1. N

    ECU and Engine Management Light Behaviour

    How can I find out how the engine management light is set to behave on a 55 Fabia 1.2 (BME engine)? The ECU is a Siemens 03E906033AB. Is there documentation anywhere that is accessible? An unhelpful VW/Skoda say there is no documentation, the secrets being locked into the ECU, but then the...
  2. I

    How much electricity will Vauxhall Combo Van engine generate ?

    Hello , I have a Vauxhall Combo Van , if I put a split charger or some other way pull out electricity, how much would it be ? will be in the range of 4KW ? I want to run a coffee machine on the van. Any help is great, Thanks
  3. Dan

    New search engine is in place

    So a couple of people have mentioned to me before now that the standard MySQL search system we have on the forum isn't up to much. It's partly due to the size of the content it's searching, and partly just due to it being a basic search system. Now we are running Elasticsearch which is the...
  4. H

    12V DC Relay Issues (Diesel Engine)

    Hello all. I am having an issue with a 12V DC Relay I am trying to install to run a kill switch on a John Deere Diesel engine that runs a high pressure water pump. I have the relay wired in such that it will send power to the ignition when an electrical signal comes from a water sensor in the...
  5. B

    12 volts out when Engine Start

    hi, I want my car stereo can power when the engine start, not when the panel lights turned-on. in short I want the car stereo power when there is an engine acceleration. with that wiring I can also top other wires for example my dc electric fan. what are your ideas? suggestions?
  6. W

    Veg oil system control design help.

    hi all I'm working on a veg oil conversion for our (1997) 110 defender and have some ideas of how I'd like to control it but my auto electric knowledge is poor and I was wondering if anyone could help? I've contacted a few auto electricians and no one wants the job. I have bought a stack pro...
  7. S

    Vintage car, new indicators and relay very erratic when engine is running

    Restoring a 1938 vauxhall DX positive earth 12v Installed indicators and a relay works fine with the ignition on but flash very erratic when the engine is running 12V ELECTRONIC INDICATOR FLASHER RELAY POSITIVE EARTH GROUND 2 or 3 PIN OPTIONS | eBay -...
  8. J

    Need Help At Four Stroke Combustion Engine

    Hi, I’m making a training tool/website to help people learn about engineering, but I’ve got a bit of a problem. I was working on 3D model of an engine and labelling parts etc. but there is one piece whose function I do not known (see below image). I’ve asked around but no one I know seems to...
  9. E

    Domestic Help with inverter for Motor home.

    Hi I am buying a new Motor home, & want to do away with my generator. I know that running an inverter draws a lot of power from a Leisure Battery. I found this site that recommends connecting a pure sine wave Inverter to the Engine battery, rather than the leisure battery. I only need to use it...
  10. B

    hot start problem

    I have an annoying problem with my Chevy Camper. When it is cold the starter turns nicely. When it is hot, the starter turns very very slowly and occasionally it will fire up. otherwise I have to leave it for ten minutes or so. I fitted a new starter and a new heavy duty battery and new...
  11. Leesparkykent

    Guy Martins Speed

    Did anyone watch it last night? 700BHP engine and 160MPH in a transit van that he had wrote off a few months earlier. Well pleased with himself that he managed to do 100k miles on the same set of brake pads lol.
  12. Dan

    Do Any Of You Remap Your Vans To Get Better Mpg?

    Wondering how many of you remap your vans to get better MPG or torque or whatever...?
  13. C

    Voltage issues

    Hi got a r32gtr and having voltage issues I've tested alternator direct 14.5v tested battery 12.6 battery has been relocated into boot but I do a voltage check engine running 13.2 at batttery if I connect meter at connector in engine bay for battery live and earth to body 13.2 if earth to...
  14. Y

    Car Battery Advice

    I drive a 2-1/2 year old Suzuki Crossover (S-Cross), 1600 petrol, automatic transmission. The other day I left the headlights and radio on with engine not running, and after ~20 minutes the radio quit and the engine would not star. Jumper cables got me started again, and since then no problem...
  15. T

    Analogue Dashboard

    Is there anyone on here able to build me a custom clock set up for my project as its past my capabilities as I dont want a fire best consult an expert, hence why Im asking on here ! Thanks :punk:
  16. C

    Auxillary battery

    HI've got a motorbike which has a split charge system to power a very small 1.3Ah sealed lead battery. This is used to power emergency lighting when the engine isn't ruining. The battery is now dead, I'm not sure if it's through being completely discharged and not recharged for a while (when...
  17. P

    Mobile DVR Powered From PC PSU?

    Hi, am looking for advice on powering a mobile DVR for a car from a pc power supply, I have seen/read this being done with a car stereo. The connections I have are "9-28VDC" "engine switch" and "GND", would I be right in saying that the 9-28VDC and the engine switch will go to the 12v out let...
  18. D

    12v Switch

    New here so I say hello. Some advice on car 12v please. I want to fit a dual volt and amp meter in my dash, and have one with the appropriate shunt. My expectations are, when the engine is off it will show the state of the battery. When the engine is on it will show the active volts and...
  19. T

    overseas work

    prob somewhere I should have posted but I couldn't find it!!!! Can anyone direct me to an agency that is worth contacting for overseas work? All the ones I can find on the net seem to be a pile of bull. cheers guys matt
  20. I

    vectra battery light

    vectra 2.0l diesel 03 plate my brothers vectra the dials kept dropping and battery light flashing on , few weeks later it happened again and stayed on so he called out the RAC And the boy told him it was the alternator so he got one from the scrappys and got it fitted , a week later the same...
  21. T

    Domestic My Mercedes C Class runs battery down while parked

    I bought brand new battery and put it into the car, didnt drive the car for 3 weeks as use a company car and was away from home for about week and half. When i went to take the car for a drive and enjoy her, the battery was as dead as dodo. Got battery replaced and have now taken to leaving the...
  22. M

    why we use generator control module G.C.M.....?

    HI, friend,... i wanna ask you buddies why we use generator control module (GCM)....? and where are we need generator control module....? and what function is that...? i wanna know complete knowledge about that...? if some know about that so please tell me... thanks advance mateen uddin...
  23. S

    Petrol generator frequency

    I'm considering buying a used petrol generator but there seems to be some confusion as to what the output frequency is, 50 or 60 Hz. Is there any way of finding out the output frequency of a generator? If it did turn out to be 60 Hz, could it be changed to 50 Hz, and if so, what needs to be...
  24. S


    Hi Guys, As work is quiet, at the moment (unless you are MCS and in that case your going to be really busy for a few weeks) I'm getting around to writing my own website. how many of you guys have written your own websites? had one written for you by another company? what sort of responses do...
  25. K

    Generator problem/question

    Hello Electricians here. I have a Prob/question and am hoping that someone can shed some light over here. I have a small portable generator driven by a petrol engine. 2 outputs = 220v and 110v But the generator will not generate, I have checked the wiring I can and all switches seem ok ...
  26. Paul.M

    The best place I've worked so far.

    After a bit of a shocker this afternoon I was asked to go down to a storage yard to look at a water heater in a mobile catering kitchen. Ok its on my way home and I'm not the type of man to knock work back, let's have a look. Glad I did, It's a converted fire engine so I felt like a big kid...
  27. N

    scariest moment at work

    Come on guys you must have had one here mine : working on lighting conductors at a castle ,not the one on the island the other one not saying where , replacing damaged sections of the tape beautiful sunny day cut it out put in a new piece bolt together test and jobs a good one move on to the...
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