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  1. J

    Domestic flickering light, reported buzzing sound.

    In our house's master bedroom, we have an interesting setup. We have a kill switch to cut power to the room due to my Dad's EMF concerns. (Nothing unusual going on with the EMF, just health concerns.) We have a couple of lights in there: a wall sconce powered by a single-pole switch, and a tape...
  2. S

    Sound activated switch for floodlights

    I am trying to find a sound activated switch which turn on an array of 240 volt LED security floodlights when an alarm siren activates. My customer has a professional home burglar alarm system with an external sounder that goes off in the event of a home invasion, however there is no facility...
  3. D

    Internal floor sound insulation and cable derating

    I'm looking at adding 100mm of sound insulation in an internal floor with 9x2" joists. The house has been rewired at some point so there are cables running unclipped in the void of the floor. Most of these are 2.5mm for the sockets, and also some for light fittings. Plastic radiator pipes are...
  4. A

    Tapping sound behind outlet/wall when using toaster?

    I have an electrical question. We got a kitchen remodel done back in September. The last 2 days I've been hearing a tapping sound behind the outlet that was put in when I use my toaster. I unplugged the toaster and moved it to the other side of the kitchen and it still tapped behind the...
  5. S

    Thumping sound in top of breaker box

    Have a 20amp breaker that flips 3-4 times a month, when flipping back on I get a thumping sound coming from the top of the breaker box, Causes?
  6. T


    As above can hear sound but the screen is all black any help
  7. D

    Buzzing sound coming from LED downlights

    Hi, I've recently put in a completely new wiring system into my house. All the circuits are working as they should but the 2no. light circuits in the kitchen are making a buzzing sound. The downlights are the Ansell Prism colour selectable LEDs. I have these across the entire house and the...
  8. K

    How not to melt a cable

    Any help appreciated, I have a basic understanding of electrics. I'm going to be hosting a small event ran entirely from one 2500kW generator. Off this I'm running two 500W speakers, a laptop connected to a mixer, two small laser projectors (doesn't specify any wattage but they're domestic not...
  9. C

    Speaker/Amp Power Supply

    I'm not sure which would be best suited, a 12V 2A or 12V 3A Power Supply to power a 15W Amplifier (2*15W Outputs) and a Bluetooth Module. I thought that since the amp is using around 30W output (2*15), it would need about 12V 3A in alone (probably a little under that), but the bluetooth module...
  10. M

    Am I on the right track for what I want to achieve?

    Hello guys, I'm new here and so I apologise if this has been asked a thousand times, however, I would like direct advice and to check that I am on the right path. So, I'm currently working full-time in something I am finding pretty enjoyable, but I have always been interested in becoming an...
  11. G

    Honeywell security alarm problem

    Hello, I have an issue with my house alarm system. It is all Honeywell and its a couple of years old. My bell box is making no sound/noise when activated.the warning light is flashing underneath. It's a reson 8 bell box, on inspection in the bell box the timer is set to Test. There is a little...
  12. rolyberkin

    Speech Sync Issue Samsung

    Bought a new Freesat 55" Samsung TV and couldn't watch strictly tonight due to a noticeable speech sync/sound issue on HD. Any ideas what causes this, have updated firmware etc and issue seemed to go away once Michael McKintyre got on?
  13. T

    Help With Ebay Police Siren Wiring

    Picked up an eBay police siren to replace my stock horn. It has 5 different tones but I only wanted the air horn sound so I glued that button down and hid the controller. I cut the stock horn wires and plugged them straight into the siren so when I hit the horn it powers the siren and since the...
  14. D

    Quiet 6 inch wall fan

    Last week I installed what was supposed to be a reasonably quiet 6inch wall fan in a kitchen. Turns out it wasn't as quiet as I anticipated. Anybody know of a quiet one? Must be a 6inch wall mounted one All help is appreciated
  15. C

    little advice on a relay please :)

    i have a...
  16. M

    I'm trying to find out why my breaker clicked

    Hi I'm trying to find out why my breaker clicked after a few mins on my ac unit out side and I also heard a loud piping sound what's going on plz help also my celling fan went off the sane time and won't come back on
  17. J

    Exit and Entry Doors on Scantronic 9600 Alarm

    Hi ... Apologies if this is the wrong place to post but everything I come across says closed thread . We have a Scantronic House Alarm and we have a front and rear door both with the contacts on them for exit and entry.I have looked at the paperwork and they are listed as exit and entry but we...
  18. R

    Domestic Honeywell / ADE - Optima and Remote KeyPad

    Hi I have just installed a Optima G4 panel and connected up to a remote Keypad. The alarm works ok however the RKP is displaying the "System Optima G4, Software installed and Build number". I guess l have to activate this. How do you enable the Remote key pad (RKP) from the panel or get this...
  19. L

    stereo and bell timer

    Hi all. Hope your all having a good day. Does anyone know a timer that will operate to work a bell or siren with a stereo. To turn off the stereo and sound a bell for breaktime. Im having trouble. I cant find one that will work both. Thankyou. Luke
  20. gazzamikes

    megger mft 1553

    afternoon everyone, i have found a megger 1553 new with kewtech light and socket adapter kit, £500, does this sound like a good deal? i currently use a mft 1552 but it isnt actually mine and now they are wanting back. how does that price sound?
  21. M

    2 questions in 1 (alarm): Cable routing from outside into loft and mounting sounder

    I am hereby admitting inexperience with 2 things: 1. Getting a cable (screened alarm cable) into loft space - I was looking at it yesterday and was thinking about sending it into the loft via the underside of the uPVC Bargeboard but don't know the soffit structure behind this and if this is...
  22. G

    Smoke Alarm minimum dBA

    Can anyone tell me what the minimum dBA should be for a domestic smoke alarm system at the bed head?
  23. R

    Wind noise of roof mounted PV array

    I just conducted a site survey and got a new question that I didn't know the answer to.... The customer has an open barn conversion and explains that the rain makes a terrible noise and can disturb tv watching for example. The PV panels will provide a barrier to rainfall hopefully reducing the...
  24. G

    alarm system grade and category

    hi. have installed a pair of mains powered smoke alarms, with battery back up. they are linked so that they will both go off together.They are in a house. It states on my EWC that I need to issue a certificate for these, I have got the certs but am unsure of their classification. Are they...
  25. S

    "Quite" Bathroom Pullcord Switch

    Hi All Is there such thing as a quite pull cord switch?? My standard MK switch wakes up the baby and really annoys the hell out of me as its just so loud. Don't want to go down the PIR route and don't want a dimmable switch. Any Ideas??
  26. I

    Domestic Lighting Circuit Pop

    Hi, I wonder if someone could give me some help and advice. The lighting circuit in my flat keeps blowing, I hear a loud poping sound (location I have yet to determine) and the lights go out. This has happened twice, first on Saturday, replaced the fuse and all was good. 4 Days later...
  27. W

    inter connected smoke alarms

    hi guys, can some one tell me that if you push the test button on smoke alarms, are all the inter connected alarms meant to sound too. when i tried it today only the smoke alarm that i pressed sounded. all the alarms are inter connected.
  28. M

    fluke t5-1000 question

    hi everyone, does any1 own a t5-1000, i just would like to know wat the buzzing sound means wen u do a continuity test between neutral and earth at the consumer unit. it an unfamilar sound to me im used to hearing the high pitch beeping sound. thanks in advance
  29. E

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC fire dection cert.

    I have just recieved my booklet of test certs for smoke alarms. FHP3. does anyone know how to fill out the part "system grade and system category", what boxes to tick and which ones not to in the "commissioning" section and also which boxes to fill out in the "user instructions" section
  30. S

    Letter of introduction to builders etc.....

    Hello, Business has been slowing for a while now, (from what i read it's the same all over) so i am looking for new ways to get business. I read in another thread that someone wrote a letter to some Builders form the Yellow pages, and got a good bit of work from this, and i guess made some long...
  31. P

    Megger MFT1552 help

    HI all, this is my first post, any help appreciated. I recently bought a Megger 1552, off e-bay but new. However, I can't get the buzzer function to sound. I've set the rotary selector to Buzzer (one position anti-clockwise from the ohms setting, the symbol with sound waves extending from it)...
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