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  1. C

    2006 mustang tapping in to power additional lights

    Hi, I'm adding American muscle's halo fog lights to my 2006 v6 mustang and am looking for a good place to connect the positive side to power the lights. Can I tap it in to the positive post that powers the fuse box? I'll include a photo of the spot I'm talking about if I can find how to post...
  2. Y

    What additional trade/qualifications for an electrician?

    Hi all, I’m currently doing an electrical installation & maintenance apprenticeship (EAL) and wanted to know what additional qualifications you think would go well with it? (Heating, plastering etc) I will probably do an evening course for the second trade. Thanks
  3. Cankeredlamentations

    I Need Work Looking for additional experience Leeds (West Yorkshire)

    Afternoon all, Current situation is - Adult learner (I'm 38 in a few weeks) I have my Level 2&3 (obtained last September) started learning at college on an evening about 3 years back and went from there) My 18th Edition (obtained Jan this year) and have now obtained my ECS card (came...
  4. E

    EIC additional circuit main switch/switch-fuse/circuit breaker/RCD

    When doing an EIC for an additional circuit (which only covers that circuit), does the 'main switch/switch-fuse/circuit-breaker/RCD' section refer to: a) the MCB you're adding for the new circuit b) the existing main switch (whatever it is) for that board c) [if the DB the circuit is added to is...
  5. Q

    UK Can you add additional sockets to non RCD protected circuits via RCD spurs or sockets?

    Evening all, If a socket circuit is not RCD protected via an RCD/RCBO and there isn't the option of fitting an additional RCD enclosure or fitting RCBOs, is it permitted to add additional sockets to the circuit via RCD spurs or additional RCD socket outlets? (type A of course)...if the sockets...
  6. B

    Whirlpool bath. Is there legal requirement for additional dedicated RCD even if we have Double RCD CU?

    Hi to all. Is there legal requirement for additional dedicated RCD even if we have Double RCD CU? Our whirlpool bath has ambiguous instructions: first it saying that it has to have separate RCD outside. Then it says "IF separate RCD installed" like if there as an option not installing it. We...
  7. mrkent

    UK Adding an additional light to an existing electrical ring circuit

    I have a working circuit setup connecting the CU to a switch and light. I want to add an additional light to this circuit, do it use the Brown or Black as live. See images attached of existing termination and loop.
  8. F

    Adding additional flood / security lights - wiring options

    Hi I have an existing flood light, powered via a three core & earth (1.5mm) and it's switched. I want to add two more lights, one for the side and one for the front. I will be using PVC conduit and junction boxes to run the cables. Out of the two plans, which is the better one? One cable out...
  9. P

    adding additional 12v Lithium in parallel

    I am looking at having a camping setup with 3 x 12v 100ah lithium batteries. My setup is such that the ute canopy lifts off and stays at site as such so does the battery setup. I am keen to see if I can find a way to separate one if required and charge in the car while driving around. However...
  10. nicmo_diy77

    Additional gang meter socket

    Can I add a 2 gang meter socket on the other side of the building and to know If the supply line use as distribution for new gang?
  11. S

    Classification of RCD - for Additional protection only or Fault protection?

    I would appreciate some opinions on the following situation... I have been asked to comment on an EICR for a local community resource (church hall used by various groups of all ages). During an EICR on the TN-C-S installation the testing of a ring final circuit gave R1+R2 and Zs(db) values that...
  12. P

    UK Adding additional sockets

    Hi, Forgive me for my ignorance, I'm looking to add 2 additional double usb sockets under my desk at home, the electrican I have had the quote from said he will wire them off the ring main, as you can only spur once off a socket. Is this safe and within regulations? Also he says that he will be...
  13. Weezy

    Adding an additional zone to existing heating system, should this work?

    So iv got to add a mini one UFH zone to an existing property's heating system, i have already wired in all the easy parts ie. actuator, zone valve, stat etc. however i just need to hook it up to trigger the boiler. iv attached a few images to try and explain things better, the plumber told me...
  14. B

    EVHS grant additional work

    Hi all, with regards to the EVHS grant amount, does the grant include any additional work required, for example if the bonding arrangements were not present ?, I understand about rcd, pen fault protection etc, advice greatly appreciated.
  15. V

    Wiring additional consumer units -a design question

    Hi, I've got to put in an additional consumer unit into quite a large property and rather than daisy chaining them back to a single MCB in the main board which is RCD protected, I wondered if this a better solution: The property is served by TNC-S with an isolator switch. Connect new tails into...
  16. P

    Additional consumer unit - tails in trunking - how?

    I need to install an additional consumer unit. Normally I would put the existing tails into Henley blocks and feed both CU from there, but in this case there is an isolation switch, and the output tails are in metal trunking from the isolator to the CU. The new CU is going next to the old one on...
  17. A

    Adding an additional socket in ring circuit question

    Hi, I am a DIY person (ie. not a qualified electrician) so I am sure this is a basic question but please bear with me. I am looking to add a socket to the garage. I was looking at various online resources on how to wire this up and came across many videos and articles that said that if you...
  18. M

    Additional consumer unit for shower circuit

    Hi, there’s no spare ways in the consumer unit so it requires Henley blocks and new tails to supply the 63a 30ma shower consumer unit. I take it I need to install 25mm tails into it? Or is it possible to downsize them to 10mm? thanks
  19. M

    Customer want extra sockets and additional wiring points with this fuseboard

    Hi all As stated above see attached photo. Have never seen one of these any certainly doesn't look to have RCD protection so question is how do I comply with regs as am hearing now RCD spurs and sockets are not compliant with regs anymore ( or if they ever were) this would get me around the...
  20. C

    Where can I find additional LED tape like this?

    Hello, I've recently moved into a new flat and want to add additional LED tape to the bottom of cabinets in the kitchen. They are 24v 15w, however, the connection port is like nothing i've seen before. It's like a small modem. There are additional ports, i just need the right connection/tape...


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