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  1. BulkWorkwear

    Antibac Hand Sanitizer now available

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  2. J

    UK Protect Fused Spur?

    Hi I’ve got an aluminium flexible duct from a cooker hood extractor which runs right next to a Switched Fuse Spur (3amp fuse) Do you think I need to protect it from the heat generated in the duct? Thanks
  3. Weezy

    Industrial RCD protect Forklift? Yes or No?

    The Job: We are going to wire a forklift point in 6mm swa surface wiring inside a warehouse. It’s a 3Phase forklift point 32amp. Wired from a 3phase eton C32 MCB. Will surface clip swa along existing cable tray down to a rotary isolator and 32amp commando outlet. Jobs pretty simple however...
  4. S

    RCD protect conservatory

    Hi, My conservatory has 4 x double sockets and operates from a 13amp switched fused spur. I've just run an outdoor double socket from one of the inside sockets so I can use a fishpond pump. Q: Should I of used a RCD protected outdoor socket or am I ok replying on the internal 13amp fused spur...
  5. L

    Replace Menvier M12 with Nest Protect installation

    Hi, I am currently replacing 1 of 4 Menvier M12 with a Nest Protect and need some expert advice on the (old) wiring. I have a Menvier M12 with the following wiring: Black - 0v (neutral) Red - 12v (live) White/Green - tamper zone Blue - zone (interconnect) Yellow - fire As per the Nest Protect...
  6. spud1

    To Surge protect or not Surge protect that is the Question!

    Hi, A wholesaler tried to tell me that Surge protection is now a requirement in DBs under 18th Regs today. Im pretty sure thats rubbish but just wanted to put it out there. I know alots been added on SP in the new Regs but Im pretty sure its still only risk assessment driven and not a...
  7. mikeup

    When does taking a fuse out protect you..?

    Old house / wiring / fusebox plus single circuit breaker. So I decide to change dead double socket in kitchen ( one socket failed followed by its twin months later= no power ( yesterday ) ) NB. once it stopped working the switches on the socket were found to be stuck ( in the "on" position)...
  8. N

    Safety Glasses

    can any of you recommend safety glasses which don't fog up after seconds of putting them on?
  9. oracle

    Trade Clubs Or Valuable Associates

    If I have a JIB gold card, why do I need to join NICEIC, ECA, NAPIT etc? As I understand things NIC protect your customers, ECA protect you, NAPIT are a collection of Domestic Installers, Electricians and even Professional Inspectors and Testers, having moved on but not sticking to what it...
  10. G

    Swapping out a cooker switch

    Have been asked to disconnect a 40A fixed line to a cooker. The new cooker is apparently a '13A, 3 pin' one, though I'll believe that when I see it. The cable isn't being removed, so it needs terminating properly. I was thinking it could go into a new plug socket, but then the RCD for the...
  11. onions1066

    rcd protecting tails again

    I know this subject has been done to death and I have my opinion on it but today in a domestic property new build only 3 years old. Meter tails behind plaster no protection with even capping just clipped direct. Dual rcd board in the house. Tails 8 meters long switch fuse outside in Meter box...
  12. B


    We seem to have a lot of young sparkies following the trend that RCD's are some kind of wonder device. To explain, An elderly lady has just come out of a 3 day stay in hospital. Why ?? Because a young electrician had installed a dual RCD board to there property and explained how it protected...
  13. P

    Fuse Size

    Hi Guys. What exactly is the 13Amp plug fuse protecting? Appliance or cable? I often come across 13 Amp fuses that are clearly original supply but should IMHO be 5 0r 3 Amp. Typically this occurs on Fridges and Vacuum Cleaners.So I change it acording to the running current (and considering...
  14. L

    Distribution circuit question

    I'm running a 30 metre length of three core 16mm armour to feed a garage conversion which could have a high loading. The cable will be run from the external meter box where I will split the meter tails via a Henley The problem is There is naff all room in the box and I can't fit a switched...
  15. J

    RCD's on farms

    Hello, was wondering what people thought about a cable supplying the farm buildings, i need to replace the cable so it now be a 16mm swa from service head area, across the garden and into the 1st shed, i was look ar brb and saw reg 705.411.1 (iii) which says all other circuits require 300ma rcd...
  16. E

    .75mm flex cables.IEC. 13 amp fuse.

    When carrying out the visual , there are a lot of these cables fitted with 13 amp 1652 fuses. Is the reason for this due to start up currents of appliances??. .75 is good for around 6 amps i believe so 13 amp will not protect cable from overload. I guess the appliance would have some kind of...
  17. silver surfer

    Rcd Protection For Supply To A Transformer On Construction Site?

    Providing 10kva 400v/110v transformers on site and not sure if i need to protect the SWA feeding the TX with RCD. Comments please.
  18. F

    Overvoltage detector and protection 220v

    Hi, I am looking for a device or way of protection single phase 220v equipment from overvoltage. There is a device AVS30 from www.sollatek.com that does this, however if the voltage is above 320v then the AVS30 is itself damaged. Is there something that would protect up to 400v. thanks John
  19. T

    Fuse problem

    Hello, have a question. Yesterday in office I work fuse BS1361 45A was blow. How everything is connect: From box WYLEY cat nr. 108M (60A) BS 5419, someone take feed to another fuse board, that board is divided to two parts, one of them is strange (for me) protect by 63A RCD. My concern is -...
  20. E

    External sub mains which type of earth do you use as the CPC…

    When the origin is a TNCS and you are running to say a shed/barn which you are going to make TT. Which do you use to protect the sub main run the TNCS or the TT?. I’m thinking it’s the TT earth you use to protect the incoming cable. What do you guys use?
  21. S

    RCD Tripping and Surge protection devices

    Has anyone come across surge protection devices being the source of an RCD trip at consumer unit ?
  22. S

    Domestic Fused spur

    Hi all I was called to a house last week to fix a faulty boiler Upon checking it was obvious that the PCB had blown However, the boiler was connected directly to the cu via a multi switch panel No fused spur ? I quoted a repair including the installation of a spur to protect the boiler Hence...
  23. E

    Single main RCD or multiple

    Hi all, A customer doesn't want a new consumer unit, but wants work doing to an existing lighting and existing ring circuit. I believe I'm correct in thinking that if I do work on these older circuits, I must then RCD protect them. Is it better to fit an RCD to the incoming mains, before...
  24. G

    RCD's In TT Systems

    I am quoteing to change an old consumer unit to 17th edition on a TT installation. I have checked the regs and it looks like the preffered option is to give added protection by changing the 100A main switch to a 100A 100mA RCD together with the 30mA RCD protection already in the board. Firstly...
  25. H

    Do my tails need an rcd?

    Hi all could someone please clarify if i need to protect via an rcd, the cable (split con centric cable) supplying the fuse board which will be run in an under ground duct about 8 meters long from the meter/incomer. The system is a tt system and i will be protecting the sub mains with a 80 amp...
  26. P

    lighting RCD ?

    Guys, been to look at a job the person has converted 1 bedroom into 2 so wants a light installed in the second room. Do i need to rcd protect the whole circuit customer has old cart fuse board or rcbo? cheers
  27. banny07

    wiring in conduit

    hi, I always use conduits when running cables for sockets and switches but some of my mates say you dont need it and cables can be burried straight under the plaster without conduit. Are they wrong or right?
  28. B

    tt system with rcbo's

    in a t.t system i have all way thought you need a 100mA s type dp rcd covering the whole installation been to a job today and it is a standard board dp isolator and filled with rcbo's which yes they will protect as for high earth loop but they are only single pole am i right in my thought's
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