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  1. D

    Some up coming changes to EML

    ..worth a watch if you fit or test EML
  2. G

    A retired Yank from Nebraska is coming to Edinburgh on a mission trip

    To the right person, I would make it worth someone's time for a couple of hours of face to face instruction when I got there. I have over 34 years of electrical experience over a wide range of avenues. I will be coming to Scotland the 2d week of September. Would enjoy exchanging a few back and...
  3. A

    Dimmer lights coming on randomly.

    Built house 20 years ago. Half the light switches got dimmers. 2 months ago thru out house lights started coming on randomly 1-5 times a day. All these dimmers couldn't go bad at the same time. What would cause this? Thanks! Albert
  4. littlespark

    Awkward job coming up

    Im in a bit of a pickle with this one. Ive mentioned a couple times on the forum about an ongoing debt that should be getting sorted this month. The original job was invoiced to two individuals of a couple, for a private job in their house. As it wasnt paid, I took legal steps and won the...
  5. L

    When is the 19th edition coming out?

    According to the IET, Amendment 2 to the 18th Edition is being released in March 2022: https://www.------.org/media/press-releases/press-releases-2022/24-january-2022-iet-and-bsi-publish-amendment-2-2022-to-bs-76712018-iet-wiring-regulations/ I have heard some rumours the 19th Edition will be...
  6. Rockingit

    When's A2 coming out?

    Seeing that the scams are already peddling pre-orders, does anyone know when Ammendment 2 is being published?
  7. S

    Interview coming up

    Hello, I'm just looking for some advice. I've had about 3 interviews for apprenticeships and not gotten any of them. I don't mind that as it has given me experience in interviews and I feel I'm a lot better than my first. I have another interview in a few days. I really want this one and want...
  8. D

    Is it coming home ?

    Will football finally come home ?
  9. Gavin John Hyde

    Amendment 2 coming out next year thoughts?

    Just been reading an article regards Amendment 2 coming out next year. The requirements for AFDD is going to create some interesting conversations with customers as they are not cheap. Unless manufacturers get their act together I would be surprised if in 12 months they have stock or are...
  10. I

    Electrician Coming to end .

    Hi everyone. Hope all is well & good. I’ve posted on here before and managed to get some work off of the back of it so thought I would try again. I will be available and looking for work as of Monday due to my current works ending this week. I have over 5 years experience working on site -...
  11. Lister1987

    Coming to the end of my 8202, feeling a bit lost

    Coming to the end of my 8202 course, by May it should be done (pending any retakes) and I'll be honest I'm feeling lost. I've yet to secure any onsite experience, in the current climate I get why but even so. I know the 'market' if you will is oversaturated with guys that hold the same quals...
  12. D

    How to verify that all power is dead coming into building? and guide wire burned? - kinda urgent

    First, I am way out in the country in a snowstorm and cannot get an electrician out to look at this today. The power company said this isn't their responsibility (and it isn't). I've got a power pole that's damaged and tipping over after a major windstorm (100 mph). The pole is supporting a...
  13. T

    How would you know that you have had a power cut and electricity is coming through a generator instead of mains?

    Hi sorry for the vague question. I'm looking more of a starting point. What do you have in place to know whether you are running on mains power, UPS, or a backup generator? If the mains should fail how would you know, how can you monitor it, and when it comes back active how would you know...
  14. L

    Mains supply coming through door frame

    We are having our 1930s house (recently purchased) rewired. We’ve noticed that the mains supply enters the house through our front door frame. Our electrician advised contacting the power network to recite but the prices of this look huge! Is there any workaround, such as moving the cable...
  15. H

    ungrounded switched outlet with three 2-wire cables coming into it -- make GFCI

    I'm just a DYI-er here and very new. I have an ungrounded outlet that is completely controlled (it's not half-controlled) by a wall switch. The place I'm in was built in 1957 and this outlet appears to have a jumper wire from neutral to ground. Notice in the attached pics that there are 3...
  16. B

    UK One security light not coming on unless the other is

    Hello all, my first post here and I'm looking for some advice. We recently moved house and the external garage has a couple of security lights on it. One of them works the other didn't. As they were quite old and the screws seized I was having trouble replacing the bulb (and sourcing a bulb) so...
  17. R

    Domestic With new laws/Regulations coming into affect for The rental market!!

    hi new to the forum this may have been asked already not too sure would just like to get some opinions on the following, with new rental laws coming into to play from 1st of July this year, (2020) stating that a property needs to be up to current 18th edition standards. Now this I understand is...
  18. L

    Electrical help

    You I have 3 wires coming to my electrical pannel i have 2 hots a uncoated silver wire n another wire. None of which r hooked up to pannel yet. I know the 2 hots go to main breaker n then the silver wire goes to ground but there is no common. White wire. Now i have the box wired to where the bar...
  19. CokeCanBrad

    UK Am2 Breaker Selection

    Hi I want too do my AM2 In the future. I want too know the breaker selection for the circuits in the AM2, an acceptable answer (for me.) will be from a recent am2 Passee (successful candidates only.). The circuits are as Follows:- D.O.L Starter, with motor. Carbon Monoxide Detector Ring Final...
  20. Gavin John Hyde

    Private rental EICRs are coming soon

    Just seen this.... https://professional-electrician.com/news/sparking-safety-in-the-private-rented-sector/ So come June/July we will have drive by dave doing them for £99. It's like that around here now with hmo and house buying EICRs. It sounds good on paper but unless there is a system to...
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