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  1. E

    UFH / S plan diagram

    Could somebody run their eyes over this diagram and let me know if I’m about right. I’m new to UFH and UH8 in particular. It’s a viessmann vitodens 100-W. Two S plan systems and UFH.
  2. D

    Safety relay circuit diagram for a robot cell. Please Help

    so i have been given this diagram and no explanation on what nay of it does, its for a safety relay for a robot cell it says this: 'Safety relays can made up of 3 relays (CR1-3) to ensure redundancy and cross monitoring, and can be applied to the following applications: ■ Emergency Stops ■...
  3. D

    Not to sure what I'm being asked by 'a schematic diagram of the controller connected to a conveyor'

    Hey, I'm a bit confused to what I'm being asked for a question that is: Task 6 As an alternative to the AC system in task 5, you have also been asked to produce a...
  4. D

    ATS schematic diagram

    Hello guys, hope that somebody can help me with reading ATS schematic. So far, I know if there is a voltage coming from normal supply via Q61/1 a coil K1 will energised and the voltage will come to X21:1 (on ATS). If, some conditions are fullfiled D01 and D02 will close and YC of CB1-N (if...
  5. S

    adivce on controller electric diagram

    Hi guys, I am not receiving any answers from the manufacturer so I have come here for your expertise. If you could please look at the electrical diagram and help me understand. there are 5 dry contact switches present. including for Level sensor and Alarm. with the existing configuration my...
  6. littlespark

    Haygain wiring diagram

    I’m looking for a wiring diagram for a Haygain hay bale steamer. Wondered if any of you fine people have worked on one before. I’ve emailed the haygain company, but nothing back yet. My customer replaced the heating element himself, but didn’t take any notice of the wires on the switches when...
  7. Z

    Wiring diagram??

    Any help for wiring diagram ???
  8. E

    Starter Electrical Diagram

    Hello Everyone! I'm a French new member and I would like to have a STARTER electrical Diagram which include : -Solenoid -Electric motor Can you help me ? Thanks you!!
  9. J

    wiring diagram just does not seem right

    i have been told the cable running inbetween two 50amp fuses should be 16mm i cant fathom this as a 6mm swa cable is rated to 62 amps, am i missing something here? thankyou for your time
  10. T

    Cooker hood fan wiring diagram

    I need to replace a fan in a cooker hood. It is a CHK90SS, but the existing fan has been disconnected from the 3 speed fan switch. Does anyone have a wiring diagram of the connections from the fan to the 3 speed switch on the front of the cooker hood. Any advice will be much appreciated
  11. James bishop

    Tnc-s diagram with a light?

    Hi, come up across this question, 'With the aid of a diagram draw and label a tn-cs system including a light'. do i just draw a Tnc-s system and then add a circle with a X. any help ty.
  12. M

    Assignment advice - wiring diagram

    Hello Please could someone advice me on how I can improve this basic wiring diagram.
  13. B

    Loft Light - Please Check my Diagram

    Hi, I am fitting a loft light off a spur from a new junction box. The junction box has the terminals laid out in a line and most diagrams I have seen have them laid out in a circle. I just wanted someone to give this crude diagram of mine a look over and check I have got the switched live...
  14. A

    Two Lights One Switch Trips Or Blows Every Time

    Hi All! I'm currently trying to add some lights into my garage. I brought a pair of LED fluorescent style lights but am having trouble with them. I've managed to get them to light up but every single time I switch the light switch it either blows a fuse or trips the breaker on the board. I...
  15. P

    Barn electric diagram help

    Hello all I hope you don't mind me asking and posting my diagram for a electric setup in a building. I'm sure to most this is very straight forward and can be worked out quickly it will take me a lot of head scratching and trial and error but due to the working height and length involved I'm...
  16. G

    Check my wiring diagram

    Hi I am training to an electrician. I am working as an electricians mate. I have been asked to draw a wiring diagram, would anyone check my diagram and see if there are any obvious mistakes please. We will be wiring it Friday, obviously it will be checked by the electrician I am working...
  17. L

    Wiring diagram assistance...

    I have a piece of industrial bakery machinery (bread moulder) where the stop button works shortly after starting the machine, but after say 30 seconds or so the Stop button no longer works. The Emergency stop button works fine though. It's a 24vDc control circuit. So the Stop button itself...
  18. A

    dimplex storage heater

    Hi Can anyone get schematic diagram of the latest quantum storage heater? It looks complicated for me. :) Thanks
  19. Jamchiv01

    Simplified S-Plan and Y-Plan Wiring diagrams

    To anyone that finds a use for these:
  20. M

    Y plan with additional two port valve

    Unvented y plan system with additional 2 port valve overheat protection. I'm trying to find a wiring diagram for this set up. Has anyone got one please?
  21. 123

    Heating: Worcester Bosch Combi Greenstar Etc Wiring Diagram

    123 submitted a new resource: Heating: Worcester Bosch Combi Greenstar etc Wiring Diagram - Heating: Worcester Bosch Combi Greenstar etc Wiring Diagram Read more about this resource...
  22. 123

    Heating: Worcester Bosch Combi Greenstar With Zone Valves Wiring Diagram

    123 submitted a new resource: Heating: Worcester Bosch Combi Greenstar with zone valves Wiring Diagram - Heating: Worcester Bosch Combi Greenstar with zone valves Wiring Diagram Read more about this resource...
  23. 123

    Heating: Valiant Ecotech Wiring Diagram With S Plan

    123 submitted a new resource: Heating: Valiant Ecotech Wiring Diagram with S Plan - Heating: Valiant Ecotech Wiring Diagram with S Plan Read more about this resource...
  24. 123

    Heating: W Plan Wiring Diagram

    123 submitted a new resource: Heating: W Plan Wiring - Heating: W Plan Wiring Read more about this resource...
  25. 123

    Heating: Modified S Plan With Timer Relay Overrun Wiring Diagram

    123 submitted a new resource: Heating: Modified S Plan With Timer Relay Overrun - Heating: Modified S Plan With Timer Relay Overrun Read more about this resource...
  26. 123

    Heating: Maxipod Wiring Diagram

    123 submitted a new resource: Heating: Maxipod Wiring Diagram - Heating: Maxipod Wiring Diagram Read more about this resource...
  27. M


    hi every body. need to make connection of a schneider contactor LC1D40A with schneider RM17TG20 phase control relay. need to how to wire between these two to make the relay will trip the contactor when single phasing happens in 3 phase system. schematic diagram will difficult to understand...
  28. happyhippydad

    Wiring diagram for solar power, incorporating an inverter.

    Afternoon, I am about to install a solar panel on my shed and wondered if someone could explain where the inverter should be connected from? Most diagrams show the inverter connected to the battery (pic1), but some show it connected to the load terminals in the charge regulator (pic2). I am...
  29. J

    Industrial Roller shutter door motor wiring diagram

    Hi We are looking to replace an existing roller shutter door motor with the below Garog motor and wondered if anyone had a wiring diagram for this? Make: Garog Type: ULA25EE V 400 A 1.0 KW 0.5 RPM 28 PH 3 HZ 50 IP 44
  30. M

    Nest thermostat

    Hi I was wondering if anyone can help with, which wiring diagram I need to connect my best to my Worcester Bosch 15:19 heatslave? Thanks
  31. D

    Angel eye switch wiring question

    Hello, thank you for your time. I am currently doing a mod on my washer, I am installing and air pump. I do not want it to run all the time so i am using a switch to choose when I want it to run. The switch doesn't turn the pump on, it just closes a live supply to a relay which is switched by...
  32. H

    Domestic Dimmer confusion

    Apologies for what I am sure will turn out to be a noob error/misunderstanding, but I've done all the tests I can think of and cant make sense of what I'm seeing... Basically I have a 3 lighting zones (13x GU10 downlights in total), each using one of the standard 2way dimmers that make up a 3...
  33. B

    Where's best to obtain wiring diagrams for an American vehicle

    Evening all, Long story short:- My dad has just had an aftermarket parking sensor kit installed on his corvette, is there anywhere that you know of that I could get the wiring diagrams (legally please)? So far as I can tell. . . The rear sensors are okay (wired to reversing light), & only...
  34. G

    Pir override wiring diagram

    Hi all. I'm looking to incorporate a switch to an existing pir floodlight, to have the option of motion sensor or permanently on - could anyone point me to a wiring diagram for this? Ta.
  35. S

    Pulverizer control panel circuit diagrams

    Does anyone have any circuit diagrams for pulverizers like this one Pulverizers PM ZERMA They always come with original dedicated integrated control panel but this time there will be custom made control panel just for the main motor. I don't know what are the requirements for start up sequence...
  36. B

    Paperwork & diagrams to go with certificates

    hi there, sorry if this has been covered before, But Im just about to go out and take the big step and go on my own, i just wanna know what paperwork or diagrams you guys normally put in when you hand over the certificate, do you make a folder up with every thing in? if any one could be...
  37. P

    Wiring Diagram. Tecalemit two post lift

    Hello, I am in need of a wiring diagram for a Tecalemit two post car lift. As for the model I don't know because all it says is tecalemit and Siebe. The control unit has a ON/OFF Isolator and UP/DOWN switch on the side. I basically need to know how to wire the mains supply into it. two limit...
  38. D

    anything wrong with my wiring diagram? 2x PIRs lighting contol

    Hi all, would you be able to confirm the attached diagram will do the described scenarios? Original diagram https://www.dropbox.com/s/fp4td333alpe335/800px-MultiPIRandLampCircuit%20Original.gif?dl=0 Amended https://www.dropbox.com/s/vkbpfwp7atlc9vs/800px-MultiPIRandLampCircuit.gif?dl=0 I'm...
  39. S

    S Plan Plus - Wiring Diagram

    Hi Guys I currently have a combi boiler with a single prog stat wired direct to the boiler. I am putting in UFH in my kicthen diner and have to zone off using an S Plan Plus config. I have a Worcester Bosch boiler. I have drawn up the attached wiring diagram, would anyone be able to verify...
  40. J

    Please help me how to read schematic of diagram ACB?

    Please help me how to read this schematic diagram of ACB at the attach file below. VA1-TATL-00100-E-M7-DSD-0001
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