1. C

    Can I drill through a 4 stud thick column to run one 12/2 wire?

    I'm running one 12/2 wire through a wall and I ran into a structural column. It is 4 studs thick. Can I drill through this column to run my wire? 1575333614 Just wanted to add that I'm trying to add an electrical outlet to the wall.
  2. M

    excel formula Help

    hi all small formula issue can anyone help got the basics can add, multiply, ect copy columns, but need a multiple column (sum) entry. Row a item £ sorted b total £ sum of h-P (sorted) H-P x a = B all good Column 1-200 some headings but overall so I need H1 - H200 column H x A But for the...
  3. J

    On site guide single core Mv/A/m question

    Hello all I have a quick question on using my on site guide. I've found this forum fantastic for help so far. It's quite simple. I have a question which asks what the voltage drop for a single core 6mm² 70⁰c insulted cable for a single phase circuit is, enclosed in conduit. Page 151 of the...
  4. bigspark17

    Commercial Hospital and large commercial earthing arrangements

    Just pondering why hospitals and large commercial sites have many many earth pits sited 1 or 2 meters away from outer walls on corners and on pillars.? Is it to do with lightning protection or are the earthing arrangements tns or tt for these installs.?
  5. V

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Niceic cert

    Hi all i have been filling in NICEIC certs now for the past two months the way our firm work is to give out what they call a site sheet we test and fill in the results and all the information and then the QS looks over it and finalises it, I was given a completed cert fully printed out from our...
  6. L

    Perimeter security lighting design

    Hi, Is anyone got any literatures about Perimeter Security lighting? I am also looking for lighting column foundation construction details. Does it have to be protection in each column for individual luminaires? Regards, Laxmi
  7. matt1386

    Trainee - Advice please

    Hi all, sorry if this is in the wrong section, wasnt too sure where to post it Basically ive started college a few weeks late so im having to play catch up at home to get to where the rest of the class are at Ive come across a question on my work sheet which im not sure how to work out and...
  8. P


    Hi all need some advice when filling out test results on eicr's after carrying out live zs tests do you leave out R1 R2 column as in a lot of cases the measured reading is below ze value do you just make a note that it is a measurement and not a calculation? any help appreciated
  9. P

    All fuses blowing!

    Hello i have seen a first today. i am working for a highway unit and have had to go and solve a fault . I he I can explain this correctly as the wiring is in a bad state with a few under ground t joints to make it a bit more difficult for testing. So. The cable supplying the line of lights is...
  10. R

    Zs on a new circuit without an earth.

    Iv been sent to test a job. Steet light consumer unit. The control circuit which contains a double insulated overide sw and double insulated photocell has no earth. So i can not do a R1+R2 or earthloop. How do i go about the test sheet?? Fill inn the parts i can and leave omment sayin...
  11. L

    another perspective on comparing different brands of panels

    So having had a bit of time to play with a loaned laptop running PV Sol I decided to analyse some 4 kWp systems using differrent panels all using an SMA SB 4000TL inverter. Here's a summary table. qty panel watt kWp PV Sol size area theoretical PV Sol % efficiency efficiency 16...
  12. O

    Last minute queries for AM2.

    Hi people, Got my AM2 next week and was just hoping that you lot would be able to answer a few last minute queries of mine. So hear goes... Schedule of test results form: 1. Would the components in an S plan system be "vulnerable to testing"? (eg. the stats and controller) 2. The...
  13. Jay Sparks

    Monthly accounts help

    Hi Guys, Ive just started subbying for an electrical company doing testing and some day rate work. Ive sorted out how to do my invoice and day work sheet but I cant figure out how to SET out my monthly accounts on a piece of A4. Basically I will have roughly 4 incoming invoices and then what...
  14. D

    Circuit Impedance

    Taking over a building and starting to get PIR's for handover. They are NICEIC styley and under Circuit Impedence they have three columns for Ring and two for 'All Circuits'. The tester has filled in all columns for every cct but they don't make much sense, eg, 4mm line and cpc, R1=0.39...
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