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  1. S

    cost effective options to heat a small temporary space.

    Hello I hope everyone and their families are ok at this time. During my own self-build (mostly diy) I have to build a small living space (in a garage) two-story for myself and my family of 5 for 1- 2 years before I finish the full-size house. it is temporary but will be approx 30sqm meters...
  2. D

    Looking for a replacement electrical panel cover 12 space its driving me batty

    I have a small condo and the panel cover broke off the load center/box (i think thats what you call it) It looks like this one...
  3. Lister1987

    Test Rig ; Best use of space?

    I've got a 4ft X 2ft (1220 X 610mm) board for my test rig, I've got the following to add to it: Service Head (TNCS) 100A DP Isolator Single pole Henley (picked up the wrong one) BG 10way board Copious sockets, back boxes and ceiling roses Cooker switch point Fan isolator Shower Isolator I'm...
  4. static zap

    Lost in space -Partly true

    A recent launch of NASA Starliner from Cape Canaveral has over used it's guidance correction fuel budget. Apparently the computer got confused with which part of the journey it was doing - and got more fussy than it needed. So no ISS rendezvous !
  5. T

    Can't install smart meter due to not enough space

    Hi recently moved into a house that has solar panels installed and Tesla power wall 2. It would appear some of the equipment is installed in the external meter box. E.on are not able to install smart meter due to not enough space. As the meter is alot bigger that old metet I would like to get...
  6. D

    SWA sheath, earthing and empty consumer unit space

    Hi all I had some house rewiring undertaken on my house and have come across a few issues since painting. First thing was damage to the rubber outer sheath of the SWA cable on the outer wall which I've rapped electrical tape around temporarily as the metal rods were visible and we had a lot of...
  7. B

    Ethernet/Power SWA cables - can they share space ??

    Hello all...…. I would appreciate some advice please as there is lots of conflicting opinions on the interenet. I wondered if anyone new the actual UK rules and regs or sensibilities :) with regards to ethernet installation alongside power cables in a trench ( I appreciate the whole high...
  8. J

    Commercial Electric space heating

    I need to provide heating for a converted warehouse, approx 150 - 180 sq meters. (1 large square room) The space will only needed to be heated for a couple of hours in the morning, I was thinking possibly fan assisted to get the temp up quicker, any suggestions? Thanks Judd
  9. J

    12v DC power from lighting circuit in loft space

    Hi, I've very little experience with wiring (other than a 18 yr old physics A-level), so was looking for a few pointers. I have a 4G LTE router I'd like to run in our loft, as it has far better reception up there - but alas, there are no plug sockets. The lighting circuit is accessible - but...
  10. Dray

    LED drivers in Celotex with no space

    Hi all. So I have read a few posts on fitting down lights into celotex or equivalent and I have the same issue but with my own property, and my question is this. If I am going to install some LED downlights into a bathroom where 2/3 rds of the ceiling has no space due to celotex...can I extend...
  11. Gavin John Hyde

    How to steal advertising space!

    Driving home tonight and get to a roundabout, had to do a double take as my mate had his decorating firm advertised on plastic boards on the roundabout and the approaches. Thought fair enough but knowing how tight fisted he is wondered how much he paid for the advertising. Turns out he hasn't...
  12. Ohmless

    Renewing consumer unit - no space

    Hi. An electrician isn't my day job but I qualified on one of those 'quickie' courses a couple of years ago, thus I am competent yet rusty on some aspects. My conundrum is that a consumer unit needs upgrading. However, the CU is situated in a low cupboard on a narrow (right hand) wall, it just...
  13. J

    space generous cctv dome cams

    I recently installed 3 of these: HD-IP 4MP mini Bullet Camera (4MP, IR 15m, POE) - however they come with quite bulk poe injectors- but no room in the base of the cam to hide it in. the cams where installed onto...
  14. R

    Back box fire ratings

    I carried out an install on a kitchen in a village hall a while ago I installed some deep back boxes on the brick wall but the builders then installed batons the wall and used insulation board so even my deep boxes weren't close to flush with the wall, I put in some long screws to get round it...
  15. C

    Recess led light in limited space

    i know this is a regular occurrence,the fitting of recess lights in limited space & with celotex being fitted.why is it always the sparkles problem,when you've got designers specificing the fittings. We've got about 100 mm from bottom of joist to ceiling,to be fair the builders have cut out the...
  16. SparkyChick

    Soffit Vent - Recommendations

    Hi all, Been asked to install an extractor fan in a bathroom and am looking to go down the soffit vent route. Having looked on-line, there are quite a few to choose from. Does anyone have any recommendations based on past experience? At the moment, my favourite is this:- Lambro Under Eave...
  17. H

    MEM 3-phase board

    Morning all, As the regulars know, I work in a school part-time (while sparking part-time), and I'm going to do a bit work for them - they need power dropping in for 11 PCs. No problem, 2 RFCs should do to share the leakage currents of the machines, bit of dado trunking round the room, RFC...
  18. B

    Rocket Explodes While Being Tested At Cape Canaveral

    A spaceX rocket due to be launched saturday with a satalight as a payload has exploded today whilst being test fired . The spaceX rocket are trying to create a reusable rocket with trips for paying passengers into space. see SpaceX rocket explodes at Cape Canaveral ahead of launch - BBC News
  19. A

    Pv Panels Moved

    I had a panel install done about 18 months ago and i stupidly said it was ok for them to cover the window (only access point to the roof from indoors), but now i know i have made a mistake and I'm looking for a rough ball park figure for the 6 panels to be moved probably about 1m along to enable...
  20. VoltzElectrical

    Philae' Rosetta mission is a hoax!

    Does anyone else think that it's a bit far fetched to believe a probe launched 10 years ago, with possibly even older technology can be shot through space 300 million miles, then somehow 'landed and operated' on a gravity free rock hurtling through space? This is the Western Front Willy...
  21. D

    MCG Breakers

    I have a large amount of MCG single and Triple Pole MCB's i have sold quite a few and have had no complaints about the quality. Is anybody on here interested in buying any or does anybody know anywhere i could get in touch with to try and get rid of some. The only problem with them is that...
  22. P

    Lighting circuit loops in the home

    Hi, Looking for some advice please. 2 years ago we had an extension completed. Today I have gone to change some light switches in the extension and found that one 2 gang switch has been used with a permanent live coming in to switch one. This then has loop one piggybacked from it. Loop one...
  23. U

    installing a shower

    Hi, have a shower connect up, the run to CU is maybe 8 metres, (3036's) but the CU is in a meter cupboard outside. There is no space to put a rcd unit inside, and not enough room for a henley block.. was going to get a plug in 40a wylex mcb as there is an existing spare way in the CU, go...
  24. D

    one socket above another

    Morning to the Forum. Been asked to reposition double socket around the corner but there's less room.Is there any convention against fitting two new s/o one above other, apart from looking odd. Replies appreciated. Dean.
  25. B

    Wiring large industrial DBs

    got quite a few large scale industrial DBs to connect up in the coming weeks. Have done a good few in my time and like to keep them as tidy as possible. i usually use the square cable tie bases to tie the cables to the inside of the DBs but thought I would ask you guys if you have any tips to...
  26. D

    Ground mounted solar

    Would you know the advised distance between solar frames on a ground mount system Ie one system directly behind another? The back of the first system is 1900mm affl and the next system behind this should be 9000mm away to clear sunlight at 12 degrees in decemeber (its in scotchland!) But that...
  27. L

    Fire rated 50w halogen in pitched roof? - advice

    evening fellas Im doing a job next year where the client is having 17 downlighters in total, originally he wanted LED until he saw the cost, the reason was not for energy saving purposes but for heat generated by the halogen, The construction of the building means there is no flat ceiling...
  28. S

    How do you choose a panel?

    Hello everyone, ive just started to get into pv with my mcs accreditation date just around the corner!!! the question im asking is how do you decide what panels to you? Do you use the same panels/make all the time ? i know i lot depends on roof space available but when pricing against other...
  29. polo1

    ZNShine ZX250(48)MS Panels

    Hi guys/gals, anyone have any experience of the above panels? I've decided after much debate to go for a pv instal. Unfortunately, looks like the max I'll get on the roof is around 2kw. The company I'm happiest with has quoted the ZNShine panel, hence I'm looking for installer/user feedback. By...
  30. T

    Small PV panels (physical dimensions)

    Hi All Due to space issues, i need small panels on my roof to maximise kWP. The Sanyo N235 and N240 are obvious candidates due to their relatively small sizings but reasonable peak output. Are there any other similarly sized panels out there? Most of the installers I have seen use panels of c...
  31. G

    Panel efficiency, an explanation please

    Could anybody please explain the relevance of panel efficiency in real terms? e.g. Sanyo H series 250W panel - 18% efficiency Sharp 250W - 15.2% efficiency Mitsubishi 250W - 15.1% efficiency 16 of either of the above panels would give me a 4kW system so where does efficiency come into play...
  32. D

    3 phase overhead power supply

    Hi folks I need some guidence on this. There's a 3phase overhead power supply feeding exterior accommadation at a hotel. What it seems they've done is taken the cable out at the chimney area at either end and then split the phases like you see on an electricity pole (wish I'd taken a pic). The...
  33. B

    RCBO's replacing MCB's

    Hi guys, I am quite new to all this and I have a number of questions running through my head. One of them being..... Do most RCBO's fit into the space occupied by an MCB to enable that circuit to be RCD protected as I have seen posts to suggest this might be possible? (Of course this would be...
  34. M

    Using low volt spots or normal

    I am converting my attic and in the bedroom the ceiling will be flattened off and so there will be a void above that. In here i will use 2 low volt spots - simple. However in the bathroom on the sloping ceilng i want to use one spot, but the space behind the spot will be a bit limited. I...
  35. B

    Can anyone tell me the size of the MEM fuse box

    HI everyone I have a picture of a old MEM fuse box,which i need to know the size of, it is a job I am pricing for and dont know what size consumer unit i can fit in the small space vailable. The job is a long way from me and i dont want to waste half a day just to measure a space
  36. O

    Domestic Bathroom fan isolating switch

    Re-entered this question on it's own Thread. (Hope this meets with moderator approval) :) Does the regs state that the 3 pole isolating switch (required to protect the person carrying out maintenance on bathroom fan) must be accessible in the room that the fan is fitted? (Perhaps "In line of...
  37. D

    RCBO to fit MK

    Got a old school MK sentry board that i need RCBO for!! any body know what ones will fit and will the new MK ones fit??
  38. P

    conduit bending

    hi does anyone have a method chart in pdf for conduit bending as the college are not good when it comes to handouts i need it to calculate the bends and sets thanks
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