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  1. T

    AM2 lighting circuit - confusion

    I know this has probably been asked a dozen times on this forum but I just want to make sure that I'm doing this the correct way before going into my exam. I got told that in the am2 I need to have neutrals at every switch in connecters. I have never done it this at work hence the confusion...
  2. G

    Multi-core neutrals and earth

    Hi, I am currently training to become an electrician. I have passed all relevant C&G level 2 exams along with C&G level 3 inspection and testing and principles of electrical science. I have been asked to help design some garden circuits but been given specific instruction on how the circuits...
  3. J

    2way switch with neutrals at each point

    Hi, I know there are many ways to achieve this. I just wanted to know that the diagram I have drawn for this 2way switch would work. Just having neutrals at each point, for future smart switches. Thanks and merry crimbo
  4. S

    Switched Neutrals or not

    This question is purely out of interest, I'm a substation apprentice while we do some LV installation work its not much and no design work fitting only. But today I've been helping a sparkie friend do some work(just attaching conduit to wall no actually wiring) for local community group. So...
  5. S

    Neutrals overheating

    On ending a call with Western Power, the previously time served sparks asked...why does many outage calls involve a melted neutral and not line conductor? 1) I suggested Line was probably getting more attention when terminating than neutral. 2) Perhaps the live busbar acting as a heat sink...
  6. G

    Shared neutrals in lighting circuits

    I am sure this has likely been discussed many times on the forum. Throughout my apprenticeship I heard about the fabled shared neutral on hall/landing light circuits but never actually come across one. I was told in college there is no way of testing directly for shared neutrals !? I am now...
  7. M

    Identifying single core cpc's and neutrals

    Just wondering if anyone has any handy tips when trying to identify single core cpc's and neutrals? I work in a few food factories that are in constant production and switching off supplies is not an option, so identifying circuits can get pretty tricky. Identifying neutrals is pretty simple...
  8. M

    Identifying single core cpc's and neutrals

    Just wondering if anyone has any handy tips when trying to identify single core cpc's and neutrals? I work in a few food factories than are in constant production and switching off supplies is not an option, so identifying circuits can get pretty tricky. Identifying neutrals is pretty simple...
  9. J

    Insulation resistance testing Lighting circuit

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for advise on how to test IR on commercial lighting. There's so many lights on 1 circuit , do I have to take out all the lamps in all the lights to perform the test or can I simply test between LN -E ? Even though I have spent lots of time testing domestic installs and...
  10. L

    Domestic RCD tripping under load

    Installing a split RCD board in a new barn conversion build, IR tests come out clear, ring continuity tests fine, but the RCD will trip out when something is plugged into the circuit, happens on both sockets that are currently running off that side of the RCD but when I swapped one over to the...
  11. driverman

    2 x RCD's tripping

    Hi guys, tried searching,whereby explanations have been given as to why a RCD will trip by a fault on a circuit that ISN'T electrically protected by the RCD tripping. Typically crossed neutrals or borrowed neutrals. I'm not into testing. Company I work for been called out to an EV bollard with 2...
  12. W

    Trailing edge dimmer interference

    Have installed 11 led downlighters to be controlled by a trailing edge dimmer switch , Inbetween the downlighters are some 0.5 watt led lights which are separately switched , when the smaller led lights are switched off the led downlighters turn dim for around a second then go back to full...
  13. M

    Domestic RCD not tripping under test

    Hi all. New user, but have lurked around here and used advice in other threads before, but haven't been able to find this problem anywhere, so figured I'd register and give it a shot. I've put in a new dual RCD consumer unit for a customer, went through all the testing with no problems, tested...
  14. G

    Neutral - Earth faults

    Had a quick look at a job which has it seems a neutal to earth fault. Set up TNC-S feeding DB with 5 MCBs, and 1 RCBO feeding lighting circuits. It was getting late and I was tired, so I suggested to the client you have a possible neutral to earth fault, and the circuit in question will need...
  15. T

    Domestic RCD doesnt trip on test.

    Hi I have a 6 way split load board located in the shed and served by 10mm SWA. Anything on the unprotected side of the board tests and works fine. However this is not the same for the protected side. I can plug a radio in and the circuit does not trip, but if I use the lawn mower or a drill the...
  16. L

    Testing for borrowed neutrals?

    How would i test for borrowed neutrals? Would it be a case of disconnecting all circuits neutrals at the DB and doing a continuity test between each neutral and seeing if any two circuits bell out? hope it makes sense and i appreciate any feedback cheers
  17. O

    Basic CCU Installation.

    Hi, Can you help me with the neutral arrangement an a CCU? I've just finishing a level 2, done a 17th, and got a part p next week, getting stuck right in but as you know its all legislation and frustratingly little actual wiring!!!!!!!! So im trying to educate myself on the side. The supply...
  18. G


    I was wiring central heating in energized ( supposidly tested ) house, with only the upstairs lights breaker turned on i was getting 240v N - E on the heating supply ( seperate 16 v supply ). Dug a little deeper and had crossed neutrals / lives on the upstairs/downstairs lighting. sorted that...
  19. S

    Domestic MEM RCD failure?

    I have a split MEM2000 board (15+ years old) with four circuits each with MCBs protected by a single 100A 30ma RCD. The RCD has been tripping out over the last 4 days at increasingly more frequent intervals (initially evry 6-8 hrs now it holds for about 30mins) It trips with the mcbs on the...
  20. F

    ring fault

    no voltage live neutral at sockets any ideas surley if lost 1 neutral would still have voltage on the other leg all neutrals are connected in main fuse box
  21. D

    Strange voltages

    Evening all, At work today we energised the newley rewired lighting circuit, only to find that from 3 lighting points onwards, the lights didnt work. Thought maybe disconnected neutral or line conductor. This was not the case, all connections sound. Disconnected the neutrals at the 4th light...
  22. R

    rcd tripping

    hi guys ,several pieces of equipment on different circuits on the non rcd side side of a split main/rcd board are tripping the rcd .the mcbs are not tripping. any ideas as to why this is happening? could it be crossed neutrals or just a faulty rcd.thanks
  23. G

    Arching from neutral on stud work

    Hi all, took s load of sockets off on a job and plasterers have been in to take the plaster board off , builder rang me and he says its arching on the stud work from the neutral, going down tomorrow to have a look, lives are out of the RCBO's but earths and neutrals still connected. you guys...
  24. S

    rcbo tripping

    im in new zealand now by they way although i was trained to city and guilds. we dont do testing over here, its retarded i dont even have any test gear apart from bog standard multi meter. i recently did a domestic install where i had to install a new sub board downstairs. i did the pre wire but...
  25. S

    Domestic Rcd problems

    Just fitted dual RCD consumer unit. Wiring old and no earth on light circuits. Customer does not want me to disturb newly decorated and new carpeted house so new consumer unit with testing is as far as i can go. However, on fitting consumer unit, at least four circuits trip the RCD. I tested...
  26. P

    Insulation Testing Conundrum

    Hi Guys Domestic - Old Hager Box 14 MCBs RCD Main Switch. Totally stuffed with wiring - not keen to disturb Tested the Full L+N busbars to E. IR = 1.8 Meg b****r! So close to 2 Meg! Tried L busbar to E -all trips off. 1.8 Meg!!!!!!!!! - had to disconnect RCD! Tried each cct in turn L to E...
  27. C

    rcbo only resets when other mcb is off

    Hi there, i have recently wired a lighting circuit and a radial circuit for two socket outlets. Run the feeds for both circuits using a 5 core 2.5mm high tough cable from the distribution board to a jointbox. From the j/b i took my feed for lights and feed for sockets, used same earth for both...
  28. A

    Wiring at the switch

    hi, can someone please remind me how to wire at the switch. i will have 1 wire coming from the CU to a 2G switch then off each switch i will be linking 2 lights. i havent been onsite for about a year and i just cant remember how to wire a light at the switch please help
  29. K


    Im scratching my head here at this, its probably because of the time off night but i cant get my head round this at all, here in the picture is a contactor for the outside lights, now this is one of many contactors throughout the building. there is contactors at each consumer but there is 1...
  30. K

    RCD not tripping

    OK this one has be beat! Replaced 2 DB's (one night storage and one 24 hour) with a dual board but adapting it so I have 2 different supplies coming in. Earth is common in the boards, but then it's common throughout. Neutral is definitely split. All connected up, tested the RCD and it did not...
  31. M

    old light switches

    guys in an old house there are lots of single gang light switches that have 4 connections. live in , neutral in then switch live and neutral going to the light. av u seen these b4 and what do i replace them with.
  32. M

    Neutrals to switches ??

    Some guy at works tyrying to tell us that your no longer allowed to bring a neutral to the switch if the switch isn't double pole, but he says he cant find it in the regs....is he talking sh1te ? Where does it state this if he isn't... Cheers
  33. P

    Continuity Between Neutral Of Ring And Lighting Circuits

    Can anyone help with this one? After deciding to do a periodic test on my own house (five years after moving in) I have come acrossthe following problem The neutral of the upstairs ring has continuity (less than 1 ohm)to the neutral of both the upstairs and downstairs lighting circuits also the...
  34. G

    When NOT to take neutrals to switches

    This is a 2 way 2 gang dimmer switch, which has feed in/out, and 2 switched lives and neutrals. So 4 neutrals blocked in a connector block, which was then put behind the switch as there was no room inside (only a 25 mm back box used), and the feeds had to blocked as 'the installer' could not get...
  35. G

    Domestic Neutrals at switches

    Went to a job today, twin and earth, and it had been wired 2 plate, which of course meant that all the switches had the neutral taken to them. WTF, if I had done that in my apprenticeship I would have been kicked off site. Is this how things are done now, god I hope not.
  36. E

    PIR code advice

    hi guys im new here so please be gentle with me...lol i have just started a new job in a factory, maintenance spark. a few years ago the company had a PIR carried out and guess what, its my job to sort out all the faults,,,,,,,, happy days... not my question is they have been given a code 2 for...
  37. E

    rcd tripping

    Doing a cu change and ring circuit is tripping the rcd. was working ok before on a non rcd breaker any ideas what might be causing this.
  38. D

    Lowest n/e Ir value for a rcd to trip does anyone know?

    Can anyone tell me how low the Ir value would be n/e for a rcd not to hold in! Would like to know as I always get problems prior to changing fuseboards
  39. K

    Solar AC side

    I am doing a solar install and on the ac side i have a 20 amp triple pole isolator with no diagram in the box, i have L1 L2 L3 at the top of the rotary switch and T1 T2 T3 on the bottom and earth terminals either side can someone tell me where the lives and the neutrals go ?
  40. Golden_Boy

    RCBO's and borrowed neutrals

    If a board is fitted with all RCBO's would a borrowed neutral show up and cause any problems? I reckon not but a mate of mine reckons it would cause trippng ??
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