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  1. N

    Certificate for additional certificate

    say I installed a new cooker cercuit to an existing installation and the customer wants a certificate for the work done do i need to test all the other circuits and record all results for the full instal or just test the circuit I installed and record that also if ther is no main bonding to gas...
  2. Spoon

    Shower supply, ever needed additional earth cable.

    This may be one for the older members on here. Got chatting with a mate about a general supplies to showers. At the moment you just supply the correct size cable, (usually 10mm for a new circuit) to a shower. Was there ever a requirement/regulation to add an additional earth cable along with the...
  3. essex

    What additional training have you done?

    So lately I have been finding the day job mundane. So to counter this I have been looking at ways to keep me interested. We do a lot of emergency lighting works so put myself on an emergency lighting course for design and maintenance. Very good course. This week I have done fire alarm...
  4. S

    What to do with two additional red wires when using newer light fitting?

    I am changing a light fitting and have excess wires. I’ve matched up the three core wires for the feeds I have but have two additional red wires left (pic included). What do I do with these? Just tape them off separately? Or should they be inserted somewhere? Thanks in advance for any help! (I...
  5. C

    Additional CU in Garage for Two Circuits?

    Hi We live in a new build (2015) and the developer added Power and Lighting to the garage via a double socket (spur from house) and then a single light coming off the socket (via FS) for the garage. I then added another driveway floodlight off another FS. Anyway, we plan to do some garden work...
  6. S

    Additional earthing wire

    Hi! I’ve bought new pendant lamps (see pic 1and 2) and was replacing them when I realised they don’t have an earth wire terminal (but the wiring in the ceiling does) - see pic 3. The light doesn’t say it’s double insulated (it doesn’t have the symbol) - how can I tell otherwise? If it is, do...
  7. I

    Require additional cooker spur in kitchen

    Hello, My electrician is currently wiring a new kitchen and has wired in a cooker switch to a cooker fused spur shown in the attached photo for the electric cooker oven. He has used 6mm flex wiring for the circuit. The cooker hob is gas. He has installed a B32 for the circuit back at the...
  8. Z

    Additional ceiling rose/down light

    So I have a staircase which has a ceiling rose at the top of the staircase. It has a switch for it both at the top and bottom of the staircase. I needed a second ceiling rose at the bottom of the staircase which is controlled by the same two switches (hence both light will turn on/off at the...
  9. R

    16amp radial circuit additional sockets

    Hi all I am looking to add 2 additional 2G sockets to an existing 16amp radial circuit that has 2 1G sockets on it. It’s a 3 story house and the consumer unit is in the Cellar. There are two rooms on the top floor and two radial circuits are feed from the one 16amp MCB with no RCB fitted. I...
  10. J

    Additional meters for garden studios?

    I have a client for whom I do PAT testing. She has a couple of studios in her garden which used to be holiday lets, they take electrical supply from the house. As she's now letting them out as long term lets, she'd like to install separate meters and asked me if that was possible. As a lowly...
  11. J

    Can anyone clear this up?

    Just carried out some small works in a ground floor WC, moved the position of a light and replaced it with a new one, The circuit at the moment is protected by a 6A MCB, but lacks additional protection by means of a 30mA RCD for cables buried <50mm plaster. There's no bath or shower room on the...
  12. T

    Which way additional consumer board or use existing

    I'm having an extension built, electrics are going to plan. Socket cables are in (went for new ring in the end), light cables and I decided to add a feed for the shed which comes in on 2.5 anaconda. My question is should I add a new consumer board using 10mm twin off a space in the existing...
  13. D

    Pme installations in 18th edition with additional rod.

    It's proposed in the 18th edition that any new pme installation is to have a rod added by the electrician that has has a resistance of 30ohms or less. What are people's thoughts on this? My main concern is the amount of services that are going to get hit with everyone driving rods in.....also my...
  14. M

    Locations containg a bath or shower - Additional protection

    I do a lot of domestic bathroom refurb's. Sometimes its as little as replacing the main luminaire. As regards additional protection by RCD, I sought some guidance from my scheme on RCD requirement, when doing as above. And was confirmed that a like for like replacement of luminaires or...
  15. Short Circuit

    Query with a couple regs

    Hi - sorry, I haven't been on the forum for ages! Its that long I cant see how to attach photos now! I have a couple of queries following some work carried out by another contractor and would appreciate a second opinion ( or as many as possible ) One of my customers has just purchased some...
  16. oxford 12

    Time delay RCDs and cables in walls

    Your carrying out an eicr on a domestic property with a time delay 100mA RCD protecting lighting cables within 50 mm of the surface. What code would you give it c3 or c2?
  17. T

    Cooking appliances. Diversity versus practice

    Hi, I have a customer who has bought a 7Kw hob to compliment a 4.8Kw double oven. He didn't realise the extra power consumption would put additional loading on the existing 6mm cable. My initial response was to tell him that an additional circuit was required and due to locations of consumer...
  18. Doomed


    Coding for a 100mA RCD covering lighting circuit on a TT system in a domestic environment? (Sockets on a 30mA, Ze of less then 50 ohms) (test data left in office along with books, just mulling it over during dinner)
  19. A

    Napit Inspecton (supply intake inquiry)

    Hi all, I will be doing a kitchen rewire in a domestic house which i want to use for my Napit inspection. Existing consumer unit has not enough spare ways for the new circuits to be installed for the new kitchen and its a bit untidy. So i will be adding an additional 10 way consumer unit with...
  20. L

    Emergency Lighting - Adding extra lights to circuit

    Hi, Hoping someone can give me some insight into emergency lighting circuits. I've never had to install an emergency lighting circuit, only testing of the circuit. We have an emergency lighting circuit in place but I've been asked to add a couple of additional emergency lights to an area that...