decline, but the...
  5. T

    All information about BMS

    Good day everyone. Last week I started an internship at a company that established BMS systems. I don't know much about this field. Previously I worked with PLC, industrial 4.0 and industrial maintenance and repair. We use SET as our program and our controls are Trend controls. I'm doing my...
  6. B

    Advice and information

    A bit of background info. I live in a flat complex, approx. 6 mths ago some building work was carried out which necessitated removal of some external light fittings pending full completion of the work. An electrical contractor was employed for the removal and making safe, until the work was...
  7. Davehaywire

    Awa cable? Any information would be helpful thanks

    doing an eicr I noticed the cable feeding the service head on 3rd floor from ground floor is a 1x25mm awa cable From the service head 3rd floor it’s your normal tails to dB in flat So the awa cable is being used as below The inner core used as line The outer sheath (unsure on mm size of this...
  8. Z

    Just some technical information

    Hello to you all. I have some needed input of a solar setup since im not too savvy with installing any. My question is regarding the consumer unit side and how the solar is connected within the consumer unit. I have come across installs in the past but not taken much notice on the connection...
  9. A

    current 2391 course information

    hi, currently doing 2391 course and getting told on a periodic that the only tests you have to do as minimum are zs and rcd, anyone else been taught to do this. tutor shows guidance note 3 and in as way you can relate to it but jut doesn't sound right signing a house off after only being there...
  10. buzzlightyear

    has any body try to send you information

    had a email from a client asking me if I could look at some plans . I normally pick up the plans from customers, he has sent them through drop box ,how strange .he then asks me to give him my number ,now that is very strange, if he has sent me an email then he should know the house number and...
  11. G

    Electrical information

    Hi all, I have got my essential electrics qualification so I can carry out safe isolation. I wanted to know (for my own personal use) if there is a resource (other than on here) for cable sizing, adding spurs, cable clipping etc. Would it be in the 18th edition or an NVQ book? I think I want to...
  12. Rpa07

    Webinar from Megger information

    This came through by email. May be interesting to some to know how initial injection testing on LV circuit breakers is carried out. Obviously I don’t know all about the webinar so don’t beat the messenger. You’ll have to register with Megger to be able to take part. Do NOT press the register...
  13. happyhippydad

    Conflicting information from AICO!?

    A customer has asked me to stop there AICO heat detector from beeping. I was about to give them step by step instructions to change the battery as it has an alkaline battery in it. AICO instructions state how to change the battery therefore the battery must be changeable? It is not the lithium...
  14. M

    Looking for information on compressor electrical items

    Hello All, I'm currently trying to revamp a 3ph 200l compressor that has most of the electrical equipment missing. I found this site by researching 3ph to 1ph motors. Some excellent info on here so I thought I'd join. I'm a mechanical fitter by trade although I have worked on electrical devices...
  15. S

    Confused by information I have been given

    Hi Guys, Just for clarification as I've been told so many different things, what qualifications do I need to become a fully qualified electrician? I currently have my city and guilds level 2 qualification and I have 17th edition which I will be updating to the 18th I am also doing my level 3 at...
  16. the pict

    from where do we gather information for SPD,s

    Amendment 1 of the 17th Edition requires electricians to conduct a risk assessment of properties to see if they require surge protection. Who holds such information ? the DNO, oh yes the people that you cant get on the phone because you need to go through customer services and select option 105...
  17. T

    re-wiring house, basic information needed

    Hi Can someone explain me step by step what electrician should do before he will start work in house. I found the electrical work should be registered at local authority. But an electrician told me he dosen't have to do this. In house he will installing new distribution board, re-wiring all...
  18. sajeel

    useful information for electrical form filing

    Not all my own work, one member posted a few years a go, however was unable to reply to post as i believe was locked by admin. Admin please move if in wrong section, have not been here for while. New updated form attached should contain everything to complete pir and eicr forms, open to ideas...
  19. DC-backfrom the past

    fed up with mixed information from comaonies re domestic applainces

    below is the details supplied re an oven ive been asked to provide an isolater for Amperage Information The maximum current in amperes the switch will carry continuously. Please consult a qualified electrician for power supply wiring requirements and to see if this product is compatible with...
  20. T

    Czech guys would like to become an electricians in England

    Greetings gentlemen, I am 25 and i am finishing my Masters degree in June. After that, i would like to go to England with my ex-schoolmate from high school to work as an electricians to learn english, practice, meet a british culture, earn some money and maybe start a new life. Informations...
  21. Pete999

    Pete's Videos For information and comments if you like

    Like the title says
  22. M

    Pricing information needed

    Hi After some great feedback from another topic, I thought I'd throw this one out there, I'm new to this so this has probably been brought up before. I'm moving to London, of course pricing will be different, Alot of my work has been fixed price over the years but now gonna be different...
  23. T

    Newbie looking for information

    Hello, My name is Tom and i am new here. I am not sure if this is correct place to ask this question so sorry if it is not. I am 28 years old and never worked as electrician and don't have any experience in any trade and never been on site but i am on college program to become electrician i...
  24. P

    2357 portfolio information

    hi chaps, Does anyone have a list of what is required for the lv3 2357 portfolio? I haven't started the course yet, just want to get a head start. Cheers
  25. Marti

    A mine of untapped information :)

    Sitting here in a comfy Ikea Poang with the lappy. Full of cold so relaxing and researching; the ECS card, tools, training, skills, advice, the reg's and everything else I have been meaning to read-up but never got the time. This forum is a goldmine for newbies. From the bottom of my toolbag...
  26. M

    Need information for qualification

    Hi all. Still I am confusing. I have got the attached document from UK NARIC. I do not know what professional title I have with this document in electrical industry? Apprentice, trainee, etc? Can someone tell me? What is the counterpart of this in the electricity industry : a standart between...
  27. T

    SJIB (Scottish) Certification Scheme Sjib card information

    I am writing to inquire about the steps I need to follow to apply for SJIB card, as a graduate of Mircea cel Batran Naval Academy, Constanta, Romania. I will have finished university by the end of June 2017, having a degree in electro-mechanics and electro-technics engineering. Furthermore, I...
  28. Anthony_wayne

    Electricians arms...

    evening folks, How do I get the sufficient privileges to gain access to the pub?! I couldn't see a "contact us" page. Thanks in advance Anthony
  29. S

    Scottish 17th electrician looking for advice

    Currently working self employed for different companies through agencies. I would like to go solo in the long run and would like help and information on what i would need to aquire to do this in the right way. My back round is commercial and offshore but i feel i have the ability to adapt to...
  30. P

    Emergency lighting qualification

    Hi, Was just wondering if there is any specific qualificatuon required if I want to in install emergency lighting in a new shop? Any help would be much appreciated Peter
  31. D

    Trainee Domestic Electrical Installer looking for work experience

    Hi Guys, I hope you're well and merry Christmas. I am a trainee domestic electrical installer currently doing my 17th edition (weekends) and am looking for work experience with electricians on a weekday basis. I am currently based in Grays, Essex, but am happy to commute around Essex, Kent &...
  32. haptism

    Install designs

    When you design an installation and install it, is it a requirement to forward a copy of all the calculations (for cable calcs for example) to the client ? If so, is there a generic name for such a document and should it include anything other than cable calcs? If so anyone have any templates ...
  33. PLW

    Can anyone recommend and useful website or books?

    Hi there guys I am a trainee electrician and I am wondering whether any of you can recommend any websites or books that can simplify and give me a more basic understanding of electrical installations and their components as I am finding some aspects of my course a little overwhelming?
  34. i=p/u

    Form filling info

    Has anyone made an updated sheet for form filling or direct me to the old page
  35. A

    Newly retired - Architect / Plans Reviewer / Electrical inspector

    Retired to finalize the repairs to the tornado damaged house here in Rowlett Texas USA. It was hit December 26th (Merry Christmas) 2015. It is nearly complete 98.9%. I am trying to stay involved and continue the Practice of Architecture and my plan review and electrical inspections. I am always...
  36. C


    Hi. Just on looking for a bit information on the 2395. Have it coming up soon
  37. Dan

    What would you like to see on members profile pages?

    What would you like to see on members profile pages? They're quite generic and boring right now, we can have a few more areas for perhaps what qualifications people have, or whatever....? Just thinking out loud.
  38. W

    Scottish electrician looking for information on windfarm work

    Hi Scottish electrician here interested in a change looking to try and obtain work on windfarms. Has any one any information of any company's that take on UK sparks in this field also any courses that I would benefit from I'm in the process of booking the basic courses I.e RUK/GWO fire...
  39. N

    Mig welder

    Hi guys, I've gone to a job and the customer has a 5-5 split Rccb board, and there shed is wired from a 32amp mcb. But when the welder is in use it trips the RCcb the welder is brand new. What could be the cause? Cheers
  40. J

    Ways to further my career as an electrician?

    A little bit about me; I'm 22 years old and have an NVQ Level 3 17th edition. I went into an apprenticeship straight after school at the age of 16. After 3 years I am now qualified with an aditional 3 years experience. I'm now starting to think about my future and I want to explore what choices...
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