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  1. B

    Ten plug sockets broken on front slice of the house

    My house is Victorian and spread over three floors. The plug sockets through the front slice of the house across all floors don't work from this afternoon. The fuse box situation is pictured. None of the buttons has tripped - I switched each one off and on in turn to confirm they are still...
  2. happyhippydad

    Using an front S type RCD on a TT installation

    I usually install dual RCD consumer units rather than RCBO boards due to cost, however with the cost of RCBO's coming down I have started fitting consumer units with RCBO's. On an installation with TT as it's means of earthing I would always replace the main switch of the dual RCD consumer unit...
  3. P

    Plug with cable coming out front

    Does such a thing exist? Instead of the cable coming out the back of the plug, it comes out the front? Basically I have a wall socket and need to run an extension lead vertically up, as I HATE unsightly cables I want to try and do it neatly but of course a normal plug would need to run the cable...
  4. UKMeterman

    Wanted: Dimplex CLX 24Kw front panels

    Hi, Does anyone have a spare front panel for a Dimplex CXL 24Kw series C storage heater? I have one that has been pen attacked by a child.
  5. J

    My main fuse box is right behind my front door

    Hi, I've just moved to a ground floor flat and my mains fuse box/circuit breaker box, which ever it's called, is right behind my front door at the top. I moved into the property as it is supposed to be adapted for disabled access as I have a medical condition but the wiring was done before I got...
  6. D

    Light up Front of House - Allowed Cables/Cable Runs

    I want to wire the "typical" up/down lights half way up the front of a house to light it up in several places. The house is going to be fully K Rendered after wiring it. 1. Can I run the wires across the walls down the front of the house as it is going to be rendered and these cables wont be...
  7. C

    Headlight issue on Toyota Camry

    i have a 2012 Toyota Camry that was involved in a front end collision. When I got it the headlights worked fine, and the only thing I can think I may have done was at one time I removed a few ground wires, but they have been replaced now. Now, the headlights are stuck on no matter what as long...
  8. S

    Well some f!!ckwit decided to trash the front of my car.......

    Front wheel drive Vectra must have over compensated when he lost the front to be able to throw out the rear end on a FWD car, me 4WD and on winter tyres.......... Now the joys of dealing with the insurance......... Oh and he's private hire he'll be screwed at renewal time........
  9. FatAlan

    Just below the soil surface in my front garden!

    Builder started scraping the vegetation off my front garden last week. Bang! Power cable no more than about 30-40mm under soil. Interesting watching the DNO guys come out and fix live. Very efficient
  10. M

    old wylex skelton unit, mystery accessory identification help

    Hi attached picture shows a 1975 wylex consumer board in a flat we are in process of buying. Doing a bit of research whilst waiting for the paperwork to get sorted. Found plenty of information on how to add a new skeleton board in and quite a few pictures of same old board. but none so far with...
  11. rolyberkin

    Views on TT DP RCBO board up front RCD

    What are peoples views/practice on a double pole RCBO board for a TT installation. Do you install an up front time delay RCD separate to CU or in place of main switch, in my example the tails less than 1m? Got my head in the book but am none the wiser. Cannot see the wisdom of protecting the...
  12. P

    EICR coding non Amend3 CU over front door

    Obviously at least a C3, but is it a C2? Front door opens into tiny hallway, not much more than 1m square with the stairs going straight up virtually in line with front door, approx. 300mm offset to right. Above you as you enter is a 16th edition insulated CU, tight against the ceiling and...
  13. R

    Up front 100mA s type Rcd on a TT system.

    Hi all, Can anyone clarify whether it is O.k to remove a 100mA type s (time delay) Rcd which is upfront of a ammendment 3 splt load 30mA Rcd protected db, and replace it with a isolator? I can't seem to find a reference in the regs book. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  14. charlie76

    Anyone help me out with a MEMERA 21 CU Cover

    Evening all. On a job today i've cracked the front of the customers consumer unit because some muppet has put an overly deep MCB in which clashes with the front cover. I hadn't noticed initially as they had obviously not tightened the screws fully previously. I was putting the cover back on...
  15. W

    Vent-Axia v Manrose

    Vent-Axia bathroom fan with timer, £49.79 (screwfix) Manrose bathroom fan with timer, £19.99 (screwfix) Both 100mm, different front grills. Go for the Vent-Axia tried and trusted for zillions of years, after all they have the name! Errr, nope all that's different is the front cover, exact...
  16. D

    windscreen wiper doing there own thing!!

    My rear wiper on my Ibiza Mk3 comes on all by itself and stays on all the time even when the switch is off but then sometimes will stop for a while then a little bit down the road will start off again on its own. Sometimes the front wipers will work on their own as well with the wiper switch...
  17. marksparky

    Isolators in a kitchen cupboard?

    What's your view on putting isolators a inside kitchen cupboards mounted on a surface box? I'd normally have them on show obove worktop but in this case the walls are being clad with composite stone. Is there any reason why this wouldn't comply with regs?
  18. M

    Domestic indicators faulty...

    Hi guys this is probably a bit basic for what I've seen around here but I was hoping someone could help... I have an old Hyundai Excel '95 and the front and side left indicators are out and rapid signalling on the dash board and the back left light is rapid signalling. The first thing I tried...
  19. D

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Elecsa advertisement

    I am with Elecsa and I saw my first Elecsa advertisement today that wasnt in trade mags etc. Hooray I hear you all say, finally, at last, a scheme has decided to do some public advertisement. I saw it as I drove past but it was a banner in front of some parked cars, not sure if it was a car...
  20. happyhippydad

    earthing the SWA cable armour in a rotary switch?

    Morning... sort of for me. Have just got my rotary switch for the Hot tub and notice there is no room for a banjo inside as the front cover fixing holes are in the way. Just wondered what you guys do with this type of rotary switch? Perhaps a piranha earthing nut? Have just contacted the local...
  21. S

    accenta intruder alarm problem

    Hi guys hope you can help me Have just swapped my old alarm panel for a shiny new accenta panel. Havingcarefully noted all wiring and swapping it from old to new . How disappointed was I when powering up nothing happened except the power LED on the front lit up !! No tones from the keys , no...
  22. L

    New light switch problem

    I am trying to change a white light switch for a new silver one next to the front door. It has a light in the switch so I can see when the exterior light is left on. It was working fine but I am trying to instal the new silver light switch but it seem to be working back to front. When the neon...
  23. J

    Exit and Entry Doors on Scantronic 9600 Alarm

    Hi ... Apologies if this is the wrong place to post but everything I come across says closed thread . We have a Scantronic House Alarm and we have a front and rear door both with the contacts on them for exit and entry.I have looked at the paperwork and they are listed as exit and entry but we...
  24. A

    No earth terminal on metal switch

    Got a metal light switch to fit but surpisingly there's no earth terminal on the switch plate. It's Jo Jo branded and has BS3676 marked on it so presumably meets regs? The metal back box is earthed so the screws would presumably earth the front plate when fitted, but this doesn't seem ideal...
  25. D

    Short distance PIR, Danlers??

    Evening all, 1st fixing a job at the moment and the client is having 6x LED Aurrora sola IP65 down lights installed in the soffit at the front of the house, the road is less than 3m from the front door and soffit obviously, they want them to be triggered by a sensor, so i suggested fitting a...
  26. N

    And todays pudding goes to the odd job man

    oh yet another one of those days eh , job im working on kitchen fitter / odd job man wired in the hob and oven hob is 8.7kw so 2.5 ok look closely at the live yes it is touching the cpc , if you look you'll see it wont work as its been connected to an unused terminal in on a big lable was the...
  27. V

    Earthing on a domestic TT supply system with submain, advice needed please

    advice needed please , what is the correct thing to do. The scenario: -meter position and switch fuse @ front of house , with 100mA time delay protecting submain (TT SYSTEM) -the above submain supplies a 17th ED split load DB at back of house (2 x 30mA rcds etc etc) -submain is only 10mm T+E...
  28. L

    Domestic Hi help on a tt system with the board

    I'm an electrician but never work on tt systems , my girlfriends parents need some work doing and asked me to help . They currently have a board In switch a 100 am rcd but no main switch to isolate the board . Does the main switch have to be enclosed in the board or can it be in its own...
  29. B

    Please, see diagram and slap me if I am wrong ;)

    Please see this diagram and make me sure I am ok with it..
  30. L

    Baffling Lighting Circuit

    Hello, Just been to look at a problem where when his light switch for his front room lights is switched on, the stairs light 3 meters away will not work, though when the front room lights are switched off the stair light works, and is the stair light is on and the front room light is switched...
  31. La Poste

    Accessible main fuse

    I have a guy who wants the main supply cable boxed in and hidden. This will leave a problem with accessibility of the main fuse in case of emergency. I was thinking of boxing the whole lot in but leaving a small square of wood over the area of the main fuse that can be opened easily. Maybe by...
  32. E

    EICR in Village Hall

    Doing an EICR on the village hall. Red phase supplies a board that has sockets, fans etc on it and is supplied via a 30mA RCd. Blue phase supplies a board that has mainly lights on it but one breaker to a steel water heater type tea urn in the kitchen area. This is wired in via flex to a...
  33. Davehaywire

    led lighting affects low range wireless signals 30hz to 800 hz

    installed led outside 10w fitting outside entrance door to a wheel chair users house with a remote controlled wireless front door. after installing led fitting the wireless front door would not operae when light was on or intermittently. so looked into it a bit deeper and found that the led...
  34. A

    rcd requirements on a tt system

    Hi all A new shower circuit has been installed into a town property that is a TT earthing set up. The shower is protected by a 60amp 30 ma rcd and a 40 amp breaker. The ZS is 9.8 ohms, the Ze is 9.7 oms. Should this circuit be protected by a further 100ma rcd before the 30ma rcd or is the 30ma...
  35. M

    eicr -query over classification codes

    1. What classification code would you give on a front end rcd. 2. two ring circuits connected to a single mcb. In dispute with a customer and awaiting payment Thanks
  36. L

    Alarm Timer Setting

    Hello All, I have just been called out to a alarm system where the system does not set on a timer, you have to press the set key to make it set, it is an Accenta Mercury 6. Anyone know the engineer menu map for the timer setting, it also does not set the alarm off when the front door has been...
  37. M

    Help on PIRs required please

    Hi there so today at work i was asked to add on a new pir onto a lighting circuit that already had 7 6ft fluerescent lights onto it and also an existing pir..i took a 4 core 1.5 from the old pir and brought it to the new one.. when i had everything connected in and the front part of the pir on...
  38. darkwood

    Guess the Fault???

    Thought id start a thread for posting those unusual faults that have you scratting your head for age, feel free to post one for a guessing game but here goes with mine.... Call out to a work yard who have a metal container cabin decked out with a few sockets and lights, the problem was nothing...
  39. A

    how do I khow what is short circuit capacity (KA) on DEIC

    HI Can anyone help me understand how I work out the "short circuit capacity(KA)" for Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate. Sorry struggling with this one.:blush5:
  40. W

    Doorbell Mystery!!

    Hi All, I need a bit of guidance on wiring multiple doorchimes. I am working in a large house with front and backdoor pushbuttons and there are 5 no. internal 8v bells. The bell are single tone and do not differentiate between front and back doors. Im guessing the bells need to be wired in...
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