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  1. L

    Please help with powering garden pool filter

    Hello All, I need help with powering a garden water pump. I need a transformer but don't know which one. Please check the picture. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. 8

    Building Control - Extract fan with filter?

    Evening all. Note sure about this one: I have a job of new circuits to install for a new domestic extension - nothing fancy. It has a ensuite shower / toilet on the new install, 2 walls of the en-suite are internal to the extension, 1 wall backs on to next doors extension (touching), and...
  3. P

    Do others filter the potential time wasters?

    I am sure there are far more time wasters contacting me than a few years ago, or is it just me being grumpier in older age. I think I'm usually good at sussing out the time wasters and I would say that around a third of the people who contact me I don't even arrange to quote them as I believe...
  4. Midwest

    Vans, diesel engines & DIESEL PARTICULATE FILTER (DPF)

    This subject has been mentioned before (wirepuller talked of it), but it won't hurt to mention it again (Fawlty Tower Style!) for those thinking of a new van (or car). I've been looking for a new used vehicle; was thinking of getting some sort of Chelsea tractor, one of which was a Discovery...
  5. Chainhurstman

    Domestic Waterproofing the U/V electric assembly of a pond filter.

    Three of my older pond filters have an integrated U/V assembly in the filter lid, which is raised well above the level of the water in the filter and therefore never intended to get wet (at least, all the while that the lid pipework itself remains sound). One, unfortunately, overflowed, so...
  6. D

    EMI/RFI Noise filter

    Noise filter will be in between wall 240V and device. If the device is rated at 10AMPS then what AMP noise filter is required? Is it 20% above device rating? regards.
  7. J

    Need Help At Four Stroke Combustion Engine

    Hi, I’m making a training tool/website to help people learn about engineering, but I’ve got a bit of a problem. I was working on 3D model of an engine and labelling parts etc. but there is one piece whose function I do not known (see below image). I’ve asked around but no one I know seems to...
  8. O

    BT Email and BT Spam filter

    This is a bit of a long shot but can anyone give me a clue as to the "workings" of the BT spam filter? We have 4 BT accounts - 1 each plus a generic family one. Yesterday I forwarded an email from the generic one to my son ..... it didn't arrive. It wasn't in his spam filter. So I logged on to...
  9. B

    Focus 1.8 tdci spluttering

    My Trusty focus started to misfire and splutter as I was overtaking (uphill on a motorway) ended up dropping back and engine run as normal. problem got gradually worse suspected a burst pipe or seized turbo motor, a quick check said nothing amiss. Ended up driving like a sunday school teacher to...
  10. E

    Telephone Line Question

    Not sure if this is in the correct section Hopefully someone can help me with this one So recently rewired a house and included was some additional telephone points. All cables installed correctly away from mains cables The telephone points are wired in cat 5e There are two slave points and...
  11. I

    Domestic Garden Supply trips RCD

    Hey everyone, this is my first question post so please go easy on me :) My parents have a pond in their back garden, it has a pump and filter in it which is powered from a mains supply from the garage. The RCD on the house consumer unit tripped a couple of days ago and wouldn't reset untill...
  12. H

    Shower Problem.

    Was sub contracted in by a plumber to replace an electric shower. Old shower was going hot and cold intermittently. Plumber assumed the shower was knackered and told me to replace it like for like. No cable installation just a straight swop. Also as soon as shower was turned on lights in the...
  13. S

    What conduit for pond filter flex?

    Hello, I have a pond filter, that has a short (3-4m) run of flex to a junction box, and I want to protect it, but can't decide on the best conduit. The flex will be discreet but not buried, and will run with the hoses from the filter across a flowerbed. (It's at risk of boots & hand trowels...
  14. T

    Commercial Generator and UPS

    Hi all. Hoping somebody can help with an issue I'm having at a school I do maintenance work at. They have a geni with auto transfer switch and ups providing back up to the IT equipment and phones. The ups works fine when geni is disconnected, but as soon as the geni fire's up the ups goes...
  15. B

    Alarm question

    I don't know if I'm going blind but I can't see the alarm section, so thought I would post here instead. I've fit a texecom veritas alarm with texecom auto dialler, now the problem is i need to filter the auto dialler (slow internet)and as I've hard wired the telephone cable directly into the...
  16. C

    Phone/ Internet problem

    Hello, Please could someone help me please. I have recently installed a couple of external cat5 cables to a garden office. One cable to run internet data from a modem/ router in the house. The other for a phone. I connected up the internet connection using a couple of rj-45 sockets. All works...
  17. S

    3 Phase SCR (thyristor) for duct heater

    Hi, One of my project require to use thyristor for duct heater, but my client requirement is 1.thyristor should modulate output power through zero crossing and phase angle control 2. active harmonics filter to minimize THD to less than 5% 3. thyristor and active harmonics filter is compatible...
  18. S

    Domestic RCD Tripping

    Circuit: - 17th edition board with 30mA RCD Pond pump circuit is a 16A MCB feeding double pole FCU with 3A fuse, this feed an electronic immersion heater timer, this is connected to a pond pump/filter unit via SWA. Problem: - RCD trips every time the pump switches OFF What is connected to RCD...
  19. E

    Plugging in an old Garden Pond Filter to the house mains.

    Hi All, Sorry I am a bit clueless so on here for advice. We recently moved into a new property where the previous tenants left a number of fish in the garden pond. Wanting to maintain it, there is an old looking pump, seems to have not been used in quite sometime. The main body of the pump...
  20. A

    Harmonic filter problem ---- computer harmonic analysis using EasyPower software

    I will just apologize to everyone in advance because of my English,, as well as for long post, I just don't know how shorten it :o.. I'm expirencing some problems (that are more "theoretical" nature) with harmonic filters.. I can't seem to find how to properly calculate the values for...
  21. P

    Washing machine tripping rcd

    Hello chaps, going to a job on monday where the clients washing machine is tripping the rcd during its cycle, never came across this problem yet just wondering if anyone had any pointers
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