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  1. M

    MK Grid Plus Frame & Captive Screws !

    Just bought into MK Grid Plus system to provide required flexibility for light switches. Shocked to see that the frames have captive screws held in place by a washer. Need to use longer screws as most of my back boxes are too far back. Ordinarily you junk the screws that come with sockets...
  2. D

    TL inverters And array frame bonding

    Hi again. Right, I am seeing very mixed reactions and comments about the below question, I am just hoping to find a basic answer and reference please. If you are installing a TL (fronius primo 3.6 in my case) to a domestic property, in the loft space with 16panels already installed on the...
  3. T

    1st fix time for timber frame

    Evening all Have many of you worked with timber frame buildings? Im pricing 9 houses which are all timber frame and have easy joist so no drilling of joists All houses are 4 bedroom with TV and DATA points in each room, downlights downstairs and a garage with a light and socket How long would...
  4. David Prosser

    Extractor fan through a timber frame wall.

    Hi any one got some advice on putting a cooker extractor hood discharge through timber frame house wall. Reason I ask is that I use to work (labourer) on timber frame houses a long time ago and think there could be some sort o guide lines related to going through the timber wall and membrane ...
  5. N

    Passive houses timber frame

    Hi guys Ive been offered an opportunity to wire 12 timber frame passive houses, is there anything I should be doing differently as there passive? Thanks
  6. J

    LED Strip lighting behind bed frame.

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to put some LED strip lighting behind my bed (after redecorating). I have installed some warm white downlights in ceiling but want a small amount of mood lighting. The strip light is coming from a fused spur, into the driver and then to the strip light. The only...
  7. sajeel

    Air curtian installation

    Am looking to install a dimplex ac3cn recessed air curtain into suspended ceiling the weight of unit is 8.7kg and has holes for m8 threaded rods, the ceiling above in the shop will be plasterboard and would like to know what fitting are best to support the m8 threaded rods. Last time i installed...
  8. amlu

    my new universal crimper

    arrived in the post, whole set of the frame + 6 sets of dies was under £100... 4 times less than comparable knipex. frame is aluminium really lightweight and there is a steel version too. all machined metal no wobbly plastic bits and feels well made. dies click in place no messing with the...
  9. driverman

    PVC Door alarm contacts

    Hi Guys, Burglar alarm question regarding fitting surface door contacts onto PVC doors. I've fitted a few surface standard everyday type contacts on timber doors and PVC doors before. The doors when in the closed position have been flush with the door frame. Therefor,the contacts are side by...
  10. polo1

    Light switch conversion bracket

    Anyone know where I can source the attached (imperial lighting conduit box converter) or a modern equivalent?
  11. the pict

    Old style MK sockets

    The old MK sockets with 4 fixing screws any one know if they are still available, or would the original back box have two side lugs, I cant remember as I have never had the occasion to look, I have a few to replace and trying to avoid plaster damage on a solid wal Pict
  12. T

    Bedroom Switch Position

    Doing an attic conversion and been asked by the builder to put the bedroom switch just outside the bedroom door. As built in wardrobes going either side of the door in the bedroom. Never came across this or gave it much thought. Is a bedroom switch allowed to be outside? Cheers
  13. R

    160A breaker question?

    Can somebody tell me why on the 3 phase circuit breaker in question has a 160A rating on the supply side and on the bus bar side it says 100A. The breaker is an old GE RECORD, it also has a red button on the bus bar side of breaker. Is anybody familiar with the breaker I am explaining. Cheers
  14. M

    Greenhouse socket supply

    Just wanted to see if the following is the correct way to supply a socket in a greenhouse. Firstly the supply is tn-s and the customer wants a socket in the greenhouse for a heater. Now the supply to the greenhouse would come from the shed supply as it’s on a separate circuit. I was thinking...
  15. S

    Panel Corrosion from Salt Water?

    Looking for some advice/opinion on the issue I am having with my solar installation. I have 22 x 180w panels (I wont name the manufacturer) connected to a PVI-3.6-TL. The system was installed in April 2011 and was working fine up until roughly Nov 2012. The inverter shows the error message...
  16. M

    Intruder alarm issue - possibly sensor problem?

    Hi I have a Scantronic intruder alarm installed in my home. Recently it stopped working. I can't arm it anymore. I think the reason is that somehow it lost the think round shaped sensors on the door frame. When the main door is opened, earlier I could see two which circular sensors - one...
  17. S

    Switch Placing

    Hi Chaps, Quick and simple question I'm sure for most of you: Is there a minimum distance from a door frame for a light switch? Was measuring up today and have marked them up 150mm from the doors.. Purely with safe zones in mind (I know this isn't a safe zone) Thanks
  18. M

    Dti Guide

    got my inspection tuesday are we now working to the new guide yet, does anyone have a link? I can only find a provisional document
  19. S

    TL inverters IR testing

    Sorry to raise this question again. What are you guys getting on your DC IR test's on new installs? I've been doing some DC IR testing on Fronius 3.6 IGTL inverters and they are coming back as 50-100M ohms which is fine as far as DTI guide says, but not what I was expecting ie >999M ohms type AC...
  20. P

    Alarm Recommendations

    Posted in here as I can't post in the Alarms section, basically I am trying to source a wired domestic burglar alarm for a mate of mine with the following: 1. 3 x PIR Zones 2. 3 x Door magnets 3. 1 x remote key pad 4. Activation auto dial (to ring/text a programmed mobile telephone number with...
  21. B

    Door bell problem

    I have just been given the job to install a doorbell for my girlfriends mum. The problem is she has a PVC door frame where she wants the doorbell mounted. Can I drill and fix a door bell in place on the doorframe? Also can I drill through the frame at different levels and fish the cable down the...