1. N

    When to issue a danger notification?

    When working on a site if you see a c1 or c2 condition, can you issue a danger notification? Or is it only for c1 situations? Reason i'm asking is if you spot something whilst working on site and point it out to the customer, and they don't want to pay to get it fixed, you'd obviously want to...
  2. Z

    I never install ring circuits, the potential for danger is unacceptable

    I’d like to know if anyone else here refuses to install ring circuits in domestic premises. For me it’s either a 20a radial / tree circuit with 2.5mm, or a 32 radial / tree circuit with 4.0mm. Frankly I’m tired of finding broken ring circuits on 32a CB’s, as well as mismatches on end to end...
  3. M

    Solar charging nest box camera & battery

    Hi Apologies if this is dealt with elsewhere, but I haven't seen anything. I'm fitting a new bird nesting box which contains a wireless camera. It will be attached to a battery which will in turn be attached to a solar panel. I'm hoping to avoid the need to constantly bring the battery in to...
  4. Gavin John Hyde

    Anybody got the danger notice forms as a pdf?

    Need to issue a danger notice to a customer. They have a new electric shower without a earth conductor, very low IR readings and to top it off the cable has signs of burning on the damaged earth cable in the back of the isolator. that has been cut off short and is covered in melted green/yellow...
  5. D

    woah! Danger present with BG outdoor light switch

    Thought i'd share this one that happened to me today.... Was wiring up a customer gazebo with BG weatherproof fittings (light switch, sockets, JB and mains board). Anyway, all went fine and was on to testing the circuits.... circuits all tested fine. The lighting cables were terminated into...
  6. leep82

    Issuing a danger notice

    I am due to finish on a job today where i have been doing some remedial works following an EICR ( done by another electrician ). Its a residential block consisting of several bedsits and communal areas. In the kitchen/utility there is a washing machine and a dryer both fed via a coin meter...
  7. M

    Would you code a 60 amp main switch been fed from a 100 amp BS1361

    I carried out a EICR and the main switch for the consumer unit is only rated at 60 amps and the main supply fuse is a BS1361 rated at 100 amps. Im thinking this should be a C2, what are your thoughts please. Many thanks Martin
  8. ray-bentos

    EICR Coding for hob wiring

    I did an EICR on a property today and came across a built in hob with a 45A switch but no dedicated cooker circuit On further inspection it turns out that the 45A switch is spurred from the kitchen socket ring and feeds a double socket at the back of the built in oven. Both the oven and the...
  9. I


    am i correct in saying cable lying on a suspended ceiling all over the place would be marked down as a C3
  10. W

    Eicr code please!

    What would you consider reasonable coding for dado trunking in a medium sized office space with no high integrity earth connections on the ring circuits supplying the IT equiptment, there are about 6-8 desk spaces per ring circuit with pc monitor tower printer in each desk unit Im wavering on a...
  11. sparkless

    bad work

    went to a job today, didn't know where to start. all they wanted was a new socket or two, but after I saw this work I couldn't leave site without rectifying. trouble is how to get paid for extra work. I am a small business, not the electrical police. so I doubt I will get paid for making...
  12. E

    testing zs - EAWR

    on an eicr is it right or wrong to test for zs or is it putting us at unneccassary risk of shock ?? If the regs say we CAN calculate using Ze+(R1+R2)measurements taken during dead testing then SHOULD we?? ! anyone any clear cut answer on this 1??
  13. C

    More EICR.

    evening all, Doing an EICR on a small place, TT, only problem i'v found so far, is the stake has been cemented over(garden has been all done), Ze is 122.07 Ohms. agree reading is fine however cannot verify final connection.Could this be classified as c1? what code would you guys give it, i...
  14. S

    convincing customer to have a rewire

    hi custumer has certain lights and sockets not working, cast iron fuse boxes, no main earthing conductor, all earths twisted and connected to cast iron fuse boxes, live wires sticking out of junction boxes. and i was only there for half an hour. tried to explain the advantages of rcd's and the...
  15. M

    PIR coding help

    went to carry out a periodic report today and noted the points below. what are everyones thoughts on the coding? 1. no earth connected to metal light fitting. earth in cable but not on light. 2. twin and earth cable in roof space. property being thatched roof no rodent protection. 3. no 30ma...
  16. G

    C3 on EICR....

    Evening all. I have a thought that I'd like to discuss. Using the current PIR certs, the absence of brown indicator sleeving on the blue S/W of a twin & earth cable used as a switch cable for a light for example, currently warrants a code 4 as it doesn't comply with BS 7671. Code 4's, are...
  17. D

    Code 1 Problems - Am I being Scammed?

    I am about to rent my 1st Floor flat out to tenants and was required to carry out an electrical survey report. The failure points were as follows. No RCD Protection CODE 1 Fusebox not Labelled CODE 1 Circuit 9 should be rated at 16amps (not 32amp - firehazard) CODE 1 No...
  18. A

    pir code help

    hi all have just done a pir on a 1st floor flat and not sure on some of the codes there is a socket in the garage and one in the entrent on ground floor with do not have a rcd and there is no sup bonding in bath room i think these are both code 1 not not 100% sure there is no rcd in board
  19. D

    Customer don't think they have to act on do the corrections

    Hello guys I have done a periodic test and inspection of a commercial building where public are involved in activities in the Areas, the document has a lot of number 1's on it but the customer thinks they don't have to act and do any of the changes because the document is not a notice! I have...
  20. S

    How do I condenm an installation

    Ok so im currently in a predicament I work for a comapny that owns numerous homes which they use at various points of the year and ive been asked to check over a property that hasnt been used in a long time (used for storage for years) anyway I went over and it turns our that it need a full...
  21. J

    PIR code help please

    Hi all just after a couple of opinions on PIR codes generally im using the ESC good practice guide as a base for my PIR coding but there are couple im not sure about: this is for a factory: A 3 phase machine isolator supplying 2 seperate machines (code 4) A 3 phase circuit breaker...
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