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  1. J

    MCS Guide is under review

    Consultation is here - been extended to 15th, to allow access to IET COP
  2. J

    The First Table in Section 7 of Onsite Guide....

    The first table in the OSG, p64 (it has no table name). It says the following maximum loads are assumed per circuit, and then it lists circuits and their rating, along with Load. My question, is this table showing maximum load that it's recommended these circuits should reach? Or is the Load...
  3. M

    Industrial EICR guide

    Hi guys, I undertake lots of different types of electrical installations and every now and again a customer asks for an EICR, I must admit I feel I'm actually good at testing but I don't really like it...mainly because of all the paperwork. I was wondering if anyone had any guides they use...
  4. P

    On site Guide error

    Page 186 Figure G4.9 Generic schedule of test results maximum permitted Zs. These values are all the same 40,32 and 6A mcbs have the same value 😊. They obviously don't proof read.
  5. Lister1987

    Wanted Looking for a copy of Electrician's Guide to Fire Detection and Alarm Systems - Electrical Regulations (2nd Edition) - ISBN:9781849197632

    I'm after a copy of this book but everywhere i'm looking I can't find a single copy (new) and am seeing listings for £200+ for used copies. I understand it's a discontinued book and that the publication of the 3rd Edition has been pushed back to 2020 due to Grenfell Tower tragedy, which is...
  6. L

    Guide to make test board... similar to colleges powered by ring circuit

    Afternoon chaps, is there a guide anywhere on this forum to make a test board similar to what you would use in college? I need to re-train myself, get some practice in testing circuits. Any appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Matt

    IET Students guide?

    Hello, I was wondering what is the difference "in content" between the IET Electricians Guide to the Regs. and a Student's Guide? I'd look it up myself but can not get a physical copy and I am not keen on forking out 20 GBP Thanks guys!
  8. D

    18th Edition Regs, Onsite Guide & GN3

    Hi, not sure if I'm allowed to do this but I'm giving up the trade as I'm sick to the gut with crooked employers. I bought the 18th edition Regs, Onsite Guide and g.n.3 from the NICEIC over a months ago for £144, can't return them as it's over 30 days, I'm going back into the automotive...
  9. B

    Steel Conduit Bending Writen guide.

    Looking for writen guide to bending Conduit. All conduit bending guidance seems to be done through word of mouth. Looking for a writen guide even if ancient There must be something writen down with guidelines, angles etc. There seem to be US guides but nothing for the UK. Thanks.
  10. L

    Heatmiser, user guide for dummies!!

    Hi, I've just moved into a new build and I can't figure out for the life of me how to work the heating. It's a Logic Combi ESP1 30 and there is a Heatmiser TM4 in the same room as the boiler. Then in the living room and bedroom there is a Heatmiser DS1 dial thingy which I also have no idea to...
  11. J

    Commercial New Member, Looking for professional help regarding GN3 and On-site guide.

    Good Morning all, I am a new member, initially drawn to the forums by the technical help given by you guys and any potential help I may be able to offer. I am currently doing my AM2, (After 8 years in the industry) As I believe that I need all my papers up to date for the way the industry is...
  12. ipd1961

    Quick reference guide for 18th

    Just completed the 18th Regs course and we were given a quick reference guide by the company delivering the course. I have redone it because there were a few typos and here it is in plain black and white or glorious colour
  13. BruvDunk

    NICEIC Certification Scheme IET on-site guide or NICEIC site guide

    I'm used to the IET on-site guide but as I prepare to splash out on the latest edition i see the NICEIC site guides also being pushed. Anyone had experience of both ? Pros\ cons etc of either
  14. gazdkw82

    Socket outlets On-site guide 18th edition

    I've searched and cannot find a breakdown of the A1,A2,A3 socket arrangements. Any ideas?
  15. C

    18th edition book with on site guide

    Hi all, im starting my level 2 2365 course soon and am looking to buy the 18th edition book with onsite guide. Does anyone know of the cheapest place to get these. Tried looking for second hand but no luck. cheers
  16. diyterry

    On site guide, to buy or not to buy

    Is it worth me buying a copy of the on site guide and will I understand it?
  17. K

    ROBIN SMARTPAT 5000 user manual

    Hi all , I have the tester above and have lost the user guide which I need to give to my apprentice any help please
  18. O

    Domestic Building services compliance guide

    if you are having trouble sleeping, take a read of this ... Some useful stuff in it .... Happy reading
  19. dnjr

    18th edition books. Site guide and on site guide

    Dear All Looking at the 18th edition bundles on offer at mo Some offer regs book and on site guide and some offer Regs book and site guide On site guide us the blue one. Site guide appears to be a different thing altogether. Any idea what the difference is Ta
  20. Daniel Oake

    Guide for DNO supply, installers - worth a look to someone.

    Stumbled upon a guide that the installers and maintenance teams adhere to, contains codes for reporting etc, might be interesting. Scroll down to Page 8 onward.
  21. G

    Table 4.1.2a/b in Electricians Guide

    Could somebody please clarify the difference between tables 4.1.2a & b. It appears to me that the difference is in types of circuit breakers - B or C depending upon max test loop impedance. Is this correct and which measurement do they mean by test loop impedance?
  22. JK-Electrical

    EICR Codebreakers: A Guide to Coding Observations for Electrical Installation Condition Reports

    Has anyone bought a copy of this NAPIT publication? If so, what are you thoughts?
  23. nbwriter

    A Useful Guide For Replacing Plug Fuses

    Hi Guys & Gals, I was working recently on fixing a 2KW electrical heater. I came across this thread on this forum: Domestic - Advice please fuse keeps blowing - Although it was abit jumbled (and I cannot...
  24. marconi

    Fluorescent lighting troubleshooting guide

    In the course of working on a problem on the EF to do with a strobing fluorescent light fitting I have been researching this type of lighting technology and how it becomes faulty or fails. I came across what I think is a very useful troubleshooting guide which others may want to have handy...
  25. J

    17th edition,GN3,on-site guide

    Due to a change I have brand new set of 17th edition,on-site guide and GN3 all 3rd edition for sale. Looking at £100 delivered or collected from Macclessfield CHESHIRE. Also have a Kewtech FC2000 check box for sale. £45 delivered.
  26. D

    16 amp commando sockets. 20 amp mcb on site guide as maximum value mcb

    Hello the on site guide lists 20 amp maximum mcb for 16 amps sockets. Having a debate with someone as to why this is? Why not 16amp mcb? I installed 20 amp mcb as it's for a car charger that charger's at 16amps for 8 hours and is not capable of pulling more than 16 amps but this has been pulled...
  27. Gavin John Hyde

    Idiots guide to how not to wire a garage

    Given the amount of questions the forum gets about taking power out to a garage/shed this made me think of all them diy'ers who come here looking for info, this is no doubt the consequence of them trying to do things outside their abilities. I Come across this video on youtube of a shoddy garage...
  28. CDB

    Elec.. Guide.. Build.. Regs Table 4.1.2a - Is this a cooker mistake?

    Hi, I hope my abbreviated title caught someone's attention and makes some sort of sense. On page 58 of the Electricians Guide to the Building Regulations there are some standard circuits listed. In particular I'm looking at the cooker entry on page 59 and have a couple of questions: 1) Why...
  29. sparkdog

    Planning guide magazine promo.

    Has anyone used the ? Had a visit from the rep the other day. A bit too expensive for me at about £1k for 2 years but seems well established and looks like it could be a source of work.
  30. P

    Caravan and Camping Site - Diversity

    Hi Guys I'm doing an EICR and making expansion proposals for a Caravan Site. This is for holiday not static caravans. Simple question - how many 16 amp outlets can I have off a 63 Amp supply? Currently 8 pitches are fed from a DB containing individual 16 Amp RCBOs, fed from a 63 amp supply...
  31. G

    C3 and unsatisfactory cert, advice please

    Hi all, asked by a friend to go and look at a shop for them and give a cert as requested buy the estate agents, ive gone and had a quick look, two wylex dis baords, no RCD . told me mate the boards could to with changing for new and coded this c3, then i (wrongly i assume) put unsatisfactory...
  32. B

    pre Jan 2016 boards

    Hi there I've been asked to start to carry out a number of Landlord certs, which I have started. I was just wondering what you guys were saying about non metal boards, if there is already a full RCD board installed pre Jan 2016. Are you doing unsatisfactory? or just putting them down as a...
  33. J

    LGP For Edge Lighting LEDS

    Hello all, My name is Jenni and I am working to develop a system for backlighting artworks using edge lit light guide panels and led strips. I have looked into the different light guide panels available, all are some variation on 3D laser etched acrylic. However, these light guide panels seem...
  34. B

    Buying a new car or van in 2017

    If your in the market for a new vehicle look carefully as the car tax bands are changing in April. (Don't think any new standard cars built now have high tax brackets and most are free so the treasury cannot cope) March is expected to be the busiest car buying month this year. See New 2017 road...
  35. Wilko

    IR testing and smoke alarms

    Hi - a forum post got me thinking about domestic fire alarms and BS5839. I haven't bought the Standard (just check the prices ...) but the IET's Electricians Guide to Fire Detection and Alarm Systems is a handy guide book, a brother to OSG and similarly priced. Also I picked up Aico's...
  36. T

    fire systems

    hi all, just wondering as it's quite confusing as to what fore system (grade) are required for each property. now .... we know that in domestic properties they require grade D in the hall ways and landing, all interlinked with battery back up. now what about in a house turned in to two...
  37. S

    parallel circuit

    Just a quick one. have a new machine install that is 3p+N 270 Amp (protected by bs88 315 amp fuses) cable length 80m from main switch board. cable required 120mm, But installing this size cable will be a nightmare as high level with a lot of racking etc. would two 50mm cables in parallel...
  38. E

    VAT rating on batteries and off grid.

    Been out of the loop for a bit, am I right in assuming that batteries for a domestic self consumption situation are 5%? Also for off grid systems? Cheers E
  39. Lou

    Testing Electrical Installations A practical guide for electricians

    This is an extremely detailed account of how to carry out practical testing to BS7671, This book is suitable for students studying C&G 2330, 2381, 2391, 2400, NVQ level II, III and domestic installer level 2 courses. Key topics are; Continuity of circuit protective conductors. Continuity of main...
  40. Lou

    Students Guide to The IET Wiring Regulations (Electrical Regulations)

    This Publication is intended for educational use, to enhance and develop the learners understanding of the BS7671 Wiring Regulations. It's fundamental purpose will be to improve the learners ability to navigate through the various sections of the regulations, to complete qualifications in line...
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