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  1. S

    UFH new actuator thermostats

    Hi All Looking to replace my dated pexatherm UFH actuator thermostats for digital ones. I really only want something simple that displays and sets the temperature so looking for suggestions please? About a year ago we had our kitchen refurbished and the sparky that did the kitchen fitted the...
  2. 9

    Can elec UFH thermo control floor and elec radiator ??

    Hi all, new member here with a technical question. I am doing a refurb and want to know if I can connect a 300w electric radiator to the electric UFH thermostat. Basically want the radiator to come on at the same time as UFH. Thermostat will be running in floor sensing mode and controlling...
  3. A

    UFH question for a tiler..

    Morning all, nipped over from The tiling forum to run a question by you regarding electric ufh, so I'm happy to install the mat and run a continuity test before leveling over and laying tiles, a registered electrician is then usually sourced by my customers to connect up and sort the power out...
  4. alban moffitt

    Running Cable under floor with UFH?

    hello all, seeking some advice on how to run cables underfloor with ufh as well. i am quoting for a complete house rewire as they are doing some substantial works and the electrics are in poor condition the floors consist of hardcore then sand then dpm sheeting, celotex on top of that with wet...
  5. B

    Domestic UFH thermostat feed what size cable?

    Hi all. I’m just planning out my electrics before boarding the new en suite. Can someone verify. Should a fused spur come directly from a socket or can I break in to a single cable using a Wago box? Also is 2.5mm2 cable ok to the thermostat? I’m not making the connections, I will be employing...
  6. pe2dave

    dry ufh. Floor temp probe positioning?

    Arranging ufh in kitchen+adj utility. Lots of conflicting advice re probe position. (What makes sense to me). 1. Fit in conduit for ease of replacement. 2. Fit 'close' to heating element (which is what it is sensing). Without touching. 3. Fit as close as sensible beneath the controller on...
  7. dedzyyy

    Domestic Wet UFH Wiring centre

    Hi, I've installed wet UFH in my place. I'm struggling with how to wire it up. My gas man is coming to do some jobs and give me a hand starting the UFH for the first time, but I wanted to get a heads up before he comes round. My UFH is set up with 3 zones. Here is the back of my stats This...
  8. happysteve

    New UFH controller compatible with existing sensor

    Eh up :) Client (doing other work there) accidentally smashed up their underfloor heating controller in their kitchen. The only thing I've been able to ascertain about the existing controller is that it was made by (or at least branded) Wickes. Had "on/off" and a temperature knob. No model...
  9. M

    Advice on joining UFH wires

    Hi all, I'm attempting a repair on a comfort zone underfloor heating mat. The customer lifted a floor tile and in doing so cut through the cable. Fortunately there is enough slack to complete a join but I have one shot left at this having already tried with butt connectors and heat shrink...
  10. telectrix

    UFH brain teaser. think i know but......

    existing UFH (2 mats each 1.8kW) installed c 2015. on a single stat by a,n,other. customer had someone else replace stat. made a right mess of it and stat fried. I then get called in to fit new stat. removed the dual back box that previous guy had smacked out with a hammer so as to fit the new...
  11. I

    Electrician Run power to kitchen Island - pyro cable through ufh screed - East London

    Hi, I have an open plan flat and want to get power to a kitchen island. I really want to avoid getting it through a pole from the ceiling. It's a new build approximately 13 years and has under floor heating. I believe it is electrical under floor heating, and from making a drill hole under a...
  12. PJElectricalSW

    Electric Under Floor Heating Survey

    Hello everyone I wondered if you would be able to help me with a project at the moment, I am looking for information about your experience with electric UFH. I am not going to lie to you, I do work for a UFH company so you will you will be helping me massively with my current project. I would...
  13. J

    boiler control wiring and wet UFH wiring

    Afternoon Starting a rewire tomorrow on which the build wants me to do the control wiring (i have never done it and usually just do up to the spur) I will be subbing the controls 2nd fix out to someone that can do it (and shadow over his shoulder with a note pad) i assume it is likely going to...
  14. S

    Powering up UFH thermostat using 3 pin plug in nearby socket

    I am planning to put underfloor electric heating in one of the rooms with total power of 1100 watt. Can I power up the thermostat and UFH (via thermostat) using the simple 13A plug in the socket? Of course I can hide wires using conduit or push it behind the plaster board. Wondering that would...
  15. Steve_bcs

    Mains Electrical feed to UFH

    I'm planning to install a U-Heat mat in a small en-suite. Never done one before. The thermostat will be on the adjacent bedroom wall. What is the recommended method of providing the live feed to the thermostat/on off switch unit? From a fused connection unit, switched fused connection unit or a...
  16. S

    UFH + Radiators + Combi

    Hello all, Im not an electrician, but please don't bite. I am renovating a house, and receiving conflicting advice / quotes from electricians, and don't know which is correct, and so I'm looking for a bit of confirmation. My plumber has installed the pipe work, and boiler. The UFH is yet to be...
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