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  1. S

    Cable size changes over distance

    I’m intrigued by cable size calculations for my garden. The distance from my consumer unit at the front of the house to the garden is 14m (20m cable route). Garden is 34m long to the front of a shed. There will be other sockets, lighting, irrigation control used in the garden as well. I am...
  2. justcurioustwo

    can frequency changes effect the electrolysis process?

    A curious look at electrolysis After reading the quotes below which I got from another forum, I ask these questions ~~~~~ "Non-integer-frequency crystals will work well, as long as the crystal's frequency is between the microcontroller's maximum and minimum crystal frequencies. The non-integer...
  3. S

    Mitsubishi colt

    Hi, my daughter has a mitsubishi colt 1.1 litre 56 plate. Her car beeps 3 times and then changes the radio station. This has baffled me. Does anybody have any ideas please. Thank you.
  4. B

    Source on radio changes by itself

    Hi there, I am having an issue with my 2014 Honda Vezel where the source on the radio would change by itself, that is, it would jump from FM to AM on its own. Could someone advice me on what I should look for and how I can diagnose the issue.
  5. Lister1987

    Guidance Notes Changes?

    Those that have them, Guidance Notes; how frequently are they actually updated (beside changing yellow to blue)? I'm seriously considering getting some 17th edition GNs as they're a hell of a lot cheaper than the updated ones; if the actual content isn't changed then I just might but don't know...
  6. J

    Domestic Changes to the requirements on recording RCD disconnection times

    Hi everyone, long term visitor to the forum but first time posting a question... be gentle This question is with regards to the changes to the 18th edition certificates, which only require one disconnection time recorded. When recording the highest value taken when carry out RCD tests, Reg...
  7. D

    Domestic Kitchen Lighting Changes

    I’m a retired Electrical Engineer (was MIEE when I worked) and worked on electrical systems in nuclear power stations so I consider myself competent to perform electrical work. However, I have never been registered to perform work on domestic electrical installations. A friend asked me if I...
  8. Markyd

    WHAT..........AREADY CHANGES TO 18th
  9. C

    18th edition changes to Regulation 411.3.1.2

    Regulation 411.3.1.2 Metallic pipes entering the building having an insulating section at their entrance need not be connected to the protective equipotential bonding. Question is what is meant by an insulation section at the entrance: ** enters in copper but then goes plastic? **enters...
  10. Daniel Oake

    18th Edition main Changes, Domestic installer video.

    A video I stumbled upon for the main changes a domestic installer has outlined. Question: Can someone clarify, plastic Rawl plugs are not to be used now, due to fire regulations. What would you use in exchange for your day to day fixings now?
  11. Andy-1960

    18th Edition - Summary of Changes....

    Stumbled across this.. thought it may be of interest.
  12. Gavin John Hyde

    external fcu question

    Got a job coming up need to install a fcu coming of a RFC in an adjoining office room to power a light circuit. the light circuit will be in a large greenhouse with lots of water being sprayed for the plants and flowers so need suitable IP rating, albeit the FCU will be out of direct contact...
  13. C


    Hello All, As I have mentioned before I have been a Free Subscriber to the IET `Wiring Matters` Magazine for many years after being given a Free subscription by the then IEE after posing a question to them. As you will know the Magazine is now an online version and I get regular Emails...
  14. Andy78

    18th edition final changes released by IET

    Changes in the 18th Edition IET Wiring Regulations - IET Electrical -...
  15. O

    changes in electrical trade in ireland

    hello all im in southern ireland and have been in the electrical trade for the last forty years almost and was registered with ecssa up to about five years ago when i changed jobs to another field i was going to go back but now find the goalposts are changed and the governing body are looking...
  16. Gavin John Hyde

    Changes to test-meters discount for forum members

    Most of you will know that test-meter have for some time offered a discount to forum members but had to stop the open advertising of a 5% code as too many non forum members found it via google. They will most of the time still offer a discount if you email them and then order over the phone...
  17. Lip.82

    Changes are coming, what do you all think

    Just wondered what you all think about one of the changes to the regs. Having to install an earth rod when changing a consumer unit.
  18. O

    Boundary Changes for MP's

    So the number of MP's was supposed to drop from 650 to 600 in 2020 ..... but the election happened this year and its likely to happen in 2022 For me the harmonising of the size of the consituencies is long over due ...... because 1 vote in the UK, should have the same "effect"... This link is...
  19. R

    new rules and regulations

    been told that there is new rules and regulations for pet testing anyone now of this as I can't find any
  20. Leesparkykent

    Sky not worth the money

    Just seen this "From 1st February 2017 Sky may remove Discovery Communications’ portfolio of channels. DMAX, Animal Planet, ID, Eurosport 1, Eurosport 2, Discovery Shed, Discovery Home & Health, Discovery History, Discovery Science, Discovery Turbo, Discovery, TLC and Quest. Sky can't agree...
  21. buzzlightyear

    new 18th regs, coming soon to your nearest cinema soon !

    more monies down the drain .
  22. A

    Amendment 3 is getting closer- find out about Risk Assessment changes

    The BS 7671:2008 Amendment 3 changes are coming ever closer. We are producing a range of white papers highlighting the main changes affecting electrical contractors and designers. Our latest concentrates on Risk Assessments for the Omission of RCDs for Socket outlets. Amendment 3 proposes...
  23. B

    MCS and RECC Audits

    Had our first post new MCS Guideline audits from both bodies in Sept. Both went very well. MCS guy was a bit dry and factual. RECC lady was really interesting and very supportive and informative. No major changes to how we operate. Couple of changes to our website. And a few small changes...
  24. K

    Testing frequency

    Hello all, Just thought I'd check some opinions on testing frequency, with the changes in the guidance advice.The latest(4th) edition has revised some of the intervals for certain types of appliances such as IT. Would you consider that the changes can be applied retrospectively, ie if an...
  25. N

    "Signing off" work?

    Hi all, Just a quick question regarding periodic inspections. My father has bought a flat which he is going to rent out. I have replaced the consumer unit and carried out a periodic inspection to ensure all is safe. I am fully qualified but not registered with NAPIT or NICEIC, therefore I...
  26. G

    Joining a Scheme - Is it worth it

    Hi all I have my Elecsa assesment booked for 19th Dec and am now having serious doubts as to whether its worth joining a scheme at all. Recent research led me to the government review of Part P released in April 2012. I'm not sure if it has been amended or scrapped since? With the type of...
  27. simpson93

    going to sighn up with elecsa soon hopefully.few questions

    hi all thanks for coming to view my thread. as per title i am planning to sighn up with a domestic installer scheme, altho i heard there are going to be some changes with part p soar it on an earlier thread but didnt manage to dig it up, tried to look on there web site if they were...
  28. J

    changing a CU and added a new circuit ,which forms do I use

    when changing a CU unit do i use an electrical installation cert ? and do I need to test all the circuits ?
  29. P


    I'm often wondering or being asked how old the wiring is, particularly when it's been disguised with new sockets. There are plenty of clues, but I wasn't in the trade when the changes came about. Here are a few to start. Feel free to add dates for other significant changes. When did main...
  30. R

    Periodic Inspection

    Hi, I hope someone can help me a query I have with Periodic Inspection. Our contracted electricians are currently carrying out Inspections on a number of our properties,that were installed to the 16th Edition. However due to the changes from the 16th Edition to the 17th, do we now have to...
  31. stef

    The Green Book

    Hi all, I read in this forum some days ago about the amended 17th and a new book. So, we have to buy a new 7671 book, a new on site guide and of course the guidance notes as well? :eek: I think they should go for an electronic version which then can be updated easily and cheap and it won't...
  32. S

    cooker switch

    Hi guys, I went to give a quote for a kitchen job last night. While I was having a look I noticed that the cooker circuit had no cooker switch and we couldn't find one anywhere. Now the C/U was changed in dec to a dual RCD board by a local well known company:(. I'm I right in say that they...
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