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  1. S


    Connection on dimmer switch has come lose I have no screwdriver can I leave it off the wall until morning
  2. J

    Urgent call out .....dinner now in the dog

    Just about to have me dinner and get a call out to no hot water, kiss the kids goodnight and look forlornly at my plate as I leave the house, customer has pleaded for it to be sorted tonight as it’s only on off peak immersion and they must have hot water in the morning. Arrive at the house and...
  3. Spark40

    Vibration analysis help

    Hello i'm undertaking a vibration analysis check sooner in this week on an electrical motor What tools would be needed for this other than the following: Vibration measurement checker Shaft allignment tool yes i am spark40 for those wondering
  4. R

    Nest. Urgent question

    Evening all. Need some help please. Trying to install nest in my house. So.....current set up is Combi boiler and Honeywell CM907 thermo/programmer. Honeywell has 3 core running to it. Brown wire in A terminal of Honeywell Grey wire in B terminal of Honeywell. Test shows that the grey wire...
  5. F

    Help needed in wiring a wifi light switch - urgent!

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and it looks a great place for advice! Anyway, I've just got a couple wifi switches of decent quality. Then discovered after wiring that these MUST have a neutral connection as the device needs to be powered permanently for the WiFi function. Yes i know i should have...
  6. R

    Socket caught on fire - urgent help/advice needed from tenant

    Hi all I have come on here in hope for some advice if possible. Yesterday my wife was at home with my three children when she smelt a strong burning coming from the kitchen, when investigating she noticed the tumble dryer plug (which is plugged in the wall socket) had caught fire, as it...
  7. fishkake

    Really super urgent!!!

    Hi all, As a new member, I just thought it was really super urgent that I said hello to you all. Honestly, there's no manners left in this world. Have a lovely day. :-) Chris
  8. C

    Electric work urgent question

    When an electrician installs new wiring + fuse box what paper work does he need to provide?
  9. M

    Electricians Mate Electricians/Improvers/Mates Required for Commercial New Build Training Centre in Cambridge

    I am currently looking to speak with contractors in the Cambridge/Surrounding Area's for a commercial project. We have a number of requirements on sites and have immediate starts available also. Specifically I am looking for - 10 x Electrician's - £19phr - 4/5 Month contracts 10 x...
  10. S

    Urgent, advice needed about reading the FRAM on an Ampy 5235A meter.

    Hi, Please can anyone advise me as to who would be able to read the internal memory via the IEC 1107 port of an Ampy 5235A meter. I had one installed as a check meter years ago which was left in place & I believe it holds the data I need to claim back from my supplier all unused exported energy...
  11. B

    periodic inspection report

    i have just carried out a pir to a pb 1 bed flat thats 15 yrs old the ccts are protected by type1 mcbs no rcd protection to shower or bath room htr. ceiling light is a batton lampholder extractor fan ip rated supplementry bonding ok the socket cct has rcd protection can you tell me if this is...
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