1. E

    Appalling install... Am I missing DC isolators too? Help please!

    Hi all, I hope you can help me please. I had solar system installed nearly 2 months ago and my installer turned out to be cowboy despite having all necessary certification, Which trusted trader, you name it... They were already back to take the panels off, repair the roof and install panels...
  2. baldelectrician

    DNO lack of action- is this common

    I had a client who had a poor lateral supply and called out the DNO in 2009, SP Energy Networks attended and marked it as an urgent upgrade. She then called me about more work in February this year and told SP EN had not fixed the problem so she called again, someone looked and said the job...
  3. W

    Help Please! Need a little help with notifying DNO!

    Hi all Just about to carry out my first EV charger install at the end of the month and im filling out the DNO notification form Im just stuck on the section about 'has this service capacity been verified by the DNO?' I have undertaken a load survey and all in we are at about 80A so above the...
  4. D

    UK Can anyone identify this DNO head?

    Hi all, We've just moved into a new house which was built circa 1950's, do we need to contact Western Power about the incoming main?
  5. Too_Wired

    What is the BS number is for this old DNO Crabtree enclosure?

    Hi, I completed an EICR at a customer home in the week and came across this old Crabtree DNO equipment in the meter cupboard. Just two questions really 1. Does anyone know what the BS number of this equipment is (See pictures) 2. Will the DNO replace it if the customer requests an isolator...
  6. A

    Thoughts on DNO / Supply Cable

    Hi all, Some time last year a contractor who visited our house suggested that our mains supply cable coming into the house could be coated in asbestos containing materials but that it wouldnt be possible to sample it due to it being live electrics. He advised to contact the DNO for further...
  7. C

    3 DNO in school buildings

    EICR finding 3 DNO supplies in main building. The front end of building 3p 100 amp TNS, middle Sp 100 amp TNS, other part Sp 100 amp TNCS. Water & Gas supplies are common to this building This been in situ for over 50 years, any comments
  8. S

    UK Consumer unit TT system far from DNO fuse

    Evening all, I’d appreciate your opinions here: I’m looking at an old (150 years+) stone house. Complete rewire and renovation. DNO fuse is currently where the master bedroom will be (upstairs). Client wants it to be moved to a more accessible location downstairs about 15m away depending on the...
  9. J

    Curious DNO MET on TT System

    Just completed an EICR which had an Unsatisfactory Report done earlier in the year by another Spark, i have a copy of the report and he's put the earthing system down as a TN-S and a ZE of 0.21. However as you can see the main earthing conductor (16mm) doesn't go to what appears to be a DNO MET...
  10. wwilts

    DNO cutout for 1 dwelling with 3 fuses all on same phase

    Objective: allow fast charging of EV (22 KW) DNO cutout has 3 100A fuses, but all 3 turned out to be on the same single phase How to still obtain 22 kW for fast charging of EVs? Rotary phase converter? Switched on only when needed? Other approaches?
  11. OnlQQker

    DNO Cables Running Under Soffit Across Houses...

    Just wondering what your thoughts are about this before I renew the facias/soffits/guttering. Any help would be appreciated as it's my sons new house. I've attached some pics
  12. V

    DNO charges for upgrading 100A TP+N service

    Hi all An industrial customer of ours is running a laser cutting machine at a local industrial estate unit. He has been there 15 years and has changed machines a couple of times ..but loading have always stayed the same or reduced a bit. This week they gave me a call as they could smell...
  13. Gavin John Hyde

    New DNO notification form for EV and Heat Pumps etc

    There is a new form on the horizon for EV charge points. Some interesting criteria now apply, If you are not sure what the fuse is then you must submit the form in advance of install regardless of max demand. At present if the MD is <60 amps you can notify once installed. Most of mine are done...
  14. M

    DNO cable through party wall - sealing gap for sound reduction

    I live in a mid terraced house (ex council)which dates from around 1950. The supply is a TN-S with no loop out (I maybe looped off one of neighbours I don’t know) The supply cables seem to lie along the bottom of floor void at front of property, with bricks having been removed/left out. This...
  15. T

    Has anyone worked for a DNO?

    Hi all, wondering if anyone has worked for any DNO's. I've potentially got the opportunity to work for a company replacing service cables, service heads etc. Has anyone had any experience working on this type of thing? Im trying to find out online about the DNO jointing codes/qualifications that...
  16. T

    DB to be located away from DNO equipment

    Evening and happy Friday! Does anyone regularly use or know of a suitable way to relocate a DB from its original position (adjacent to main fuse) if there is nowhere within 3m of the main fuse inside the building where a fused isolator can be fitted? Main fuse is in an external meter cabinet...
  17. richardg

    DNO fuse in a house of horrors

    Just been this sent this remotely by a former client who is just about to move into her ‘new house’, survey report did not flag any problems - builder was asked for his knowledge and said all’s good and now a smart meter fitting turned up and looked at this and scuttled away in terror? where to...
  18. C

    DNO earth

    Hey people, My friend just bought a flat which has had a solar PV install in the last couple of years and he wanted me to have a quick look (not that I touch PV) Anyway, I found this: It looks like the guys have rammed the earth up the sleeve on the incomer? I can't see why they wouldn't...
  19. B

    Splitting dno supply

    So my client owns a shop and is building 2 small flats above... the shop has a 3 phase service head supplying a 3 phase board via a switch fuse isolator.. My question... How do we organise tapping off that service head and getting two metered supplies installed in the flats? Ti
  20. J

    Problems with local DNO

    While doing a few initial tests during a quote for a rewire the ZE results were around the 3 ohm mark on what appeared to be a TNS system. An old iron conduit with two core cable inside and a steel clamp around the intake for the earth. initially explained to the customer, and got them to...