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  1. Gavin John Hyde

    Interesting talk with DNO engineer

    Had the DNO out to check cut out, make a sheathed earth available today and pull fuse whilst I fit isolator. Got talking about pulling fuses and the seal fairy, he said Western Power normally just give you a dont be naughty talk and doesn't get why they dont just allow registered electricians to...
  2. S

    UK Should I get the main earth changed by the DNO?

    I have been asked to upgrade a fuse board, however, when I did an initial visual inspection, I noticed the main earth from the DNO is unsheathed (TN-S), it’s strands that are clearly ancient! I haven’t yet carried out any tests. Should I get the DNO to change the earth? Will they actually bother...
  3. G

    Main fuse query

    Hi I’m planning on getting my house re-wired soon, the installation at the minute is an ancient old fuse board with all sorts going on in there! My main fuse is rated at 60 amp and my question is should I get the dno in to upgrade if needed to 80 or 100 amp! Am I best doing this before or after...
  4. O

    DNO providing DP isolation.

    Just sounding things out as to what DNOs are charging for providing DP isolation switches where all that is in situ is the main supply fuse and the meter. Customer was quoted £30 by their leccy provider to have a DP isolater fitted. The following day an email reached them from their provider to...
  5. dc-electrix

    New DNO Supply help sizing

    Hi all, I have become involved in getting a new supply laid into a block of flats. It was originally a house and was subdivided into flats >20yrs ago. Whoever did this used the existing 100A incomer and had 6x 80A BS1361 DNO fuses fitted which feed 4mm MICC submains. How the DNO p,ut 80A fuses...
  6. happyhippydad

    Is this the responsibility of the DNO?

    I am going to be changing this CU. My question is who's responsibility is it to remove the old VOELB that is directly after the cutout but before both meters (see pic below). Im 90% sure it's the DNO? Is it just the meter itself that the supply company would be responsible for? Will the DNO...
  7. Gary Tollison

    DNO-CU isolator switch install

    greetings :) I’m looking at getting an isolator switch put in just before the consumer unit. DNO has quoted £138 incl VAT for the job. Now, I have lvl 3 domestic electrical installer diploma in the bag, and am not far from going for AM2. Is there anything I can do on the consumer side to help...
  8. J

    SSE DNO 4kw Solar Panels with battery storage, zero export

    Hi, I'm looking to expand our current grid-tied solar from 2kw to 4kw, add some battery storage and do zero export. Has anyone done this? Did SSE accept it? Any advice on equipment? Thanks all
  9. M

    Domestic House supply questions

    Hi all, Got a bit of a query with my mains supply where it enters the house. Its in an empty room that i'd like to either fit a bathroom in (as in my picture) or a toilet and wash basin. Would I need to have this DNO fuse etc moved or can it be boxed in with a water sealed access hatch? All I've...
  10. M

    Increasing supply, does DNO transformer look excessive?

    Basically customer currently only has a 100A 3 phase supply, which is rather overloaded. Also has a 120KVA generator for a 55KW motor. Im trying to get a larger supply so everything will run off the grid and not overloaded. Ive spoken to the DNO in terms of trying to get a 400A supply. DNO...
  11. B

    Ryefield / bno - bs and law

    I'm interested in learning more about ryefield boards as none of my training so far has covered them. Does anyone know the relevant bs/bs en standards and legislation that applies? I've noticed g87, esqcr, iec 61439 and bs7671 seem to apply. I'd like to know about who has responsibility for...
  12. S

    Who does what? How to get the DNO to correct old works.

    Hi To explain: Victorian house split into 3 flats Supplied via single ph service head in the hall then straight into 2 x 3way service connectors, cant see the cable, service connector is right up agaist the service head, From the service connectors is one 16m single insulated tail going to a...
  13. T

    Progress with DNO regards provision of earthing terminal, thoughts?

    Western Power Distribution - Information for electrical installers - https://www.westernpower.co.uk/connections-landing/connections-useful-information/information-for-electrical-installers I have been contacted today regards policy and methods regarding provision and maintenance of earthing in...
  14. C

    High Ze, Whose. Responsibility.

    Morning chaps, A bit of background. Finished a job yesterday, it was a bathroom install for the council on a private job. So with these they are grant work for the disabled, existing installtion dated, we have to note this on the certificate and install new circuit off a small new board for...
  15. G

    Note on Cert to contact DNO to renew cutout, AIBU?

    Simple enough job, three additional DSOs in existing ring to avoid the use of extensions and multi plugs. First things first quick Zs on socket, 0.31 Ohmos, lovely.... ...Check cut out and main fuse, IS there anyone on this forum who was alive when this was installed? No tingle using the...
  16. simpson93

    Re rerouting mains and dno responsibility

    Good afternoon all, I have a client that is having works done on there front drive and the landscaper has stumbled across the mains supply cable 20cm or so in the ground. Unfortunately the cable is too high up to be able to high up and needs to be moved down, I had advised my client to talk...
  17. T

    Follow up on DNO complaint and earth terminal responsibilities

    Just to update on my witterings re DNO and unclear direction reponse regards maintaining/providing earthing point; P.S. this has been taken to committee and the following agreed I am told. Dear Mr Votigern (Name redacted) Since our conversation about this topic I’m concerned that you may be...
  18. Daniel Oake

    Guide for DNO supply, installers - worth a look to someone.

    Stumbled upon a guide that the installers and maintenance teams adhere to, contains codes for reporting etc, might be interesting. Scroll down to Page 8 onward. https://mocopa.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/MOCOPA-guide-version-3.5.pdf
  19. Michaelwgroves

    Protecting DNO equipment

    A House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) officer inspecting a HMO for temporary accommodation has advised tenants might be tempted to play with DNO equipment as it's not in a locked cupboard. I'd be interested in your thoughts, my view is nothing to do with me, DNO install this and deem it to be...
  20. T

    I have advanced co-operation with DNO Western Power to be precise

    So attended a house (one of many) and the earthing arrangements fall far short of what is needed. No bonding such as gas bond the cable is there hanging around in the air by the gas meter. 8.75 ohm Zs at socket. More importantly the cut-out has no earth to attach to. However there is an earth...
  21. M

    Can I replace inverter for larger unit without informing DNO or FiT

    Hi, Looking on Ebay I can pick up a used inverter for a lot less than what the supplier is asking for a new different unit. Do I need to inform the FiT people or the DNO. when the FiT paperwork was filled in it had the model and serial number of the inverter, which would be different if...
  22. sevuk

    DNO or Dunnos? The frustration.

    I'n on a bit of a rant. I've known an electrician before who likes to call them the "dunnos." I've not often had to deal with them as I'm normally just a sub-contractor. Except some years ago I had to get I believe SSE out who were so easy to deal with I barely remembered it, the guy gave me a...
  23. R

    Sub-mains to Flat, DNO supply 30meters away

    I am looking at a job where the DNO supply is around 30 meters from the Consumer units. The SWA will be installed surface to the ground floor building up into the flats. It is 3 separate flats, with 3 DNO supplies. I am thinking that best method would to be put sub-mains for each flat with...
  24. KeenPensioner

    Domestic DNO fuse - who can remove it?

    Hi, as my profile says I'm not a sparky but I've wired up the odd light switch and socket! I know my limitations and take safety very seriously but I like learning. I have no intention of ever doing this but can someone explain who can remove the 100 amp fuse to a domestic CU. What is a...
  25. NDG Elecs

    Is this PME, the DNO day it's up to me to find out!

    Hi, Just a quick query for others views please. Customer had a brand new three phase supply put in in April. I have been called in to rectify the ---- poor work carried out so far. The first thing I noticed was there is no main earth. The 3P head has a green PME sticker, but there is no...
  26. Spunkywads26

    Henley Block with DNO seal

    Looked at a job today and found something which I believe to be odd. TNCS system with tails out of the new smart meter into a small henley block. Then 1 set of tails only from the henley block into an old square d cu. The thing I found odd is that the henley block has what I assume is a DNO...
  27. M

    Pulling the dno fuse

    Hi all The other day a friend of mine who owns a restaurant lost power so I went to take a look for him as I was only around the corner. Upon arriving I found that the tails straight off the meter into the switch fuse had burnt out and one of them was hanging out the box (it was quite a mess...
  28. T

    What would you say to DNO about the following...if anything?

    So asked to attend tripping RCD whenever cooker is plugged in. That bit was very simple, gas cooker with igniter plugged into extension. Soaked extension lead (fridge defrosted all over it and condensation from pots and pans etc.) removed it and plugged direct in to socket problem solved. I was...
  29. Spoon

    DNO price for moving their service cable & meter.

    Hi People. Please can you help. Yes I have tried a search but all I have found is that their web site should give a price. Anyhow.. enough waffling. A friend is going to convert their garage into a bedroom. The DNO supply and meter are in the garage. The hubby want to move it to the outside of...
  30. Gavin John Hyde

    Looped DNO supply? Any thoughts?

    Looking at a house today doing the pre-site visit and tests for a partial and maybe full rewire. The supply is what i think is known as a looped service. Not come across one and had to do work on it before. other than seeing them around and not much thought given to it. The supply comes in to...
  31. Gavin John Hyde

    DNO charges when needing isolator fitted.

    Spoke to the local DNO this week, as a job im quoting for needs an isolator fitted so i can run a small second CU from a henley block to supply an extension. I may also be running a supply to the separate garage in the foreseeable future. I only need them to either de-energise supply and i will...
  32. Gavin John Hyde

    dealing with the DNO

    Got a job lined up, the customer needs a new consumer unit and partial rewire as its a bit hit and miss and with joined circuits between both upstairs and downstairs ring circuits. and also the lighting circuit is just one rather than split into different floors. The consumer unit is a old...
  33. Cadgey123

    DNO maximum demand message.

    Just started doing my first block of flats as a Qualified supervisor. I have 5 flats and a landlords supply to wire up. Done my calculations a while back and told the DNO I would need require ADMD of 12.5 kva for each flat which I thought was reasonable, Considering I have 3 rings, 2...
  34. UKMeterman

    Domestic Dno Hv Autorecloser Events Permitted Frequency

    Hi, I live out in the sticks, two independent HV Feeds from two separate primary substations with a pair of auto switches that control the single HV feed into the village. I have had 7 auto recloser events in the last 6 weeks, 3 of which in the last two weeks. At what point should UKPN get...
  35. B

    Type of DNO supply question

    I was installing a new control panel in a pumping station kiosk the other day. Sometimes I am required to `enter` the DNO supply to insert the earth cable on what is normally a TNCS system. To my surprise the supply was a single core with the armourings supplying the system earth but no neutral...
  36. R

    DNO upgrade 60 to 100amp

    Hi, Who is responsible for the cost of upgrading the supply to a property? The current fuse is 60amp, the property will need the 100amp upgrade. Sent from my SM-N910G using Tapatalk
  37. J

    Which is the DNO earth block? PME

    Hi All I would be interested to hear your opinions on this situation: It's a property which used to have the electricity meter in the middle of the house, the consumer unit is still there and there is still a cut out with a 100A fuse in it, a neutral earth block and a small label that says it...
  38. mort2376

    Domestic New Supply from DNO

    Has anyone had dealings with ENWL regarding new supplies ? A customer has asked me to quote for splitting his house in 2 ( 2 20KVA single phase supplies ) and a new supply to his shop located on the same property ( 1 60KVA three Phase Supply ) ENWL have agreed to install a 100 KVA supply to a...
  39. A

    Domestic Ridiculous situation with the DNO and the MOP on a domestic install

    I have been trying to replace a CU on a domestic property. During my initial checks, there was no isolator and the earth was only 6mm on a TN-C-S. There is a label stuck to the cut out stating that it was PME. The cut out is a long brown Bakelite style with no access to the PME earth point...
  40. haptism

    DNO fuse 80amp, board dp 100amp

    Hi hope someone can help. If a small house's DNO's fuse is rated at 80amps, is it considered bad practice to fit a db with a 100amp dp switch ? As most db's have a 100amp switch I assume this is common practice, also I expect an 80 amp DNO fuse can handle alot more before it blows.

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