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  1. L

    Electrical help

    You I have 3 wires coming to my electrical pannel i have 2 hots a uncoated silver wire n another wire. None of which r hooked up to pannel yet. I know the 2 hots go to main breaker n then the silver wire goes to ground but there is no common. White wire. Now i have the box wired to where the bar...
  2. CokeCanBrad

    UK Am2 Breaker Selection

    Hi I want too do my AM2 In the future. I want too know the breaker selection for the circuits in the AM2, an acceptable answer (for me.) will be from a recent am2 Passee (successful candidates only.). The circuits are as Follows:- D.O.L Starter, with motor. Carbon Monoxide Detector Ring Final...
  3. Gavin John Hyde

    Private rental EICRs are coming soon

    Just seen this.... https://professional-electrician.com/news/sparking-safety-in-the-private-rented-sector/ So come June/July we will have drive by dave doing them for £99. It's like that around here now with hmo and house buying EICRs. It sounds good on paper but unless there is a system to...
  4. M

    2391 coming up any advice?

    Hi guys week after next I have my 2391 and was wondering if anyone had any advice on what to expect, tips, links to websites that might help or any links to any other threads. Cheers guys
  5. S

    UK Wiring emergency lights

    Hi Guys, how would you wire three gang two way switch for emergency lights so you have 3 feeds coming to the switch aswell as 3, 3 core and earth going to the light aswell as 3, 3 core and earth being strappers to the others 3 gang two way switch new to electrics so help would be appreciated cheers
  6. Dan

    UK How to create a directory listing and make it rank well in Search Engines and get phone calls coming from it!

    Hi everybody, I've setup the new tilers directory and started to transfer old listings over to it. But it's doing my head in now. So I'll show you how to do it instead. Do it in these stages and you should get traffic to your listing from the forum and whatnot. The listings I've done on...
  7. Dan

    Please add your electrical business to our directory, it's free, and should get you calls coming in

    Please add your electrical business to our directory, it's free, and should get you calls coming in @Lou and I have been working on the electricians directory for a week or so now. And we're pretty much complete. We now need you guys and gals to add your businesses to it for us to tweak it some...
  8. C

    Domestic 110v leaving electrical meter.

    Hi all, I recently done an EICR on a property. It had a few repairs, one of which was no RCD protection on sockets which could be used outside. Because I had carried out insulation resistance tests etc and knew everything was clear, I opted to just replace the main switch with an RCD main...
  9. Dan

    Uploading videos directly to threads coming soon!

    With this forum version, I'll be releasing features every couple of weeks. The next one that's coming is the ability to upload videos directly into threads. Should help in places videos are better than pictures to get a better understanding of where a cable comes from and goes to (hard to tell...
  10. J

    Need some advice ! can I spur off a kitchen single socket that is coming off a fuse spur ?

    A friend has added a socket off the back of a single socket that is coming off a fuse spur in the kitchen will this be ok ? Thanks for the help
  11. N

    Help with changing a light switch...no "plate" just wires coming out of the wall....

    Hi Everyone!! As you can probably tell by the question I am definitely no electrician :) I wanted to change my light switch as I broke the old one...I purchased a new light switch but it was flat whereas the old one was more of a box. I tried to attach the wires following a youtube video but...
  12. S

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma assessment coming up.

    Morning all. Got my initial Stroma assessment coming up in a week or so. I’m guessing I’ll be verifying chosen circuits with dead & live tests. I’m tying myself up regarding my lighting circuit. The reason being, I’ve done all my loop in loop out etc at switch; this also includes extractor fan...
  13. A

    Help! Am2 coming up and need help with the s plan

    Hi everyone, my am2 is fast approaching and i need help with understanding how s plan wiring works. I understand the different parts in the system and how its wired but i cant seem to figure out how the solar sustainable element fits into the system. Also can anyone let me know anything else i...
  14. R

    1.5mm coming from a 20a isolator

    What is people’s opinion on 2.5mm swa entering a rotary isolator and a 1.5mm swa leaving on a 20a mcb? Having a bit of a discussion with a colleague.
  15. P

    Plug with cable coming out front

    Does such a thing exist? Instead of the cable coming out the back of the plug, it comes out the front? Basically I have a wall socket and need to run an extension lead vertically up, as I HATE unsightly cables I want to try and do it neatly but of course a normal plug would need to run the cable...
  16. D

    Buzzing sound coming from LED downlights

    Hi, I've recently put in a completely new wiring system into my house. All the circuits are working as they should but the 2no. light circuits in the kitchen are making a buzzing sound. The downlights are the Ansell Prism colour selectable LEDs. I have these across the entire house and the...
  17. D

    Help needed am2 exam coming

    Hi all, Just wondering if anybody has any infomation that could be helpful as i am taking my am2 in the next couple of months. Many thanks Simon
  18. D

    light keeps going out

    Hi there, I'm looking for advice about a problem I keep having in my bungalow. The light in my bedroom keeps failing. It happened last year, the electrician put it right but it's happened again so I think there may be an issue that the electrician missed. I'd like to ask if anybody has any...
  19. Zdb

    It's coming home

    Come on England!
  20. R

    Am2 Monday Coming NEED some guidance on motor circuit testing etc...

    Hello all Sparkies, Ive got a question how would you measure Zs on the installation at the origin? Even though the install is “dead”. How do you test the motor circuit as in IR and Zs etc? Would you test the 3 phase IR from the supply to the contactor then do the same from the load side to the...
  21. Lip.82

    Changes are coming, what do you all think

    Just wondered what you all think about one of the changes to the regs. Having to install an earth rod when changing a consumer unit.
  22. M

    200V DC coming down neutral from a bathroom fan?

    I was looking for an insulation resistance problem (house full of crap and owner insistent on not getting a full rewire done, just replace the problem parts), and I found that the old bathroom fan is switched from the downstairs lighting circuit (bathroom light switch connects to the...
  23. E

    Voltage regulator which regulates voltage coming our of a DC Generator

    I need a strong voltage regulator that is used to regulate the voltages coming out of a continuous DC generator. Four poles of high current currents that connect with the thermometer to output a 24 volt voltage to the load. Control by magnetic coil files controlled by an automatic voltage...
  24. A

    Smoke coming from electric meter/fuse box area

    Hi just a question, this morning I noticed a 2 gang socket had no power to it, went to check the fuse box/electric meter in the cupboard... and there was a lot of smoke coming out from somewhere? Its not smoking any more. The 2 way gang socket is completely dead. All other outlets seem fine and...
  25. C

    Diesel vans and the coming tax

    Hello guys Moving forward giving the daily charge of £10 in most large cities to drive a diesel vehicle what are you doing in the wake of this?
  26. Spunkywads26

    Hi all. Been out the game for over 15 years. Now coming back!!

    Hi all. New to the forum. I completed my apprenticeship back in 2000 and then left the industry in 2001. I've been to Northumbria Uni for Building Services (BEng) and then worked in my family business as a scaffolder for 15 years. Since my father passed away last year I've lost the love of...
  27. B

    It's all coming back now . . .

    Hello Ladies and Gents, Apologies it has been a while since I last used the forums (changed career twice, and had a new member to the family). I have returned to the domestic sector, and I must say, things have not improved:-
  28. T

    Clear stuff exuding from neutral terminal on Immersion element

    Hi, got this request to look at immersion heater. Customer says there was a burning plastic smell coming from immersion element head, he looked and saw clear "stuff" coming from the blue terminal. I asked if the cable looked burnt and he said no. So I was thinking of going with some butyl and...
  29. Pete999

    Pete's Videos For all us tool tarts

  30. charlie76

    CSA Of cables for ELV LED lighting circuit

    I have just purchased a transformer for some under cupboard strip LED's. The unit is CE marked. The ELV side of the transformer has 2 short flexes coming out of it with a CSA of 0.75mm². I was going to just extend these out to the 2 strips of LED lighting I am installing but after reading...
  31. O

    Searching for bargains... Is there any way

    I haven't got the time to search on a regular basis for a couple of items, I could put a search on flea bay but would rather search the entire web automatically. Is there any website's you can use to log a search and for said site do it for you and alert you to any results? Thanks
  32. Smithy33

    Old DNO supply

    Hey guy's, Anyone ever been asked to price up a new db and found this as a main earth?
  33. R

    Metal Clad board on TT system

    Hello all, Currently pricing up a job, which is to install a new ring, light and shower circuit for a small extension. The exsiting board is full so I was considering putting in a second board just for these circuits. After flicking through osg i was going to use a main switch and individual...
  34. R

    Solar iBoost - Wiring Question

    Hi In the process of installing Solar iBoost No issues with the unit that needs to be installed in between 16A MCB and Immersion. Can someone clarify exactly where should install the clamp I have attached to this post a photograph of the wiring at the Utility Meter. You will see...
  35. S

    Aqualisa shower

    AAARGGHHH!!! Ok so yesterday I went and did the good son deed by going round my Dads house. He has had trouble with the hot water pressure in his taps even though its fed from a single point outlet pump. It seems the pump doesn't kick in straight away when you open the taps but can take...
  36. S

    Socket spur

    Had a ring circuit with a spur feeding a 2 gang socket coming directly from the 32a mcb. Ring main has since been stripped out and just left with the spur. I have now fitted a 2 gang socket in 4mm directly below the cu, is it still acceptable to leave the 2.5 spur coming off the same 32a mcb?
  37. T

    Domestic dangerous arcing type problem coming from one of the upstairs bedroom sockets and fcu

    When we first moved into our house about 16 years ago the whole of the downstairs power, including the kitchen was re-wired by Eastern Electricity. The ancient fuse box was replaced to a Wylex consumer unit (I think 12 way) with mcb's and 1 rcd in it. Also power was added to the loft...
  38. L

    Lighting circuit

    Hi I have been working in a place called Canon workshops in Canary Wharf, it consists of workshops ,it is just a room about 8m x 8m, the electrics is very basic, a high voltage indust consumer unit, one feed coming out for the plug sockets on the right , and one for the sockets on the left...
  39. J

    Minor works

    Do I need to be a member of a competent persons scheme to do minor works, I have to put up an outside light with the feed coming off an existing circuit??
  40. C

    Fused spur

    Hi, I'm installing an outdoor light and am going to spur off a socket ring circuit, I was going to spur off a socket that was closest to where the installation is going up, but have realised that there is a spur coming off the socket outlet. Is it possible the have two spurs coming off the same...
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