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  1. G

    Reduced Neutral Sizing

    Hi, just want to check something. I am on a facility which has a 4 core 70mm non armoured feed from the transformer, coming into the DB at the other end it is now a 4 core 25mm non armoured cable (obviously it has a joint somewhere) and the earth conductor is from an unknown source, but both of...
  2. Lukaszbjj

    Extending neutrals with WAGO's in the socket

    Hi the other day I opened the socket just to find out that 2 neutral wires were damaged with visible copper so I decided to cut them short and put in WAGO 221 and extend just one cable that went back to the socket, and now Im thinking if it's correct or maybe should I extend each wire...
  3. Rockingit

    Neutrals at switch drops

    So a brief foray into domestic has me slightly bemused…. Neutrals at switches. Easy enough if you’re wiring loop at switch, but if you have good reason to loop at light then logically all you need do is drop 6243 as your switch cable, simples. Except…. What about on a 2way / int run where...
  4. P

    3 phase and borrowed neutrals?

    Hi everyone, I want to repurpose an old cable that was previously used to power a 3-phase machine. The cable is 4L1.5 micc, and I don't want to replace it unless I really have to, as the cable run is convoluted/inaccessible to say the least. It was obviously installed before many other things...
  5. Raptor0014

    Finding borrowed neutrals

    Evening all. I did an EICR recently and then changed a consumer unit. As part of the EICR process I take off around 25% of all accessories to check terminations etc. Property was well maintained and EICR was satisfactory with a few C3s. Board was a split load single RCD board. Light and...
  6. Z

    All neutrals connected at one point - two rcds.

    Hi guys. Fuseboard looks fine, but all neutrals are connected at one point outside the fuseboard. That way both rcds trip on fault on any of the circuirs.How would yiu code that? P.s. also no glanding and cables rubbing on the sharp edges of CU? Thanks
  7. Handyandynorfolk

    Baynet fitting with two neutrals

    Good Evening, I'm having a bit of grief wiring up a new light. The light that come down had an old style bayonet fitting, which had one live connector and two other connectors (new lights only have two connectors. Can anyone help? All the lives (red went to one connector, two blacks went to...
  8. HappyHippyDad

    What is going on with this cut out and the neutrals.

    I have just (kind of) completed an EICR. It was the worst house I have ever been in. They are horders plus the house was filthy. I was unable to get to certain areas. I realise there are a number of fails (c2's) with the picture but my question is regarding the 2 x 10mm tails coming out of the...
  9. nyDIYelectric1

    Are shared neutrals allowed in USA in 2021?

    Planning a layout for new kitchen with (2) two 120‑volt circuits wired with (1) one three‑wire cable connected to a double‑pole circuit breaker. Is this: A) Allowed B) Not Allowed Black powers one circuit Red powers other circuit Green neutral serves both Ground not shown ps Image doesnt show...
  10. tank

    Tie wrapping RCBO neutrals.

    Hi guys, if 16 RCBO neutrals are tie wrapped together for neatness, are there any thermal considerations such as grouping factors to be taken into account?
  11. H

    Understanding isolated (unbonded) neutrals and grounds in panels/subpanels

    I have a question regarding the isolation of grounds and neutrals in a subpanel. First, please bear with me as I describe what I see in the panels associated with my home. I live in a mobile home. My meter feeds directly into a 200-amp cutoff panel. Within that panel are two, 100-amp breakers...
  12. D

    Help me understand why my house is switched on neutrals?

    Good evening everyone, I'm hoping one of you professionals can help me understand what is going on with my home wiring and confirm my thought process. We bough a home in July, built in 1993. As we have painted and remodeled I have been replacing switches and cover plates as to be expected. When...
  13. T

    AM2 lighting circuit - confusion

    I know this has probably been asked a dozen times on this forum but I just want to make sure that I'm doing this the correct way before going into my exam. I got told that in the am2 I need to have neutrals at every switch in connecters. I have never done it this at work hence the confusion...
  14. G

    Multi-core neutrals and earth

    Hi, I am currently training to become an electrician. I have passed all relevant C&G level 2 exams along with C&G level 3 inspection and testing and principles of electrical science. I have been asked to help design some garden circuits but been given specific instruction on how the circuits...
  15. J

    2way switch with neutrals at each point

    Hi, I know there are many ways to achieve this. I just wanted to know that the diagram I have drawn for this 2way switch would work. Just having neutrals at each point, for future smart switches. Thanks and merry crimbo
  16. S

    Switched Neutrals or not

    This question is purely out of interest, I'm a substation apprentice while we do some LV installation work its not much and no design work fitting only. But today I've been helping a sparkie friend do some work(just attaching conduit to wall no actually wiring) for local community group. So...
  17. S

    Neutrals overheating

    On ending a call with Western Power, the previously time served sparks asked...why does many outage calls involve a melted neutral and not line conductor? 1) I suggested Line was probably getting more attention when terminating than neutral. 2) Perhaps the live busbar acting as a heat sink...
  18. the pict

    BG consumer unit weird neutrals

    This has happened twice, during a board change all circuits connected, first switch on, I have a idiosyncratic procedure for this, all off then mainswitch on,first RCD on,push test button then back on test RCD, breakers on repeat for second RCD, twice now I have had nothing on rcd button or...
  19. G

    Shared neutrals in lighting circuits

    I am sure this has likely been discussed many times on the forum. Throughout my apprenticeship I heard about the fabled shared neutral on hall/landing light circuits but never actually come across one. I was told in college there is no way of testing directly for shared neutrals !? I am now...
  20. M

    Identifying single core cpc's and neutrals

    Just wondering if anyone has any handy tips when trying to identify single core cpc's and neutrals? I work in a few food factories that are in constant production and switching off supplies is not an option, so identifying circuits can get pretty tricky. Identifying neutrals is pretty simple...
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