1. Matt

    IET Students guide?

    Hello, I was wondering what is the difference "in content" between the IET Electricians Guide to the Regs. and a Student's Guide? I'd look it up myself but can not get a physical copy and I am not keen on forking out 20 GBP Thanks guys!
  2. P

    18th Edition Regs, Onsite Guide & GN3

    Hi, not sure if I'm allowed to do this but I'm giving up the trade as I'm sick to the gut with crooked employers. I bought the 18th edition Regs, Onsite Guide and g.n.3 from the NICEIC over a months ago for £144, can't return them as it's over 30 days, I'm going back into the automotive...
  3. B

    Steel Conduit Bending Writen guide.

    Looking for writen guide to bending Conduit. All conduit bending guidance seems to be done through word of mouth. Looking for a writen guide even if ancient There must be something writen down with guidelines, angles etc. There seem to be US guides but nothing for the UK. Thanks.
  4. L

    Heatmiser, user guide for dummies!!

    Hi, I've just moved into a new build and I can't figure out for the life of me how to work the heating. It's a Logic Combi ESP1 30 and there is a Heatmiser TM4 in the same room as the boiler. Then in the living room and bedroom there is a Heatmiser DS1 dial thingy which I also have no idea to...
  5. J

    Commercial New Member, Looking for professional help regarding GN3 and On-site guide.

    Good Morning all, I am a new member, initially drawn to the forums by the technical help given by you guys and any potential help I may be able to offer. I am currently doing my AM2, (After 8 years in the industry) As I believe that I need all my papers up to date for the way the industry is...
  6. ipd1961

    Quick reference guide for 18th

    Just completed the 18th Regs course and we were given a quick reference guide by the company delivering the course. I have redone it because there were a few typos and here it is in plain black and white or glorious colour
  7. BruvDunk

    IET on-site guide or NICEIC site guide

    I'm used to the IET on-site guide but as I prepare to splash out on the latest edition i see the NICEIC site guides also being pushed. Anyone had experience of both ? Pros\ cons etc of either
  8. gazdkw82

    Socket outlets On-site guide 18th edition

    I've searched and cannot find a breakdown of the A1,A2,A3 socket arrangements. Any ideas?
  9. C

    18th edition book with on site guide

    Hi all, im starting my level 2 2365 course soon and am looking to buy the 18th edition book with onsite guide. Does anyone know of the cheapest place to get these. Tried looking for second hand but no luck. cheers
  10. diyterry

    On site guide, to buy or not to buy

    Is it worth me buying a copy of the on site guide and will I understand it?
  11. K

    ROBIN SMARTPAT 5000 user manual

    Hi all , I have the tester above and have lost the user guide which I need to give to my apprentice any help please
  12. Murdoch

    Domestic Building services compliance guide

    if you are having trouble sleeping, take a read of this ... Some useful stuff in it .... Happy reading
  13. dnjr

    18th edition books. Site guide and on site guide

    Dear All Looking at the 18th edition bundles on offer at mo Some offer regs book and on site guide and some offer Regs book and site guide On site guide us the blue one. Site guide appears to be a different thing altogether. Any idea what the difference is Ta
  14. Daniel Oake

    Guide for DNO supply, installers - worth a look to someone.

    Stumbled upon a guide that the installers and maintenance teams adhere to, contains codes for reporting etc, might be interesting. Scroll down to Page 8 onward.
  15. G

    Table 4.1.2a/b in Electricians Guide

    Could somebody please clarify the difference between tables 4.1.2a & b. It appears to me that the difference is in types of circuit breakers - B or C depending upon max test loop impedance. Is this correct and which measurement do they mean by test loop impedance?
  16. JK-Electrical

    EICR Codebreakers: A Guide to Coding Observations for Electrical Installation Condition Reports

    Has anyone bought a copy of this NAPIT publication? If so, what are you thoughts?
  17. nbwriter

    A Useful Guide For Replacing Plug Fuses

    Hi Guys & Gals, I was working recently on fixing a 2KW electrical heater. I came across this thread on this forum: Domestic - Advice please fuse keeps blowing - Although it was abit jumbled (and I cannot...
  18. marconi

    Fluorescent lighting troubleshooting guide

    In the course of working on a problem on the EF to do with a strobing fluorescent light fitting I have been researching this type of lighting technology and how it becomes faulty or fails. I came across what I think is a very useful troubleshooting guide which others may want to have handy...
  19. J

    17th edition,GN3,on-site guide

    Due to a change I have brand new set of 17th edition,on-site guide and GN3 all 3rd edition for sale. Looking at £100 delivered or collected from Macclessfield CHESHIRE. Also have a Kewtech FC2000 check box for sale. £45 delivered.
  20. D

    16 amp commando sockets. 20 amp mcb on site guide as maximum value mcb

    Hello the on site guide lists 20 amp maximum mcb for 16 amps sockets. Having a debate with someone as to why this is? Why not 16amp mcb? I installed 20 amp mcb as it's for a car charger that charger's at 16amps for 8 hours and is not capable of pulling more than 16 amps but this has been pulled...