1. R

    Dc electric

    Automotive electrical issue here. I recently replaced the alternator in my truck, and whenever I ground the alternator to the battery the battery shows 0 volts. What could be the issue?
  2. okrobie

    Do hybrid auto inverters have any practical use for 110/220 volt systems?

    I haven't a clue what they are good for but they seem to be cheap at the junk yard (Around $15) so I'm wondering if they can be used with a battery bank as a UPS? Thanks, Jim
  3. R

    Motorcycle Electrics - indicators on my VTX1300

    I've just replaced the indicators on my VTX1300 and one doesn't seem to work. Everything was working before I swapped them over from globe type to LED. The front indicator worked when I first connected it, but I can't get it to work now. Is there a trick to the wiring?
  4. P

    Becoming Qualified Auto electrician?

    Hi all. I already got my NVQ 3 as an installation electrician, but I've been thinking about getting qualified as an Auto electrician as well. Does anyone have any information in that regard? I see that City and Guilds offers courses, but I want to avoid them if possible (I've got mixed feelings...
  5. Gary Moore

    Changing to Auto Electrics

    Has anyone made a change into auto electrics? I just have a level of curiosity about it. Don’t know why. Just thought I would see if anyone else has done it, Kind regards
  6. C

    Alarm auto dialler not calling

    Hi, I installed a challenger alarm system(probably mistake No.1) in a domestic property and the system included an auto voice dialler. The entire system works fine except from the auto dialler.. It doesnt call the programmed phone numbers when the alarm is triggered, but as soon as you enter the...
  7. J

    Auto Electricians Help??

    Hi, I have an old style Benjys Sandwich Van that has a fault, the conversion company says an electrician should be able to do the works on it and they say to ask an auto electrician? it is the 12V work that needs doing on the van so ideally an electrician who understands the investor. I just...
  8. R

    Lower the voltage of a three phase 220v delta wiring system with auto transformers

    Hi all, I have a three phase 220v delta wiring system but the real voltage is about 240-245V by measuring between the pairs RS, RT, TS. I want to lower it to about 220V so I was thinking to use three auto-transformers 240-220V wired like this: I expect to find 220V between the transformer...
  9. D

    New Zealand auto electrician

    Hi, I'm an automotive electrician living in New Zealand. I was doing a search on forums for auto electricians and found this site. At the moment I'm looking for advice on oscilloscopes and hopefully will find some answers here :) This is my photography website for those interested.
  10. dazkgoodwin

    Auto electrics - Halfords not accepting blame for tyre pressure monitoring fault

    This year I had 2 front tyres replaced, front discs and pads replaced (24 Aug), and I was quite pleased with the price and service, however since going in for this work the tyre pressure monitoring on my Vauxhall Corsa (2015 Limited Edition) is showing the pressures for the 2 front pressures the...
  11. J

    Auto Electrical problem no power anywhere after rebuild

    Ive stripped and rebuild most of my 1998 nissan 200sx over the last number of years and will hopefully soon be finished but i have ran into an electrical problem and im an idiot when it comes to auto electrics and no idea how to read wiring diagrams atm all the wiring is connected bar a section...
  12. M

    Hi, newbie here. Looking for auto electric advice

    Just joined to see if anyone can help with my car electrics. I have very little electrical experience and am not sure what else to look for.
  13. A

    Domestic Course electrician auto advices

    good afternoon, I have a question I would like to take an Auto Electrician course which is the best place to take, I live north of enfield .. thank you
  14. C

    AC fan stays on at all times?

    Hello, I have a 1988 Toyota Celica Alltrac (4WD Turbo) and ever since I've owned the car, the front secondary fan (mounted on the front of the radiator and blows into the engine bay) stays on all the time at low speed when the key is turned to the start position (engine off and engine on). Also...
  15. Czar

    Auto chewed wiring loom

    Gents (and any ladies) hi I am a bms controls integration specialist.
  16. M

    No Wipers or wash BSI or comm unit peugeot 206 cc

    Peugeot 206 cc 2003 - The story so far...... whilst driving in the rain my wipers stopped working resulting in recovery back to my house with the car. The next day I proceeded to investigate concluding that I would change the wiper motor and linkage. Picked up a second-hand one from just round...
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